Netherlands, Belgium · 10 Days · 27 Moments · January 2019

Adventure in Amsterdam and Flanders

10 February 2019

Waiting on Kyla at station

7 February 2019


6 February 2019

Tulip museum

5 February 2019

4 February 2019

Attic church!
Portuguese đź•Ť
Amsterdams Machzor
Jewish history
Museum Willet-Holthuysen

3 February 2019

At the maritime museum
Time to explore the gardens at De Hortus
Amsterdam Day 3! It was actually nice and sunny today with a high of 40 so we did a bit more walking around and went to the botanical gardens. They had a wonderful 3 climate hot house that made me very happy. The tropical rainforest was hot and muggy, and the humidity made my hair curl. It was really nice to breathe in the humid air after all the dry heated air inside and the cold outside of winter. I wouldn’t have wanted to stay all day in it but for a 30 minute wander through a bunch of cool plants it was heavenly. After that we moseyed over to the maritime museum, we didn’t get to see most of the museum because we only had an hour and we spent it playing on the replica ship, an exact copy of one used by the East India Trading Company, you can go all over it and see the hold and the captains quarters and all the rest. You can even kick back in the hammocks which was super nice after all the walking. On the way to dinner we saw swans and then I had some amazing cheesecake.

2 February 2019

Amsterdam Day 2!- We ate yummy breakfast and hit up the Rijksmuseum and saw part of the collection. Then went over to the Van Gogh museum, because you have to book a time slot in advance to get in. The artwork was beautiful, but the curation was terrible, they use the space badly and cram everything too close together which makes the crowds bad and they prohibit photography of any kind, probably so social media can’t see their shame. It’s still worth a visit to see the paintings. After that we went to lunch and then back to the Rijksmuseum for a 40 minute mad dash through more of the collection before they closed. We will very likely go back. We finished up the night with a canal tour and sushi for dinner.

1 February 2019

Amsterdam Day 1! The grass is green under the snow, the street we are staying on is cute, bikes will run you the heck over and ring their little bells at you. Most of the buildings are slanted in one way or another, and the whole place is a charming mix of classy and trashy. We ate at a super cool place that uses real candles in the chandeliers