Denmark · 3 Days · 17 Moments · August 2017

Bank holiday weekend in Copenhagen

28 August 2017

Final activity before I get my plane: buy rye bread and eat a Danish pastry! There actually called Vienna bread in Denmark m, apparently they are from Vienna. Disappointing, but tasty.
Up All Saviours Tower to see the city we've been walking in!
More walking around, checking out some cool swimming spots along the way.
Checked out the meat district, had a beautiful pizza and sunbathed
On the last day I took a walk to the trendy area of town. Sitting outside a cafe on a Monday a great opportunity to soak up Copenhagen life.

27 August 2017

Then to Tivoli, yesterday we only got to see it from the outside so was great to have a walk around inside. So much stuff, something for everyone. Some beautiful little areas like the Chinese themes corner!
Trampolines set into the ground, amazing!
Then for some proper relaxation at Paper Island.
Classic tourist photo of Copenhagen required!
After lunch we walked round the corner to the harbour and discovered some Cuban salsa going on. What a setting for a dance!
Then lunch at Told & Schnapps. Smorrebord! I had curry herring and a potato and onion one. A lovely classic beer and schnapps. Loved it all, first taste of herring and schnapps, feeling very Danish!!
In the morning, a walk through a picturesque area of town. The yellow houses were built for families of those in the navy back in the 17th c

26 August 2017

We walked around a bit more through the old town, sat in a lovely square and had a glass of wine, then finished the night with the fireworks at Tivoli
A walk through Christiania, it's surprisingly big and when you get away from the main stretch totally quiet, like you are out in the countryside.
It was a Saturday and even though it doesn't look, a warm summers day. It felt like the whole city was on the water. Lots of boats with groups of friends and families drinking, laughing, waving. Such a welcoming city!
Arrived at Sofie's and after a good chat and tour of her house we decided to go out to the water. The canal boat trip is a great first day activity to get your bearings and see this beautiful city!