United Kingdom, India · 7 Days · 14 Moments · November 2016

Adrian's odyssey through India

2 December 2016

On our 3hr bus ride on a very bumpy road to the train station to get the 4hr train ride to Agra but we stopped on the way in rural Utter Pradesh for morning Chai made with fresh ginger. Lovely

1 December 2016

30 November 2016

We visited the largest Buddhist temple in Sarnath before heading home to the hotel in some of the worst heavy traffic Ive ever seen, the Tuck Tuck was doing about 50mph and knocked over a couple of cyclists 🚴 while doing so. The traffic in Varanasi is not for the feint hearted I find laughing it off that you're still alive helps 😂😂
Early morning trip on the Ganges at Varanasi to watch the early morning sunrise but it was blanked out by the early morning smog, but it made for some out of this world pictures. As if we had gone back in time visiting a lost civilisation.

29 November 2016

Day one in Varanasi arrival then off for a cup of Chai ☕️ and having samosas from the street sellers

28 November 2016

Later that day we visited the largest Sikh temple in New Delhi The temple was very welcoming to everyone including of non Sikh faith too. They feed up to 20,000 people per day for free and everyone helps in the temple to achieve this and we visited the kitchens to see them at work.
Just been through one very busy market and did my best not to get run over, you certainly need your wits about you in India lol
On tour today through central Delhi visiting a poor neighbourhood with Jannet a tour guide who grew up as a very poor street kid living in the train station and far away from his family, he's now 19 yrs old with help from the Salaam Baalak trust orphanage.
Part one of traveling through central New Delhi the traffic is certainly an experience and I soon learned how to cross the road ..by launching yourself out into the traffic and just don't stop lol 😂

26 November 2016

I've found a working ATM and a mobile phone supplier, bad news is the queue to get Rupees and I need a photograph for my SIM card application I'm smiling my face off everyone is so friendly and helpful and I'm finding by doing this 🙏 at the end of your conversation speaks volumes 🙏
I'm having a big problem getting money 😂😂 lol I'm having to have lunch at Mc Donald's ! where I'm having the veg Maharajah Mac
That's right you're not seeing things, that's a Costa coffee shop in the background
We're about to land, OMG OMG OMFG I can't believe that my dreams are coming true

25 November 2016

I'm about an hour away from landing in New Delhi I'm so excited about beginning this new part of my life and I have to thank my beloved Lucian, who after he passed away in 2008 left me with two wonderful gifts that being firstly to know what it means to truly be in love and the legacy that has allowed for me to make my dreams come true. The flight was awesome the food was awesome the service was incredible, I've not flown club in ten years, I need to do it more often x