Indonesia · 4 Days · 9 Moments · October 2017

Adriann's journi to Indonesia

29 October 2017

Frankenstein’s Laboratory in Kuta is entertainment, food, night life and so much more. So much fun. Definitely the most I’ve spent on food (700,00Rp), but totally worth it. You can show up as early as 6:30pm for pre-drinks served in IV bags and syringes, take pictures with zombies and have your face painted. You pre-order your food during this time as well, but pre-drinks last until the show at about 8:30pm. The show included hip hop dancing and the “monster” band, which is just a band that played covers. We danced, drank, ate and generally had a blast. We had to leave early, but you could easily stay until midnight or later I think. So much fun. Worth every penny. MAKE RESERVATIONS. Only down side, the food wasn’t anything spectacular. Edible though and everything else makes up for it.
Kecak Dance at Pura Dalem Taman Kaja. We went Saturday night at 7:30pm. It was super awesome. Cost was 80,000Rp. Only bad part was sitting on the floor for an hour. That was hard on the back.
Only tried 2 places for massage in Bali, but this was the one I liked better. Got a Traditional Balinese Massage, a 30 Minute foot rub and my hair washed. Massage was great, pressure was deep. Foot rub was meh, but the hair washing was amazing! Almost enjoyed it more than my massage. Could have something to do with the fact that I haven’t washed my hair in a week....
We’ve been very lucky to have a personal driver who is at our beckon call. I think he also is relatively cheap. However, we’ve spent about $7-$15/day to get around. This was a cost I hadn’t counted. Good for future reference. Seriously though, our driver is so worth it. He tells us stories, suggests places to go, even hangs out with us or waits on us at places. He’s very friendly, sweet and funny. We lucked out. 😊

27 October 2017

Bali Swing! Totally worth the money. About $40, but you can use the swings as much as you want, you get food and the people were fun and very nice. Really fun experience. 😊
Luwak Coffee Plantation. We got to pet a baby Luwak!! I don’t know that it’s a normal thing you get to do, but it was magical. We had a great tasting of coffees and teas, ordered some good coffee and got a tour of the plants on the property. Beautiful views and wonderful people as always.
This is Yellow, our resident temple dog. He made me so happy. 😊

26 October 2017

The Camphuan Ridge Trail. Our driver took us to the end by Karsa Kafe and we walked back to Ibah, which is where most people start. There’s lots of great views on the way and it was a super short and easy walk. About 3/4 miles according to my GPS watch. There’s a beautiful temple by Ibah at the end with a river down below. We did the hike around noon which meant it was hotter, but there was a steady breeze and the sun was nice and kept hiding behind spotty clouds. Overall a nice, easy way to see some beautiful views. Also, Ibah is right in Ubud so your back in the middle of town at the end.
Staying at the Bali Flow Temple outside of Ubud. Everything is really wonderful though there are some noticeable differences from 5 star hotels. Bugs, geckos, no AC or TV, outdoor shower and toilets, soft spots in the floor and shared rooms. Really, many of these things are part of it’s charm. I feel safe here even with no locks on the doors and people coming in and out that I don’t know. Honestly, for the price I paid ($50/day), I’d say it’s perfect. 😊