North America, Asia · 17 Days · 15 Moments · May 2017

Adriana's journi to Thailand

2 June 2017

I'm coming home!!!!

1 June 2017

I've got quite the set up on this ac, free wifi, sleeper bus.
Heading home!

22 May 2017

I have very few words, this is unreal

21 May 2017

Arrived at the volunteer house in surin, will be driven to the village (45 min drive) where we will stay in the homes of the villagers though Thursday.
It's impossible to not be sweating, I'm beginning to embrace it.
Train to surin!

20 May 2017

Starting our week of volunteering off with a bang... Bangkok buckets
Day one with bamboo, touring Bangkok before we board a train for surin tomorrow!

19 May 2017

So much to see. So little time.

18 May 2017

My body clock is all messed up! Japan is 2 hours ahead, cali is 14 behind.. all I know is this bed is comfy and Thai Netflix is loaded with good shows and movies!
Riverside room view 😍

17 May 2017

Waiting for boarding call to Bangkok! I would like to personally thank this hat for shielding my face from the world while I slept, I know for a fact I was drooling.

16 May 2017

Flight to Japan, ready for takeoff!