North America, Asia · 38 Days · 14 Moments · June 2017

Aditya's adventure in India

26 July 2017

During an amazing trip to the beautiful city of Amritsar, me and my family got to visit probably the most famous gurdwara (a place where Sikhs pray) in the world called The Golden Temple. At least 10,000 people where on the campus, but luckily one of our friends knew the head of the temple, so we got instant access into the temple. Hence the name The Golden Temple, this tourist attraction is made of pure gold. Also, we got to go to something​ called a Langar. A Langar provides free food for anyone and gives unlimited food to anyone who desires. I got to sit down on the ground and eat in a traditional Indian way which I thought was a great experience. Overall, I really enjoyed The Golden Temple and hope to come there again someday.

29 June 2017

Above is one of the most classic dishes in India called a thali. It is a dish with many different dals or soups and vegetables usually served with an Indian bread and rice.
Trimbakeshwar and Nashik Part 1 These are some pictures from the very long and scenic drive to a holy city, Trimbakeshwar that's a traveled to with family and friends. On the way to Trimbakeshwar, we stopped at another holy city named Nashik. It is known for a place were the Ganghe river flows called the Godavari Ghat. All of us went to this famous place, took many pictures, and dipped our feet into the water. After this great experience we traveled in an auto rickshaw, which is a 3 wheeled car to take a tour to other holy parts of Nashik. We visited many temples and even went down a cave where Sita, an Indian god, hid from a villain named Ravana. By this time it as getting late so all of us decided to eat dinner go to the hotel, for tomorrow was going to be a long day.
Trimbakeshwar and Nashik Part 2

27 June 2017

These are some pictures of the markets in Mumbai. There are so many people! These stores must be in heaven earning so much!

26 June 2017

I've noticed that in my time in India there has been lots of rain in the middle of summer, but then I remembered that it was the monsoon seasons were it is very hot and rainy. Every time I go into a car. Rain. Every time I get outside of the house. Every time I look outside. You guessed it! Rain. Everywhere there is rain. This season is ok, but it is horrible in India. The population in India is huge and every time it rains a 15 minute car ride can turn into 3 hours. In conclusion monsoon is a special season that has its pros and cons
Yesterday was probably the most fun I've had for my whole India trip so far. Me, my sister, and our friends went to place called Smaaash. The place included VR thrillers, bowling, and even cricket lanes. But the best part was the racecar driving. And it wasn't just some kiddie ride, it was the real deal. The cars went at around 1000 LCM but could go up to 1500 LCM. The track was 500 meters long and even had two floors. It was so much fun maneuvering my own car through the twists and turns, up and down ramps. Overall I had a great experience and I hope I can do this again someday.

25 June 2017

A wise woman (my mom) once said, "Never eat non Indian food in a non Indian restaurant". I had to learn this lesson in a rather bad way. I was sitting at an Indian restaurant thinking I was in good old America, when all of a sudden came a waiter with a pasta dish that looked like an enchilada that was covered in pink sauce. But that's just the start. The taste was far worse. The sauce tasted like sour cream, the cheese was like styrofoam, and the spinach tasted like soggy seaweed. Then came the pizza. But don't even get me started on that. So, I warn you to never eat non Indian food in an Indian restaurant and to always listen to wise women.

23 June 2017

India hosts over 1.2 billion people and is the 2nd most populated country in the world. Because of this, the traffic here is crazy. I went on a car ride that should have taken 30 minutes, but it actually came out taking out 1 hour and 30 minutes. Also, I think that if the people in India drove on US roads they would get tickets before they even left their neighborhood. These citizens drive super fast, cut in front of people, and what is most irritating is that they won't stop honking. You just won't hear one second without a honk. I hate leaving the house because the honking gives me headaches and drives me nuts!

22 June 2017

The first day of of my India trip was a big hit and I thought it was a good way to start off my adventure. I got to go to a world famous snack store and even drive past a cricket ground that Sachin Tendulkar ( a retired cricket player who played for the India team ) practiced on! On top of that, I ate dinner with several of my relatives ( which by the way was delicious! ). In conclusion I felt that my first day was wonderful and I hope that there will be more fun along the way!

21 June 2017

The pipal tree is one of the most the famous trees in India and is often called the sacred fig. The leaves are huge and look like hearts, the trees growing up to 30 meters tall. These trees are considered very sacred because strong worshipers,pray and meditate under these trees.

20 June 2017

Reached Dubai after a very long flight. Waiting for the next one that will take me to Mumbai! ☺

19 June 2017

Finally boarded the plane!!!
At the airport, waiting for first flight to Dubai! The trip finally begins!