North America · 87 Days · 64 Moments · September 2015

AdIdan's trip in the USA 2015

30 November 2015

30-31 / 11 Yosemite Ntional Park, California. More pics of Yosemite and some of us being silly :)
30-31 / 11 Yosemite National Park, California We continued driving along California and noticed that it seems like the fall is following our way west, with us. Everywhere we get we catch the foliage change since it comes later in the west. Its really cool. After a long drive we reached the famous Yosemite park. We came after a big snow storm that happened a few days before, and all the high roads above the park were closed due to weather conditions. But the valley was open and beautiful with the left over snow. We hiked to Mirror lake which really lived up to its reputation.

27 November 2015

28-29 / 11 Death Vally National Park, California Nineteenth state and last? - (too bad it isn't 20') California 🚩 Visited the lowest place in the USA, not to exciting when you come from the lowest place in the world :) The valley is beautiful, huge and very dry. Gas prices are the highest we've seen, but the temp' are also nice and high. It took us a while to get used to being back on the road again- sleeping in the car and cooking for ourselves. All along the way west people have looked at our license plates and stopped to tell us things like "wow you are a long way from home!". And now, reaching California, we really do feel like aliens with our NY plates. One time we passed by a car from New Jersey and we were so happy, jumping up and down as if we are real New Yorkers...

24 November 2015

22-27 / 11 Las vegas, Nevada Eighteenth state- Nevada🚩 We drove straight from Phoenix to Las vegas, after resting in the car for a few hours after the flight. We arrived to the sin city, and got our room in the very grand Grand MGM. The next week we spend our time relaxing in the hotel, walking the strip, visiting other hotels, eating well, and enjoyed wonderful entertainment at the evenings. One night we saw a Cirque de Soli show, and one night we saw David Coperfield's magic show! They both blew us away. We also went to get a marriage certificate and did a little ceremony in a Drive-In chapel. It was the funniest thing we ever did. We only needed to have the papers so that we will be recognized in Israel, and so we decided to go for the most american way and get drive through married! It was great. We had such a good time spoiling ourselves in Vegas, we almost didn't want to leave..

19 November 2015

17-21 / 11 Cancun, Mexico Five days relaxing on the beaches of Cancun. Felt a lot like hanging out in Eylat only with Boritos and Tacos :)

14 November 2015

14-15 / 11 Sedona, Arizona We heard about Sedona from friends in Arizona, and came here to find a small heaven, we would have never got to see other whys. There is something spiritual in these mountains. We hiked some mesa tops and at one point, a little bit before sunset, we really felt uplifted sitting on the quiet mountain looking at the view.

13 November 2015

13 / 11 Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. Continuing to explore the park we got to the part with the petrified trees. Between white and blue mountains you find logs of trees that look like real wood when you first look at them. Only when you come closer you can see they are actually stones! Its amazing, beautiful. There are many different colors in the woods and different crystals too. When we entered the park the ranger asked us if we have any petrified wood in our car. We found that really funny. But after walking the park we understood the reason he asked- it is very tempting to pick one up (we managed to control ourselves πŸ˜‰)
13 / 11 Painted Desert, Arizona After a cold night (-8C is cold to sleep in the car!) we drove to Petrified Forest National Park. The first part of the park is a beautiful desert view filled with outstanding bright colored dunes. Although we drove through many scenic roads with colored desert mountains these past few days, this park really holds a unique collection of colorful sands. We also pasted by the historic rout 66 which used to run through the park. The only reminder left was an old rusted car (we tried to make a funny pic where Idan is acting surprised to be driving in the wrong car)..

12 November 2015

12 / 11 Monument Vally, Navajo Nation, Arizona Today we visited monument Vally. It was very special even though it is a famous and recognized spot from western movies. After a long conversation with a local navaho guy, we understood the complexed situation of the natives leaving here. We were suppraised to find out that the Navaho Nation is an independent region in Arizona. There is much violence and much poverty here. With no real leadership and with most of the economy based on tourism and selling arts & crafts, it hard to make a living. We drove around the area and reached a small lake were we tried our luck fishing. But the only thing we cough was the attention of three stray dogs, who we fed a little bit.

10 November 2015

10 / 11 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Another day enjoying the grand canyon. It snowed again tonight and most of the morning, so we did laundry and relaxed. When the sky cleared up we dressed as warm as we could and took the park's shuttle to different view points. In one point we stopped to see the sunset on the canyon. It was magnificent. You can see us smiling in the picture but honestly our teeth were in pain from the freezing winds. So after a few minutes we ran back to the shuttle and then back to our cozy room. Yay
09 / 11 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona Seventeenth state: Arizona 🚩 Arrived to this unbelievable canyon with the most beautiful colors and high mountains we've seen yet. There are people visiting here from all over the world! It's cold up here and we decide to get a warm lodge room instead of camping tonight. It is a bit over our budget but we take it anyway, and even get a 10$ discount (afrer the man smelled Idan maybe, and realized it was important for us to get this room..) This turned out to be a very good idea as we woke up and everything outside was draped with snow..

8 November 2015

08 / 11 Zion National Park, Utah Some more hiking and a drive to Kolob Canyon were we could see another part of the park. After three days in Zion we relaxed watching a movie in the nearest town's cinema, and had some Chinese food. Next stop- Grand Canyon!
07-08 / 11 Zion National Park, Utah The next days in the park we did more hiking. This time we claimed up a long trail to the observation point that looked out to the whole canyon. The hike was beautiful and well paved, and other than claiming (2,150 FT elevation gain) we also passed through a cool narrow canyon wall. The pictures just can't explain the beauty of these big mountains. It can't be truly captured by camera, it's barely unbelievable to watch with your own eyes.

6 November 2015

06 / 11 Zion National Park, Utah Yesterday evening we arrived to Zion and were welcomed by the huge and beautiful mountains of the park. Right away we new it was the perfect place to spend Adi's birthday. In the morning, we bought some stakes for a fancy birthday dinner and hiked three shorter trails in the park. There is a heavenly feeling when you walk here and your mind is blown away by the canyon. Everything is so nice and organized here, there's even a shuttle bus that takes you around to different points in the park. We decided to stay in the campground for two nights, a beautiful spot by the mountains with deers walking by. The stakes came out perfect :) (surprisingly)

5 November 2015

05 / 11 Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah Got to Bryce nice and early. The degrees are 27F (-3C) and there is snow and ice all around us. It is actually pretty normal here in Bryce since 200 days a year temperatures drops bellow zero. Being here in the snow makes it even more special and beautiful. The red stony mountain covered in white add to the beautifulness here. It is such a clear day, we could see for miles and miles away. We had so much fun walking in the snow, and tried to build a snowman as you can see, but it is apparently not so easy to do without gloves... We went on a nice short hike and drove along all the park's viewpoints. It is truly beautiful here. And high! Very high. (By the way, Idan ate Subway twice today. Breakfast and dinner.)

4 November 2015

04 / 11 Escalante, Utah After Capitol Reef, we drove through the Dexie forest and without really noticing we climbed up to very high elevations. It was snowy and white all around. At one point we couldn't even see the road. Driving very carefully we got back to the point where it stopped snowing, not before passing the pick mountain top sign that said 9,600 ft (2,800 m). We slept in a really nice cowboy town called Escalante where we closed the day with hamburgers at the local pub. It is freezing here, and we are not yet in Bryce... Oh no...brrr
04 / 11 Capitol Reef National Park, Utah Left Moab and drove in the desert views, on our way to Bryce. We got to Capitol Reef- a quite park, not so famous, with beautiful red mountains. Instead of just passing in the park, we decided to explore it some more, and take our time there. After a while we continued on the way up to Bryce.

3 November 2015

We came back to our favorite camp ground in Moab, with the warm communal kitchen and lounge, had dinner, talked to some nice fellow campers, and pooped some blisters :)
03 / 11 Canyonlands National Park, Utah After breakfast (oats and bananas) we looked up at the mostly blue sky and decided, despite the windy weather, to go on our hike. The hike was a strenuous 17 k"m loop trail that included a difficult trail down a cliff, a walk on a mountain top and a climb back in the valley that ended with the very difficult climb up the same steep cliff. The whole way the sky seemed to be half sunny and half gray. At the end, the gray clouds cough up with us just while we started the difficult climb up (pic 8). This was t o u g h! High winds, the rain whipping on our face, and cold. It was so cold. We managed to finish, completely wet and muddy, and with blisters on our feet. We were so happy to get to the car! Driving out of the park, we saw the most incredible rainbow! It was so bright and clear we couldn't believe it! It made a big half circle that we couldn't even catch with our camera. A once in a lifetime rainbow..

2 November 2015

02 / 11 Canyonlands National Park, Utah That afternoon we drove to the next park, Canyonlands. This time in the visitor center, we found a less helpful ranger. He answered only yes and maybe, and recommended a 17 k"m hike for tomorrow. We drove along the park and took some pictures, while looking for a place to camp. After not finding any room in the first two campsites, we started to feel frustrated. At the end we found a very windy, farther away, but still good place to stay. We spend the evening in front of a restless windy fire, and the night rocking in the swinging car. It was extremely cold out, but the dark sky gave us a most wonderful view of the stars above. We could see the milky way. Or at least we think thats what it was.
02 / 11 Arches National Park, Utah Second day in this amazing park! We went on another hike to see the most famous arch- the delicate arch. It stands alone, on a clear stone surface, detached from the rock. Beautiful! We loved this park and had good hot weather to enjoy it. Our first desert park was a big successes! 1/5 in Utah πŸ‘

1 November 2015

01 / 11 Arches National Park, Utah Sixteen state: Utah 🚩 Yesterday we drove to Moab, a small town in Utah that sits in the center of Utah's parks, making it a really cool travelers town. That night was Halloween. The only clue we had of that was seeing the two dressed up men in the gas station we stopped in. On our way we passed the 6,000 miles since leaving NY! More then 1,000 miles per week. We are still enjoying country music on the redio :) Arches Park is beautiful! At the visitor center we asked the ranger for recommended hikes, and after a short conversation, and hearing we are from Israel, she pulled out a post card of desert arches from Timna Park (near Eylat). Some Israeli rangers were just visiting them.. We went on a hike, saw beautiful scenery and a few arches and came back to sleep in a camp ground in Moab. We luckily fell on a really cool camp that has a community kitchen. Actual stoves and running water! We made delicious pasta and played ShesBesh like crazy!

31 October 2015

31 / 10 Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado Spend a day in this beautiful park. There is so much history of native americans living in this area in the 12-13 century. In these table shaped mountain cliffs they build actual villages, some of them still preserved till today. We learned a lot about the history of these villages in the parks museum and took a nice hike to see a native petroglyph. After the hike we went on a tour guided by a ranger to climb through one of these pueblos. Very interesting and amazing how for hundreds of years indians lived and developed in these mountains.

30 October 2015

30 / 10 Four corners, Colorado Fifteenth state: Colorado🚩 We drove through Colorado, leaving the gray sky behind us. We reached the four corners monument which was pretty boring and windy. So after about five minutes we continued to Cortez, a town near Mesa Verde, where we slept the night. In the evening time we managed to book our flights to Mexico on the 17. Idan's 3 month visa will expire at the end of the month so we need to exit and re-enter the US after a week outside. The destination- Cancun Mexico.

29 October 2015

29 / 09 Taos, New Mexico After spending the night in Santa Fe, we drove through a very rainy day to Taos. Its cold and rainy so we decide to continue driving towards the four corners area. On the way while driving in a forest road we notice the rain is starting to look very weird. It wasn't until a few minutes later that we realized it actually started snowing! We were really exited to see a real snow storm begin and see the inches start to build up on the ground. After we exited the higher forest road it went back to regular rain again. We were so cold and hopeless to get out of this storm that we decided it was time for our first motel! We stopped for the night early, got our room and enjoyed a warm night and shower. Also, we were really happy about the TV! All in all it was a really good decision.

28 October 2015

28 / 10 The road to Santa Fe, NM. Four hours drive with amazing dessert all around us, small quite towns and endless roads.. the sky seems so big, and wide, it looks much more then just 180 degrees...
28 / 10 White sands national park, New Mexico. Fourteenth state: NM 🚩 After a 3 hours drive from the Texas and New Mexico border we got to the White sands park. So far New Mexico seemed like the most poor country we've came across. The towns are very small and very quite, there's almost no one on the street, the houses are old and the paint is peeling (looks almost diserted). But you know what - thats also the magic in this place.. The White Sands Park are beautiful! In the beginning it looks like its snow, but when you come closer its just dunes and dunes of white sand. We went for a little walk up and down the dunes, ate lunch (Ramen soup = "Mana Hama"), and drove on our way to Santa Fe.

27 October 2015

26-27 / 10 Road 90, south Texas Driving trough west Texas we enter the cowboy lands. Many ranches spread besides the never ending road. Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful here!We sort of feel like in a western safari- a lot of all kind of animals, from cows, horses, goats, to big wild birds. Small towns offer a peak of real wild west vibes and people... Our car is slowly emptying out from all the brochures we got entering Texas...

25 October 2015

24 - 25 / 10 San Antonio, Texas. The whole weekend was very rainy and so we spent Saturday doing laundry, shopping and going out for a movie - "Rock the Casbah" with Bill Marry. Please don't see it! Do something else with your time... (And we're not such a hard audience..) On sunday we went to the "6 Flags - Fiesta Texas" park, and it was A M A Z I N G ! ! ! At start it was a little bit windy so some of the big rides where close, but in the evening they'd open so we (Adi screaming so hard) did almost every thing, including one ride that go's for 70 mph!! (120 kph)! Also, in the evening time, the park transferred to a huge fright festival- full with costumed bloody scary zombies screaming at you that scare you even when you see them coming. Scary music and smoke and other scary elements were all around the hunted park.. Even after we left there, at night, we felt like some one was gonna jump at us from the bushes.... A day to remember...

23 October 2015

23 / 10 Houston, Texas Thirteen State: Texas 🚩 Still enjoying chip gas prices - last time was 1.83$ per gallon! (so happy about that since we use at least one full tank of gas a day) we got to Houston and toured in museums and the big park. In Rothko Chapel we had a silence (short) meditation in front of the artists huge black and velvet painted canvases. Then we got hungry and decided it was time to have a real texan experience- we went for dinner in Salt Lick BBQ, one of the most famous barbecue restaurant in Texas. The large and busy parking lot (that would even make Walmart proud) stood up to the reputation, and so did the line of people waiting to get inside and the unforgettable smoked meet smell from the chimneys outsides. We took the traditional AllYouCanEat meat plate, in case you were wondering... Tommorow we go Vegan! We promise.... πŸ™

22 October 2015

22 / 10 Driving trough Louisiana In the morning we made a green salad breakfast and decided today is mostly a driving day. We left the swamp area and drove through south Louisiana. Just feeling the area and seeing local towns and endless fields. At the end of the day we realized that in the past 24 hours we spent about 20 of then in the car! We hope the butt shape marks in the seats will fade out eventually... Louisiana- we had a great stay, thank you.

21 October 2015

21 / 10 River road, Louisiana Started our morning with a very causal Louisiana routine- found a meter and a half long gator crossing the road 😳 And then it happen- our first call to 911. Lets hope it'll also be the last. Few minutes later two sheriff cars showed up calming us that a "gator guy" (to be said in a very southern accent) is on his way. After that interesting event we stopped in Whitney Plantation That has a very special museum about slavery in the south. Our guided tour took us around the plantation and trough several memorials for the 1,700 inslaved afro american that were there throughout the years. It was a very emotional and hard tour, that showed us more information about those dark times. It was a lot to process and we left there very thankful for the experience and with more questions then answers. After that we continued on the river road and saw many more plantations and talked about how there is much more then just a pretty oak ally behind them..

19 October 2015

19 - 20 / 10 New-Orleans, Louisiana. Twelfth state - Louisiana 🚩 After arriving to our local Airbnb home for the next two days (5 minutes walk from the French quarter) we went out to explore the jazz city. On the Main street, Bourbon street, we heard lots of loud music from every corner, many funky people and many many homeless people. We ate shrimp Po-Boy (sandwich) and went to drink beer and hear some live piano vocalist in a cool bar. On the next day we walked around the French Market were we found lots of alligators heads, legs and sausages ( not for gator lovers ).. We spend the rest of the day walking around the city and listening to live street music.. In the evening- pretty much like the night before. We found a wonderful authentic jass band playing in a courtyard and enjoyed more beers..

18 October 2015

18 / 10 Biloxi, Mississippi Eleventh state: Mississippi 🚩 Slept at a most beautiful spot on the ocean with white long beaches and big birds. Really peaceful and pretty and an excellent place for throwing freesby!
18 / 10 Mobil, Alabama Tenth state- (sweet home) Alabama We drove all the way down to the ocean, to the city of Mobil were we visited the USS Alabama museum. We toured the huge World War II ship and learned about the navy and marines. A very interesting chapter of american history. We were amazed at the structure and planning of the ship and of how it was home for 2,500 crewman for years at a time.

17 October 2015

17 / 10 Nashville, Tennessee Stopped for lunch at the musical city- lots of live country music bands in pubs and clubs. We pleasures our ears with some county and pleasured our stomachs with some fried stuff and moved along... Check out the books on offer in the rest station we slept in that day... πŸ˜‡

15 October 2015

15-16 / 10 Smokey mountain National park Eight & Ninth states- North Carolina & Tennessee 🚩 We got to the smokies! The most visited park in the states. We drove in the park crossing the border and viewing most amazing brown mounting. We slept in a campground and made hot dogs on the fire. The next day we went on a hike to Mount Le Conte - that is as high as the Hermon. Really beautiful clime up that reaches a little village with freezing breeze and a primitive feel that reminds us of villages on trecks in Nepal. On our drive back we even saw a bear! 🐻 He was far and we were in the car behind a row of cars so it wasn't dangerous but really exiting!

14 October 2015

14 / 10 Creeper Trail, Damascus, Virginia. On the borders of North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia we went on a beautiful bike ride for 17 miles. This way was an old train rail that was converted to a trail. We're riding trough raining yellow leafs and amazing country views. At the cafe stop we had the world famous chocolate cake that turned out to be just a simple brown birthday cake :)

11 October 2015

11 - 13 / 10 Shenandoah national park, Virginia. Seventh state - Virginia 🚩 Our first park! We drove the "Sky-line" drive that crosses the park from north to south on the first day, and hiked the "Old-Rag" trail on the second. It's Not an easy trail, that reaches to a beautiful top, with amazing panoramic view. On the next morning we woke up by the park rangers who said we were sleeping in "a non sleeping area", and it was 7:00 AM (very early in our terms), so we seized the moment and took pictures of the sunrise and made Shakshuka..!

10 October 2015

09 - 11 / 10 Washington D.C Sixth state - Washington D.C 🚩(well is not really a state, but we stayed at Maryland) Meeting Matan (Idan's student from the Mechina) and his amazing family, who we stayed with for 3 nights. Went to tour Matan's university, Maryland, and got to feel Collage Life. The next day we visited some museums on the "mall" in town and joined the family for Shabat dinner with friends. The next day we went with Matan to a bike ride in town and checked all the interesting monuments and memorials. It was an amazing weekend, that felt a little bit like home with all the Hebrew and the Hummus..

7 October 2015

07 / 10 Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Today we visited the Amish. A very unique group of people that live like 100 years ago. Taking a tour in a model of their homes and going in a bus tour to see where they acutely live. To be honest - it fills a little bit like the "Haredim" in Israel. (Except here they own cows..) Very interesting day!

6 October 2015

06 / 10 New Hope & Hershey, Pennsylvania. Fifth state - Pennsylvania 🚩 Walking around a very nice town. Many antique shops and Halloween spirit is all around. From there continuing to Hershey's chocolate factory where we simply ate some chocolate. On the big factory parking lot we stumbled upon an antique cars fair. There are very old and strange cars (and people) in the world..🚜

5 October 2015

05 / 10 Cold spring, NY We hiked around cold spring on the top of a mountain were we could see the skyline of Manhattan

4 October 2015

04 / 10 Litchfield, Connecticut Forth state - Connecticut 🚩 After spending the night behind the pizza place were we ate dinner (with the invetation of the nice italian owner) we went for a little hike on a lake near by

3 October 2015

03 / 10 Harvard, Cambridge, Massachusetts Yuval took us for a tour around Harvard.really interesting! We drank coffe with Netra and little Tamar and had a nice brunch with I&N before leaving the city

1 October 2015

01 / 10 Boston, Massachusetts Third state- Massachusetts 🚩 Arriving to Ian and Naiyri's house. Walked the freedom trail and had some warm and tasty clam chowder soup! The weather was very cold and rainy because a storm that came with us to the city... The next day, trying to go to better weather, we drove to Salem and learned about the Witch Hysteria !!

28 September 2015

28-9 / 09 Vermont Stopped in another Garage in the morning because our car is still leaking water... We find out there is a whole in the radiator! And that also needs to be changed. We can't believe there is yet another problem and while we question the whole trip and adventure we begin to think we don't know what we got ourselves in to. We were really bombed.. Suddenly, the universe heard us and a nice man called Daniel turned to us and offered to open his home for us while we fix the car for the next two days. He own's a house where he hosts Appalachian trail hikers near by. So we stayed there for 2 days, and he even helped us to fix the car in half price in a garage he knew. In the meantime, Idan went working with him on a roof he was fixing, and we helped him with a few more thing around the house.. It was two amazing days with great company and warm bad and food!

27 September 2015

26-27 / 09 Vermont Second state- Vermont 🚩 Starting our visit doing laundry that was much needed. We try to understand how to navigate through all our brochures and find what to do. In Queche we visited Sugabush farm, saw (and tasted) how real maple syrup and cheddar cheese are made. We stopes in some more local workshops and found a nice spot to sleep on the border with New Hampshire.

25 September 2015

25 / 09 Lake George, NY We arrive in the Adirondack park and spend the night in Rogers Rock campground on Lake George. Made our first camp fire and had some noodle soup, and had our first shower since leaving civilization

24 September 2015

23-24 / 09 Woodstock, NY First state- New-York 🚩 After breakfast in Woodstock and a nice walk around we're driving to Albany to get the car inspection done. In the garage we find out we need to change our water pump, and this after we changed the brakes yesterday 😒 not very happy about that..

22 September 2015

22 / 09 Crotons on the Hudson Fixing up the car! After buying wood in HomeDepot we let the creative fun begin. Using lonny's tools we build a ramp for a mattress and a pull out table with folding legs. We finished just before Yom Kippur, and drove on our way. First stop- Walmart and Ikea πŸ˜‰

21 September 2015

21 / 09 DMV office, Manhattan, NY Meeting David at the office and buying the car! Thanks David ❀️ We got it!!

18 September 2015

18 / 09 Midtown Manhattan, NY Friday night dinner at S&R&J with M&R. Best family ever. 17 - 20 / 09 Brooklyn, NY Car days in Brooklyn and more turing in the city. Deciding to buy the Mazda MPV! πŸš•πŸš—πŸš™ Street Market on Broadway + walking in the village

16 September 2015

16 / 09 Soho, Manhattan, NY Day in town with Uncle David and Maayan. Learning from david interesting facts on the area and architecture. Dinner at Aunt Bonny's house with Lala the tiger cat 🐯

15 September 2015

15 / 09 Facebook office, Manhattan, NY Visiting Keara at Facebook! Had a supper good lunch in the big cafeteria. Spending a nice time together and writing on the Facebook wall

14 September 2015

14 / 09 Manhattan, NY Visiting the MET + Chinatown + National History Museum. Having a wonderful dinner with S&R&Josh in Brooklyn and walking around Brooklyn Hights.

13 September 2015

13 / 09 Midtown Manhattan, NY Erev RoshHashana at Sam & Roberta's. Beginning of a wonderful week staying with them at their house
13 / 09 Crotons on the Hudson, NY Chilling out at L&P beautiful house on the river...

11 September 2015

12 / 09 Crotons on the Hudson, NY After a nice friday night dinner at Lonny & Patrice's house we spend a nice weekend kayaking, apple peaking and visiting fall farm shops
11 / 09 World Trade Center, Manhattan, NY Visiting the memorial on the actual date, very emotional and interesting.

10 September 2015

08-10 / 09 Manhattan, NY Sleeping at Dag&Dagi's (Maayan&Rachel's) house in the upper west side. Central Park + David at Bleaker 77 + MOMA museum + High Line walk

9 September 2015

10 / 09 New Haven, Conneticet Driving with Patris and visiting Jeramy, Tracy, Naomi & Noah in Conneticet

7 September 2015

07 / 09 Flashing Meadow, NY US OPEN! Murry & Halep playing. A hot and exiting day in the courts!

5 September 2015

04-06 / 09 White Planes, NY First weekend - Staying with Deen & Linda and getting to know the BBB's: Bagel_Bear_Batchi