Thailand, Singapore · 5 Days · 7 Moments · September 2016

Adeline's trip to Thailand

27 September 2016

Day 1: 🚩Terminal 21 > Siam Square > Platinum Mall > Super Big C > 🏑 > 🍻 Day 2: 🚩Victory Monument > Chatukcha Market > Paragon > Central Mall > Sports Bar ⚽️ Day 3: Home sweet home 🏠

23 September 2016

Next up finally did some shopping Heheheh but I was like limiting myself too. Heh because if I really did start shopping, it will never end. Hahaha platinum is really good? I'm amazed at it too. 7 levels worth of shopping until my head kinda hurts from seeing all the clothes stores hahaha. πŸ˜† But still manage to get a few naise clothes :-) Def a place to visit next year hehehe and after that ended off with heading to Big C to get our stuff because there's this Super huge ass big C near Platinum. And we were thinking why not lets just get out stuff tonight and cab back? πŸ˜‰ Bought so much hahaha almost 50bucks worth of food.
Exciting part was taking the BTS hehehe be cuz Phuket doesn't have that and so Yeap a picture of the train ticket. And Yeap headed off to Siam Square hearing that there's lots of good food there! And it's true hehehe because the next thing I knew when I turned my head to the alley was a BDUCK CAFEEEEE 😍🐀πŸ₯ imagine my happiness cuz it's so huge the store and even though I was so full I had to buy a drink. Got myself mint mocca and no doubt it's refreshing! πŸ‘πŸ» Of Course we went to the famous After You to continue having dessert. Omg their original Shibuya toast is heaven πŸ˜‹ Finally had the chance to eat t after like so Long of craving for it. And best part is we didn't had to wait at all hahaha ✌🏻️ Basically the whole day was all about eating.
Terminal 21 is awesome like its so naise esp the food at the foodcourt. It's clean and I just like the vibes of the mall. Pretty hippy and retro. Heh love the airplane themed mall. And we ate to our hearts content too. Thai coconut ice cream was the bomb πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ» Taste so yummy and it's cheap!!! Followed by having POPSICLE too. Hahaha their food is really interesting, a sight you don't see in Sg.
First meal at BKK: RAMEN πŸ˜‚ Hahaha it's so funny when I think about it because that was like the only stall opened past midnight after we checked in the hotel. But the food was aroi lah so it made up for it!! :)
Yes and TADA you see it! That's DMK Airport 😁 Hehehe was really eggcited when we touched down though because the feels were there. Like legit finally I felt like wow I'm out of Sg at last and here in the Land of Smiles + Thai Tea :) So Yeap first stop 🚩Check Inn Hotel. Honestly expected more from it because I didn't expect the room configuration to be that small but it was cosy so that was sufficient :) Plus, the room had a mini kitchenette which was a little not needed but cute somehow. Because never did I expect a three star hotel to have such amenities in e room. πŸ˜‚ Nonetheless, the room was good but the wifi sucked HAHAHAA connection was pretty bad till I gave up on using and watched tv instead. And yes of course Heheheh best part was sharing the room with my dear Sister P'Su ❀️ Imagine my happiness when I saw her at the airport after a year later. Time flies and I'm so thankful she's here to accompany us for the trip. 😊

22 September 2016

Finally setting off to the Land Of Smiles!! 😁 Honestly the feels of excitement wasn't quite there when I was at the airport but then the pre trip excitement was so real I couldn't contain myself truthfully. Hehehe so yea the Joke, Kueh & T has made it to our impromptu trip ✈️ We decided on a 4D3N trip with the main purpose of eating + massaging. Shopping was the back of the list because we all know we couldn't shop finish if we started and that we had little time there too. So let the trip begin ~