Asia · 3 Days · 11 Moments · June 2017

6 days in Shenzhen, Macau and HK

27 June 2017

Great Thai food if you're craving for one...

26 June 2017

Our trip to Ruins of St. Paul
Portuguese food for lunch! Taste is very similar to Indonesian cuisine. *Complementary drinks : a glass of wine or juice 😁

25 June 2017

In China Folk Culture Village, you can find traditional houses from all around China. Mind you, that this place is even bigger than Window of the World (I think) so you might wanna take the train to look around (+/- 30 mins). 3rd pic: a talented man who is able to cut your silhouette in just 10 secs. 4th pic: Cultural show (I don't really know what it's called). Indoor. AC. Starts at 4 p.m. 5th pic: Semi outdoor theatre. Whenever you buy tickets for performances, you need to check if your seating is free or arranged. Every seats are numbered in China Folk Culture Village. 6th pic: World class cultural performance!! Starts at 7 p.m.
You can find any famous landmarks in the world here. It's a huge place, so you might want to spend at least 3-4 hours here.

24 June 2017

This is where we stay for 2 nights. Hotel was okay, breakfast wasn't my favourite at all 😟😟😟 . (The food was super greasy, looked like it was boiled in oil)
After spending almost 6 hrs to HK, we're going to Shenzhen from HK by bus (less than 2 hrs).
Touchdown! After 6 hours of flying...