Thailand · 4 Days · 15 Moments · June 2016

Summer in Chiang Mai

24 June 2016

Dinner with cultural performances. Best birthday ever!
There's always room for dessert 😋

23 June 2016

Bingsoo, Korean shaved ice. When you want to eat Bingsoo, make sure the owner of the store is Korean 😎
Cooking school!!! The result? Finally I can make Thai food with authentic taste 😆😆😆 The instructor taught us to make everything from scratch (even the curry paste). Definitely worth the price!

22 June 2016

Another shopping spree!
Got to know the process of making silk. The factory is open to public and there's a lady giving you "a tour" for free. I'm amazed how this country tries to promote its tourism.
Our super helpful tuk tuk driver! He suggested us to go to this place. This jewelry store supplies some of Pandora's collection. (Didn't take any picture here though)
Making our own paper umbrella.

21 June 2016

When your hotel is so close to a night bazaar...😅😅😅
Chicken and pineapple curry!
Yummy lunch with reasonable price. Perfect place to chill after a long walk. I wished I was a Thai so I could read their books!!!
Our first destination!!! It took about 40 mins for us to get there, since the temple is located far from the city. This temple reminded me a lot of Bali. On our way back, I saw pink and red lotuses for the first time. Absolutely stunning!
On our way to book our cooking lesson and to rent a transport to San Kamphaeng district (where all the craft is happening)

20 June 2016

Our hotel has a huge selection of food for breakfast. Picky eater like myself enjoyed it very much.