United Kingdom · 243 Days · 7 Moments · July 2017

Adele's project

6 March 2018

Presenting at the Council of Deans Student Leadership Programme. Fantastic experience. Brought along my newly designed Leadership journal. It went down really well. So glad I pursued the idea even after coming up against one obstructive lady in the coms dept.

22 February 2018

I’m so lucky to have great colleagues who have swapped and changed things just so that I can have half term off. They’re kind and considerate and it means so much to me. What makes them kind- they’re not selfish😂. What I mean is they think about other people, don’t always put themselves first, they care about family time, they support each other and are generous with their time. I’m lucky to work with these guys 😀

7 December 2017

4 November 2017

This is so important. I’m using this positively to get me through my doctorate. Research is my nemesis. I may not be confident ‘yet’ but I will get there as long as I use the people around who can support me. Asking for help is a new thing for me! I need to do it more often so that it develops as a skill and doesn’t feel weird and awkward

11 September 2017

I know that I do come across as bossy at times. I’m an ESTJ what would you expect😂. However I think my bossiness is really passion and enthusiasm but I just need to use my emotional intelligence to use it positively and light the fire in others rather than being see as bossy 🔥☄️

20 July 2017

You’ve got to show people that you’re a leader by living, believing and showing your leadership talents. I’m a senior lecturer, no sign of leader in that title. However, I lead me and that’s where it starts.

6 July 2017

The decision to leave EHU and apply to UCLan. The drivers were that I need to feel appreciated. I’d become complacent and tired of negativity it was exhausting. I needed to reenergise, find my passion and enthusiasm for my job. Believe in what I do. It’s scary moving on, but those feelings need to be used positively. I can make a difference 😀