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2 months solo travelling Asia

24 November 2016

Bali - UBud continued

23 November 2016

Bali - Ubud

21 November 2016

Bali - Gili Air

18 November 2016

Bali - Gill T

13 November 2016

Kuala Lumpur

12 November 2016

Pai Canyon We played the left right game on the mopeds and ended up going to the Pai Canyon. It was hard to climb, health and safety really doesn't not exist in Thailand! As always the climb was so worth it 😍
Saturday 12th November I was planning on going to do a bit of shopping in Bangkok but after experiencing the rest of Thailand I couldn't wait to get out of here, dirty, smelly, people are rude.. so I got a taxi to the airport and chilled there till it was time to board my flight to Kuala Lumpur. Typical Adele style I managed to walk into the pilot as we were all queuing to get on the plane. After talking to him for 5 minutes he gave me his number and offered to show me round Kuala Lumpur whilst I am there. I guess being clumsy does have its benefits sometimes 😂
Friday 11th November After going for breakfast, had to check out of the hotel at 11am. Went to Why Not bar and had a fresh coconut, stayed in here for 3 hours until it was time to get on the bus back to Chiang Mai, which taken 4 hour again. Then from Chiang Mai to Bangkok which taken a short 12 hours throughout the night 😳 arrived back in smelly Bangkok at 7.30am.
Thursday 10th November Today we went to the waterfall, it was raining slightly but decided not to let this get in the way. Lisa and I and the two Dutch guys went on mopeds 🏍 It was really steep to climb and I fallen over twice 🙄 but no damage done. The view definitely made it worth it. We decided a pizza was needed on our last night and a relaxed evening as the rain was so heavy.
Wednesday 9th November We were planning on going to the waterfalls today but the rain was horrendous, we couldn't go out on the moped. We came across a bar with a pool table and ended up staying in there for most of the afternoon. It's official I am awful at pool but can be very flukey 😏 After getting food from the night market we went back to the bar, met new people and drank lots of beer. Ended the night at Don't Cry bar, this is where everyone ends their night in Pai. Soo I didn't go to sleep till 6.30am! As much as I love sleeping in hostels 🙄 (not) I decided to book a hotel for the last couple of nights. During the night at Circus you could hear everything 😳 and the bed was extremely uncomfortable. The hotels in Thailand are so cheap so it made sense 😆😉
Tuesday 8th November One of the must do things in Pai is to go to the hot springs. Lisa and I met two Dutch guys who we got on well with. The four of us went on an adventure on the mopeds and it was so worth it. To get there you have to go up lots of steep hills, which meant I became a pro at jumping off the back of the moped as it wasn't too good at making it uphill. It was like getting in a massive bath, the water was so clear and really warm. I met an older lady who was from Australia and spent over an hour talking to her, she was slightly bonkers but I loved this about her. On the way back I asked to join a group of people in their Tuk Tuk taxi, so I didn't have to keep jumping off the back of the moped 😂 the driver was really lovely and said I could squeeze in for free. During the evening we went to a bar that played reggae music in the outback of Pai and had a really chilled evening. Could get used to this lifestyle! By 5.30am I was fast asleep!
Monday 7th November Today I spent the day walking round Pai, I instantly fallen in love. By far my favourite place in Thailand.. the view is stunning, people are lovely and lots of cool things to do. I found a lovely restaurant with pretty scenery and sat drinking a beer. I spent the evening with people from the hostel, was planning on having an early night but 4am arrived and I was still up talking to people.
Sunday 6th November Today I left Chiang Mai and travelled by bus to Pai, it taken just under 4 hours to get there which included a stop off for lunch. Standard - Pad Thai was ordered. I met a guy on the bus from Canada who had already been travelling for 10 months and spent most of the time talking to him and the remainder of the time sleeping. When I arrived in Pai, I walked to my hostel called Circus. The view was mind blowing especially with the infinity swimming pool. I had a hut to myself, really sweet and cosy. I went straight to the swimming pool and met a group of new people who i spent the night with, we went to a couple of bars and the night market for food.. the food is so cheap and delicious. I didn't get in till gone 3am!

10 November 2016


9 November 2016

Pai Canyon

8 November 2016

Saturday 5th November Had to be up and ready for 8.30 this morning, ready to be picked up for a Thai cooking class. We first went to the market where we were told about all the ingredients used. Then made our way to the kitchen. The guy we had was called Snooker and he was awesome, pretty sure he was a chef during the day and ladyboy by night. He loved that my name was Adele and sang pretty much all of her songs to us all. I cooked, yes you read that right I cooked... Pad Thai, spring rolls and massam curry. If I don't say so myself they were so good! Feel like I'm now a pro 😆 There were 8 of us in total, a really nice bunch of people but all couples. So glad I done this, such a good experience.
Friday 4th November I spent the day by myself exploring Chiang Mai. I started off by going to a stunning temple, I was lucky and had it all to myself so I spent a while meditating. I faced my fear and stood in the middle of a park with hundreds of pigeons.. whilst people were feeding them. Found a nice restaurant, sat outside with a fresh coconut and people watched for a couple of hours. After dinner I treated myself to a back massage and gel toe nails 🙄 why not, it's so cheap!

6 November 2016

Sunday evening 🙌🏼

5 November 2016

Cooking class

4 November 2016

Thursday 3rd November I slept so much better last night but feel so drained. We trekked for 2 hours to where a tribe had prepared lunch for us, very yummy! We then had the luxury of going in a van to the elephant rescue centre, we were told about what they do there and how badly some of the elephants have been treated. I enjoyed spending time with these beautiful, gentle animals and got to wash one of them. We finished the day on a bamboo boat, very relaxing. I was taken back to the hostel for 18.30 and straight out the door again to have dinner and the night market. I think I will sleep well tonight!
Wednesday 2nd November After having possibly the worst nights sleep ever last night, we had breakfast and set off for day 2 of our trek. Our guide is a little on the crazy side and slightly scary at times, he kept shouting at us and getting angry but hey that makes it more interesting. More climbing up today but it was a lot easier than yesterday, I knew what to expect (to a certain extent) we walked to a waterfall and swapped guides as only four of us were mad enough to do a 3 day trek. From here we trekked to the next campsite and arrived there at 3pm. There was a stunning waterfall about 5 minutes away so we decided to go for a swim. The sun set at 6pm, we started a fire as it goes cold when the sun sets and had a really nice chilled evening. Danielle and I decided to give ourselves a mud makeover, my skin felt incredible after. When lying looking up at the stars, we seen a shooting star such a magical end to the day.

3 November 2016

Day 3. Trek

2 November 2016

Day 2 - Trek
Tuesday 1st November So right now I am sat looking at one of the most beautiful views I have ever seen but equally I had to work the hardest I have ever worked to see this view. At points I thought I would not make it to the top, the steepness was unbearable, plus carrying my backpack with me. There are 8 of us plus the tour guide, 6 people are from Holland and then 2 of us from England. Danielle and I have so much in common and made the trek that little bit easier. We walked up, up, up continuously for four hours in roughly 30 degree heat. Then the storm came and when it rains here it pours. I was wet through and could not feel my feet. We arrived at the campsite at 4pm and our guide cooked us dinner. Danielle and I sat and looked at the stars, absolutely beautiful view. We slept in a bamboo hut, on the thinnest mattress. I think it's fair to say I am proud of myself for today.
Trek - Day 2

1 November 2016

Night time adventure ⭐️
Trek - Day 1

31 October 2016

Monday 31st October 6am! And my alarm went off. I fell asleep at gone midnight and was woken up at 1am by the biggest flash of lightening and the thunder was so loud. Had an awful nights sleep as it was so loud but I do love a good storm. The taxi arrived at 6.25 to take us to the pier to catch the ferry, spent 3 hours on the ferry and managed to sleep the whole way. After the ferry then I had to get straight on a coach for an hour and a half to get to the airport, to fly to Chiang Mai. The place I am most excited about yet 🐘🎒🐵🌿💫

30 October 2016

Sunday 30th October My alarm was set for 7.30 this morning to go for a run along the beach but the rain was pouring and the beach was flooded so I had no other option but to stay in bed till 9 😉 when breakfast started 🍳 I didn't want to waste another day because of the rain so I put my rain coat on and went to the oldest temple on this island, there were a couple of munks there but apart from them there wasn't another person in sight. Such a strange feeling, being on an a island with so few people. After walking along a really long bendy steep road a moped taxi driver came along. When he went to start the bike it wouldn't turn on, after 5 minutes of trying it started to work and i definitely knew about it. I'm guessing he knew those roads pretty well... It got my heart going, after a couple of steady days this was good 😏 don't need to waste my money on rollercoasters for an adrenaline rush here. Had a really nice curry for lunch/dinner and then packed ready to leave tomorrow
Saturday 29th October After spending 3 nights in Koh Tao, I felt ready to leave. Mainly because of the hostel, the staff there are really strange and not very helpful and the social side was awful, plus the rain didn't help. Got on the ferry at 10am to come to Koh Phangan, which is normally a party island where the full moon party is held but due to the recent events it is a ghost town here. The rain is horrendous here as well but found a cabin in the Forrest with a private beach for only £6 per night, so the perfect excuse to have a relaxed weekend. After checking in, we went for a walk but it felt so strange with nobody around. We taken a stroll down the beachfront to find somewhere for drinks and dinner, found a bar and sat talking to a couple from England who are travelling for the next two months and then going to work in Australia. After drinks Lisa and I found a local restaurant and had such a delicious dinner for just over £1. I'm in love with Thai food 💛

29 October 2016

Friday 28th October After a late night, I didn't get up till 10am, it was chucking it down with rain so we went to the French cafe for breakfast again and sat and planned our next few days. After a nice relaxed day we walked 30/40 minutes to the other side of Koh Tao to take part in a Yoga class, I have never done Yoga before but absolutely loved it. The electricity all cut out so we were in pitch black in the middle of a forest but it fit the moment. This lasted two hours, finishing off with meditation. We walked along the beachfront on the way back to find somewhere for dinner. Everywhere was playing loud music, we felt so relaxed that we just wanted somewhere quiet. We found a gorgeous restaurant where we could sit and listen to the waves. When we left after dinner it started to rain again so we fully embraced and starting dancing and singing while walking in the sea with the rain pouring down.
Thursday 27th October Evening Our hostel isn't great for socialising, in fact it is awful and the staff are not good. So Juliet said to go to her hostel tonight for a few hours to meet new people. I met a group of English people, first time in two weeks I have come across meeting English except for Rachael in Bangkok. I have decided I prefer other nationalities better 😂 We made our way to a place called Baby Rasta, the guy who owned it built it all himself. I have never been anywhere like this before absolutely incredible. We all sat on cushions on the floor and had a really nice chilled evening.

28 October 2016

Thursday 27th October So today has been amaze 😍 Woke up at a reasonable time, went to a French cafe for breakfast. Made our way to the pier to start a snorkelling trip. I met someone called Juliet from New Zealand, she is also solo travelling. The boat left at 11am and we made our way round the different islands round Koh Toa. I have never done snorkelling in the sea before, as soon as I got in the water I was in my element. I absolutely love being in water, especially when it is so clear and so many beautiful fish to see. I wasn't lucky enough to see any sharks today but I still have time for this. Being the idiot that I am, completely forgot to put suncream on the bottom of my back so it is now very burnt 🙄 #lessonlearntthehardway. We were given lunch on the boat and then dropped off at a private beach which was stunning. I swam in the sea for an hour, treated myself to coconut water and then made my way back to the boat which arrived back at Koh Toa at about 5pm.

27 October 2016

26 October 2016

Hello Koh Tao 🌴
Wednesday 26th October Before checking out of the hotel we went down for our complimentary breakfast, I had fresh fruit 🍉 yogurt and a chocolate croissant 😍 yum. The hotel also provided a free transfer to the port so we could get the boat to Koh Tao at 12.30. We arrived at 11am and sat talking to a group of guys from Israel 🇮🇱 who were really nice. It taken two hours to get to Koh Tao, we booked a hostel that was walking distance from the port. When we arrived it had a completely different feel to everywhere else we have visited in Thailand. The people do not seem as approachable. The hostel is nice enough, staying in a 6 bed mixed dorm but there are no lockers to put belongings 😬 After checking in we went for a walk to see what the island is like. Found a cool restaurant along the beach front where we sat and had dinner whilst watching the sun set.

25 October 2016

Tuesday 25th October We missed breakfast this morning as we didn't go to sleep till 3am 🙄 After making the hard decision of getting out of bed we went for a stroll along the beach and came across a rock that looked rather penis like, it is seen as lucky and people go to see it to help with fertility. We kept walking some more and stumbled across a pretty waterfall and sat with our feet in the water while the fish sucked our feet. I love not having things planned and being spontaneous, these days are always my favourite. We followed signs for a viewpoint and walked through a really cool complex, very hippy but awesome. After getting rather sunburnt yesterday, I treated myself to a bath and a nice relax. We treated ourselves to our most expensive meal yet 🙄... I had sweet and sour vegetables with rice, a bottle of water and fruit all for £1.10!!! 😏 The food was one of the best so far. I packed my bag ready to leave in the morning and onto the next island 🌴
Monday 24th October Evening We had a Thai style buffet dinner and a bottle of wine complimentary on the hotel, the evening included Thai entertainment. We went for a wonder after dinner and came across a really quirky bar, 3 hours later our night ended very merry dancing on the bed in our hotel room.

24 October 2016

Monday 24th October Breakfast was lush this morning, there was everything you could possibly want, I had pancakes 😍 This hotel has a private beach so we are making the most of living the luxury lifestyle for a few days until it's back to hostel life. I had my toenails painted, a manicure and a foot scrub all for under £15. It is nearly 30degrees today but slightly overcast.
Sunday 23rd October My alarm went off at 6.30 😴 I eventually dragged myself out of bed at 7am giving myself just enough time to have a shower and get dressed. Ni (the owner) had cooked bacon and egg for breakfast and said she would take us to the bus station. It's amazing how nice people can be. Time to leave Hua Hin and onto Koh Samui.. first we had a four hour bus journey and then a four and a half boat trip to get here. We were collected by a transfer from the hotel booked. It taken just over an hour to get here so in total we had a 10/11 hour journey but so worth it! Not quite living the true backpackers lifestyle just yet 😆 We arrived at the hotel at 6pm, had a shower and went straight out to the night market. This market was amazing, so cheap and the food was delicious 😍

23 October 2016

Saturday 22nd October I had another good sleep and stayed in bed till 10am. When I went down for breakfast there was another solo traveller down there from the Philippines 🇵🇭 I asked if she wanted to join me today and go to the 4D Art museum, we taken the moped 🏍 it was about 30 minutes away. We had great fun being silly and taking lots of pictures. We made our way back to the hostel and it started to rain, it doesn't just rain here it pours so we were drenched but all good fun. Lisa and I just can't stay away 😂 she came back to Pulley Hostel for the night after going to visit her Thai friend for a couple of days. Ni (the owner) taken the three of us to Cicada market, it was really nice but quite expensive for Thailand. Lisa and I finished the night off our standard way with a beer whilst packing to leave Hua Hin in the morning.
Friday 21st October Today I had a well needed chilled day by myself.. being very sunburnt I thought it was a good idea to stay out the sun today. I spent time with the hostel owner Ni, she is such a lovely lady. I then went out for dinner by myself and had my favourite dinner, Pad Thai.. it was delicious and treated myself to a cocktail 🍹 I sat talking to the owner for a while and he introduced me to his adorable baby.
Koh Samui

22 October 2016

Cicada market
4D museum

21 October 2016

Chilled 👌
Pulley hostels models ✌️️ it's a new hostel so we are the first people to stay here from Europe.

20 October 2016

Thursday 20th October Today we made our way to a mountain with loads of wild monkeys on it, one decided to steal my emergency crisps out of my bag, probably not such a bad thing. The view of the sea from the mountain was incredible. Hua Hin truly is stunning. After the mountain Lisa and I thought a beach day was well needed so we taken a ride to the seaside and had a nice relaxed day. Even though I put a ridiculous amount of suncream on I managed to burn pretty bad. Tonight is my first night all by myself, I am in a six bed hostel and there are no other travellers here. Feels kinda weird but I like it. Excited for my first day travelling alone tomorrow.
Wednesday 19th October Wow where to start! Today has possibly been one of the most exciting, scary and incredible days ever. We started the day off by hiring a moped to go and explore.. we came across a cave, we decided it would be a good idea to go and climb it, it takes a lot for me to get scared but my heart rate was 140.. enough said! It was pitch black with just the torch on our phones. We then went to the beach and climbed cave number 2, which was incredible. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. We travelled back to our hostel on the moped, it taken one hour.. it was lightening but so pretty.

19 October 2016

18 October 2016

Tuesday 18th October Today was my last day in Bangkok and was time to check out of NapPark. I felt so ready to move on as Bangkok is so full on. I asked Lisa if she wanted to join me for the next couple of days so we travelled to Hua Hin on a small bus which taken 2.5 hours. We arrived at our hostel Pulley Hostel and it is absolutely stunning. There are no other travellers here because apparently Hua Hin is more expensive than other places and mostly local people come here to visit. We got a taxi bus to the night market and had street food again for dinner.. shrimp on a stick 👌 the food here in Thailand is delicious.
Monday 17th October Today Lisa and I were both so excited as we planned to have a tourist day and to explore as much of Bangkok as we could. We got up at 9am and had a nice early start. Started the day off with a coffee ☕️ (desperate times for me) followed by fruit and yoghurt for breakfast. We got a Tuk Tuk to a local temple and met Mr Tong who was a lovely Thai local. The Tuk Tuk driver did not charge us and we were told by Mr Tong this would have been because of the king passing away. We felt so awful that we had not given him any money. We made our way to the river and went on a river tour for one hour, we were charged 1000baht each which is approx £22, it was an okay experience but very expensive for what it was. Especially when we finished and seen a big boat with lots of people on it for 40 baht each which is approx 92p. We went for a walk after the river tour in the area, we had no idea where we were and ended up coming across the most gorgeous impressive temple.
Sunday 16th October All night the thunder and lightening was horrendous, I have never heard a storm so bad but it was therapeutic to hear. We all were jet lagged and had a late night the night before so stayed in bed till 1pm. I met a few new people in the hostel so we went out for dinner, due to the king sadly passing away a lot of the normal activities have stopped whilst local people are mourning. This means no music is being played in bars, alcohol shouldn't be sold but they have this theory that if they give it to you in a cup then the police will never know 🤔
Saturday 15th October We landed slightly earlier than scheduled which meant we were in Bangkok for 7.45am. Caitlin (who I met on the plane) and I decided to get a taxi together to our hostels, the traffic was horrendous. I arrived at my hostel NapPark at 10.30. I could not check in until 2pm and was told to wait in the common room. Everyone else in there was already in groups which was quite daunting. After being there for 10 minutes Rachael who was staying in my room came downstairs and we decided to go to Khao San Road. We had great fun exploring and seeing the madness of Bangkok. We got in a Tuk Tuk which was an experience in itself. When we came back I introduced myself to another solo traveller called Lisa from Germany, she joined us and we went out for a few beers and street food. We ended up meeting so many people and had such good fun.
Friday 14th October 2016 Today I flown from London Gatwick to Bangkok to start my world travels. So many emotions were going through me but mainly excitement until I found a card and a letter from my mum and sister which resulted in a few tears when I was on the plane. I stayed awake the whole way which for me is a first, I normally end up sleeping before we take off and waking up as the plane lands ✈️
Hua Hin

15 October 2016