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Adele&Jordan - world travels ✈️

15 February 2018

I have been on a mission whilst at Summahs to transform her house for her. I changed one of the rooms that was full of rubbish into a play room for the girls, she was thrilled. I’m so sad to be leaving them all at the end of the week but it will be amazing to go home and see my real family. It has been crazy hot here, it got to 46! I babysat for two lovely boys on Friday and fell in love with their pooches, they were a very nice family. Summah invited Jen and I to a cards evening, we arrived and felt so out of our comfort zone as everyone was much older than us but we persisted with it and had so much fun 😂 anyone that’s knows me well knows how flukey I am 😝 I won some lights that I can apparently sell for a decent amount of money and I came first place out of everyone at cards 🥇 I found out the background of the organisation it is for people in need so I donated an extra $50 to help the charity out. We finished the night off having a dance at the Irish but cards was more fun🙌

10 February 2018

9th - 11th February Airlie beach 🏖 We drove 5.5 hours to get to Airlie beach, Emerald is so small with not a lot to do a road trip was needed. We arrived and soon figured out there was no beach and because it’s sting season we couldn’t even go in the sea. Thankfully they had a lagoon so we spent the day chilling by the pool after our awesome morning sky diving ✈️ Jen was so nervous but I didn’t let her back down 😂 she absolutely loved it. And for me of course I had the time of my life.

5 February 2018

Karaoke @ The Irish We had so much fun singing karaoke completely sober 😂 Jen was slightly out of her comfort zone but Zilke and I were having the time of our life. I’m still absolutely loving looking after the twins Charlotte and Matilda who are now nearly 5 months old.

24 January 2018

Monday 22nd January - Saturday 27th January 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧 I started helping a lovely lady called Summah with her two beautiful twin girls called Matilda and Charlotte they are 16 weeks old. She is so thankful to have an extra pair of hands. 👭👭 I made friends with Lèa who is French, Jen who is Scottish and Zilke who is South African. On our day off the girls came round and we had a pool day and lunched. I feel like I understand why mums stay at home 😜 I could get used to this. 🇦🇺 We celebrated Australia Day, this involves drinking, drinking and more drinking. It was cool to experience especially being in a small town. 💪🏼 I have joined the gym, in hope to loose some of my travel fat. My teacher side came out and instead of letting Daniel and Sarah watch tv I printed loads of activities off for them, they were entertained for hours 🙌🏼

18 January 2018

Monday 15th January - Sunday 21st January Whilst sat waiting to board I noticed Julie, Daniel and Sarah sat waiting too so we all sat together on the plane to Emerald. She collected the kids from their Dads in Brisbane on the same day. I arrived to a lovely big bedroom with well needed Air Con and a few gifts to set me up for my stay. So far: 👙 Pool 🍴 Out for dinner 🎞 Taken the kids to the cinema to watch CoCo 👭 I met a few other Au Pairs yesterday, we went to the botanic Gardens. Played lots of uno!! They have a sausage dog and a black Labrador 🐶 It has been an interesting first week, been strange not seeing Jord ☹️ but I have survived 👏🏼 my car wouldn’t start, luckily Bevan was off work and came to the rescue. Apparently this happens on a regular basis 😬 I’m just thankful to have a car!

14 January 2018

Sunday 14th January Today I forced myself to go out and explore the city. It felt so strange to be on my own, I am so used to being with Jord but I knew I couldn’t just sit in my hostel all weekend 😆 So as I was walking towards the river I seen another girl walking by herself, I started talking to her and we clicked straight away. She is from Sweden 🇸🇪 Fredas friend who is also Swedish joined us and we spent the day on the free ferry, we went across to south bank where there is a man made beach 🏝 I love Brisbane it feels really clean and loadss of shops! We finished the night off at an Irish bar, they had live music and a really good atmosphere. All tucked up in bed by 10pm, crazy times 😜

13 January 2018

Saturday 13th January My first day on my own, nothing beats a day by the pool. The weather is crazy hot! It got to 40 😳 not sure I’m prepared for this heat. Jord and I have gone from one extreme to the next with him going back to winter ❄️ Was nice to meet new people everyone is really friendly.

12 January 2018

Friday 12th January I landed in Brisbane at 21.30 but felt like 00.30 as NZ are 3 hours ahead. I got a taxi ($45) to the hostel I’m staying at for 3 nights - Bunk Brisbane ($37 per night for female only dorm with 4 beds) When I got into my room I got chatting to one of the girls, she is from the Netherlands 🇳🇱 was nice to meet someone friendly straight away. Fees so strange to be in a hostel, sleeping in a dorm but I’ve got this for 3 nights 😆 Missing Jord already feels like a massive part of me is missing 😫

12 January 2018

Friday 12th January It’s fair to say I’m an emotional wreck today. What an amazing past year Jord and I have had. We have visited 10 incredible countries: - Thailand -Myanmar -India -Cambodia -Philippines -Taiwan -Singapore -Malaysia -Indonesia - New Zealand We are both flying from Auckland international airport with just an hour between our flights which means we can stay together until Jord flies first. He lands in San Fransisco in the past 🙄 they are -22 hours behind us in NZ!

11 January 2018

Thursday 11th January I started the day by treating myself to a new hair colour, got charged an absolute fortune (London prices in Auckland) and walked out pretty much looking the same 😳 We spent our last full day together drinking beer, more beer and even more beer and then headed back to the hotel to play uno 😆 We had awesome views from our room and the sky looked incredible as the sun was setting. We headed out for some dinner and sat people watching for ages, some strange characters about.

10 January 2018

Wednesday 10th January On the way back to Auckland we stopped off at a waterfall, our favourite kind of walk - 1 minute from the car 😆 It was a long drive back to Auckland, it taken just over 4 hours.

9 January 2018

Tuesday 9th January We stayed at a lovely motel with really kind owners. We even got a free beer on arrival, they must have known we were coming. We made the most of gorgeous sunshine and treated ourselves to a pool day, our first proper full day chilling by the pool since Asia! So it was well needed.

8 January 2018

Sand boarding 🤙🏼 To finish our day before driving to our next motel we stopped off and went sand boarding. No messing about we walked straight to one of the highest slopes. The walk up the sand was a workout in itself, I didn’t think I was going to make it. We both loved it!! The adrenaline doesn’t seem to be slowing down just yet ;) $15 each for unlimited time on the sand dunes.
We continued our road trip to the most northern point of New Zealand. We were so fortunate the sun was shining, it wouldn’t have been half as good in miserable weather. Amazing views, the ocean looked so picturesque.
Monday 8th January 90 Mile Beach Wooooweeee! We road tripped along the beach.. most people opted for the bus option but we had so much fun! ✔️ J turns, handbrake turns ✔️ I sat on the bonnet while Jordan drove ✔️ we danced, we laughed ✔️ I managed to get the car stuck 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ The weather was absolutely spot on, 100% recommend this in your own car or in our case our new hire car for the next few days 🚘

6 January 2018

Saturday 6th January We checked out of our Air BnB and headed back to Hamilton Gardens on the way to the airport to drop Mum and Dad off. A short but sweet visit, we managed to do a few cool things in the short time they were here even with the horrendous weather. ✔️ Whale and dolphin safari ✔️ Waitomo glow worm caves ✔️ Hobbiton ✔️ Black sand beach ✔️ Hamilton Gardens ✔️ NZ biggest shopping centre ✔️ Waterfall

5 January 2018

Hobbiton Movie Set We finished the morning off with a complimentary drink at The Green Dragon pub. We were so lucky with the weather just as we were walking back to the bus, the rain came down so heavy!
Hobbiton Movie Set I’m going on an adventure ✌🏼 There are 44 Hobbit holes in total. They are all different sizes, this is to create different actors to look taller / smaller. Peter Jackson got a team of artists to create a tree with plums on that taken a long time to do, they didn’t even make it onto the screen!!
Friday 5th January Hobbiton Movie Set I have never seen Lord of The Rings or The Hobbit but my god what an amazing experience! To the point where we bought The Hobbit DVD’s at the end of the tour. The tour was so interesting, amazing to see the detail that goes into a Movie Set. There were three things Peter Jackson was looking for 1. A big tree - for the party tree. 2. A lake 3. Rolling hills. They flew over New Zealand and found the perfect spot with all three criteria’s. They approached the farmer and came to an agreement. All of the inside shots were filmed in Wellington (bottom of the North island) Pic 5 - the mould on the wall is art, they needed it to look older than it was so they created the mould using yoghurt and paint.

4 January 2018

Thursday 4th January Waitomo Glow Worm caves 🐛 We went on the walk / boat tour of the caves. Cost: $50pp (£25) This was amaze!! The glow worms are absolutely incredible. They glow so insects are attracted to them, they then have a web that the bugs get stuck in. The older the glow worm the brighter it shines, they are able to turn their light off when they are full - unless they are greedy they stay bright. The caves themselves were incredible.

2 January 2018

Wednesday 3rd January ✔️ black sand beach ✔️ NZ biggest shopping - Hamilton ✔️ Waterfall
Tuesday 2nd January We left our Air BnB in Auckland and headed to Hamilton where our next Air BnB is. It taken us about an hour and a half to get there. We went straight to the Hamilton Gardens which are free to enter and done amazingly! We managed to avoid the rain again and it started to pour just as we were heading to the car. After going to the gardens we checked in, we soon realised we were staying in converted horse stables with no Tv or wifi... sorry mum 😳🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ oh well it makes a nice change 😆 we are staying in the countryside in the middle of nowhere with the view of horses, cows and sheep. Suits Jordan and I 😝

1 January 2018

January 1st January Mount Eden We started the day off by walking up Mount Eden, like many other volcanoes in Auckland it is dormant 🌋 it taken just under an hour to walk up and down and we had a full view of Auckland from the top. It was quite overcast but compared to yesterday that made a nice change, I don’t think Mum and Dad need to add to their sunburn anymore 😬 We headed to Piha which has a black sand beach from the volcano. It was stunning but we didn’t brave getting in the sea 🌊 slightly too cold for our liking.

31 December 2017

Happy New Year 🎇 2018 🎇 Wishing you all a great New Year! We started the night off playing UNO and then made our way out at 23.15 to watch the fireworks at put it bluntly we were very disappointed but found it hilarious. We have never seen fireworks so pathetic 😂 it made a nice change watching them in their summer rather than the middle of winter at home when it’s normally freezing cold.
31st December 2017 Mum and Dad arrived on the 30th 🎉 we were so excited to see them at the airport. We checked in to our lush Air BnB just outside the main city. Even though it’s the busiest city in the country it was so quiet. 31st Happy birthday Mumma 🎈 We booked to go on a whale and dolphin safari. We seen more than double figures of dolphins 🐬 and were fortunate enough to see a whale 🐳 so amazing to see them in the wild. We learnt so many facts about them along the way. We were lucky the sun shined for us, even though Mum and Dad got slightly burnt 🙄

28 December 2017

We made our way to Auckland which felt like such a long journey, it taken us 4.5 hours. We had a few people come to look at the war machine and the third set of people bought it off us the next day 🙌🏼 we got $4000 for it, we only paid $2750. We celebrated by having a couple of drinks and a lovely meal at the marina.

26 December 2017

Boxing Day fun 💕💕 We made ourselves a bonfire on the beach as it was our last night here. We played music, laughed, danced and reminisced on all the good times this year. What an amazing year it has been! We are so lucky to have had this experience - the best decision we ever made. We are ready to leave the beach but we really enjoyed ourselves and created some very special memories along with trying lots of new things. The car is all ready to be sold :(

25 December 2017

A few more from Christmas Day. 🍻 🏋🏻‍♀️

23 December 2017

Merry Christmas 🎄🎄🎄🎄 The sun was shining for us on the beach, felt slightly strange being in the sun but we loved it! We went for a nice stroll and drank homemade cocktails and a few beers. We made ourselves some yummy mince pies, first attempt and they came out so well. We even cooked ourselves a good roast dinner with stuffing, Yorkshire puddings, beef and veggies. We went into a bit of a food coma and had an afternoon nap.
We sat at the front of the raft while Sam our guide surfed the raft. We couldn’t stop laughing, such good fun. It’s fair to say we were aching after this!
Rotorua white water rafting - grade 5 with the highest commercialised waterfall at 9metres high. Wow! What an experience. It takes a lot to scare me and I love water but coming out of the boat when going down the waterfall and the feeling of drowning really was quite terrifying. Jordan was the only one out of the group that managed to stay on the raft!! I have no idea how - as you can see from the pictures it was quite intense. ✔️ we jumped out of the raft and swam down one of the waterfalls ✔️ we jumped off a cliff ✔️ I was picked to sit on the very front of the raft and hold onto the rope while we went down a fall - I bounced so high. Our guide said I done well to stay on! He said to Jordan today instead of playing angry birds let’s play angry adele 😂 I enjoyed the adrenaline No words can really describe this experience. It’s fair to say I consumed my daily intake of water in just a few seconds!!

22 December 2017

We were invited to join in the work Christmas party at the lake. Amanda and Matt have their own business so they put on a party for all their staff every year. They paid for us to stay in a lodge next to the lake in return for us to be sober and take all the staff home after. I drove the car and Jordan drove the Ute, good job we both enjoy driving. I was gone for 3 hours!! Very entertaining driving drunk kiwis home 😂 Activities ✔️ BBQ at the hot pools ✔️We absolutely loved going on the biscuit - it’s attached to the back of the boat, we were laughing the whole time. ✔️ I had my first ever experience on a Jet ski ✔️ Cliff jumping into 50m deep water!!

21 December 2017

Our photo shoot with the GoPro for Christmas cards to send to the fam 🎄💕 We had so much fun in the sun ☀️ Beer + quad bike + beach + music - what more could we want. We are still loving the beach life, it has been nearly 3 weeks that we have lived here.

13 December 2017

8th December - 18th December The past 10 days have flown by. We are absolutely loving our time living at the beach. Today we had two massive storms which were awesome. Apart from that we have been so lucky with the weather it has been mega hot. We taken the kayak and the paddleboard out into the sea and attempted but both of us failed 🙄 Jordan was much more successful on the paddle board than I was with the kayak, the waves kept knocking me down ☹️ we will try again! We have been busy with the vegetable garden and looking after the children. Amanda and Matt had a Christmas party at their house on Saturday, about 30-40 people were here. The kids went to the river and came running back with an eel!!! Amanda has still got us on boot camp, going strong 💪🏼

8 December 2017

Friday 8th December We arrived at Amanda and Matt’s house who have two children Annabelle (5) and Jasper (2) Their house is on the beach and is just awesome. We felt like part of the family as soon as we arrived. Amanda has got us both on boot camp doing loads of exercise and eating clean. ✔️ 1.2km run on the beach ✔️ Yoga ✔️ Garden work outs She is also teaching me how to cook so I can be an awesome wife 😆 We have only been here a couple of days and already: ✔️ Been on the boat to the lake which we swam in ✔️ Hot Springs ✔️ Been to a house party and its offical I’m a true kiwi now, I turned up without any shoes on as I couldn’t find my jandals and it was totally acceptable 😆 strange! ✔️Swam in the sea ✔️We taken Annabelle and her friends along the beach to collect jellyfish and came across a puffer fish. ✔️ Jordan went out to sea in the boat to watch Matt scuba to catch Crayfish, we had his catch for lunch We haven’t done any work for them yet but we have plenty of time

6 December 2017

Wednesday 6th December Huka Falls / Taupo We started the day with a two hour walk to Huka Falls there are 200,000 litres of water flowing per second through a 15 metre wide canyon. It drains Lake Taupo which is the size of Singapore!

4 December 2017

✔️ Emerald lakes ✔️ Waterfall ✔️ Mountain views ✔️ Volcano view Picture 8 - Adele ‘ Jordan I am done now, I think I’m going to have a nap’ Jordan ‘ Get your ass up now!’ Picture 9 - Adele ‘ Okay Jord I’ll annoy you with my singing and dancing instead then 😆 ‘

3 December 2017

Monday 4th December Tongariro Alpine Crossing - 19.4km Start: 08.30 Finish 15.00 Total: 6.5 hours including small breaks and lunch This is something Jordan has wanted to do since researching what to do in New Zealand. I never in a million years thought my fitness would be good enough. There was a lot of walking up, up, up and even having to use chains along the real steep areas. We each had a pair of headphones that come in very useful, we had one final massive climb to do so music got us through, so much easier when you’re not thinking about what you are doing. We were so fortunate with the weather as the week before when we originally planned to do it there were thunderstorms all week. So many special memories created in just day. So proud of ourselves for completing it. Even more proud of the crazy kiwi teenager on a school trip doing it in bare feet and carrying a massive rock 😳 (picture 6)
Chair lift up Mount Ruapehu to the cafe It was such a surreal feeling driving up to the mountain there were no other cars around. They keep the chair lifts open during summer when there is no snow so tourists can still use the cafe to get the view. The staff were all very rude and the drinks in the cafe were way below average but it was still cool to do.

1 December 2017

We made the most of having an evening off and headed to the beach. I attempted to do some yoga and Jordan attempted to be funny with his shadow picture 👀
Te Mata Peak We spent the afternoon going on a road trip and found this beauty. It was such a beautiful sunny day, we taken advantage of the view and sat reading for an hour making the most of the scenery. We were going to do one of the 2 hour walks but it was so hot we went against that idea.

29 November 2017

27 November 2017

Monday 27th - Sunday 2nd December Hawke’s Bay We arrived at Sophie and Nicks house they have two boys called Lockie (5) and Guy (3 and a half) They have a beautiful farm house with a farm that has cattle and deer so really low maintenance in terms of the animals. Our jobs list has been never ending for this family but they are happy with how much we have done for them. Sophie loves cooking so we have been well looked after. ✔️ Crazy golf ✔️ Beach walks ✔️ Te Mata peak ✔️ Waterfall Jobs included: ✔️ Clean out sheep shed - waterblast ✔️ Spread sheep poo in garden ✔️ Cut back branches off trees ✔️ General house hold jobs

25 November 2017

22 November 2017

Monday 20th - Sunday 26th November We have had such a lovely time with this family. Deanne, Craig, Lara (14) and Ryan (10) they made us feel so welcome and involved us in their lifestyle. They gave us a Christmas cake Deanne baked for us. ✔️ Jordan went to the squash courts and played in the weekly tournament and was treated to 6 beers. While I was at home suffering massively with hay fever 😒 spending all day in long grass planting native trees was not the one. ✔️ We watched: Athletics and touch rugby Ryan and his friend taught Jordan and I how to play ✔️ I went dam dropping with Lara, great fun ✔️ we drove to New Plymouth and cycled along the beach front ✔️ we went possum hunting. They are a massive pest in New Zealand and people are encouraged to kill them. There are a lot of farmers here and the possums eat all of their crop, which means a massive drop in income. We were happy to help. ✔️ we went up the towns water tower ✔️ Musuem - boringggg

21 November 2017

Monday 20th November Today I joined Brenna at the primary school she teaches at. It felt so strange getting ready for ‘work’ it has been a while. I absolutely loved working with primary children it was a great experience. There were only 10 children in the class as it’s a country school. While I was at school Jordan was given the task to carry on painting to his delight 😆 it’s safe to say he is done with painting for a while. We have had a lovely time with this family. Time to hit the road again and head to the next family in Hawera, just over an hours drive.
Tuesday 21st November Today’s task: To plant native trees along the river. This is the local councils incentive to prevent farms from flooding. All farms in the area must have native trees planted by a certain date in 2018. We have the joys of planting 300+ The family we are staying with are really chilled and have said we can stay as long as long as we like and use their house as a base if we want to go off and do day trips. The view from their house is just incredible! Photos don’t do the mountain justice. We finished for lunch and had the afternoon to relax. It has been a while since we just sat around not doing a lot. At 6pm we went to watch their son do athletics, he is super fast!! I wanted to join in with the relay 🏃🏻‍♀️ We had Pita Pit for dinner, so yummy! 🥗

20 November 2017

Coast walk when we arrived in Hawera We had the whole place to ourselves, not another person in sight.

19 November 2017

An average day today, nothing will quite compare to yesterday. We were so lucky to experience what we did for free, people pay mega 💵 usually. We were asked to clean the whole house, (they are never small houses here neither!) Jordan presumed she meant the inside until she said the brooms and hose are all set up ready to go 😆 We did a pretty good job if I say so myself even if it did take all day. I also done a bit of gardening, de heading flowers, picking up weeds etc. They went out for a few hours late afternoon/ evening to watch their daughter Lucy’s dance show, so we treated ourselves to watching the new Peaky Blinders - amazinggg! Tonight is our last night staying here - onto the next family tomorrow. We will forget what it’s like to camp at this rate.

18 November 2017

Jordan and I helped Davey with the deer while Tim and Max went back to get the Quad Bike. Walking down the hill to the deer was a mission in itself. We got away with not eating the raw heart, something you are meant to do with your first kill. Jordan carried the deer on his shoulders down the hill. There were two bullets left over so both Jordan and I got to shoot the gun! Woahhh - the feeling is crazy. Enough power to destroy a deer from a good distance!
Saturday fun day. After breakfast Tim, Davey, Jordan, Max (4 years) and I went on a deer hunt. The drive was about 1 and a half hours then we had two quad bikes to use on the hunt. We spotted some as soon as we arrived but they were too far away so we kept on searching. Neither Jordan or I have ever been hunting before and certainly never shot a gun. Davey spotted a deer and killed it, we weren’t fortunate enough to see any more. Stacey - you might not want to see the next post.

17 November 2017

Friday 17th November 08:45: Our task was to faint the fence which separates the paddock from the back garden. It was about 26/27 degrees - we both burnt 🤦🏻‍♀️☀️ Painting all day definitely gets boring but we had morning tea, lunch and plenty of water stops before stopping at 15.30. After we finished we went with Tim, the boys and the working dogs down to a lorry full of cattle that needed to be sorted. Good fun going round the farm on the Quad Bike or as they call it the motorbike/ 4 wheeler.

16 November 2017

Thursday 16th November We left Sara’s after lunch and started our road trip to another family. (Brenna, Tim, Lucy, Max and Harry) it taken us just over 2 hours as we drive a little slower than most people 🚗 Brenna is a primary teacher and Tim is a farmer, they have 3 very sweet children and an absolutely gorgeous house with land. We are staying in the our house which is very nice. ✔️We have been to feed the chucks 🐓 ✔️Jordan rode the quad bike with Tim to go and feed the working dogs 🐶 ✔️Lucy taken me into the garden to see the bamboo forest 🌳 Then standard played loads of games and bounced on the tramp. I love that Brenna is a teacher we have a good common ground. She got us both to do a personality test.. both of us came out as Peaceful personality. I was surprised I thought Jordan would have got playful. The other two are precise and powerful. I don’t think he was 100% honest on the test 😜 Interesting plans for the weekend 🦌 🔫
Monday - Thursday: Workaway What a productive few days we have had. Sara had a list of jobs she wanted us to do and I don’t think we were a disappointment. I was in my element this morning when my jobs list looked like this: ✔️ Clean/ organise baking draw ✔️ Clean/ organise pantry ✔️ Clean / organise shed I had to hide my excitement for how much I love cleaning and organising so I didn’t look strange 😆 Next stop: Wanganui

15 November 2017

Wednesday 15th November As we worked all day yesterday we had today to go off and explore. We went to Bruce Wildlife Park about a 30 minute drive, to my delight it was Home to loads of birds 🦅😖 we seen a kiwi but not any old kiwi it was a white one. There is a river that runs through the wildlife park which many eels live in. We seen so many, never realised they had teeth! We were back in time for when the kids got back from tennis club. As usual we all played on the trampoline and a few rounds of uno. We finished the night off in the hot tub 😍🙌🏼

14 November 2017

Tuesday 14th November 8am: I done the school run with Sara while Jordan had a cheeky extra half an hour in bed, making the most of a proper bed. 9am: we started docking - this means collecting all the lambs up and then cut and burn their tails off, this doesn’t hurt them but cause them to be slightly uncomfortable after. The reason for doing this is purely for hygiene reasons so they don’t get poo all over their coat. This taken 2.5 hours to do around 250 lambs, it felt like doing a workout picking them all up especially as some of them are massive and cause a fuss 🐑 After lunch we went into the garden to carry on raking a different section to yesterday and we laid a load of bark in the flower bed. We looked after the children this afternoon/ evening as their parents have been out. They are cheeky monkeys but all good fun. Jordan challenged me to a few games of tennis to make use of the tennis court 🎾

13 November 2017

Monday 13th November 9.30: arrived at Sara and Sams house - Carterton They have 3 children: William, Lucy and Olivia being the youngest at 6. We love meeting new families especially ones that live on a farm. Such a lovely family and the children were full of energy when they got in from school/ swimming lessons to see new people were here. In other words new people who will play on the trampoline. Today’s tasks: ✔️ Painted the Veggie boxes ✔️ Raked the drive (very long drive at that) ✔️ Meet the animals - Jack the Pony and Mr Oink🐷 ✔️ Homework with the girls Jordan enjoyed playing tennis in the tennis court in the garden 🎾 and football or Soccer as they call it with William. Sara cooked a lovely roast dinner, 2 nights in a row. Aren’t we lucky 😍 We are staying here till Thursday.

12 November 2017

Sunday 11th November We started the day with a lovely drive to Cape Palliser (1 hr 30 to get there) the weather was very dull again today but still a beautiful drive there along the coast. We arrived at the lighthouse, woah what a walk up the stairs to get to it! My heart has never worked so hard 😆 We seen loads of seals playing along the way, they are brilliant. We went into a veggie shop as supermarkets are mega expensive for vegetables. I really fancied a roast dinner so we found a campsite for the night and treated ourselves to a good dinner 😍 Our last night sleeping in the car for a while.

11 November 2017

Saturday 11th November What a fabulous day. We hired bikes from the campsite and went to a Vineyard and a brewery starting at 10.30am. It was $5 each (£2.50) to try 6/7 different wines each plus gin, we decided we still aren’t wine drinkers 🍷 instead of going to another vineyard we cycled to a brewery as beer is definitely more our kinda thing ✔️ we looked on the map where else to go and seen somewhere that we thought was olives.. when we arrived there was a massive group of people there listening to a talk about olive oil, so we cycled a fair old distance to realise there wasn’t any olives there but it was a good ride! 🚲 We treated ourselves to a lovely lunch in the town centre of course with 2 pints! It’s safe to say we felt a little light headed by early afternoon. An early night is on the cards for us at the same campsite as last night what a great start to the North island.

10 November 2017

A slight rant... The wind was horrendous last night! We woke up to a very dull morning, which was a bit unfortunate as the ferry journey is stunning when the weather is nice. I as always felt sea sick so done what I do best and went to sleep. We arrived in Wellington the capital of New Zealand and absolutely hated it!! We couldn’t wait to get out of there. We were planning on going to the museum and sightseeing but that didn’t happen. And thennnnnn.... We drove to Martinborough which was a beautiful drive. We are staying here tonight and we love it! It is a lovely sweet little town with a lot of character. We are planning to stay here tomorrow night too. We met a nice couple from Netherlands who are currently cycling the whole of New Zealand they are on their way to the South Island so we swapped tips for each other. Let the North island adventure begin 💚

9 November 2017

The end of our South Island adventure 💕 We well and truly fallen in love with the South of New Zealand. I’m not quite sure how North New Zealand is going to compare. We stayed in a really cool campsite in Picton yesterday, it has a swimming pool and a massive bouncy kangaroo airbag. It was so much fun! It was such a beautiful day we made the most of having a pool. We taken a nice walk to the marina last night and treated ourselves to dinner and a couple of pints of speights 🍻 We went to the world famous mussel restaurant in Havelock and they were so yummy! We drove along the Queen Charlotte road and loved the view! It is hard to avoid mountains here but thankfully we had no issues 😃 🚗 Beautiful way to end the perfect day with the best sunset yet! 🌅

5 November 2017

As much as we love travelling and seeing all these beautiful and wonderful new places in the world when something goes slightly wrong it makes you realise just how far away from home you really are. We are so lucky and thankful to have amazing and supported families that we do. We love you all very much and miss you millions. We are also very fortunate to have met some of the nicest people whist in New Zealand. While our car was in the garage getting the brakes all looked over the lady at our campsite lent us her car so we could go off tramping (walking) for the day. We went to a beautiful river where Maoris (native to New Zealand) go to cleanse themselves, we were so fortunate to see the process happening. We could hear them coming as they were chanting and then poured the water on their head and feet. We also went to a lake where the water was so clear! You used to be able to swim in it but they have now stopped people from entering the water.

4 November 2017

The view points along the main roads are also very good! We finished the day off at a Top 10 campsite in Abel Tasman right on the beach. Can’t go wrong with the Top 10 campsites they are usually decent. We have had a lovely day ❤️
We are absolutely loving walking this past couple of weeks. Really making the most of all the free walks available with such amazing views! Today we done one of New Zealand’s great walks but didn’t actually do the full 4 days 👀 more like 2/3 hours but it was still worth it. We shared a lovely fish pie before we set off, the top of the South Island is meant to be very good for fish oh and wine 🍷 ☀️ The sun was shining today ☀️ We could see Adele island from the coast so I was happy 😆

3 November 2017

Tuesday 2nd November 🌧🌧🌧 we woke up to horrendous rain so all our plans were ruined. So we made the most of the rain and went to the gym for a couple of hours - we both felt so good for it too! We then carried on driving along the West Coast and arrived at Pancake rocks . The rain was still coming down pretty fast so we went for a coffee first.. we decided to run round it and take a couple of pictures along the way but we aren’t so sure it was worth it 😆 Compared to some of the drives we have done on the South Island the West Coast hasn’t been as good as we thought it would be but it’s still beautiful .

2 November 2017

Monday 1st November Franz Josef We walked for hours and seen a glacier that is slowly melting, we seen photos from over the years of how much of it has already disappeared. There are now loads of waterfalls and streams from the ice that has melted. Thank-you so much Carol (mum) for treating us to a night in a hotel. It was very much needed after a few days of walking loads, i even had a bath and we watched Mary Poppins. Now we really are living the high life. We still didn’t want to break the bank and eat at their restaurant so we brought the gas stove in and cooked chicken satay, it was very nice whilst watching Baby Driver (a very good film)

30 October 2017

Name: That wanaka tree We drove from Queenstown to Wanaka it was such a cool drive going up the mountain and then looking down to see QT. We stayed in probably the worst campsite yet, it felt like it was full of 18/19 year olds who left all their dirty pans and rubbish all in the kitchen area. We had a lovely walk to the lake which is well know for the tree that is picture perfect with the mountains set in the background. We went to a gigantic maze and optical illusion centre. It was so much fun, on average it takes 2 hours to complete the maze! We done it in just over an hour.
And so the adrenaline continues!! We went on ‘the worlds most exciting jet boat ride’ they certainly live up to their standard. It was on the shot over river in Queenstown, the water is a beautiful colour. They can operate in really shallow water going super fast and doing 360 turns getting real close to the mountains. We had a big cheesy grin the whole time! They use 40 litres of fuel in just one ride and the jets are worth 1/4 of million $$$ Ed Sheeran was here just last year. Yesterday we were given a free t-shirt for doing the bungee jump and today we were given a free neck warmer. Loving the free goodies!

29 October 2017

We done it!!!!
What an amazing drive to Queenstown, the scenery just keeps getting better and better.. not sure how that is possible. It taken us 40 minutes to get here, we parked the beast up for the day and went straight into the ‘adrenaline booking shop’ within 10 minutes we had booked out bungee jump for the next bus leaving in half an hour. We paid for a combo so we have the shot over jet to look forward too tomorrow. Total = $800 for us both 👀 I haven’t seen Jordan look so nervous in a long time, when we got into the middle section where you jump they had Black Keys playing 👏🏼 as Jordan weighed the most out of all of us in the group he didn’t have a choice and was called to go first 😆 which meant I was second. In a way it was the best way so he didn’t have too long to think about it and watch everyone else. Amazing experience. We jumped 134 metres called the Nevis jump - the highest in New Zealand.

28 October 2017

We woke up and went for a 30 minute walk to another waterfall, it was a nice morning stroll. We stopped at mirror lake on the way back, it was much better than on the way there the water was so still and clear. After driving through Te Anau we drove to our next stop for the night: Kingston. There is a beautiful lake here where we can stay for the night. As we pulled up 3 kiwi lads asked Jordan to pull them out the sand, they were just about to call for a 4WD as we arrived. Our car then stopped working 🤦🏻‍♀️🙈 hopefully it will be okay tomorrow 👀 Another beautiful day ☀️ it's 22 degrees but feels way hotter!!

27 October 2017

Milford Sound Known as the 8th wonder or the world and we can see why. It is home to loads of wildlife such as dolphins, wales, sharks, penguins, seals and loads of fish. Jordan seen the rarest penguin in the world and I seen a seal. We spent a lot of time talking to this captain and the lad who worked on the boat - they were full of knowledge and told us loads of interesting facts. Captain cook missed this true beauty when he sailed past as he didn't realise it went in the way it does. Photos really don't do any justice. Cruise: $90 each including tea/coffee and cookies 14.45-16.30
More from Milford ☀️💕
Milford 💕

26 October 2017

We set off for Milford Sound today with a couple of stops along the way at different waterfalls and short walks to lakes. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, makes a difference to the cold and rain we have had recently. The drive really isn't as bad as made out to be, maybe it's because we are used to country roads and driving on the left hand side. The stop off points along the way are amazing, we are so glad we made the decision to drive. We seen quite a few of the native birds called Kea. We made another one pan dinner tonight 😆 Potatoes, carrots, rice, sweet corn, beetroot, tuna and a side of chicken crisps for institute for meat 😂 We stopped at a lovely campsite called Guns Camp - $40.
We parked up at our campsite for the night ($46 dollars for us both - it's mega touristy in Te Anau) We taken a walk to the nearby lake and came across a wildlife sanctuary that was full of birds. After the magpie incident I'm even more terrified of birds now 😖 nonetheless it was a lovely walk with a gorgeous backdrop of the mountains. After cooking dinner which was a random mixture of potato, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, beetroot and pumpkin 🎃 (it was really tasty) we walked back down to the river for sunset 🌅 and taken a couple of beers.
Thursday 26th October We said goodbye to Leah this morning and set off on our next part of the journey. We drove from Riverton to Te Anau which is 145km it taken just under 2 hours. We stopped off at Clifton on the way and seen a beautiful bridge and started to explore a cave until we realised we weren't really dressed for the occasion and we would have got very wet but it was good fun what we did do. Te Anau is a base to stay at before heading to Milford Sound. Most people get a coach there as the drive can be quite dangerous, it's very windy. We have decided we are going to drive as our car is pretty decent and there are loads of places to stop off along the way.
Te Anau

25 October 2017

Today we cleaned all of Leah's guttering for her, she was very happy as it's her 70th birthday coming up so she will be having a garden party to celebrate. I think we definitely earnt our food and accomodation today. Jordan also fixed her irrigation system to water the flowers in the garden. After we finished we went out for a walk round the town and sat watching the rowing down the river. The wind is so strong which can make it so cold but it's beautiful when the sun comes out. Another lady arrived today called Lesley, she is from Belgium and travelling round NZ on her own. It's nice to meet other people who are local or travelling.

24 October 2017

We are now in Riverton a sweet little town just half an hour away from Invercargill. We are here to do a workaway (it's a great website to join and its world wide - you can connect with different people and do 3/4 hours of 'work' a day in exchange for accomodation and food in their home) We have come to stay with a 70 year old lady called Leah. She has an acre of land and wants some help with bits in the garden, she was pleased to hear Jordan is a handy man and got him set on a few jobs straight away. She edits a local newspaper and then distributes them round to different companies so that was our first job to take them into each company which taken about an hour. On our arrival she put up the Great British flag to welcome us to her home, a lovely touch. Arrive: Monday 23rd October (pm) planning to leave on Thursday 26th October (am)

23 October 2017

Next stop: Invercargill This is the most southern city (as Bluff is a town) of the South Island. After Stewart island your next stop is the Antartica. It explains why it gets so cold this South and rains a lot!! We can still see snow on the top of the mountains in the distance. There really isn't much to offer here. We went to the Queens Park which was a beautiful walk round the different gardens. It's free to enter, they have put a lot of work into it and there is a farm section in there too! Bill Richardson transport museum $25 each to enter (£25 in total) Well Jordan was in his element, I was impressed too. As museums go it was great! Really interesting to see the first mass produced car and how things are so different now. A lot of money has gone into restoring these old vehicles.

22 October 2017

There are so many brown signs along the main routes so we tend to stop off and see what they are all about. We seen one that said hill tunnel, we parked the car up and went for a nice stroll, it was a tunnel that had been built using only the basic tools like a pick axe and hammers ect through the hills. Catlins Forest 🌳 Our next stop was: Purakanunui Falls - it is NZs most photographed waterfall. Again it was about a 20 minute walk to get there but was very sweet. Our next stop was our campsite for the evening it was at Curio Bay - $30 for us both. It was on the coast and the perfect spot to see dolphins in the summer, we were slightly too early to see them. We had a nice walk around and we were mesmerised by the waves they were insane. We covered just over 200km today in just a few hours with a couple of nice stops along the way.
Sunday 22nd October After playing on the trampoline and saying goodbye to our adopted family in Mosgiel we started our travels again at 11am. We followed the southern scenic route so our first stop was: Nugget Point This is one of the iconic landforms on the Otago coast, it was a 20 minute walk in the pouring rain to see the lighthouse and the nuggets which are called rocky islets (which means smaller than islands) it was so worth it. We were quite fascinated at how beautiful it looked even in the rain. The lighthouse was built in 1869 and originally powered by an oil burner.

20 October 2017

We filled up and bought a monster ready for the drive home to Mosgiel. T = 177km. Just over a 2 hour drive 🚙 We were just thankful for a sealed road and beautiful scenery along the way. Since leaving Rakaia just over 2 weeks ago we have done 1400 km. All credit goes to Jordan for doing pretty much all of the driving so far 👫❣️ She is a bit of a thirsty tank, I guess she has a V8 engine and we have been able to experience things pretty much any other tourist can't in their nice clean modern camper vans 😆 We treated ourselves to a Chinese on the way back in Milton. This is where Milton Hilton is also known as Prison but same as at home when in prison they get all the nice privileges that criminals shouldn't get. Key code for map: 💚 Accomodation ❤️ Still to go 💛 Cycled along the rail trail 💗 scenic train route 🔶 Been there, done that
Lauder - Poolburn Dam T = 50 km🚙 Peters last recommendation he highly recommended mainly because we have a 4WD. So we went off roading where Lord Of The Rings was filmed, he told us to ignore the sign that says do not enter 🙄 so we done exactly that and entered a whole new world! We didn't feel like we were in New Zealand never mind even on this earth, I think we entered Mars 😆 But man it was so worth it! Until we nearly ran out of fuel, the car conked out and we we nearly bottomed out as went through a massive ford - hey that's all part of the fun isn't it ;) we were starting to get our Bear Grylls survival mode in action.. we checked our water and food supplies and realised we were all good. We followed the road until.... another ford and a big gate saying do not enter, lambing in progress. Lots of swear roads came out of Jordan's mouth, we made a new route and just made it to the petrol station in Alexandra (55km) One of our favourite but eventful moments yet, a real road tri
Blue lake - Lauder = 26km 🚙 We completed another section of the rail trail today. 🚲🚵 I am so glad we did, it was much more scenic... the whole way to the first tunnel was uphill and was an absolute killer. I got attacked by a magpie twice!! I have never been so scared in my whole life, I have a fear of birds as it is and this is exactly why. It came swooping down at some speed and went straight for my head, luckily I had a helmet on. Jordan found it funny at how fast I started peddling, he said he has never seen me move so fast 👀 We cycled through a tunnel that was built using only hand tools and small explosives so it didn't cause the whole mountain to tremble down. It was pretty cool! Literally was so cool inside ❄️ and nice to get out the sun for nearly 250 metres. Today we cycled just under 15km with a stunning view the whole way.
Peters farm lodge - Blue Lake = 55km 🚙 Our first stop today was at Saint Bathans Blue Lake. Wow what an incredible view! Peter given us an itinerary for the day, he said as most people are on bikes they can't go and see the things that we could especially having a big tank that we do 😄 Another day with gorgeous weather. The UV is so high here so we have to be extra careful being as pasty as we are. We taken a little walk to the view point and then drove down to the lake.

19 October 2017

Peters lodge inn We were so glad we made the decision to go back and get the car, at least Jordan still had a wife that is alive😆 Peter came out to welcome us when we pulled up and was keen to show us round his b&b it cost $120 including breakfast. It also included free kayak hire, of course we were all over that! A lady called Sue who has taken early retirement at 60 joined us in the car and we drove to the nearby river to make the most of the kayaks. She was a lovely lady and had great fun with us, especially coming back up stream fighting against the current, her whole kayak filled up with water! Auntie Kirstie you would be proud Cycling and kayaking all in one day!😜 When we returned peter had done a BBQ ($25 each) which included steak, sausage and a good selection of salad and potatoes. Oh and not to forget a delicious pudding with a beautiful sunset to top it off. Another couple who were staying also joined us for the BBQ, we had a nice chilled evening.
Middlemarch - middle of f'ing nowhere! T = 35 Km in nearly 30 degree heat 🚲 🚵 We started the rail trail which is in central Otago, we didn't realise we had started at the most un scenic part, we powered on through and soon figured out it was going to be the same until we reached our accomodation which would have been 60+km in total. I think Jordan would have just about made it but me on the other hand was struggling mentally and physically. I am still proud we done 35km in a couple of hours for pretty much complete beginners. We collected the car and still drove to the accomodation we had booked called Peters Lodge inn.

17 October 2017

Dunedin railways 🚃 Dunedin - Pukerangi - 58 km T = 116Km = $91pp (Total £90) 14.30-18.30 500 metres of track taken 2 years to build including 2 tunnels and 2 viaducts - it was built using only chisels, sledge hammers and pickaxes in the 1860s. The gold rush was in 1860, the track goes through where this taken place. When the economy depression happened shortly after many man taken to working on the rail line. Along with a beautiful view we seen goats along the way.
Settlers museum - Dunedin We learnt about who came over to settle in NZ and in which order. English came over in 1840 along with Scottish. The boat used to take 7 months to get here and many babies/ children didn't survive. My favourite part was dressing up..

15 October 2017

Farm life is the one for us 🐮 🐑 🐷 🐶 🐱 🐰 🐟 🐥
Sunday 15th October Escape room Robyn and her sister Kim invited us to join them to try and escape prison. The prison was only closed 10 years ago but was in use from the 1896!and it felt it! We escaped in 42 minutes. The guy said that was good going 🤜🏼 To start with we were all in handcuffs and thrown in a cell, jordan and I were in on together and Robyn and Kim were in another - we had to help each other to get out and through different sections of the prison. It was great fun. Kim was really kind and paid for us all. So we treated them to a Starbucks afterwards. T = $25 per person.
Mosgiel This is now home for us ❤️ 8th October - present. Before we arrived we said we would only stay for 2 days but it's been over a week now 🙈 the kids have asked us to stay forever. We introduced them to uno, they are now addicted. It's so nice to see children playing outside with each other and playing lots of games. They all have an iPad but are only allowed to use it for one hour on Saturday. Jordan and Steve get on so well, it's hard to pull them away from each other talking about engines and manly stuff 😴😴😴😴😴

11 October 2017

Saturday 14th October We have been in Mosgiel living with Robyn, Steve, Millie, Flynn and Harry for nearly a week already. They had a guy called Chris the same age as us from Wales living here too but he has just left after 5 months. We have fallen in love with their pet lamb dodge, he is like a puppy. It's such a nice farm to live on, its massive and modern. Robyn is an awesome cook we have had a roast dinner... chilli on nachos...chicken 🍗 Jordan is all hazelnutted out but my OCD is still going pretty strong with the sorting and organising 😆 we have done our 30 hours for accomodation and food so anything extra is paid 💵 We are planning to hit the road again on Monday and carry on heading further south.

10 October 2017

Today was so much fun we made the most of a beautiful sunny day off before starting our hazelnut adventure. We went to tunnel beach, the walk was intense but so worth it!!! The view was incredible whilst eating lunch, we found a rock to sit on with a view of the ocean. We also went on a forest walk 🌳 that was about 2km. Hence the dirty shoes 👀 The company is called Amazlenuts - such an awesome name. We are staying on a beautiful farm is Mosgiel, unsure how long to stay for yet we will decide after our first day on the farm tomorrow. The family we are staying with are so lovely they have 3 children who are making the most of us being here and playing lots of games. They are 9,8 and 5 and have lots of character. We have now done 900km in just under a week!

9 October 2017

Mosgiel We went off the grid and ended up at a historic museum that felt abandoned and in my eyes felt really cool in Jordans eyes felt really creepy. Mosgiel is just 10 minutes away from Dunedin but feels so different as it's in countryside.
We only went and walked up the WORLDS steepest street! 👫 something to tick off the bucket list. Such an amazing view from the top too, we have been lucky with the weather since we have set off for our road trip.
Dunedin sightseeing We wanted to go to the Speights brewery but they were fully booked. Speights is my all time favourite beer so far! It's sooo good, especially when I have a handle of it. They supply free drinking water so we made the most of topping out water container up. Dunedin is Celtic for Edinburgh - it is known for its Scottish heritage.
Can you guess where we went today?? 🍫 yep you guessed it..... heaven 😍 We paid $5 each to go round the museum and that included a whole bag of chocolate each too! You can also pay $22 each for a guided tour but as we have done the one in England several times we were happy with going to the cafe and treating ourselves to a naughty hot chocolate each. Can any of you remember these selection of chocolates? We aren't quite old enough to remember them 😜

8 October 2017

Portobello village tourist park $35 for both including a hot shower and an hour of wifi. We drove to Dunedin today but both of us felt the same, slightly overwhelmed being in a city. We are definitely country side people now. We couldn't wait to get out of the city, we decided to stay on the outside of Dunedin in Portobello, a nice enough campsite to park up the Disco for the night.
Shag Point view

7 October 2017

Herbert forest camping ground ⛺️🌳 $25 for both of us A beautiful campsite, 12 acres in total set in the forest. There are sheep & lambs 🐑 cows 🐮 turkeys 🦃 lamas and loads of birds 🐦 We had a lovely walk down to the river and a chilled evening. Our body clocks seem to be setting to the natural light hours.. we have been falling asleep so early but we have covered a fair old distance already. Night 4 camping in our Disco ❤️
Moeraki Boulders
Steampunk A Victorian era set in the future, very odd but incredibly enjoyable. Not quite sure what was going on but we loved it. As jordan kept saying 'isn't amazing how some people's minds work and have created these things' $10 each to enter.
Waimate - Oamaru (50km) Time to head to the East coast, first stop Oamaru we drove along the S1 to get here the same road that goes to where we have just been living in Rakaia. Oamaru is known to be the coolest town in NZ. It has a Victorian feel to the place and loads of quirky shops. We treated ourselves to a hot pie for lunch, a Thai green curry one and a leek potato and broccoli - they were spot on for 5 dollars each. Penguins and seals live in this town, we were fortunate enough to see seals but no penguins today.

6 October 2017

Lake Pukaki - Twizel We drove 10km to the nearest town Twizel, we treated ourselves to a Latte and there was free wifi. Twizel was quite built up compared to the last places we have been too which meant we could stock up on some food. We decided to not spend too much time here but to carry on driving towards the East coast. The drive was completely different to any other we have done so far, it was so green and loads of hills. We have a real love for cows 🐮 and sheep 🐑 after living on a farm. Next stop: Waimate Campsite: Knottlingley Park = $28 dollars (£14) Total KM: 533
Wallaby farm - Waimate Cost = $15 dollars per adult We had the warmest welcome from the lady who owns the farm, she must be between 70 and 80 such a loving lady. She given us loads of advice on where to go in the area and was full of the banter. She told us to talk to the wallabies before feeding them and then they understand we are there to feed them. We had such a lovely afternoon, a really cool experience. Some of them had real character whilst others were really shy.
Happy 8 years baby! ❤️❤️❤️ We have been disconnected for longer than 24 hours 😆 and wow so many amazing experiences already. We are celebrating our 8 years together by drinking our standard drinks Latte for Jordan and Chai Latte for me. Here's to half an hour of wifi before we hit the road again.

5 October 2017

Lake Pukaki camping We met a couple called Mark and Hannah who we spent a few hours with until the sunset. Once the sun sets it's freezing so we came into the car and managed to watch 10 minutes of GOThrones that had buffered from when we had the internet on the farm. Another beautiful campsite and even better that it is free!! We definitely stand out in the Land Rover but so far so good. Total KM: 370 Today's steps: 23,000
...Mount Cook - Hooker Valley track We drove for an hour to the campsite. Another gorgeous setting. Cost for campsite = $26. We set straight off walking or tramping as kiwis would call it. We walked for an hour and a half to get to Hooker Valley Lake where we could see the glaciers that have started melting with Mt Cook in the distance, the highest peak in NZ. After spending a while there we walked back to the campsite. A good day for getting steps in 🚶🚶🏻‍♀️ Standard the scenery was amazing! Would recommend this walk to everyone. Me being me or should I say tight 💵 I managed to find a free campsite 45 minutes away.... soooo.... yep you guessed it we drove to the free one to avoid paying $26 🙅🏻 it made sense as it's on the way to the next destination 😝

4 October 2017

Night one sleeping in the Disco = success Apart from us both waking up every few hours and with a bad back in the morning, I think it will just take some getting used too. We both woke up at 08.30 so had a pretty good sleep. It gets pretty chilly but we have two blankets and a quilt so we should be okay. We woke up to stunning views of the mountains with the sun beaming through the clouds. We had a protein shake for breakfast and then set off for our next part of the road trip. Lake McGregor to ......
And so the adventure begins. After watching a couple of episodes of Game Of Thrones and packing the final bits we the left the farm at 15.30. First stop: Lake Tekapo The drive here was truly stunning, even though the mountains aren't covered in as much snow now they are still so pretty. We stopped off for a coffee on the way and arrived just in time for sunset at 19.15. The wind is so strong here 💨 We then drove to Lake McGregor where Jordan had found a campsite for just 10 dollars a night but by the time we arrived there weren't any staff so we got in for free. All the photos shown are from the campsite! Amazing amazing amazing. We brought mince with us so we could have chilli con Carni for dinner. We still can't believe our eyes at how naturally beautiful this country is, around every corner there is another WOW view, it just doesn't look real. Excited to spend our first night sleeping in our Disco... follow up tomorrow on how that goes! Total KM = 203
The War machine is FINISHED all packed up and ready for invading campsites across New Zealand. We are so happy with how it has all come together and amazed at how all of our belongings have managed to fit in. We thought it would be impossible after we bought it. KM before the adventure: 200,078
Adele ❤️
Jordan ❤️

2 October 2017

Today we finished the final touches on the tank. Jordan has done such an amazing job building the base, I got my boy clothes on and the paintbrush out and painted it all grey. Today was so beautiful, the sun was shining and the wind wasn't bad at all ☀️ have never experienced wind like this before, it's insane!!

30 September 2017

Today was Eelkje and my last day together after spending 9 weeks doing some awesome things. We spent the day road tripping and then went to Christchurch to have a girly afternoon shopping. We treated ourselves to a massage but it was more like getting paid to be beaten up, we both wanted to cry as we walked out! We then had a well needed hair cut, the guy had to keep telling me to calm down 🙈 I haven't been to a hair salon since I was about to 12 as Nicky and Charlotte have always done it. Feels good to have a fresh cut though. Good luck for the next three weeks Eelkje, you've got this! ❤️

28 September 2017

Thursday 28th September Today was my last day with the girls, feels strange knowing I'm not going to be spending every day with them but it has been a good experience. Jordan has been asked to stay on his farm for a few more days due to one of the guys having an accident. So we are now planning to leave on Wednesday 4th October. The girls went to collect their nan and cousin from the airport at midday so that meant an early finish for me. Jordan and I went to Christchurch to get the windows tinted on the Disco, looks loads better than putting blinds/ curtains up. We also seen the 185 chairs for the amount of lives that were lost the day of the earthquake in 2011. The city still has a lot of work to be done even 6 years later. Sad how much damage was done to both the city and families. Quite often you'll see people with no shoes or socks on, it's acceptable here 😆

24 September 2017

Sunday 24th September So it turns out it's daylight saving today which meant we lost an hours sleep last night. Not good for Jordan as his alarm was set for 03.40! I taken the girls to Lincoln today to a spring fair, the weather was so nice ☀️ it was at the university and the students organised for the money to go to a mental health charity and to under privileged children. Sophie enjoyed getting her face painted and going on the bouncy castle. We then went to the Salmon fish cafe in Rakaia for lunch and I treated them to an ice lolly 🍭 When I got back I done my wife duties and cooked a roast dinner for when jordan got in from work (picture shown without Yorkshire puddings and stuffing) Jordan has cut the mattress to the right size so it now fits perfectly in the Disco, it's looking amazing!!! 9 weeks spent in New Zealand already 🇳🇿🌎

23 September 2017

Wow what a lovely and productive day! The sun was shining for the first time in a while so it instantly put me in a good mood for the day ☀️ I taken the girls to Glenntunnel (thanks Eelkje for the recommendation) they played at the park before we taken a walk through the forest 🌳 I must have done a good job as they both fell asleep when we got in the car. Jordan carried on with the car on his lunch break, it is really coming along. At 2pm I walked to the cow shed to meet Jordan and Yushi, I helped cup the first set of cows 🐮 it was my first time and I really enjoyed it.. even if I was covered in poo by the end of it 😆

22 September 2017

I think farm life is starting to feel 'normal' for us. 🐮 🐑 🐮

21 September 2017

Today was Jordans day off so he carried on building bits for the car 🚗 the weather was horrendous all day, thankfully we have a big spare room that jordan has turned into his work shop. Our car had its warrant of fitness today, 4 new tyres and new break lights so we know it's all good to be on the road for when we leave. I found a comedy evening in Christchurch for just 15 dollars each (t = £17) we thought it would be good to go and experience kiwi comedy, as we are living like locals, what better time than now. Well it was interesting 😆😂 we didn't stop laughing all night, had a fab time. Can't beat a good deal! Work J = 4 days left A = 6 days left Getting so close now!!!

14 September 2017

Orana wildlife park Eelkje myself and the kids went to the zoo in Christchurch today. The set up was awesome, the animals had so much space and there was a lot of interaction. We fed the giraffes and the pigs 🐷 there were also opportunities to feed the lambs but having Johnny they weren't that bothered. There was also a shuttle bus available but by the time we wanted to go on it there was a long wait till it next departed. Definitely got my steps in today we walked 11,000 steps in total. It's fair to say they were all tired and slept on the way home. Today was probably the warmest day we have had so far, spring is here 😃 I have only got 2 weeks left working, the past 7 weeks have gone so fast.

13 September 2017

After a chilled morning eating our breakfast outside with the mountain back drop we drove to Christchurch. We have been into Christchurch loads but never into the city centre so we went to see what it's all about. There was a pretty bad earthquake in 2016 that has majorly affected the city, they are making lots of repairs but still a lot of work to do. The shopping centre has all been re built and is really quirky, we loved it. We had Japanese for lunch, probably our favourite food 🥘 We had a lovely couple of days a way, we were fortunate the sun was shining ☀️

12 September 2017

Just as we left Kaikoura on the way to Hanmer Springs we spotted a guy who was hitchhiking, I was feeling kind so asked jordan to pull over. The guy was from Switzerland, between 40 and 50 and has been living in NZ since 2009. A bizarre situation he tried selling his book and merchandise to us and when we said we weren't interested he went to sleep 😆 crazy how that is his lifestyle. When we came to the turning for Christchurch he got out. He said how kind we were and wishes us well. A nice enough guy just very strange! So we continued our drive and arrived in Hanmer Springs at 4pm. We checked into Hanmer Backpackers, would definitely recommend. We then went out for a walk and finished the day off at the Hot Springs - nice and relaxed in 40 degree water. There were a range of different pools with varied temperatures. 24 dollars each = £13 Jordan treated me to my favourite drink at the pub after. Of course a baileys 😃
Before heading to Hanmer Springs we went to get some lunch from a recommend BBQ on the side of the road that sells seafood. I had scallops in a sandwich and Jordan had some kind of fish in an omelet with rice and salad it was all delicious, we don't eat enough fish. We came across a load of seals just chilling on the rocks. They are known to be quite aggressive if you get to close so admired from a distance. Not bad for a freebie 🌊
Wings over whales 🐳 We were told on arrival that there was no guarantee of seeing whales especially today as the sea was so choppy and the wind was horrendous. We still agreed that we wanted to go up as seeing kaikoura for the air would be an experience in itself. Unfortunately we didn't spot any whales today but there will be plenty more opportunities. We learnt that sperm whales can swallow great white sharks whole 🦈 They live in Kaikoura because the ocean goes 3000 metres deep so they can dive to catch giant squid. They grow to 12 metres long and live for up to 70 years! The females stay in Fiji where the sea is warmer. They dive for around 45 minutes at a time and then come to the surface for 10 minutes and this is when you usually see them when the sea is calm. The team were so welcoming and provided an excellent service! We weren't disappointed. Cost: 260 dollars for both = £142 (£71 each)
Tuesday 12th September The alarm was set for 6.30am so we could hit the road to head to Kaikoura which is a 3.5 hr drive for us. We didn't end up leaving till 7.30 and stopped on the way to get some breakfast from the supermarket and a tea stop on route. Kaikoura had such a warm feeling to it, the scenery was insane and that was just via car. We drove up to a view point to see the town and the ocean - the wind was crazy so we didn't stay up there too long. We headed to Wings over whales 🐳 for midday.

11 September 2017

Monday 11th September Monica said I could have today off as her parents are here. I made the most of a nice sunny day and went to Rakaia Gorge, it's about 40 minutes away from where we are living. There wasn't anyone else around just me, myself and I. It was so peaceful and such a beautiful view. I then went on a bit of a road trip and ended up in Springfield, mainly because I wanted to see the Doughnut 🍩 the drive there made it worth it. The scenery doesn't get boring, especially on a sunny day. I was home by 1pm, I got to see Jordan before he went back to work and I had a nap, ok more like a sleep 🙄 from 2-5pm. Week 2 of going to the exercise circuits class, feel so good for going. It's just 5dollars £2.70. I met jordan and Yushi at the pub after for a couple of beers and a game of pool as it's Yushis birthday tomorrow but we will be away. I made a new pal 🐶

7 September 2017

Cirque Du Solei We taken a scenic drive from Akaroa back to Christchurch, which taken about an hour -it certainly has got us extremely excited to get on the road in a few weeks. We had time to spare before the show so we went to the shopping near by and treated ourselves to a couple of new items each. I found a sale and got two new tops and jeans for 36 dollars - £19. Jordan got a coat and top for 80 dollars - £45. The show started at 19.30 we were sat next to a lovely elderly couple and we were all sat laughing at everyone as the seating seemed to confuse everyone and it was like musical chairs 😂 The effects used and the acrobatics were insane!
Thursday 7th September I had the girls from 7.30 - 11 this morning as they were going to collect their grandparents from the airport, they are coming to visit for a week. Jordan booked tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil for this evening in Christchurch. We decided to make a full day of it and started diving to Christchurch at midday. Since we arrived I have wanted to go to Akaroa, as we were approaching the turning i said let's go as it was our first road trip out in the beast 🚗 and such a beautiful sunny day. We had to fill the Disco up and it taken 150 dollars 💵 (£83) lets hope a tank lasts a while 😱 Akaroa was truly stunning, it is an old French heritage town. We seen a road that said suitable for 4WD only so of course we used it, the view we got from there was insane. As the sun was shining we sat and had lunch outside at The Brasserie, food is expensive in Nz but we thought it was fairly reasonably priced. Spontaneous trips are always the best 😍
Wednesday 6th September Usually both jordan and I have Wednesdays off but jordan was put down to work. He works really unusual hours. 4/4.30 - 8.30-9 then he has a really long break and back in again between 14.00 and 14.30 and finishes at 17.00/17.30. That's because he does all the milking and they are milked twice a day - there are over 1000 cows to milk. During Jordan's break we drove to Ashburton, takes about 50 minutes but it's the closest town to us. I got a tattoo and my sister got a similar one in England 😘 Jordan treated himself to a well over due hair cut as he hasn't had one since Lombok about 7 weeks ago.

5 September 2017

This morning I baked cupcakes with the girls, Sophie loved doing all the mixing. We go to two activity groups on a Tuesday so the girls are always so tired by the end of the day. On Jordan's break we drove to Darfield so he could try the ice cream lisa and I got, so worth the drive - it's amazing for 4 dollars. The afternoon playgroup had a clown 🤡 he was very good, the balloon skills he had were decent 🎈 I said to Monica and Shaun to go out and have a date night tonight and Jordan and I would have the girls, they were very greatful. Being a farmer this time of year is their busiest time. We made the most of having a nice warm lounge with the fire, watching game of thrones.

4 September 2017

Monday 4th September I found out about an exercise class for females in Rakaia, about 10 minutes from where we are living. (The closest town to us) it started at 6pm, just as I was going lisa asked if she could join me. So glad I went, felt so good to do a proper work out and everyone was lovely. I'm going to make it my weekly routine to go whilst working here. When we got back Ronmark one of the guys from the Philippines insisted we had a party as lisa leaves tomorrow. He arrived at 8.30pm and we played lots of beer pong, played music and danced the night away 😆 Jordan had to be up at 4am so he didn't get much sleep.

2 September 2017

Saturday 2nd September Happy weekend 💛💚 Today I helped Monica out on the farm with the calves. We taught the new borns how to feed, I'm getting slightly better at the technique - it's a good leg work out having to get them in the right position to feed. There was a poorly calf that was really struggling to stand so I kept going back to it and giving it lots of cuddles. I love being on the farm cause I get to fuss Jill 🐶 Saturday night We seen a light show advertised on the internet so we decided to make a night of it, Lisa and Yushi joined us. We drove to Christchurch (just under an hours drive) when we arrived there wasn't anyone else there and it was the worst light show ever 😂 we paid 1 dollar towards a dyslexia charity - that was more impressive. We finished the night off bowling, I was loosing and then winning and then Jordan had to go and win 😔😆 Had a lovely day/evening 💚 we are lucky to have nice house mates 🏡 🇩🇪 🇮🇳 🇬🇧

31 August 2017

Jordan enjoyed his second day off, starting the morning off with him still in bed when I left to go to the girls house. The weather today has been horrific, it rained all day ☔️ Sophie and I watched Zootopia whilst Emma had her nap. I finished at 11.30, Monica said now Jordan has Thursdays off I can finish by midday if I want too. We taken the Land Rover round to Monica's so we could start doing bits to it. We fitted new speakers, given it a good clean. Jordan has figured out why the passenger window won't go down, so a pretty productive day. I fed Johnny the lamb his bottle, he was absolutely loving it. He is very cute! We finished the night off having dinner at their house and yummy ice cream 🍦👏🏼 Jordan was happy to come back to a text saying he doesn't start till 7.30 tomorrow - he usually starts at 4.30 after his day off.

30 August 2017

The weather was miserable today, so overcast and foggy. We decided to still head to Mt Hutt, the whole drive up was pretty scary as we couldn't see much and it was so steep ☁️ When we made it to the top it was so clear and sunny ☀️ We made the right decision to still go 🎿🎿🎿
Mt Hutt ski slope Best day off 😍 instead of going shopping for the car we made our way up the mountain that we can see from our house. We have been here for a month already and finally made our way to the slopes 🎿 Mt Hutt is known to be one of the best ski slopes in New Zealand. We paid for an hour private lesson but she said she wanted to progress us further up the mountain so we could use the ski lift, so we paid for another hour and it was so worth it. Now we are both more confident we are so excited to go skiing in new places. An expensive day but so worth it. 353 = £200 1 hour private lesson for both, 1 x helmet - ski and boot hire for both 69 = £38 2 x sets of trousers 1 x coat 183 = £102 1 extra hour for a lesson for both Total = £340 All our hard work makes it worth it.

28 August 2017

I finished at mid day today, Monica usually finishes fairly early at the weekend which means I get the afternoon to go off and explore whilst Jordan is at work. (Poor him ☹️) Lisa had today off so we went for a drive to a town called Darfield which taken about half an hour. As the sun was shining we wanted to go for a walk. We seen everyone had massive ice creams so of course we had to treat ourselves. They were so good until mine ended up on the floor 😖 I'm pretty sure I had a tear in my eye 😪 When we got home we made a chocolate cake and little meringues for the staff party tonight. Tom and Sinead (Jordan's boss) bought loads of pizzas from dominoes 🍕 and beer 🍻 for all the staff as a thank-you for all their hard work.

26 August 2017

Hot springs
Ice skating ⛸
Saturday 26th August Today I finished at 11.30 and Eelkje and I went on a road trip to Lake Tekapo. It taken just over 2.5 hours to get there, we followed the scenic route - the whole way we couldn't believe how beautiful it was ❄️ Before arriving at the hot springs we parked up and went for a walk. The water under the bridge was so clear. When we arrived we paid for the whole package which included Ice skating, tubing and the hot springs. 83 dollars (£47) Tubing was so much fun, there were loads of different variations of making your way down whilst holding onto each other's tube or going solo. We stayed till it about 19.15, it was dark and the stars were starting to come out. It is meant to be one of the best places in the world to see the stars ✨ The hot springs were just perfect, there were three pools with hot, even hotter and woahh that's very hot water. After today I am now itching to see more of the South Island. 🇳🇿

25 August 2017

Friday 25th August 2017 After dropping Sophie off at Kindy I went and helped Monica on the farm. My first task was to teach the calves how to feed from a bottle, she made it look so easy but there is a technique that I need to learn. In between doing a few other jobs I given Jill 🐶 as much fuss as I could, she was my shadow all day. Emma and I had a chilled afternoon which resulted on her falling asleep on me until Monica came home. Lovely day spent in the sunshine ☀️ hopefully spring is on it's way now.

24 August 2017

Today myself and another au pair taken the girls and the boy she is looking after to an indoor play area. It's fair to say we managed to tire them out for on the way home. It's nice being able to get out as it is so isolated on the farm. When we got back Monica, the girls and myself went to collect a lamb which Sophie choose and called him Johnny. He is very cute 🐑 On our day off Jordan and I came across a UK foods shop, of course we couldn't resist. We got ourselves a few treats. It was actually really reasonably priced considering we are the other side of the world.

22 August 2017


19 August 2017

Saturday 18th August Tonight we had a night in with Yushi and Lisa who we live with. This night in turned in to Lisa and I going to the shop to buy beer and wine and ended up playing loads of rounds of beer pong 🍻 Yushi was in bed by 8.30 😂 Getting up for work the next day was no fun, especially it being a Sunday!
Here is our Land Rover, 1993 - just one year younger than us. We can't wait to start changing it into our camper so we can travel New Zealand in it. We are going to take the back seat out and build a base for a mattress to go and storage underneath. We have just 5 weeks of working left, so leaves us with 5 weeks to get it complete. It has a fast engine so will use a bit of fuel but fuel doesn't seem so expensive here compared to at home.

17 August 2017

Today Jordan booked the day off and we taken the girls to Antarctic centre in Christchurch. Under 5s are free and we had a buy one get one free voucher so it ended up costing 35dollars for all of us. We seen the blue penguins 🐧 We also picked up our Land Rover today 🚗 can't wait to start doing it up to live in! 💕

11 August 2017

Emma and I had a lovely day together after dropping her sister Sophie off at Kindy. We went for a drive and found a nice quiet spot to have a picnic. The view of the mountains still wow me ❄️ I'm enjoying being an au pair and seeing this area like a local. Jordan is busy on the farm, working crazy hours in the cold but it's all good for our funds to travel the rest of New Zealand come October ☺️

9 August 2017

Today was our first day off together 🎉we made sure it was a productive one. It was so nice not waking up to an alarm, especially as Jordan is so used to waking up at 5.30. We made our way into town Ashburton (about 45 minute drive) we finally set our bank up so we can get paid 🤑 We drove to Lake Hood and there wasn't another soul in sight. Such a peaceful walk whilst watching the ducks play. It was freezing today and overcast but as it was our day off we were determined to make the most of it.

7 August 2017

Jordan has started work on the farm and worked 8 days in a row. His day starts at 6am and usually finishes between 16.30 and 17.30, so pretty long days in the cold. So far he is learning lots and enjoying the new experience even if it is tiring. We live with two other people that work on the farm one guy called Yushi from India and Lisa from Germany, they are both lovely.

31 July 2017

We had to come into Christchurch after doing the kindy drop as Jordan's phone still isn't working and there is only one shop on the South Island that will repair it so while we waited we seen what was close by and wow how excited were we that we found a shop called warehouse, a typical jordel shop. We well and truly treated ourselves to new bits for our bedroom and I bought a whole collection of arts and crafts for the girls to do when I have them. Emma joined us and was as good as gold, she is such a good happy girl.

30 July 2017

It's so true the best things in life are free. We are already loving our experience here so far. Today we taken the girls down to the farm to see the calves, one of Sophie's friends joined us and his mum and baby sister. We then taken a drive to Sineads farm where we are going to be living and Jordan will be working, it is about a 10 minute drive from here. Monica and Shaun went back to the farm in the afternoon so that only meant one thing - the music was turned on, we danced in the living room. We made an octopus and Sophie called him Dave 😂 Jordan cooked chilli con carni and nachos for dinner. So yummy 😋 After watching two episodes of games of throne (season 1) we joined Monica at 9pm to go and see if any new calves have entered the world. There were 6 new borns that we tagged and checked the gender. We then helped ourselves to fresh as you can get full fat milk. What an amazing day!!!
This is where we are living for the near future.

29 July 2017

Saturday 29th July This morning Jordan slept in until the girls and I came in to wake him up at 8.45. They were excited to come and jump on him. We spent the morning drawing, playing outside on the swing and as Sophie says on 'the tramp' When Monica and Shaun came back for lunch she told us she had finished for the day so we were free to go off and explore. We have use of her car when we are off so we were out the door within minutes. The view we can see from the house is amazing so we drove even closer and wow it did not disappoint. We can see a massive price increase compared to Asia but to compared to home it's not too much more. We went on a road trip and covered a fair old distance before arriving back at 8pm. Such a nice day and so unexpected! The sun was even shining today with a frost (4degrees down to -2 at night)

28 July 2017

When we flew into Christchurch the cloud was so thick we couldn't see a thing, so when we woke up this morning the view from our window was insane. We are living with a family that I will be nannying for. Sophie - 3 Emma - 1 Monica woke us up at 10am so we can get our body clocks into routine. We headed into the town to try and set up our banking but they need proof of where we are living here. We then learnt a few new bits about farming, as Jordan will start work on a farm on Tuesday. We are both really looking forward to working whilst getting to explore this beautiful country. I have never seen Jordan so excited in a supermarket especially as we could get all the food we wanted and not have to pay for it. We were spoilt tonight and had really good steak! We are certainly going to get used to good food.

27 July 2017

We paid for a shuttle bus 🚌 ferry ⛴ then a shuttle bus once we reached Bali b