Brunei, Malaysia · 12 Days · 23 Moments · April 2017

Adcentures in Brunei

12 May 2017

Honeyrol and I having a photoshoot with a caterpillar and a long-horned beetle. The beetle just sat there it did not move. Perfect model, even though the pose got boring. The caterpillar on the other hand was constantly moving which made it hard for Honeyrol to take a good picture. We would put it down on one end of a big piece of log, it would move all the way across it and then repeat from the start. At least it got some movement since it stay in a zipper plastic bag all night 😬
I put some toast in the toaster. When I pulled down the level and the heat started a gecko came out of the toaster 😲😂

11 May 2017

Just heard a tree fall while standing on the canopy tower bridge. The sound of a falling tree in the jungle when you are standing above the valley is so powerfully echoed. Amazing!! Although I rather would not hear it too often.

10 May 2017

Lilz and are weirdly in sync. This evening I thought about how Almond is doing. So I texted Gav and asked about her. A few minutes later, Lillie send me a text asking for pictures of Almond and Peanut. We never talked about them before since we separated ways. Not the first and probably not the last time it happens.
Lilz and I are so in tune. Having the same thoughts at the same time. In the past we even asked the same questions to each other or said the same things at the same time. Unbelievable!
The same creativity hit us on our way down 😅😅😅
Illegally crossing the bridge that is officially under maintenance. 😱😱😱
At the canopy tower, Honeyrol was busy writing emails and organizing the next couple of weeks. She is high in demand. Thus, I took THE camera and tried to capture some wildlife. I was really lucky this morning and spotted quite some birds and took some damn.good pictures (only my opinion). They wear not rare but I am pretty bad in spotting wildlife, so I was kind of proud of myself. I took pictures of black and yellow broadbills, woodpeckers and a red-billed malkoha. I really enjoyed that!
Animal sightings on the way up to the canopy tower. We saw the eyes of a crocodile luring in the water and we saw a Malayan bridle snake at one of the huts.
I had a really bad sugar craving and I gave in 😢 Dinner was two carrots then.

9 May 2017

We saw so many birds this morning at the canopy tower. Martin and Honeyroul are a really good team and absolutely amazing in spotting.
We were all standing on the canopy tower bridge and watching two Gibbons going from one tree to another.
This tree on the right is always moving so much when there is just a tiny bit of wind. it kind of looks totally surreal when it moves one meter from left to right. So powerful! I tree always looks so sturdy and fixed. But there is some real movement going on in the canopy.
Besides having a stunning sunrise, Honeyrol and I got all creative with the pictures this morning.

7 May 2017

We went to the kitchen for food. But this night there was nothing left except for rice. The kitchen lady then offered me to make egg. I don't know what to think about that. Why would I want to eat egg with just plain rice?!?! It is the driest shit ever! I ate granola instead.
On our way back to the resort, I had to walk really slowly and careful because it was quite muddy and steep. I managed to walk down without falling. But there was one part where I kneeled down and stepped into a bushy area that covered with leaves to avoid slipping. I managed not to slip but the bush I walked into harboured fire ants. Both of my shoes and ankles were covered with ants and it started to sting really bad! Since I was standing on really steep and slippery ground, I could not even act on it right away. I took off one shoe so I could at least get rid the ants on one leg. With one hand I was holding on to a tree and with my other hand I was flicking away the ants. Daniel got rid of the ants on my shoe so I could slip into it again and take of the other one.
We were in the middle of the jungle having our second breakfast. Daniel was having some issues with the bugs and instead of says "what the fuck" he said "what the bug".

6 May 2017

Having a second breakfast at the river.
Doctor Honeyroll taking pictures of each person and the waterfall individually.
Hanging out at a waterfall close to the resort.

5 May 2017

We went to the canopy tower to see the sunset. It was raining a little bit, so we brought umbrellas. Even though it was not hot anymore, the walk up to the tower was a sweatful event. I was dripping like hell when we got there. But we got awarded with a beautiful view. It was quite misty. This, we could observe the mist travel through the valleys of the hilly jungle. It was astonishing. Even though, the heavy mist lead to a not "so" nice sunset. The mist was just too thick. Nevertheless, I tried to take a time lapse of the sunset. I am curious to know how the video turned out. As soon as I figured out how to process it, we will see I guess.

2 May 2017

I got picked up this morning at the Radisson Hotel and dropped at the Kota Baru Jetty. From there a speed boat (also called a flying coffin) took us through a mangrove infested river that is connected to the Southern Chinese Sea. The ride was great. The boat was winding and leaning into every curve of the river. I was already excited when we entered the boat and walked down its tiny steps in the front opening of the boat. It was a new way of travel, local, and in.the midst of the rainforest. This was one of the moments where I fully appreciated my life as it is right now, even disbelieving that it is mine. Totally amazed.

30 April 2017

To get back to the center, Lilz and I went to the bus station at Times Square where we got dropped off. We had no clear idea what bus we have to take so we just asked any bus that stopped there if they are driving towards the waterfront. Our plan was to get on one of these buses and just press the stop button when we are close to the couchsurfer host's place. The first did not go that way but the second. So we hopped on. I check constantly and as we got to the point where we wanted to get off, I could not find the stop button. So I jumped up telling the assistant who sells the tickets that we would like to get off here while pointing on the map where we have to go. As soon as they understood the bus driver wanted to make a left turn (towards out destination) but it was to late. Instead he kept going straight and turned left the next street which we could not believe. In Germany or England no bus would go out of its way for passengers. we were amazed. we got off with big grins.