Argentina, Chile, Peru · 24 Days · 8 Moments · November 2017

Ada's tour through Argentina

3 December 2017

Quechua Indians in Peru

29 November 2017

Arica Chile. Amazing petroglyphs on the mountains

24 November 2017

Trip to volcanoes. All snow capped. Great views. Spent sometime with the native Americans - the Mapuche Indians. Great experience. Similar problems to Indians in USA

22 November 2017

Patagonia Chile. For the last 2 days.., ice and snow and glaciers. Great pic of the boat from our catamaran.

17 November 2017

Last port was the Faukland islands ...port Stanley...pretty little town. Ship can’t go to Cape Horn because of bad weather. Taking a short cut to punto arenas. Show boat and map to Amaya so she knows where we are

12 November 2017

Godwin went horse back riding.... went to a ranch yesterday

10 November 2017

These pics are of the smaller of the waterfalls at Iguazú. Spectacular views

9 November 2017

At ignazu falls