Europe, Asia · 12 Days · 50 Moments · February 2019

Adam & Caroline’s India Trip

19 February 2019

Dubai airport

18 February 2019

So finally after all these wonderful experiences we leave the houseboat to make our way home via Cochin airport to Dubai and then back to Stansted. Caroline has organised this whole trip herself and everything has gone without a hitch. There has been so much to see and do and although the travelling has been arduous from place to place, the rewards have far outweighed some of the stress. We avoided Delhi Belly, I got a bit of sunburn and we didn’t have too many rows! I’d just like to record what a wonderful and generous lady Caroline is and I’m proud of her. HAPPY 60th. 😘
Sailing through the backwaters. The river is the road through the village. Utensils and clothes all washed in the river. Ladies fishing men gutting fish. Paddy fields in the background where the people work. Family fishing
Morning all.
Having departed from the Kofiland Resort we embarked on a 4 hour trip to our next destination the Vembanad Lake on the west coast southern tip of India. We are staying on a houseboat overnight on which we will eat, sleep and cruise the backwaters for the day. First photos are of the amazing tea plantations we passed through. Here are some of the sights of the day. On the way we stopped at a cotton weaving shop where we were able to watch these weavers and buy some of their wares. Once on the boat we sailed to a little fishmongers and bought some huge fresh prawns which Freddie the cook added to our delicious meal.

16 February 2019

Crossed this river that had a hydroelectric dam across it
Now arrived at Kofiland Resort. Peaceful rooms in separate huts. You can hear the birds and see fish in the lake below. The setting is in a 180 acre spice plantation and as you can imagine there is every kind of spice from coffee to peppers, cardimon, mint etc. We saw how coffee and pepper is harvested and processed. We tried a bit of fishing but the fish seemed more than capable of removing the bait without taking the hook. Also on the way here we passed through the village where there was a large gathering of people. A cradle with a body being cremated while they all watched in the village square. Turns out this is how poor Hindus are dealt with at death as they don’t have the land or wealth to be cremated at home.
We have just seen the deluxe room at the top of the hotel. Maybe for another time! So now we are off to our next destination

15 February 2019

Afternoon rain coming but Caroline is not bothered.
Woke up to this view today. We plan to enjoy the hotel facilities and soak up some relaxation and a little swim

14 February 2019

First impressions of our hotel, The Panoramic Gateway Dark now but I think we are going to see some amazing views in the morning
Landed in Kochin and straight away see this temple festival in the street. Then this beautiful building set in a public school. Flight was great and bang on time Now we have a 3 hour drive to the hotel.
Next part of our trip
A cattle herd and taking the goats for a little bike ride Also stopped alongside the main road and fed these monkeys and cattle
Today we are travelling from Jaipur to Delhi. About a five hour road trip. Then a flight from Delhi to kochi in the south of India and another 3 hour car journey to our next hotel in Madurai. A long day! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO MY 😍CAROLINE😍
Photos from Jaipur. Elephants walking to work, block painting cotton, city palace

13 February 2019

Amber Fort
Cooking pots for the soldiers
The step well
The amber Fort
Wind palace in the pink city

12 February 2019

Amaid Hotel our bed for the night
After the bird sanctuary we made our way towards Jaipur and came across the said roadblock. To get round this we did a 3 hour round trip through the countryside and saw little villages off the beaten track that we would never seen before. Rakish our driver was so patient during a very tiring drive. We stopped along the way to have lunch and take a few pics. We arrived at our hotel at 7.30 this evening absolutely cream crackered!
Some more birds
Arrived at Keoladeo and got in a rickshaw for a two hour trip around the grounds. Poor little rickshaw man! We saw so many animals and birds in their wild habitat. Very relaxing and beautiful.
Left Agra this morning with the news that the main road to Jaipur would be blocked due to a local cast dispute. Some of the scenes on the way. We were also going to stop at Keoladeo bird sanctuary on the way.

11 February 2019

Our destination was the Taj Mahal but here are some things along the way. Brick making, antelopes, traffic jams, giant straw bales, a camel pulling a trailer and a trailer loaded with dried cowpats for peoples fires.
Finally we arrived to our accommodation for tonight where we have a view of the Taj from the rooftop. We had a great meal made by the hosts around a big table with all the other guests. Looking forward to a good sleep and breakfast before our adventures tomorrow
After the Taj we had a meal and got some money changed and then went to a marble shop where we saw how the carvings were made and looked through a showroom filled with all their intricate works. We commissioned a coffee tabletop similar to the one here which will take 2 months to be handmade before it gets sent home.
We arrived at Taj Mahal by rickshaw in beautiful sunny weather and the photos probably don’t show how stunning the building is! Just pure white marble inlaid with intricate coloured carving. A world wonder indeed.
Well what a great day today. We left the beautiful Leela Palace with this misty sunrise and the stunning gardens behind with a 3 hour road trip to Agra.

10 February 2019

Pool at the top of the hotel. A bit too cold to swim in today.
Mahatma Gandhi's burial chamber
India Gate
Sightseeing in Delhi Being a Sunday we felt like the tourist attraction as the people from outside the city come into Delhi and have never seen foreigners before. They were taking photos and staring at us everywhere we went! Also had a great lunch in a street cafe. No cutlery. You just get rice and soak the curry and then eat with your fingers. Can you imagine Mrs Parr doing that?

9 February 2019

The Qube Restaurant
Hyderabad final transfer to Delhi
Just a few photos on the final leg to Delhi and the Leela Palace. Beautiful 5 star hotel photos later.
Just arrived here from Dubai. Now just 2 more flights till we get to Deli about lunchtime tomorrow. Looking forward to a shower and a sleep!

8 February 2019

More pictures around Dubai. Now in airport waiting to fly to Kochi, India
The loo
Afternoon tea @ Burj Khalif
Dubai Mall & Aquarium
Straight from the airport to here for breakfast
Dubai international 7.15 Only Emirate Airlines here

7 February 2019

On time
So now I’m starting