New Zealand · 87 Days · 14 Moments · August 2014

Adam's adventure in New Zealand

15 November 2014

Made it to south Auckland!

4 November 2014

Straight up cripple swag!

15 October 2014

From last week in hospital.

14 October 2014

"Heart Transplant" Lecture today with Goldie Gibson! Ezekiel talks about the new heart and we are learning all about it!

9 October 2014

Chillin at a coffee shop YWAMer style. #YWAMZION

24 September 2014

Kia Ora! YWAM Zion is amazing. We are learning so much! We have already covered hearing God's voice, character and nature of God, father heart of God, spiritual warfare, and relationships.

8 September 2014

YWAMers working on CIRs. (Creative Integration Records). Journaling how amazing God has been in our lives and what we're learning.

5 September 2014

At a coffee shop in Wellsford

1 September 2014

God is doing great stuff here in NZ! Had an amazing time today learning about the father heart of God!

28 August 2014

Chillin at YWAM Zion with friends

26 August 2014

Settling in.

22 August 2014

Chilling n Auckland with some of the YWAM peeps!
Arrived in Auckland!

20 August 2014

Bad photos! Well, off to LAX!