Europe · 15 Days · 52 Moments · September 2017

Adams' 20th Anniversary European Vacation

15 September 2017

Last night overseas, we hit The Firehouse Cafe. Look at that guy in the green pants.
And we finish up with the Tower Bridge
Tower of London, is really a series of towers and fortress.
A section of the Roman built wall surrounding Londinium from A.D. 200. Super cool!
Found another market. No finds. Wish I had not eaten breakfast, lots of street food from around the world.

14 September 2017

Evening boat cruise on the River Thames, pronounced Tim's, just so you know.

13 September 2017

Jay taking care of business in London.
Buckingham Palace, only 2 guards there. The Queen Mother is not in. Oh bother, as we would like to have had a spot of tea with her.
Pelicans in the park. Cool!!
Here is Westminster Abbey.
This is our view.
Train trip to London brings us to our final stop - London. Here is our hotel room.

12 September 2017

We had a picnic under the tower with our finds from the market. Until the rain clouds rolled in....
So excited. Found a globe and old travel postcards. Success!!
After the market, we walked around in the Marais neighborhood. It's so quaint and quiet compared to most of Paris. This is St. Gervais. We enjoyed a service while we were there.
The big flea markets are closed during the week but I found a neighborhood flea and produce market, so we made do.

11 September 2017

Walked up to Sacre Couer. Nice view of the city.
Notre Dame.
Today we took a tour around town.

10 September 2017

Well, yes, we did see the Eiffel Tower. Couldn't help it, it's huge and really close to our hotel. So.... anyway.
Paris. Oui, oui, nous sommes en Paris. Ooh la la. LOVE Paris. Arrived in afternoon, checked in and went out to take a walk. This is what I see.

9 September 2017

Amsterdam. First time here. I did not do anything else for the first time while here. Weather started out yucky, but cleared and we had a great day!

8 September 2017

This cute thing was on our bed upon return to the room.
This is our last day in Germany, the city of Cologne, where our word for perfume is derived.

7 September 2017

Koblenz sights
And here is the fortress. They were setting up for a rock concert.
Once in Koblenz we took a cable car up on a hill to a fortress.
We set sail towards Koblenz, which is the prettiest part of the Rhine. Castles, castles, castles.
This is my boat. -FG. The Avalon Felicity
Thursday finds us in Rudesheim, Germany. Just a quick walk in the city then back to the boat.

6 September 2017

Pics of the city of Mainz, Germany.
Hookah shop. Yes, now I've experienced culture.
Sometimes, I just don't know about what goes through human minds. As we sat waiting for our train, across the platform in front of us, strolls this fellow. **long pause*** This fellow. Pink muscle shirt with pink glitter starbursts on the front. This fellow. Yellow diaper thing with a belt. You know, I'm still not sure if I've recovered from this. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME.??? Enjoy.
Next, we hopped a train to Mainz, Germany from Heidelberg.
This is it. This is the very spot from which I was retrieved. If you are confused, the story goes that my dad found me in a dumpster in Germany. So there you have it.
Today, I came to where it all began. This is where I got my start - Heidelberg. We visited the castle and old town.

5 September 2017

Yes, we are bananas, we are bananas today!! Ponder this: 1. We are in France 2. There are tons of cafes and restaurants everywhere. 3. We go to an Irish pub 4. We have a Caesar salad In France, at an Irish pub to eat an Italian salad. No accounting for ridiculous.
Love him!!
This is Strasbourg, France. Nice city, German and French history. Pretty canals, tall cathedrals, cold gelato. Amazing weather. So thankful. Best companion!!!

4 September 2017

In the afternoon, we went across the Rhine to Colmar, France.
This morning we went to the Black Forest to an open air history museum in Germany.

3 September 2017

Going through a lock to lower us on the River. Pretty interesting.
First night on boat, moonlight on the River Rhine.
Ok, you cruisers, what part of the trip is this?? Yes, the safety lesson/demonstration. I didn't get pictures, but they did make us jump in and see how many could swim. 😉
On board Avalon Felicity. Here are shots from around the ship. Gotta catch one of the entire boat later.
HERE are some views from the ride down in a cog wheel train.
Up to Mount Pilatus, 7k feet. Cloudy at top blocking our views, but great ride up.

2 September 2017

After showering and changing, we took a walk around Lake Lucerne.
First stop...Lucerne, Switzerland. Our room and view.
September 2, Flight 2 LHR to Zurich.
September 1 First plane AUS to LHR. Here we go!!!

1 September 2017