Canada · 2 Days · 3 Moments · July 2018

Across Canada

15 July 2018

Stop number 3! We drove from Golden, BC to the proud home of Nickelback; Hanna, Alberta. Hanna is a small town in the middle of farming country. Before we left BC, we stopped at Takakkaw Falls and Emerald Lake because dad had never seen them and in Calgary because *someone* needed new shoes. It was my first time in Calgary in 18 months and I was *a little* emotional. Anyways, the prairies were a surprise. Just a heads up, they aren’t boring. The bright yellow fields and rolling hills were just stunning to look at, especially with the bright blue sky. It looked like a painting. We stayed at Prairie Oasis Campground. But before going to the campsite, we HAD to get a picture in front of the Hanna sign, stating that they’re the proud home of Nickelback. It was right on a man made lake, with farmland completely surrounding you. I think a highlight for us all was the sunset. It was the first prairie sunset we saw and it did not disappoint. Next stop, Saskatoon! stay tuned for more! s
Stop numéro deux After Liv’s dance competition, we drove to Golden BC! It was a lovely drive and we had a nice stop with some speed skating friends in Salmon Arm. Fun fact about Golden, this was our first time ever camping. I know, I know you’d think that after 17 years of being a breathing human I would have gone camping by now. Anyways, camping in Golden was awesome. We met a family from Niagara Falls, exploring the western side of this large country. The camp ground was stunning. The only downside were the trains. It truly sounded like explosions were happening down the Kicking Horse Canyon. I couldn’t sleep! (And as many of you know, I can sleep through anything) After the long, loud night, we had a delicious breakfast, packed up our campsite and headed to the place where Nickelback grew up😏 BUT! Dad and I had to get a picture in front of the former Golden Rim Motor Inn, because we are The Tragically Hip Nerds🤓 stay tuned for more! s

14 July 2018

First Stop I know that’s it’s been forever since the last time I wrote here but I would like to share my family’s trip to Québec City! So, here is the story of our first stop: Prince George - Kamloops This was a normal drive, simply because it was only to Kamloops, a drive we’ve done many many times. We went to Kamloops so Olivia could compete in a dance competition in which she SLAYED! She did really really well. During our stay in the Loops, we went and had sushi and went to the amazing Chapters where we bought lots of books. Okay, I bought a book on The 1975 and a 2x2 Rubik’s cube. Also, there was this huge fire on one of the many hills that was burning when we got there, and 24 hours later. stay tuned for more! s