North America · 24 Days · 84 Moments · January 2019

Across America 2019

11 February 2019

Home 😀
Just crossed back into Canada!! 🇨🇦
Made it as far as Bowling Green KY. Breaky at Cracker Barrel of course and on the home stretch. Weather is same as it’s been...Cool and rainy.

10 February 2019

12 hours in...we are here... The longest hardest part of the whole trip.
Good morning! Loaded up with coffee and ready to go!

9 February 2019

There’s our pickup! Made it! We are back to where our bike Journi started! We will get rested and start ‘trucking’ early in the morning.
Stopped for lunch. Almost there! Bundled up for the last hour on the bike!

8 February 2019

Didn’t make it to the truck today. Made it to Sonora TX. Only 3 1/2 hr drive left. It was a cold drive. Thankful for the blue sky and sunshine on my back. Thankful for the beautiful things to look at along the way. Locals say it was warm yesterday and warm tomorrow. Just missed it!! We are on bikes and our time is running out so we have no choice but to keep going.

7 February 2019

Stopped for the night in Clint Texas. Didn’t seem to get very far today. If we put in a good day tomorrow we will make it back to the truck in Flatonia. Goodnight y’all!
Made it to a Cracker Barrel for dinner 😋
Good morning. A hot tub before we left this morning. Again this morning about 3 hours later leaving than we would have liked 😖 But...nothing but sunshine and blue sky. Though cooler than we would have wanted. Feels good not to be cold! It was all I could do to stay awake!
Moving our sun tans?!

6 February 2019

A step back in time...
Tombstone AZ. A neat place to see. Would have been better on a warmer day!!
Today’s travels...we didn’t get far today. Late start again...And it’s been sunny but cool. We’ve stopped for the night in a little town called Douglas.

5 February 2019

Sun came out. Dinner and drink in Tucson. No rooms anywhere because there is a Gem Show in town. Settled in a little town called Sierra Vista AZ We were a few hours late getting going this morning so we were a few hours later driving this evening. Chilly but not too cold. Planning on being a tourist in Tombstone AZ tomorrow instead of today. Meeting lots of interesting people along the way.
In the desert...sun in your face. We stop for gas. Take some pics. Have a snack. 5 minutes later we have to stop in at a casino/convenience store.....To get out of the rain!! 😖 Only rains in the desert when we are here. Enjoying a cup of tea (my own tea bags) lol
Good morning. Beautiful day! Wonderful nights sleep actually camping! Mexican breakfast and off to see what today brings!

4 February 2019

Checking the route for tomorrow...
Sunny now warm and dry 🌞 Camping at KOA Gila Bend AZ Pics of that tomorrow.
And another day begins...just want some sunshine!!

3 February 2019

This is a close as we get to LA and Hollywood. We are sacrificing in order to head east and to the sunshine 🙁🌞🏍 We’ve been there before and we’ll get there again another time. Spending the night in a seedy little motel in Upland CA. It’s all part of the adventure...or so we tell ourself.
Moving along. Stopped for lunch and to dry off. A few rain showers but not getting soaked or cold
And we’re leaving...time to continue this adventure and beat the rain south then east!!

2 February 2019

A game of pool, a flip the lemon game and a yummy dinner.
A walk on the beach, a drink at the pier...
Stormy day! ...but not cold :) We are playing it safe and staying in this hotel for another day/night. Lots to do here, we have access to the Pismo Beach athletic club. Swim, sauna, workout. 😀

1 February 2019

And this is how the day ends...
View from the room at Pismo Beach. Stopped earlier than normal because of impending weather!!
Elephant seal at Hearst Park. San Simeon CA Still ahead of the rain storm the locals say is coming ...
Travelling down coast. Pics aren’t very good taken from back of bike but we had to keep going because they are closing the highway. Lots of rain expected and landslide danger.

31 January 2019

On the walk to dinner on the wharf. Capitola CA
Day 1 (again) a few stops along the way. Going to go as far as Monterey... Weather beautiful and sunny (doesn’t look like it in pics but we did have sunshine) 🌞🏍
Getting ready to go.... The next chapter of our adventure. Than You Darrell & Wendy for having us!! xo

30 January 2019

Bike ride up the hill. Pant Pant Pant!!
The bro and his Ella 🙂

29 January 2019

A night cap at Hard Rock Cafe on the Pier before heading back to the house.
Downtown San Fran. Pics taken on the Hop on Hop off Bus Tour. It was cool sitting up on the open bus but not unbearable. Worth it for the view.
Staying warm on the Hop on Hop off Bus Tour
At the pier..
Lunch at Bubba Gump’s
From the gardens at Alcatraz.
Alcatraz Island. San Francisco CA

28 January 2019

Welcome Troy and Sue!! Joining us for the rest of our adventure! 💕
Our first In-N-Out Burger!
Can’t get much more relaxed than Ella!

27 January 2019

So nice to see Aislyn and Matt xo ...and to meet Daisy and Maple
Beekeeping 101 🐝🐝
Chillin’ on a Sunday afternoon!
Yoga in the sunshine 🌞 Thanks Wendy 💕
Good morning. Enjoying the quiet. Shhh everyone is still sleeping. Except the cat...he’s hanging out with me.

26 January 2019

We made it!!!! 🙂🏍🌞
Out for a morning walk and breaky! Packing up for the last leg of the ride to Darrell’s. See you very soon Darrell and Wendy xo

25 January 2019

Almost there!!!! This is as far as we can get tonight! Warm sunny day! We had more than usual driving time today, thought we could push it and get there tonight. We are on holidays...not in a truck. So no rush. 🙂
Not a very good pic. Taken going 60mph. Oranges for miles and miles. Bakersfield CA
Finally! A beautiful cup of hot green tea!
Stopped for lunch, gas, a walkabout. General Patton museum.
Hello California!!

24 January 2019

The end of another day! Quartzsite AZ No we didn’t camp. Not because we didn’t want to Not because we just like pulling this camper behind us for no reason. We didn’t because the trucker in Chris just wanted to get a little bit farther today and we ran out of time. Goodnight all
Another break! It’s really starting to get warm! Avra Valley AZ
Stopped for a break! The place is called the Texas Canyon but it’s in Arizona. Snack, stretch the legs! Take pics.
Good morning! Sun is shining! Let’s roll!

23 January 2019

Lordsburg NM. That’s it for today. In a Hotel again to cool to camp. Well I guess people do it...but too cool for us folks. Not like we have a heater. It’s just comfortable riding bundled up like a couple of Canadians on a bike in January. Any colder and it wouldn’t be much fun! Having a blast! Another day closer! See you Saturday California!!
Stopped at some touristy indian giftshop. Check out the dude on the wind chime. That’s a gift you get for someone that really doesn’t like wind chimes.
A warm up cup of tea. Guess where!?! Is this lunch or supper? 2pm here 4pm at home.
Stopped to stretch our legs. Yes it’s sunny! But still cooler than we’d like. That’s Mexico way over there on the other side of the road. No wall yet...but assuming that’s where it would be!
Good morning! Seems it’s warmer at home than it is here! How is that even possible??!! Sun is out now...won’t take long to warm up (hopefully!) then we’re outta here!

22 January 2019

You can’t be in Texas and not have steak! Mmmmm!
I went over and introduced myself to a couple new friends while Chris gassed up the bike. Started out a beautiful day. Got windy. Windy to the point where you’re no longer having fun! Then you get cold even though it’s 15° the wind sucks the warmth out of you. Hard to find anyplace that’ll serve tea. Hot tea. Hot green tea. They look at you like you’ve got 3 heads. Good thing a scooped a couple tea bags from last hotel and can make my own in this hotel that doesn’t have tea bags. 🤨 Moving Fort Stockton Texas. Got a room again cause it’s too dam cold out there to camp.
Here we go!!! 🌞🏍🌴

21 January 2019

2 bears on 2 wheels (well ok 4) starting tomorrow. In Flatonia Texas. Halfway between Houston and San Antonio. Found a place to park the pickup, spend the night and get a fresh start tomorrow. A balmy 19° here and a frigid -30 something at home. p.s. we ate supper at a restaurant that wasn’t Cracker Barrel
Palm tree. That’s a good sign 🌞🌞
Mornin’ y’all!! Breaky at Cracker Barrel. Are you surprised?! and Day 3 begins.... Hope to be on the bike this afternoon.

20 January 2019

Actually got to use our first aid kit and Chris’s first aid training! Tried to cut my finger off with my razor. 😖
Baton Rouge Louisiana. Over the Mississippi River. Our day is almost over...
In the Sunshine now! Truck on! Only 7° ...almost as far south as one can go in Mississippi. But sunny!
Day 2. Finally blue skies and sunshine.

19 January 2019

We just had to!! for our peeps!!
Day 1 Good morning! Guess where we are for breaky!?! Fairmont WV Cracker Barrel of course!
Left last night to avoid having to drive in snowstorm.