North America · 144 Days · 142 Moments · January 2019

Our run across America


#152 travel to Flag city. Lodi Ca Pretty boaring drive up the 5. Most of the road is good- but then it’s like a battlefield! Pounding, smashing,crunchy- then smooth for 40 miles. Stopped to get the rigs oil changed. It took forever, only a couple of rigs before us, but took along time. We detached the toad, I filled the rig with the most expensive diesel fuel ⛽️ we have bought in five months and Vic drove across the street and got us Arby’s for dinner. The counter lady gave us wrong directions- I was backwards to the site when I arrived... Flipped things around, and dropped the hook. Hung out it Lodi...

2 days ago

#151 Bakersfield RV Resort. 95° Was walking the pups 🐶 this morning and saw a couple new rigs that checked in last night... I don’t think they have the 10 year old rule here, I would freak out if I woke up to Mr Camo RV parked next to me. We split up the 320 mile run from Vegas. Did get a picture of the giant thermometer in Baker Ca. We’ve done it a bunch. Saw diesel fuel go from $2.89 to $3.99 in a matter of miles! Arrived here in Bakersfield quicker then I thought, 5.5 hours. Had Lunner at the Crest, always good food. Hot evening, going to try and get Vic to go swimming. Off to Lodi tomorrow to get ready for the RV Outing in Vacaville next Thursday.

3 days ago

#150 Vegas, cooled to 105° Today. Woke up to a balmy 85°...Lazy morning. The pups didn’t want to go out this morning, (me neither) it was burning their paws... I called Lyft to get us down to The Forum shops by Caesars Palace . Haven’t been there in years, tons of folks on a Thursday at 2pm in 100° heat spending money like no tomorrow. We walked the air conditioned mall and watched all the tourists. I remember the first time I was here, totally blown away! It’s fun to see someone who has never seen it. Had a real nice lunner at Carmines. We are going there in New York in September. Beautiful huge bar! Lyft dropped Vic at the casino cause she had to cash 💰 out, and took me to the rig. The A/C can hardly keep up. Vicki walked back from the casino & I thought she was going to pass out! A cold shower and she felt/looked much better. I don’t know if we could live around here- but I kinda want to. Tomorrow, hard drive to Bakersfield, they have a nice cool 🏊 pool.

4 days ago

#149 Main Street Casino RV park. 111° too hot! Vic drove the 100mile run today. Pretty good roads, but we still have a clunking noise from the R/F area. When we got to the park I lifted the ft jacks so I could look again, but can’t find the problem. Security came by to remind us to register across the street. We walked over and almost died. The ☀️ sun sucks the life out of you. We gambled a bit, I lost $28.00 and called it quits. Came home, had door dash drop us off some Hawaiian BarBQ. It wasn’t bad. It’s too hot to go out. I walked the 🐶 dogs, they don’t want to go out, but it’s last call... Hope the temperature drops a bit tomorrow, it’s hard to play when it’s so hot.

5 days ago

#148 Kingman Az. 105°- too hot to do much. Skip & Judy (friends from home) saw on FB that we were here in Kingman, they had camped 20 miles west of here & going to Texas- so we had a quick fun visit this morning. I took the car 🚗 to the glass shop to repair a rock chip we got yesterday. Came home and fixed our toads blinker problem YEAH! 1 little broken wire, but my meter and I figured it out. We toured historical Kingman, had some yummy Thai food 🥘 for lunch then went to the Route 66 museum & Electric Car collection. Both were interesting. I can’t believe folks crossed America by horse & wagon on Route 66 years ago- even by automobile/trucks in the early 1900s. In 1956 President Eisenhower started to build interstate 40, it kinda wiped out towns along Route 66. The towns/cities are still there but you can see lots of old discarded motels & diners left behind. Got my haircut 💇‍♂️ and going for a 🏊‍♂️ swim.

6 days ago

#147- Travel to Kingman Az. 100° hot! Fort Beale RV park Easy 130 mile drive here, BUT when we did our safety /light check this morning, the toads turn signal didn’t work- crap then as I was driving out of the park- hit a pot hole and shook the crap outta the rig. Across the 40west was pretty calm then the road got shitty and we heard a big bang! When we stopped for fuel we couldn’t find anything wrong till Vic finds the 🚿 shower head fell out of its holder and broke in half! Stopped in Sile%%%%% to eat at the “Road Kill Cafe. It was fun and filling. I wanted a T-shirt but like 10 years ago they were sold out unless you wanted a pink one! I passed... Got to the campground to find 2 🚗 cars parked in our spot- normally not a big deal but it’s 100°+ out! We got it figured out and got the A/Cs fired up. Got a new shower head, Vic made a delicious spaghetti dinner. We watched the warriors bairly win and went to bed. Tomorrow the Terrian gets its windshield repaired.

7 days ago

#146 Flagstaff 74° Touring day. Drove N on the 89, Vic raced a Ferrari- he won. First to the Walnut Canyon National Monument. Folks lived in caves along a canyon hundreds of years ago. Very interesting. The National Park 🏞 has a 35 mile loop that went threw lots of different landscapes. Stopped at Sunset Crater. A volcano that erupted 700-1000 years ago. Stunning views. Hard to believe that family’s survived here. Very desolate country. Learned a lot of history in 5 hours. Had a nice lunch (Moms Meatloaf) at the Timberline Tavern, then chilled at the park while Vic to visit the local casino. Dreading leaving the mountains, but gotta head west to Kingman Az where it is supposed to be 100+° tomorrow... then to Vegas at 115°! Hope they have a swimming 🏊 pool.

8 days ago

#145 Flagstaff 76° Cold wake up this morning! 7000’ changes everything. Dr Bob & Joann picked us up here at the park- they stayed here while they were buying their house. Took us to their favorite restaurant, the Toasted Owl cafe. Packed, 30 minute wait . Very funky place, we loved it. I’d never seen so much owl 🦉 stuff in all my life! Even in the bathrooms and everything is for sale. Cool Tie died cups, I wanted one- Vic says get 2, they’re cute. I choked when the clerk says $13.04 with tax! The guy behind me stepped back stunned like me. We both agreed, 1 per family is plenty 😎. We drove to Dr Bobs 🏠 house. Very nice place with lots of space and killer views. We did a “back road “ Jeep 🚙 tour. They know lots of cool National Forest fire roads that have stunning views! It’s so weard, Pondarosa Pine trees 🌲 everywhere out here in the desert. I like it.

9 days ago

#144. Another travel day- Flagstaff Az. Black Bart RV 75° 309 miles with a stop in Gallup NM to visit Buck & Ethel owners of AJ TirePros. 10 years ago we had lunch at the same restaurant with Gary & Pam. Nice visit and back on the road...200 miles to go. Flagstaff is high, 7200’ so it’s kinda nice, breezy but the sun 🌞 is hot! Maybe cause we’re closer to it. The park is ok. It’s packed, the town has 4 different events going on including a bunch of Harley’s, lots of noise. There is a steakhouse here in park, our friends said it was pricey. I looked it up- yep Ruth Chris pricey in Flagstaff. $39.00 rib eye +++. We had delicious leftover hamburgers 🍔😎

10 days ago

Day 143, a lazy, kickback day. Vicki had to turn on the heater this morning! It was 58 in the rig. Haven’t been that cold since New York. Did a few things on the coach, Vic went back to the casino to get our money 💰 back (she did). Our camping map is almost full- but that’s all for this trip. We’ll get the rest of them next trip. (Ready Vic?) Nice BarBQ hamburger dinner tonight, a 🏊‍♀️ swim in the nice pool and more time to chill... Off to Flagstaff Az tomorrow.

5 June 2019

#142 Travel to Albuquerque Nm. Sunny, cloudy, raining 🌧,windy. Route 66 RV park/Casino. Pretty easy 300 mile run here. Big rig crash on the 40, he was eastbound and ran across the middle of the freeway into Westbound traffic! Added a hour to our drive, but we picked up an hour today CMT. Very flat with lots of 🌽 corn and soybeans growing along the way today. Lucky Ms Vic was driving so I could watch the crop dusters. I forgot how pretty the desert is, lots of colors. Nice, newer RV park with grass, no stickers! Very Large sites a mile off the 40 but no noise. We went to the casino so Vic could play a bit, I lost $20.00 on the roulette table and was sick to my stomach 😎. We had a great dinner for $9.99 with our coupon! Came home 🏕 and getting ready to watch the Warriors win.

4 June 2019

#141. Amarillo Tx. 85° PC. We sure had fun last night- crummy service, but fun and filling. Lazy slow morning. Did laundry at a nice laundromat. Another Wal Mart visit and a fun lunch at the Coyote Bluff Cafe. Vic looked on yelp, and they were 4.5 🌟 stars. Drove up to a dump, walked in a found it packed with locals. Burgers 🍔 like you would make at home. Yummy. WhatABurger- not! PlanNed on a BarBQ chicken dinner but still full from lunch. Think 🤔 we’ll go for a swim 🏊‍♀️ in the indoor pool. Then get ready for our 320 mile run to Albuquerque NM tomorrow. We change time zones again 😎.

3 June 2019

#140. Nice Day 81° no rain. Big Texan RV Park . Amarillo Tx. Nice easy travel day, 264 miles- 287 to the 40 and we are here. It’s very flat and windy around these parts. Seems like its all about the 🐄 cows around here. Miles of grazing... We arrived around 3:30, nice easy check in, nice site The limousine (with horns) took us to the steakhouse 🥩 and we had a great dinner. Service was poor, but we had a great time. Caught the limo (with horns) back to the RV park, walked the pups and went to bed.

2 June 2019

#139. Travel day to Wichita Falls cooler, 80° 294 mile run up north , hiway 281. Nice road, we split up the easy drive. Arrived around 4pm, we didn’t have lunch so we ordered pizza 🍕 and wings. Took the pups to play in the cute, fun dog park. Watching the Warriors- we’ll see how it plays out... Tomorrow we head west, Amarillo Tx. Cadillac Ranch and of course the big Texan Steakhouse 🥩.

1 June 2019

138. Sunny ☀️ hot. Wedding day Ran a couple errands early morning. Mick & Linda drove us to the venue, it was beautiful. The ceremony was outside, the wedding party was in the shade, but had to wear suits, the rest of us were in the sun- luckily the ceremony was only 30 minutes long. Cocktails, dinner and dancing were in the air conditioned “barn”. It was set up real nice. Great dinner, we danced till 11!

31 May 2019

#137 dripping Springs. 85° We like the campground ⛺️ and the owners are expanding it. Drove to the venue to early this morning to catch the bus to take us to Lake Travis about a hour away. Lucy Loo didn’t want to get up so early. They loaded all of us and the Keg and tons of munchies onto the “party bus” for the ride to the lake where a party barge was waiting to take us out on the lake for the day. The boat tied up to an island and everyone went swimming and drinking and eating. The Sheriffs boat came by to “visit” us and check paperwork... Travis Lake is beautiful- lots of nice homes, mansions... Clearest lake in Texas! We had a fun HOT time.

30 May 2019

#136, PC cooler 85° still muggy n hot Dripping Springs Tx Met up with Lynn, Mom, Mick & Linda at their hotel. Had lunch at the “Salt Lick”, a big huge Texas BarBQ restaurant in Driftwood Tx. They can seat 1000 folks at a time. Cash 💰 only, and it’s BYOB! If you didn’t bring your own, they have a liquor store next door where you can buy whatever and bring it into the restaurant. Something new for us! Next we stopped at “Deep Eddies” vodka distillery. Tried 4 different vodkas, 3 of them were very good. A very fun & interesting tasting. Stopped at HEB to pick up some milk, bagels and a few other things. Went home, cooled off and walked/fed the pups. Tried to Lyft to the venue, but couldn’t get a 🚗 car so we drove the 9+ dark windy miles to the event house/venue. Keven cooked a shrimp/crawdad boil for all of us (50+). It was excellent, but a bit spicy 🌶🥵 for some of us...but we ate it up. Vic drove us home🏕 to the park, cooled off, walked the pups & caught a nice 🌅 sunset.

29 May 2019

#135 hot n muggy . 90° Very quiet night here in Henly Tx. Slept in..lazy morning. Did laundry and then met Dave n Lynn for a great lunch at the Crossroads Cafe, looked like all the locals eat there. Great meal for all of us. Next went to Stetson Distillery just outside of town. They had 5 shots (tastings) for $10. Vodka,Rum, liquors... we played table games while we tasted. Fun and tasty time. Drove to Creek Hause- where Fogleman’s and the wedding party are staying. Most of the events are being held there. Nice property about 5 miles off the the Highway, the last mile is a gravel road that has a cell phone lot because after that- no phone,cell, TV or satellite. Your supposed to unplug and relax...probably a good idea... Came home, fed the pups and walked them to where they are building 22 more sites. Picked a bunch of stickers out of the pups! Poor things... Nice leftover dinner, we’re going out the next 3 nites with the wedding events.

28 May 2019

#133. Muggy no rain 88° Moved to Dripping Springs Tx this morning (Henly RV Park) about 30 miles W of Austin. Basic park in the middle of nowhere. But it’s safe, clean and quiet. Super fast WiFi and $1.75 laundry. Went to a BarBQ place here in town, 1pm and they had already sold out of the 50lbs of ribs they smoked all night long. It was very good, but I’ve been burping it up all afternoon. Lynn found a winery in town. It’s sure not Napa or Paso Robles! The wine 🍷 wasn’t very good, but they had a bunch of awards. But we had a good time. I went shopping (milk & sodas) at Dollar General- they are everywhere around here. It was my first time. Lots of stuff packed into a small space. On the way home we ran into a bunch of cows... the pups were very interested in them- lots of barking! No dinner tonight still feeling full & burping BarBQ...

26 May 2019

#132, still muggy 83° Austin Tx. Fogies here. Slept well last night. Fogie picked us up and we drove to San Antonio to tour the River “Rock”. I thought it was the river walk. It was really fun, Mom had never been there,glad she got to do it.We did the boat tour. Very fun and informative. The boat Ride ended up by Margaritavilles restaurant/bar so we had Lunner. there . Yummy again. We drove around Downtown San Antonio, cruised by the Alamo then on the drive back home to Austin I wanted to stop at “Buckeys”... The biggest gas station you’ll ever see, 171 fuel pumps. I read a book about the two guys who started this company and continue to grow it. Marketing Wizards! $2.14 a gal fuel- then you go inside the store, about 100000 sq ft of Buckys stuff! You will spend many $$$. Food, sodas, snacks, clothes, even 140 pound bags of Deer Corn @ $2.99 a bag. 100 bags per vehicle max! WTH? Who the hell feeds Deer’s? Anyhow I really enjoyed the stop, Don’t miss it if in the area.

25 May 2019

#132. Lonestar RV Park. Austin Tx. 88° A couple pics from yesterday’s campground (pretty meth 🧪lab) then a 210 mile run here. Our low fuel warning light and noisy bell started going off 20 miles before Waco Tx. I was wetting my pants, but we only took on 76 gallons out of 100. But now I know more about our fuel gage... Lots of road work on the I35- beat us up. I got the easy half of the drive. Nice park, we stayed here 1 night in February. The office was closed when we got here, but they had a welcome packet for us. Got a kinda shady spot and settled in. Watched the Indianapolis 500 (watched the Super Bowl last stay in Feb) We went swimming in the heated pool, it felt great! First swim 🏊‍♀️ in a long time. Vic made a great dinner, our freezer is almost empty. Tonight I spent some time figuring out our next couple weeks, schools out now- lots of families are already on vacation so places are already booked up. Dave & Lynn are flying in tonight. Supposed to tour San Antoni
#131. Hot 🥵 muggy Drove into Dallas this morning to tour the JFK Memorial & The Sixth Floor Museum. Very slow getting in, they allow 15 at a time. Very well done , and very emotional. I remember my folks talking about what a great President he is... I remember clearly (like some of you) I was at school on recess and they made us all go back to class and announced that JFK had been assassinated...most of my folks friends were crying,,, for days. Next we toured the George W Bush Library. Again- very well done. He had a difficult 8 years as president. Parts of the Museum are very quite 9/11 touches EVERYONE, you don’t have to be very old to remember it. And he had to lead us out of it. The museum brings back some very strong memories. A must do in Dallas. We enjoyed a very nice lunch at “43” the restaurant on site. Clinton library had “42” but we couldn’t get in. Cruise ship food and service at very moderate pricing. Came home, they fixed our power! Freeze out! Vic’s sweatshirt time

24 May 2019

#130 still hot n muggy! Tonight we’re at Lakeside RV Park, Mesquite Tx. East of Dallas Last night we Went to the downtown Shreveport area. Didn’t know they had Big name casinos. EL Dorado, Harris, Sam’s, we ended up at Margaritaville Casino/Resort. 3200 rooms! And they were packed on a Thursday night... This morning, bagels & Juice and we’re off for a 229 mile run on the I20 west. Pretty good roads and not too much roadkill along the way. The country side sure is changing, boaring but easy driving... Pulled into the park around 3pm/96°, we had a “reservation” but no one was here. I call the 2 phone#s that are listed, Mailbox full on the 1st... left msg on other line. We disconnected the toad & drove around the park till we find the only open site,#49. Back in, level the rig, hook up to power- NO power🥵. Vic says try just the 30amp- it worked! 7:15pm, great supper. HamburgerHelper & peas, one of my personal favorites... still no call from the CG management.

23 May 2019

#129. Travel to Shreveport La KOA for the night. Sweaty n Sticky 96° Was out riding my bike this morning and came across the Little Rock Yacht Club! 90+ covered slips with big boats in them. 255 mile run here to Shreveport La. Had a trucker with a super wide load pass me on I49 at 70mph! Crazy! The park is OK for a RON (remain over night). Nice 🐶 dog parks, big 🏊 pool, but even though it’s 90+ outside- the pool doesn’t open till Monday! Ouch.

22 May 2019

#128. Muggy n hot 93°. Last night we had more lightning and thunderstorms, we just don’t get this kind of weather in California. Had Lunner at Doe’s. Famous for there 🥩 steaks & Tamales. Been in town for 50 years, open for lunch 3 hrs & dinner 3hrs! They often sell out in 2 hrs. What a great business model! $$$. We got the pups cleaned up at a very friendly groomer. Doggy Doo is the name of the place, pretty cool name. They did a great job & the pups smell much better. We ran some errands and got our toes done in the afternoon. Got a wedding to attend soon and we all want to look nice. Came back to the park to “flood warnings”! It’s not raining here- but storms ⛈ big time north of us, and all that rain is filling the Arkansas River, and flowing south which we are backed up to. No worries... Had leftovers for dinner, walked around the park (88° now) supposed to cool down to 71° tonight.

21 May 2019

#127 Toured the Clinton Library this morning. Well done. The grounds are meticulous, the exhibits were interactive. It brought back lots of memories. In his two terms he accomplished a lot of things that I had forgotten over the years. Most folks only remember the “dress” but he did do a lot as our 42 president. Washed Ashore had an art exhibit. Everything is made with trash that’s been removed primarily from the west coast and turned into some incredible art. I encourage you to visit, you’ll be amazed. We next visited a stunning garden called The Mill, because that’s what it was. It was perfect till Vicki almost stepped on a snake! Tour was OVER at that point... Had Pad Thai for lunch, yummy. One the way home we drove by Sherwood TirePros shop, I had to turn around and stop to say hi! His son is taking over like Kyle, a few more years for him. Met Karen & Paul (Vic’s sister) for dinner, had a nice visit, it had been years.

20 May 2019

#126. Little Rock Ar. A riverfront site became available this morning- 9:10am, a new and improved view! And much drier ☀️. It was a $3.00 upgrade for our stay. The view of the marina makes me miss our boat, but this park is way up on our list. Vic reorganized the rig & the car this morning. We needed it. Stuff was getting buried in both. We don’t need dog food 🐶 after all. Caught up on the laundry (always interesting) and got Vicki’s car washed too. We’re touristing tomorrow and want to be able to see out the windows. Stopped for a Mexican “lunner”meal, The waiter offered small or LARGE margaritas... we got one of each. Very nice homes on the road to the campground 🏠 We came home to thunderstorms, and now they are saying tornado “warnings “ As long as it’s not a tornado “watch “. Then all bets are off. It sure is pouring outside. 6pm, we are hunkered down for the night.

19 May 2019

#125. Sunny 86° drove to Maumelle Park COE right on the Arkansas River. Way unexpected fun stop yesterday. Today we Drove through 3 states within 290 miles. The 44 to the 40 right into Little Rock Arkansas. Another outstanding COE park, it’s right on The Arkansas River. $11.00 a night with a riverview and 50 amps! I rode around the park- it’s big and has a couple of full service marinas with lots of big boats/yachts. Very humid here this afternoon but we’ve got 50amps⚡️so the AC is doing a great job. We made a BarBQ chicken dinner tonight, was Yumo. Friends have told us about 10 Killer restaurants around the area, but we only have 4 days... I’m going to lose sleep 💤 tonight over this problem 🥩🍕😎. With all these great parks we’ve been able to stay at- it’s going to be hard to get used to California parks and pricing😞.

18 May 2019

# 124 Sunny, thunderstorms ⛈ then Tornado warnings!!! Boarder Town casino OK. They made us go to the “safe place” inside the casino. It was a sea of cowboy 🐃 hats. Hundreds of us crammed into a large hall. 15 minutes later the sirens quit and everything went back to normal. I had never been to a Bull Riding competition before! It was so exciting. It starts with the young caves, 1 yr. olds. No riders at this point, they attach a box to there backs. 4 seconds is all it lasts- then a cowboy 🤠 on a horse 🐴 lassos it and runs it into a pen and another one gets ready. After a little break they bring out the 3+ year olds, with riders. These guys go for 8 seconds, but most the riders get thrown off in 4-6 seconds! We sat with a couple of family’s that had bulls competing. They taught us a lot. Way fun night. We went home around 10pm when the competition was over. But then the cowboys started to party! Lots of tight pants and cowboy hats. Won’t forget this stop!

17 May 2019

#123 🥵 hot, 92°. Drove to Big Hill Lake COE Kansas. Terrible drive here to independence KS! Super strong cross winds! Death grip on the wheel. Our RV gps took us down a 3 mile gravel road to the wrong campground! The dust behind us was blinding! We finally got to the right COE park (3 miles away) get to our site & it sucks! We drive the park and find some vacant ones and go back to the ranger to change to a pretty pull through. Went to hookup and the site doesn’t have water! Then the fella next door came over to advise they were going to have a big time party tonight and wanted to warn us... Our site is very pretty, but we’re out of here tomorrow. Tons of trees all around us, check out the bark on the trees, outstanding beach area, the COE does it right.

16 May 2019

#122 Sunny 😎 hot 88° Have to show you how oversized the RV next door is! Our primo site has changed... they said they were sorry... Lucy Lou managed to claw her way out of the crate again- don’t think I can fix it again, I see a pet store in our future... On our walk this morning, The sites & smells were great, the ducks topped it off. Went back to Branson today. It’s bigger then I thought, but I saw lots of empty buildings and lots of help wanted signs. Hundreds of restaurants and Hotels, but not too many tourists. But it’s not a weekend. Had a great lunch at “Freddy’s Steak Burgers “ 1st opened in Witchita KS, opening more all the time. One in S Calif already. Highly recommend. Had a frozen custard, OMG! Super good! Came back to enjoy the park, the COE sure does a great job. Nice boat ramp, playground and a roped off swimming area with life jackets for the kids. Lots of lake activity cause it’s 🥵 Check out the pups new crate! No more busting out Lucy Lou🐶!

15 May 2019

#121 Branson Mo. Sunny n Warm 88° on the lake. Campground 86 COE. We did score a killer site, right on Table Rock lake. Vic caught a great sunrise 🌅. Drove to Branson (30min) to catch a 10am show recommend by some folks. Vic got us Ft row seats! I thought, who the heck would be there at 10am? Bus Loads of folks we’re there. We were by far the youngest folks at the show. It was a really fun show, his Dad owned a muffler shop when he was growing up, he made him a Guitar out of a Tbird muffler! His entire family is in the show. Very entertaining, glad we did it. Lunch was at the biggest 🐥 chicken house in Branson... they claim 😎. Wouldn’t do it again... The town is much bigger then I thought. No public shuttles running around. You need a car- but most places have parking. Came home to find a LONG motorhome moved in next door, His rear end hit our picnic table! He was nice about it , but what the heck? Checking out Dolly tomorrow.

14 May 2019

#120. Sunny 🌞 and warm 79° Branson Mo. One last shot of the Arch from last night. On the road by 10, 260 mile run here today. No toll roads, and not too bad of a ride. Vic drove 2/3rds of the run. Arrived at Campground 86 at table rock lake. One of the top 3 COE parks in America! I rode my bike around the campground, super nice park! We scored a site right on the lake for 3 nights for $10.50 a night! Most folks stay for weeks. Tonight we had BarBQ pork chops by the lake. Nice. Tomorrow we’re seeing a show In Branson in the morning then we’ll see...The town seems a lot like Pigeon Forge, big time family fun! Go Carts, shows, zip lines... bet they have a pancake house or two...

13 May 2019

#119. Sunny ☀️ sky’s. St Louis. 72° Toured the Arch today. An engineering marvel! We took Lyft to the park. Lot’s of walking. It became a national park last year & it was done right! Great museum, then a 45min film about it being built, and then the “Pod” ride to the summit at 630 feet! Friends, this is a MUST do for the bucket list. Very well organized and timed to you can maximize the visit. Sunny and clear so we could see for miles from the top. Vicki was a bit freaked out but she did good. I’m kinda a nerd 🤓 about how it was built back in 1963-65, but they did a great job without google. Remember the slide rule? That and many men (no deaths) built this monument in 3 years! The river is 40’ above flood. Look closely at the road along the river- it and the street lights are all under water! After 9230 steps we stopped for a gyro near the convention center. Different and yummy. Thought we were going to Kansas City KS, but changed to Branson Mo. Got a great site a a COE. Par

12 May 2019

#118 St. Louis Mo. Queen Casino. PC in am, drizzled while driving, sunny afternoon... We didn’t have the buffet last night- Vic wasn’t winning so she came home and we cooked in. A pretty easy run today, 260 miles. Rained/drizzled most of the way. It’s hard to read, but the hi way sign says “ Driving is the only good reason not to call your mom”😀! Another one we saw in TX said “Drousy driving is Lousy driving “ Gotta love it! The RV park is a left exit from I55- from easy freeway driving to big city driving in less then a mile. Basic park, but it’s not manned. You book online and they send an email with your site # and a access code to open the gate. Was slick. Wonder if that’s where the industry is going... The park is right close to downtown. Great view! We did have the Mother’s Day buffet or lunner. 1st buffet in a year. I thought it was good, Vic is grossed out. Tomorrow we’re going to do the Arch, 680’ high! Tallest monument in the USA! Can’t wait!

11 May 2019

#117. Sunny ☀️ AM- Rainy 🌧 afternoon. While walking the pups this morning, I checked out the kids playground. Super cool stuff. As I was getting on the turnpike... driving through the toll plaza I wasn’t quick enough and busted the toll arm! Tried to report what I did, but no one was around so we drove across the boarder to Michigan to say we went there. Stopped at a casino, thought we’d stay- but Vicki won over a hundred bucks real quick and said let’s get out of here. Took the money and ran! Headed south- St Louis is our next stop. Drove by Gary Indiana. Lots of farms everywhere, so much land... It was raining so hard we had to stop Found a cheap casino/campground for the night on our way south. Might take the bride to the buffet tonight! Haven’t done that in a long time. I’ll let you know the outcome 🍕🥙🥩😀

10 May 2019

#116. PC to 🌞 sunny afternoon. 62°-33° tonight. Forget to show you the park we’re staying in. It’s ok, we have had better...but it’s not WalMart or a Pilot truckstop 😎. We went to another Amish community. Toured the 45 acre farm in a open wagon behind a tractor- it was cold! Even for me...very informative, learned a lot more on this tour. Actually, we had a list of questions we forgot to ask in Lancaster Pa. We had a sandwich at the Amish restaurant, it was all organic and yummy. Check out the “Thresher dinner”. WOW. Tons of food! The place was packed! Lots of the folks around us ordered it. They have served it for 50 years! After our fun tour & lunch we drove to the Newmar RV manufacturing plant to see how they build their RVs. (Newmar’s are high end RVs) The tour was very fun and informative. The shop is spotless! 70% of the employees are Amish. They start working at 6, end at 2pmso they can go home to work the farm🐄🐓🌾. Sunny BarBQ steak & mushrooms for dinner. Happy mom

9 May 2019

# 115, Elkhart, raining,Sunny, Sticky. 78° Busy day. 10am tour at Forest Rivers, Brookstone Class A MHomes plant. Very interesting way of building motor homes. Different then we saw at Tiffin. Picked up some kibbles 🐶 for the pups. Had lunch at a Noodle 🍜 house in town, Outstanding lunch. Next we toured the Grand Design fifth wheel RV factory Very classy place. We were offered waters and snacks . Jillian & Steve bought one a couple years ago. Very well built product. They don’t cheap out, quality parts and people. On the way home we visited the RV Museum/hall of fame. The GPS cost us a extra $6.00 in tolls cause she was confused. Can’t believe folks enjoyed our life style since the early 1910s, and could pay a $100.00 for a unit. Can’t believe RVs could last 80+ years. Things were simple back then. Got home around 5pm, fed the pups, visited with 2 other Tiffin folks in the park- started raining 🌧 again... warmed up my leftover pizza, walked the pups in the rain- Night...

8 May 2019

#114 Elkhart KOA In. 55-72°. Partly sunny. Travel day. We split it up again, about 200 miles each. Gotta pay to drive on the toll roads- but the roads beat the crap out of ya! It sucks the life out of you! Where’s all the money 💰 going? Pretty nice drive up to Elkhart In. The RV capital of the country. Over 55 different RV manufacturers within 50 miles. And we’re going to visit a few while we are here. 😎 We’re staying at a nice KOA just outside of Elkhart. Again, lots of trees 🌲and Big level pull throughs. Oh and campfire rings everywhere. Going to order pizza 🍕 in tonight. Got a busy day planed for tomorrow. Starting with eggs on my leftover pizza. When we checked in today, the folks said how lucky we are to be able to travel like we are... We are blessed. Thanks for following us😎☀️

7 May 2019

#113. Mostly sunny. Delaware Oh. Last night was qujet night, till 0800 when the huge mowers came to our section of the park. Super loud! No bueno- blew crap everywhere. Spent some quality time with our windshield. Lots of agriculcure in the area, hence BUG SPLATS🦗 Did laundry in town, “Super Wash & Tan” yep, Yelps #1 laundromat in town. Put your wash in- get a tan, switch the laundry and get another tanning session. Brilliant. Grabbed a Gyro 🥙 at Freddy’s Italian & Greek Food. I love the local places. Rich & Sue Ferguson, old friends from Pittsburg Ca live in the area now and came to our park to see how we live, then took us to their house- they are living well. Very nice home with a big pond/lake in the backyard. Our hosts outdid themselves, killer salmon dinner with fresh asparagus (my pee stinks 😷)The houses around here are so different the California. We love driving around looking at them. Headed to Indiana tomorrow- another state/sticker. Night everyone 😎.

6 May 2019

#112. Sunny 78° Alum SP Delaware OH Rain stopped around 8pm last night, woke up to sunny ☀️ 😎 sky’s. Travel day- Gettysburg to Delaware OH. 324 miles, GPS took us down to the 68 west. We went through Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virgina, Pennsylvania and finally Ohio! The rest stops are so nice around here. Huge, clean and safe. I really like driving around these parts. So different from California. Huge green lawns in front of everyones homes. If you own land around here and you want to add on to your house, or build a pole building in the back- no problem. Not like California. We split the driving up but were both pooped when we got here at 5:30. Staying at Alum Creek SP in Delaware Oh. Look across the Hiway at Cross Creek RV Resort, glad we didn’t stay there. This nice State park (225 acres) is right on the Alum Creek Lake, Looks like a great kayak lake. Easy entry & Lot’s of trees 🌲. Campfires all around us, another thing you rarely get in Ca. Tomorrow, Ferguson visit!

5 May 2019

#111. Rain 🌧 🌧. 70° Very loud night last night. Killer Rain 🌧 pretty windy and noisy. Thank goodness the park folks didn’t wake us up last night, but our little creek has turned into a fast running/raging river this morning. When we got up, we saw lots of folks had left sometime in the middle of the night, all the tent sites were packed up and gone...We decided we should stay another night so we could tour The Hershey Chocolate World and not drive the rig in the storm. We still have time. And why go to PA without going to Hershey? What a great experience we had at chocolate world. A cool movie, then a chocolate “tasting “ followed by a fun 90 min trolley tour of the area. Way fun/informative. Milton Hershey was a great man, Google him, he was so generous. His trust fund pays for thousands of poor kids to attend 12 years of private school for free! And a hospital and public parks etc... Donated tons!

4 May 2019

#110. Gettysburg/ Lancaster. PC 73° Rained big time last night! Big Gully drops, noisy., but we survived. We drove to Bird In Hand, PA (Amish country). We went to Intercourse, in between Blue Ball and Paradise. Visited the local Farmers Market. Samples galore. I sampled a lot. I left my wallet in the rig- Our other CC was declined, bummer. We are moving around quicker then our CC company’s can keep up with us. Took a bit, but Vic got it squared away. Then we went shopping. Lots of Jams, Cheese and meats. Toured an Amish Working Farm, what a different life these folks live. No electricity at all. No pictures of the family. Strange. 34,000 Amish folks live here! We followed a number of buggy’s along the hiway. They pooped along the road... who picks it up? Gross. Really enjoyed our visit. Different folks living differently. We might stay another day- Hersey PA has something to be offered. Chocolate I think.

3 May 2019

#109. Cloudy 70°. Big rain later tonight Went back to the visitors center to catch the USNP bus that took us to the Eisenhower Farm. You can’t drive to it because when the Eisenhower’s donated the farm to the National Parks, one thing they insisted on was it had to remain a working farm forever. They raise prize winning Black Angus steers to this day. So no parking lots. Everything is pretty much as it was in the 60s. All the furnishings are still the same as when Mamie built/ decorated the house. Learned a lot about him. Great General, a two term president that was very down to earth. He loved to bring world leaders to his farm. Khrushchev loved the place and invited Ike and his family to visit him in the USSR- Two weeks later 5/1/60 the Soviet Air Force shot down Francis Gary Powers and his U2 spy plane... Khrushchev was pissed to say the least, and retracted his invitation... Toured the historical downtown area and went home to wait for the storm they say is coming.

2 May 2019

#108. Sunny ☀️ warm 82°. 4pm huge 🌧 rainstorm, 4:30 sunny/muggy Did Gettysburg PA today. First they had a movie, then the Cyclorama (huge painting of the battle) and then the museum. I wish I would have studied the war more. We did the GPS guided 24 mile tour through the park. What a tuff place for a war- hills-trees- rocks, open areas... Our National Parks 🏞 have done it again. Wonderful interesting visit. Stoped for gas and across the street saw the “Colton”Motel, miss the GKids... Vicki got “war’ed” out so we went home. We hung out relaxing by the creek till it started to rain big gully drops! Poured for 20 minutes- then the sun came out and it got super steamy. Weather folks are always wrong around here. We had BarBQ chicken and some Pennsylvania corn for dinner, not nearly as good as Brentwood corn for sure, but not bad. Wanted to have a campfire, but it’s too warm. Tomorrow will probably be freezing 😎❄️. We plan on touring the Eisenhower Farm and a Amish town

1 May 2019

#107. Travel day to Gettysburg Campground PA. 65° PC Pretty easy 120 Mile drive here today. Lots of rolling hills and farms. Got to the campground and had a tuff time backing in amongst all the trees. Very nice sites. Lots of long pull throughs. Ours backs up to a nice sounding creek. And we don’t have any neighbors. Camp fires 🔥 all around us. Had a a title company/ notary come by so we could sign some papers- she had never done it in a RV, kinda fun. Had spaghetti for dinner and watched Jeopardy. He won again! Tomorrow we get our Gettysburg’s on😎.

30 April 2019

#106. Montgomery PA still... nice lazy day. 68° PC The 🥩 steak dinner was ok last night. Was crowded again. They did have a band, which played way too loud. Lots of locals having a big night out. Hung at the park most of the day. Did a little laundry. The pups liked us staying home all day. Easy place to enjoy. The river flows quickly. Thought about kayaking but only if I could put in way up river and coast down, the thought of trying to out paddle the current...It didn’t happen. We did cruise around checking out more of the local sites. The houses are so different then California. No fences around here. Vicki’s working on a pot of spaghetti, the rig smells great! Tomorrow we have to move on- going to get our Gettysburg on. Time for more battlefields!

29 April 2019

#105. Foggy 🌫 in the morning Sunny afternoon Montgomery PA Still amazed with the RV park! Fog burned off to sunny sky’s ☀️. Toured the Little League Museum. Way cool, we’ve watched the LL Worlds series on TV for years, it’s played here! (Williamsport PA). 1600 games in 6 weeks that leads up to the series. The players all stay in the dormitories on site! I never knew that. Watching the LL Worlds series will never be the same again ⚾️ Next we toured the “Piper” museum in Lock Haven PA. Piper built almost 80,000 airplanes in this town. The Piper J3 “Cub” was first built in 1937, sold for $1598.00. Today a 1946 model runs $85-100k! Fun interesting tour for me, my Uncle Jess crashed his 1948 Piper Super Cruiser in Alaska at his gold mine & I learned to fly in A Piper Warrior. Vic hung in there real good. Thanks Honey ❤️ Close to our RV park is a herd of Camels! Had to see that! An Amish family farm, they sell the Camel milk for big bucks! Camels 🐫 in Pennsylvania? Who knew???

28 April 2019

#104, travel to Montgomery PA. Riverside Campground PA. Raining on the way, 249 miles. sunny & 64° tonight. Very pretty drive from NY to PA. I love watching my VMS display along the way. We switched when we fueled up half way. Didn’t really know where were going to stay-so many are closed or they are a dump. Found Riverside Campground, what a gem! They had 2 riverside sites available, she’s says take your pick and let me know. By the way, it’s chicken wing night in the lounge, 🍻! Nice check in experience. Found our site, way nice! Right on a quiet, pretty river. The pups loved all the cool smells and it wasn’t 34° out, much easier to poop/pee😎. Then the sun came out to make it even better! We walked the campground and stopped by the “Lounge”, it was packed! Just had a appetizer (chicken wings) and BSed with other travelers. Saving ourselves for tomorrow’s special Rib Eye steak dinner. Everyone in the park we talked to said you gotta go, best steak in Pennsylvania 🥩!

27 April 2019

Day 103. Still in Niagara Falls. Freezing cold, snow flurries... Turned the heater down last night, (rats) Our heater took hours catching up this morning. Vic woke me up at 7am so I could see the snowflakes ❄️. I took the pups out a few times, they didn’t like it one bit! Was 35° at noon, but did Creep up to 42° but super windy. We toured the US side of the Falls this afternoon. America has done a better job of showing off the Falls. The visitor center is being enlarged, but it’s very nice. There is an observation platform that extends out quite a way. Great views of the Falls and the casinos and hotels of Canada across the river. We walked along the river right up to where it becomes a waterfall. 750000 gallons of water a SECOND! Wished the boats were running,but there is So much ice! They were hoping for 5/1 but now hopefully by 5/15. Vic made yummy ham & bean soup for this cold night. Supposed to travel tomorrow, but they are talking snow...

26 April 2019

Day 102. Niagara Falls. Raining windy! Drove over to Canada 🇨🇦 to see the Falls from their side. Customs was quick. We drove around trying to find parking for less then $20.00...found some and toured the area. Couldn’t see horseshoe fall because it was fogged in totally! Super windy and cold. Still tons of tourists from around the world battling the weather. We were going to tour the US side, but Miss Vicki was frozen. Took a half hour to get back into the US. Lots more folks going to America I guess. Stopped at Senica Casino (indian casino) to warm up and play. I took home $7.30 after a couple hours, a big win for me. Free drinks even if you weren’t gambling! Never seen that before. Picked up some groceries and made burgers for dinner. Good stuff. Temperature is dropping- they say we might get snow tomorrow... We should head south, try n find warmer weather.

25 April 2019

Day 101 Cinderella motel Niagara Falls. 70° Travel day- 90 west... had trouble finding our campground/motel. I pulled into a empty parking lot to turn around, clipped a island with our RR tire, fridge flew open, plates flew out and crashed! Broken glass everywhere! Vic cleaned it up while I called the campground to figure out where they were. Arrived a few minutes later- I checked in and Vic tried to disconnect the car but the battery was DEAD! Tried to jumpstart it but no go 😡. Called AAA, took an hour for them to get here (we did laundry). Our 7 year old battery was toast... they installed a new one- and we’re good to go! Drove to the falls (10min) to plan for tomorrow. The Falls look nice, Canada side looks really nice. They have spent big bucks to build up the area. Lots of family fun stuff. A lot of it is not open yet. We saw lots of ice floating down the river. Back to the park, very quite. Vicki made a killer Salmon dinner. (Thanks Kyle n Katie). In the morning

24 April 2019

Day 100. Cold! High of 51. Nice park- just opened, no cable Or WiFi but Passport fees-25 a night with 50 amp. Right on the Sylvan beach. Lots of shops/ restaurants/campgrounds are still closed. Went to a huge Indian casino (Turning Stone Casino)15 miles away. Huge place, Vicki played for hours and had enough winnings to buy us a great Rubin Sandwich. It was so big we didn’t need dinner. I wanted to tour the Erie Cannel but they don’t open for 2 weeks. Hardly 1/4 of the shops, restaurants, campgrounds are open till 5/1.

23 April 2019

Day 99. Sylvan NY. Sunny in am- raining tonight. 74° Travel day- 270 miles on the 90w. We split it up today. Check out my view... Had some really great pizza and a nice chat with a local guy, he saw our Calif Plates, walked in and said who’s from Ca? Nice fella, works for UPS fr 22 years. He gave us two of his wings (chared /grilled) one plain for Craig and one spicy for Vicki. It was nice chatting with him as his son was going into the Navy so we shared some stories. Very quaint town and very nice people. Only a couple roads in town, but the cops 👮‍♀️ had it under control.

22 April 2019

Day 98 Arlington. Raining hard most of the day. 75° Got up and cleaned the house after the killer party last night. Robin took us touresting to New Hampsure and Maine. Both very pretty states. Maine is a sportsman’s paradise. Fishing, hunting, boating and snowmobileing are very big around here. Maine is the most wooded state in the country. Over one third of the state has NO roads! We had a nice lunch at Fishermans Dock, toured a bit on the way home. Saw some mean Atlanta Ocean, close to where many fishing boats have sank. The state run liquor stores are huge around here! Stopped at a Costco on the way home and had my hearing aids serviced- I can hear again! Quiet night, packing up to move back into the coach tomorrow. Headed West, towards Niagara Falls tomorrow.

21 April 2019

Day 97 , Arlington Rain, 76° This morning we went to the Elks to check on the rig and charge the batteries. We wanted to bring it back to Robins house, but I was worried about the low power lines and the super skinny roads. We got fuel in the car, ate a sandwich & shopped a bit before going back to the Elks to secure the RV. Drove back to Robins for her annual Easter party. She has lots of nice friends, some who have been attending this event since she started 16 years ago. A tradition she has is climbing up on the roof, even if there is a little snow up there. Most climbed up there and smiled for the camera 📷. Lots of good food,wine and stories. A real fun great time for all!

20 April 2019

Day 96. Arlington. Raining & 75. Yuck Lazy morning talking with Robin. Vic & I drove to Boston Commons to park 5 levels UNDER the park! Toured the park and found the HoHo trolley 🚋. Tons of traffic, incredible driving by the guide. We learned a lot more about Boston. Met up with Robin for a late lunch, then to the 1st Christian Science Curch, very impressive! More touring, stopped at Coopers Dorms at North Eastern University. Nice place, his room is on the 21st floor! Commanding view! The city is packed with lots of young smart kids. It felt great to be around these future leaders.

19 April 2019

Day 95 Arlington Ma. Clouds & 80! Only a 100 mi run but felt like more... traffic got very dicey the closer we got to Boston. Parked Red at the Lexington Elks lodge while we’re in town. Had our 1st Thai food in 3 months for lunch, yummo. Toured Lexington for a bit, then drove to Robins house where we moved into for a few days. Sleeping in a strange bed for the first time in months. And the toilet has a handle instead of a foot pedal! We met Cooper & a buddy for lobster at the “Summer Shack”. Famous place, we came here a few years ago, the place was packed with hundreds of hungry folks have a great time. Or table was delayed a few minutes, I went to buy a round when suddenly all the lights went out! Blackness till folks got there phone/flashlights out. We left and had dinner at a place Cooper worked at. Outstanding dinner! We heard the restaurant never did regain power. One of the party’s Harvard Biz club had a 20k dinner going, but couldn’t be billed. Big hit for Summer Shack

18 April 2019

Day 94 ☔️ raining again- 46° burr Woke up to RAIN, our plans of a beach day went away quickly. We drove around checking out beaches and nice houses. At one of the beaches, a fella pointed out what looked like a sick seal. The tide was coming in, pushing her further up the beach. So sad. Went shopping and had a snack at a great little seafood place by the beach. Great clam chowder! As it should be😎. We are here a bit early- lots of shops and restaurants don’t open till May. Memorial Day is the beginning of the “season “ but a good part of early is the trees don’t have any leaves on them. As a result, you get views that aren’t available most of year. Stopped at a local fish market to pick up some fresh clams and French bread 🥖 for dinner. Vicki talked with Buzz this afternoon. He put Vic on again It had been a few weeks since we talked. Tonight we need to pack a bag for a few days. Tomorrow we drive to Boston (Arlington) to stay with my sister Robin for her famous Easter celebrat

17 April 2019

Day 93. ☀️ Sunny. Nice weather Drove to Newport RI. to Catch the 10am trolley tour. Very informational, great driver/guide (Russ) Lots of old HUGE money around here. The Mansions are unbelievable! We stopped & toured the “Breakers” unbelievable that they could build what they did, when they did. Learned a lot about the history. After the tour we had a nice lunch on the water. Outstanding lobster rolls! we had to find a UPS store, We had to “wet sign”/notarize some paperwork. It’s so easy at home but fun and challenging in a strange town. Drove back to the Cliff Walk to stroll around the front yards of some of the most beautiful mansions you could imagine. Those folks lived way way over the top! We did see Jay Leno’s 28k sq ft summer home, he stopped by last summer for a few days... 😮. The Cliff Walk is 3.5 miles long covering 60+ properties... you have to see it to believe it! I believe it now 😎. What will tomorrow bring? I’ll take it. Night friends.

16 April 2019

Day 92 very sunny and windy. Fisherman’s SP I drove to Rhode Island today, easy run. Took on fuel at Pilot, The Loomis armed truck driver and I used each other’s pump- we didn’t figure it out for a couple minutes, he was so pissed at the lady cashier he said he wasn’t about to go back inside & have her try and fix it. He took on $154.00 of fuel on MY card and I filled the rig for $230.00 on HIS Loomis credit card! He said lucky day for you my friend...I went back inside & the manager said they were having a new promotion, come in & get $80.00 free desiel 😎! Found our way to Fisherman’s State park. They let you pick your own site, then gave us our permit- no alcohol allowed??? No worries she says. Pretty large sites with full hook ups. Toured the local area big time commercial fishing port a mile from us. Found a nice public beach close by. Very pretty Area. Very nice home$$$s. I picked up some stuffed scallops & Vic made killer calamari for dinner. Newport RI. In the morning.

15 April 2019

Day 91 lots of rain most of the day 75°ish Lots of thunder and rain last night, awakened very early because of it. So got a early start to tour around Connecticut and then to the USS Nautilus/Submarine Muisem. I have read a lot about Subs going down Thames River and today I got to see it! Vicki even enjoyed it. The sub, our first Nuke, was smaller then I thought... Had a nice appy lunch at a local restaurant, (Comcast employees were eating there) very nice older couple have owned the place for years. They had mastered it. On the way home we stopped at Hammonasset Beach St Park. Campground wasn’t open yet- they have hundreds of RV/Tent sites on the beach, but don’t allow pets! The day use area and beaches were very nice. Looks like they are PACKED in season. 3 entry pay stations and tons of parking. Cold fun on the Connecticut beaches. Started raining again, stopped at pets mart so the pups will have something to eat. Off to Rhode Island tomorrow, looks like a nice state park. Night

14 April 2019

Day 90 Travel day sunny AM- rainy PM A very stressful drive through the New York Area on the 95n. We thought Sunday morning would be easy peasy- NOT! Cars and trucks everywhere! Took 45 minutes to cross the George Washington Bridge ($15.00 toll)! After we got into Connecticut the roads and traffic were both better. Got here around 3, checked out the park and drove downtown . Had some crummy Chinese food while doing our laundry. Back to the park for the night watching all the storm warnings on TV. Glad we are north east of most of it.

13 April 2019

Day 89 Jackson NJ. Butterfly RV Resort. Rain in the morning, sunny afternoon Woke up tired, pups got me up a couple of times. No Bueno ☹️. Travel day today. 2 states in a couple of hours. Vicki drove the easy 200 miles, I worked on finding us a place to stay. Not many around here and most don’t open till 4/15 or 5/1. We stopped here early, just hung out and Vic made some killer meatballs for dinner.

12 April 2019

Day 88. Dover Elks, 70s rainy Very quiet night tucked in the back of the Dover Elks Lodge. I had to run back to Lowe’s first thing this morning, had to exchange the toilet seat we bought yesterday which didn’t work. After repairs we had lunch at the lodge, killer shrimp scampi shared lunch with a nice local couple. Everyone is blown away that we’re here from California. After lunch I took Vic to the Dover Downs Casino /Race Track, and I went to the Mobile Air Mobility Musiem on Dover AFB. My kinda place, lots of cool airplanes and war stuff. Drove back to the casino to find Vicki, she pushed this time. Stopped at AAA to get some new maps for our travels in the next few states... We have one week to get to Boston for Easter with Robin. We finally got a place to park the rig close to her house. Next town over in Lexington. We will stay at her place for a few days then gotta start heading west. Austin Texas by 5/28 for a wedding, then home area by 6/20☹️. I love this lifestyle

11 April 2019

Day 87. Dover Delaware. Chilly 46 Vicki made the 140 mile drive here. Very nice roads. We drove from Virginia through Maryland and across to Delaware. All in 3 hours. Yesterday Erin took us to buy an “easy pass” to handle the toll roads we will end up on in the next 13 states. We did incur almost $30.00 in tolls in Florida. California should take note... Found the Dover Elks Lodge, no one was here but I found a 50amp plug and we got settled in. Went to Lowes to get a new toilet seat, (it’s important) and found Dover Downs right next door. Huge Casino, Horse Track and a BIG NASCAR racetracks which I’m sure we will come back to. Back to the Elks to check in, super friendly folks. First drink 🍷 is on them! $20.00 a night with 50amp! Tomorrow’s lunch is shrimp Scampi, $7.00😀. Then the Dover Downs Casino for her and the Air Mobility Command Museum for me. We’re thinking of Atlantic City next- headed to Boston can’t believe we’re on the downhill... seems like we just started this jou

10 April 2019

Day 86. DC area flipflops... We drove 12 miles to Erin’s house (45min) it’s 2 doors down the street from where she grew up. Meet Eric, her fiancé, and all the improvements they have done to the house. Had a nice lunch at Murphy’s, in old downtown Alexandria. Last time we were there was Denise’s funural. Toured the waterfront for a while. A local fella stopped by to feed “his” Carps. He said he had fed them for years, funny guy. After a few thousand fitbit steps we stopped for a ice cream at Pops on the way back to the car, yummo! Erin & Davey came over to the RV for a delicious BarBQ dinner and campfire complete with S’mores, again Yumo! A very fun visit.

9 April 2019

Day 85. Pohick Reginal ParkDC. Warm, 85 Had a nice morning, it quit raining and the suns out! We drove to Arlington National Cemetery ( 22mi= 1hr) to park and catch the HoHo bus. The cemetery is endless. We walked to to Tomb of the unknown soldier. Our timing was perfect, change of the guard and a changing of the wreath that is in display for 24 hours, then handed over to the family (with Taps being blown) a proud tearful experience for me... Caught the bus and saw most of the DC area, we’ve been here before but it’s still a great experience. Had our first Shake Shack burger for lunch. It was okay, not great, okay. Started home around 4:30, prime time. Traffic is a big huge issue here. Took over a hour to get home. The pups were VERY happy to see us when we got home. Leftovers for supper, too warm for a campfire.

8 April 2019

Day 84 Hard rain in afternoon 82 Nice 110 mile run here (DC area) very large sites with full hookups in the woods a couple miles off the hi way. We got settled in and we’re enjoying the smells and sounds of the park, it was warm and comfortable when it started to sprinkle... within 5 minutes we had a huge rain storm pounding us relentlessly! Erin And Davey came to visit, Davey was intriged with the motor home. It was fun sharing it with him. We went out to a local Pizzeria,had a fun visit. Stopped at the ranger station to figure out where to get on the HOHO tour bus and the campground had the coolest rubber band guns! Wolfs, Bears and more! The G kids will love them! Trees everywhere around here, and out of nowhere a beautiful Cherry Bloosom tree! Tomorrow we should see a bunch of them, we’re touring the area.

7 April 2019

Day 82/83 travel & tourist 78& sunny Drove to Norfolk to to the harbor tour. It was very interesting and fun. The largest Navy Base in America. I’ve always wanted to see it. Thanks Vic for going. Lots of cool ships and submarines. Norfolk has spent a lot of money on the waterfront, it’s beautiful. Vic found us a%%%%%%%. Outstanding burgers! Great table looking outside. Drove down to Virginia Beach, wasn’t what I thought. 3 miles of Boardwalk, should have brought my bike.

6 April 2019

Day 81 cloudy ⛅️ 65ish, nice day. Toured Colonial Williamsburg today and it was the Farmers Market too. Sampled a bunch of different delights that we don’t get at home. Did buy some great cheese & blue shell crab dip. (Dinner). So much history everywhere around us, just not the same on the west coast... it’s fun to see some of the kids- they are so into the history and the area. Had another nice lunch at DoG Street Pub. Super dog friendly and huge portions of quality food. We walked off lunch touring all the historical buildings then it was off to the Jamestown-Scotland Ferry. We read about it on TripAdvisor, way fun. Crosses the James river over to Scotland. Fun to do and great sites along the way.

5 April 2019

Day 80 Travel to Williamsburg Va. Raining ☔️ 50’s Easy 110 mile run here. American Heritage RV Park. Very clean, lots of trees long skinny sites. Got here early, set up camp and took the pups to the groomer we booked last week. It’s hard to book a groomer, they are all booked up- some 2 weeks out! While they were having a spa day, Vicki & I had some Chinese food for lunch, then a quick trip to Wal Mart (again) to get a few groceries. Went back to our soggy site to unpack, rearrange and chill. Picked up the pups, they look and smell great! Vicki made dinner, watched some TV, walked the pups and almost ready for bed. Gotta be ready to get historical tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will be better. I don’t mind traveling in bad weather, but we want it nice when we’re playing tourist...

4 April 2019

Day 79 Gordonsville. Warm,sunny 76 Again, Huge park, Laundry in the morning (free laundry) then Keri picked Vic up to go wine tasting and lunch. Vicki needed some “girl time). While they were gone I tried to ride my bike around the property- it’s not only big, but hilly too! Flew the drone, it had been awhile and all the compass’s need to be recalibrated ... but I did get to fly for awhile till security told me it was a no drone zone. More & more places won’t let you fly. Had a nice BarBQ chicken dinner, walked the pups and went to bed.

3 April 2019

Day 78 travel to Gordonsville Va. Our time here has come to a end... such a pretty setting, but gotta press on. Short drive today. Very nice RV park we’re staying in. Huge sites, lots of trees, great utilitys and FREE laundry rooms! Keri & Scott are members and set us up! They brought the kids over to visit and we had a very nice dinner with them here at the lodge.

2 April 2019

Day 76/77, Lynchburg Va. still cool. 24 in the morning Brenda had killer cinnamon rolls made by the time I got out of bed. Had a nice lunch before we got our historical hats on. Brenda was our tour guide (highly recommend) she first took us to visitPoplar Forest, Thomas Jeffersons 2nd home. We had a very smart tour guide and learned a lot about TJ built the place with enslaved labor. Then off to The D Day Memorial in Bedford Va. The town lost 19% of the young male population in the first 3 minutes of the invasion. The memorial won’t take any funds forms the feds because there are too many strings attached...Again we had a excellent tour guide which made the experience even Better. Went back to the resort to tend to the pups and rest a bit (already had over 10k steps)! Had a nice dinner at one of there favorite restaurants, mussels to die for. Mark gave some tips on which way to go from here. Great hosts, we really enjoyed the time with them. Great folks.

1 April 2019

Day 75 Lynchburg Va Blanchette RV Resort Cold !! Tops of 50. Again our gps took us on the long and winding road, the 501 if you know. The rest stops here in Virginia are huge and beautiful! I was tweeked by the time we got to the Blanchette RV resort... stunning home with great hookups and a 5 acre dog park. Lucy Loo was on her game, she loved it. They also have great food here too, Brenda and Mark outdid themselves, whipped up some killer lamb chops, Mark grilled them perfectly. We had a great time & again stayed up too late, poor Mark, he had patients waiting at 8:30 AM. Vicki & Brenda are like sisters- they don’t miss a beat- a year goes by, and they just keep talking. Slept like a baby, cool and quite.

31 March 2019

Day 73 & 74 Pigeon Forge to Wytheville, VA Cold. 50-24 Slow start this morning- met up with the kids and ken at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Took us over 20 min to go 1.4 miles down the Parkway! Incredible towns, but traffic is worse then the Bay Area! The park let us park the rig while we we had a great breakfast. (Chicken Livers & eggs) Left around 1pm for a easy 160 mile run to Wytheville Va. Clean family run park, half the sites were empty but they wanted to know if we had a reservation... I told him we called a few hours ago and they said no problems come on in. He still had to check the computer to make sure they had a spot, after a number of “clicks “ he says good news we do have a site! We can stay! I was like- look outside...😎 He was like 25, quick on the computer, nice, but had no clue. Vic made a great baked chicken dinner. It was way too cold outside to BarBQ, and it helped to heat the coach up. Yummo!

30 March 2019

#72 Pigon forge sunny 75 Had a lazy morning, then went to meet up With Ellie at Lumberjack square. Kind of an outside mall with the lumberjack arena in the middle. Had a couple of adult beverages & food at the Brewery close by. Met up with Ken and watched the lumberjack show/competition. Great entertainment, maybe cause we knew the lumberjacks, no, the crowds were wild about the show. Great time.After the show we went back to the brewery for more adult beverages. Fun live music, Vicki got to dance for 2 minutes, we had more cocktails, Then a Lyft ride home. It was almost 11:30!

29 March 2019

Still day 71, Walking the pups and ran into Lisa and her dog, walking... he was so cute hanging out on her shoulder. Went to dinner at “Longhorns 🥩 Steak house. KC (kens son) works there and again we got VIP treatment. After dinner we went to Ken’s “cabin “ where they both live. Way up on a hill looking over Pigon Forge. Killer view!
Day 71. Overcast 65ish Drove all the way through the park to Cherokee. It’s only 40 miles but lots of switchbacks & tight turns. Very pretty, lots of trees and a pretty river, but not jaw dropping like Glacier NP or Yellowstone. Non the less, another great example of our National Parks. Lots of families enjoying the park and warm weather. Cherokee is just outside the park and has a huge casino/ event center (Harrahs). It was just like Vegas. Vic found her lucky machine and we walked out with more then we walked in with$$$! On the drive back we stopped for a picnic lunch by the river, I forgot forks so we had “hand chicken” Going out to dinner with Ken and his son. He told me to pick a place... I told him it’s your town... bet he can pick better then I. No matter, we’ll have fun!

27 March 2019

69 & 70, Pigon Forge Pine Mt RV Park. Sunny ☀️ 70 A quick 150 mile run by Vicki brings us back to town to play. Every where is packed! It’s spring break time and it’s sunny and warm. Even the RV park is packed. Lazy morning, then off Bud’s guns & range! Sally Sue didn’t want to go. We fired a MACHINE gun! Wicked fun and cool! Even Vic was smiling 😀. Vic finally got to shoot her dads 22 derringer for the first time too. The little thing has a lot of kick. We stopped at a Waffle House for lunch, we have seen hundreds across the country and finally tried it. Not too bad. Our toothless waitress who memorized our order, couldn’t believe we’ve never eaten at a Waffle House. Funny- I don’t think she’s been out much. Getting the grill ready for some BarBQ chicken tonight.

25 March 2019

Day 67&68. Crossville Kt. Spring Lake RV park, Sunny and warm. 30s in the morning. We thought we had a easy 140 mile run, Darn GPS, took us all around on all of the smallest,windiest roads in Ky and Tennessee! I was stressing half the trip. Vic took over and I felt better. Nice Big park. Waterfall in the middle of the lake that made lots of noise till the timer shut it off..... peace n quite. Checked out an RV community. All the houses had huge garages that would fit our rig + a 1700sq ft house for $250k! Toured the historical area in Crossville and came across a Military Musiuem. Great tour guide. Everything in the museum was donated by folks. We really enjoyed the tour. Got my Asian fix today- had a great buffet lunch, a quick run to Walmart to PU a few things for the next few days. Got my hair cut at a local barber shop, it was fun to BS with the guys waiting... Sunny, warm evening hanging out hearing cool sounds from the trees and birds.

24 March 2019

Day 66, Sunny then rain then sunny... Played tourist today, Visited Mammoth National Park. We got there 30 minutes after they opened and Every guided tour was sold out! We did get to do the “self guided tour”. Was very interesting! I never knew it was there. Over 429 miles of caves that interconnect as low as 420 feet underground! Our National Parks are the best! We had 9650 steps in before we had a killer lunch at White Castle Burgers. I had never had a fresh one, (my dad loved them) only the frozen ones from the supermarket. Love the little onions. They sell them for 74 cents each- or a 20 pack for $10.00. 30 packs with frys are their best seller! They must have sold 500 of them while we were there! Get out of church and go to Castle Burgers! Lots of tourist stuff, zip lines, mystery caverns, fun funky place. Sunny warm afternoon. Did some time at the dog park and meatloaf Sammy’s for supper. Life is really good! Off to Spring Lake Tn. Tomorrow morning just to hangout.

23 March 2019

Day 65. Cave Country KT Sunny 65. Shorts Still can’t believe yesterday afternoon... We slept in this morning and had an easy 120 mile run to Cave City Kentucky. We stopped at Kentucky Downs casino. It’s also a horse track, Just after the boarder, Vic won $13.00 and got her casino fix for a while. The park isn’t fancy, but they are very friendly, most folks are around here. We’re about 5 miles to the National Park & The Historic RailPark museum (Vic’s excited) which we plan on going to tomorrow. Had a quiet afternoon and Vic made a great batch of Beef Stroganoff. Yumo.

22 March 2019

Day 63. ☀️ 68! Today’s the day! WOW! Had a easy morning, Took Uber into the city. Sunny Friday afternoon and everybody is out! Streets are packed, people on the rooftops, and hundreds of folks in line for the Music Row Happy Hour! Some since 9:30am. We walked up to security, and they said, you’re our guests from Pigeon Forge- please step over here while we get you a drink, and get your table ready. We were VIPs and didn’t know it. What a party. It happens every Friday afternoon and it’s always sold out. We had a table as close as you could get to the stage & they comped everything! It was fun meeting Buzz after talking with him for 2 months. Met his producer PJ, he says I talk too much... Vicki did a great job speaking with him on the live radio. She gave him a patch from Steve’s fire station. What a party! They say the show keeps getting bigger and better! 1600 people on a Friday afternoon. 😜 Crazy!

21 March 2019

Day 62 Nashville. 66 flip flops Laidback day. Vic’s birthday and she wanted to rest up for tomorrow. We did laundry at one of the local laundromats. Its always entertaining to visit laundromats, you get a better feel of the town (Madison Tn). Ran a couple of errands and had a great lunch at the Opry Grill, Vicki got her shrimp and grits! Came home to hangout at the park. Lots of sun today. Leftover hamburgers for dinner and a nice walk around the park. All the kids called Vic for her birthday, the time difference is killing us😎. Early to bed, gotta be rested up for tomorrow at the Happy Row Music Hour.

20 March 2019

Day 60/61 28 in the morning, 60s in the afternoon Last night Ken took us to the Comedy Barn, was a lot like Hee Ha...very corny, we left at intermission. Played tourist today, went to Bush Baked beans visitors center. They make a ton of beans! The factory has been there since 1908! Very interesting and fun. Lots of folks were there. Great displays, and we found out Pigs do fly. Very nice cafe on site. As soon as they seat you they bring samples of the latest BarBQ beans. Lunch was good and we had to try their famous “Pinto Bean Pie” for desert, kinda like pecan pie... but I didn’t care for it. Stopped at another whiskey distillery/tasting place to try some great Tennessee whiskeys. We had Ken over to the RV for a home cooked corn beef dinner for his birthday. Vicki sure can throw a great dinner party! Tomorrow we head back to Nashville for Vicki’s birthday and the music row happy hour!

18 March 2019

Day 59 Sunny cold Visited the Great Smokey Mountains... like most national parks, they have done it right. We’re Lucky we had leadership years ago that did the right thing to protect our beautiful parks! Walked the streets of Gatlinburg and had lunch at No Way Jose’s. Ken showed his Gatlinburg Margaritaville location. Very nice! They have 1953 woody out front! We took the tram up the Mt. To Anakeesta, a second story version of Gatlinburg, zip line, coasters,food and drink.

17 March 2019

Day 57/58 Sunny cold in the morning. Frozen water lines Kind of a hard drive here, it The Smokey Mountains... Nice park, with lots of policy’s...Didn’t want to let us check in 50 minutes early because it was against policy. Were backed into a nice creek. Ken (my roommate in 1973, High school buddies) helped build the Margaritaville Hotels here in Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg Tn. The place is like Disneyland in the mountains. Four story go cart tracks, Miniture Golf on the 2nd floor! He took us to one of his hotels on the “Island” Way too much of everything good. Y’all have to come here! Went to dinner at Paula Deens restaurant. Great dinner experience, served family style. Every thing was great- and everyone gets a desert. Vic had banana pudding and Ken & I had peach cobbler. We walked around the island again after dinner, he took us home, walked the pups, and went to bed. Forgot to set the heater- 42 at 4am... I turned the heater on... as per Vic’s request!!!

15 March 2019

Day 55-56. Sunny and raining Vic wouldn’t go back to school today. I caught a ride with another couple and managed to stay awake for my second day of camp freightliner. Still didn’t learn much. Ellie & Will and 3 GFs came to the coach for a visit, it was nice seeing them again. Turns out they live in N Carolina but it’s like 15 miles to us here in S Carolina! Will turned me onto “Liver Mush” He says it’s a southern thing... we did get some and I tried it , no so yummy. I got another brand to try... Met up with Bob & Janet at the mall- Bob needed shoes. Went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Was fun meeting up with them again. Bob made me a thumb drive for the time we were stationed together on Guam and the USS Enterprise. I can’t wait to look at the pictures! Came home and had a quiet night, packed up so we can get on the road to The Smokey Mountains.

14 March 2019

Day 53&54 Sunny then hard rain Got up in the dark to catch the “shuttle “ to camp Freightliner. They missed us and had to come back to pick us up- what a party bus! We were the only ones on board! At lunchtime they told us to go get our coach to fit it in for service that afternoon. We ran back, buttened the rig up and went back to school. The school was a disappointment, it’s sells out 9 months ahead of time but the instructor has been doing it toooo long! He was boaring and answered Emails while doing his PowerPoint! I did pick up a couple of things but I’ve been to a lot of schools and already knew most of the information he was slowly putting out. They did get the recall on the Red done and we had the generator serviced, and we took her home. We were pooped after setting up camp again and didn’t go back for the BarBQ, ate leftovers for dinner.

13 March 2019

Day 51 Gaffney SC. Sunny 60ish Got up early to do laundry this morning and then off for what we thought would be a easy 130 mile run. Not. Lots of road work going on. Then we tried to get the coach washed, drove 16 miles out of our way , to find a dozen trucks waiting... Got here and had a slow check in, no escort available, finally get to our pretty site to find all the utility’s are on the wrong side... WTH? So we finally got all hooked up and went to register at the service center, it was much smaller then I thought. We ran a couple errands, Came across this church doing a fund raiser- won’t find that in California. Ordered pizza from the campground- delivery right to our site via a golf cart! Very nice weather ending in a very nice sunset behind our coach. Gotta be up early tomorrow, Shuttle bus picks us up at 7:30 am! Yikes!

12 March 2019

Day 50! Transit day, Lexington SC sunny 74 Almost a 400 mile run today. 3 states by 1pm! We split the driving up between us, makes it more fun. Some states sure spend more on there infrastructure then others... California leadership should check out the rest stops in most of the states we’ve driven through. “Safe phone zones” they call them. They even have security at night. We arrived here at 4, I called a couple hours out to make sure they had a spot, as it’s been tuff in Florida. She said she had to check... she comes back on and says yes we could take you for a night! So we pull into this very clean park that is half full! She had to check the computer... too funny. Outstanding BarBQ pork chops for supper, it was good to have a home cooked dinner. Took the pups for a walk and found the dog park. They had fun running loose. Quick 120mile run to Gaffney tomorrow morning.

11 March 2019

Day 49 -80 sunny St Augustine Fl Real nice park! Check out the buddy vintage sites. We wanted to stay another night- she didn’t even have to check the computer, no way😢. We road the HoHo tour twice around town. Oldest city in America. Lots of museums, churches, history and food! Had lunch at Harrys, very well done. Vic claims the best meal of the trip so far! Back on the bus to the St Augustine distillery tour and tasting. It was very interesting, we had never seen the process. And at the end we had lots of tastings, just like port- Bourbons all have their own unique taste. I didn’t take any pictures, but it’s “bike week” in Daytona Beach just S of here, OMG bikes that cost almost as much as our MH! Grandpa’s and Grandma’s that love to ride Harley’s, Vicki’s real glad I didn’t go that direction- but I think she would look good in chaps😎. Tomorrow we head north, don’t know where yet- but north, got Camp Freightliner coming up in Gaffney SC.

10 March 2019

Day 48 St Augustine Fl sunny 80 Easy 130 mile run here. Pretty park, very friendly, woodsy. A jewel in the ruff. Called our friends Dayton & Kay, friends from Guam (1976). They’re retired living in Jacksonville. They wanted to take us to a nice wine bar, but no parking... Luckily for us Dayton found a sleazy dive bar called “Barnone” had a couple of pops and moved on. Went to a killer restaurant called Caps, they open at 4, we got there around 5 & had a hour wait. Folks kept poring in. Outstanding dinner/ experience! It sits right on the inter coastal and folks loved the sunset. We Caught up on 40 years in 4 hours. The girls talk quicker then Dayton & I could . We had such a good time! Thank you Facebook for reconnecting us a few years ago. Took Uber home, but forgot our gate key- luckily Dayton called us... Uber turned around and all was good. Tomorrow we tourist the area.

9 March 2019

Day 47 Kennedy Space Center. 84 ☀️ sunny Got to KSC as it opened! We hadn’t been here in almost 30 years, and it was raining last time so you could hardly see anything. Today was different, its bigger and better then ever! Great bus tour of the launch pads. We saw crocodiles just hanging out by the road, and Bald Eagles that have lived in the area for years- go figure... NASA has done a great job on this amazing park, makes you proud to be an American. If you’re in the area- its a must do! Ran home to feed/walk the pups so we could check out Cocoa beach. It also has grown a lot in 25 years. Saw a restaurant with a FULL parking lot & stopped in, didn’t know it is one of Yelps top rated restaurants in town... it was outstanding! They had “belly clams” a first for us- outstanding! Drove the town, found us a beach for a romantic stroll, but the water was freezing! The stroll ended quickly and then the GPS took us all around town till it found I95...we are 2 miles off it...home safel

8 March 2019

Day 46 CoCo Beach. 82 Sunny Vicki drove the first half of the trip-TRAFFIC sucked! She got the shitty half! We stopped at one of the many outstanding rest stops this state has, to snack and switch drivers. Posted a picture I took on I95 on Facebook and got slammed! The poor moose... Found our campground, it’s behind a church & again someone was in our site! They found us another site and we settled in. Lots of the palm trees had shells stuck in them- from the hurricanes? Met some folks and hung out, they have a nice heated pool. Chili dogs for supper. Got a big day tomorrow! I’m so excited.

7 March 2019

Day 45 Key West 80n sunny Drove down to Key West today. It was fun, been there by plane and boat but never by car. Lots of stuff along the way, dive shops, hotels, restaurants and lots of Tiki bars. We had lunch at Sloppy Joes in Key West. Fun restaurant/bar that has been there since 1937! They had great food and a great one man band that had the crowd rocking. Every place was packed, and only one cruise ship in port. Doesn’t anybody work anymore? We toured the area for a bit, but the crowds got to me... Long drive back & a quite night.

6 March 2019

Day 44 travel to Homestead Fl. Sunny 74 120 mile run here. Lots of road construction going on around here, stressful. Stopped for fuel at Pilot- they were packed! There was a cop directing trucks/ RVs into the place! A first for us. Got to the park and found someone still in our site- took a bit but they found us another site. Visited the Everglades National Park in the afternoon. 3rd largest National Park, but not that exciting. No gators for us today. BarBQ some killer burgers 🍔 for dinner. Walking the dogs guilt free tonight. Tomorrow we’re going to drive the Keys! I’m excited.

5 March 2019

Day 43 travel to Boca Raton. Raining. Sunny Easy 200 mile run here. GPS sent us onto the turnpike/ toll road, didn’t know how much it would cost- they aren’t real clear about it... lots of exits said they bill by license plate #s we will see how It plays out. On the turnpikes they have huge service centers in the middle of the freeway. A left exit to get to them. They have a number of FF restaurants and a fueling station. Works out well We arrived here to a 614 site RV park that had 2 open sites! And they don’t allow dogs! They made a exception for us as we were staying only 1 night. 90% of the license plates are from Quebec, and the signs are in French. We met up with Jerry & MJ Hornak for drinks at the park. They showed us around town and we had a excellent dinner. Then over to their house for coffee- way nice house! At 11:30 I told Jerry to take us home- MJ had to work in the morning! Way fun time with great friends.

4 March 2019

Day 41/42 Sunny and warm Way super nice campground, Disney knows how to do it! We rented a golf cart to make the park smaller. Kaylin n Kyle jr. came and hung with us for the night. We cruised all around the campground just for the fun of it. From a 13 ft teardrop trailer- to a million dollar prevost they got it all. We ate supper at the Lands End here at the campground. Lots of great food , the Gkids loved it. Jumped back on the golf cart to get our swimsuits on and play in the pool for an hour, then Back on the cart to get dry clothes on so we could go watch the fireworks. Was so much fun just driving around checking out all the other sites.

1 March 2019

Day 39&40 still sunny and hot Went to TIrePros meetings in the morning had a quick lunch with old TP buddy’s then I cut class in the afternoon to play with the grandkids. They had there first horseback ride. We hung out at the campground for a bit, but they wanted to go swimming. We drove them back to their resort and went swimming in one of their huge pools- even had an adult beverage poolside, don’t see that in California. Kati’s uncle drove up from Ft Lauderdale to visit Next day- tuff night (dogs issues) Alarm goes off at 6:45, I walk the pups, making cereal I knocked over a 1/2 gallon of milk into the stove & then Lyft was messed up & I was late for the meeting. Got off at noon & met the kids at the Magic Kingdom. It was packed, they average 45,000 visitors a day. Today was almost 70K! People everywhere. Vicki hustled a employee and got us all 2 fast passes! The lines were 90 minutes, but we got to walk right on! We couldn’t take it anymore, went home at 8pm. Tired puppy’s.

27 February 2019

Day 36,37,38 sunny n hot Ran some errands in the morning then took Lyft over to The Coronado Resort to surprise the kids. One of the Disney employees heard what we were doing and wanted to be involved. She made up a big welcome bag for the kids and then filmed the surprise for us. We did blow the grandkids away! TirePros had a hosted welcome event and is was fun meeting up with old buddy’s. They had lots of Disney characters that we got to take pictures with. Good food, drink and friends! Then we crashed!

26 February 2019

Day 35/36 Fort Wilderness Sunny! A quick run here. The place is magnificent! Super clean and large sites. Everything is so well thought out. After we got settled in, We hopped on a Disney bus which took us to the marina where you can catch a boat to get you to the magic kingdom or a number of Disney resorts. The bus or a rented golf cart or bikes is how you get around the campground. No place to park the car other then your campsite. Lots of walking trails, but the place is huge! 800 campsites and 400 cabins, but it doesn’t feel crowded. BarBQed some chicken tonight. The kids get here tomorrow! Can’t wait to surprise them!

25 February 2019

Day 33 & 34 sunny 1 day , raining 2nd day Woke up to The SUN! And some very noisy birds! This park is a mini zoo, got birds, donkeys and cows all over the park. We toured the local area and did a little shopping. Vicki wanted to “frost” our shower doors like our neighbor did. It turned out great! I even got to wear my sunglasses for the first time in a week! The sun has a way of making you feel good... Day two we woke up to dump trucks and tractors. The park is adding a few sites. It was fun to watch. I spent some time on the computer (limited WiFi) trying to find a place to stay after Orlando. NO VACANCYS at most parks! I was super frustrated. Finally got a few sites booked around Florida. Stay tuned to see how it turns out... Off to Orlando (Fort Wilderness) in the morning to drop the hook for 6 nights. Can’t wait to surprise the grandkids Thursday afternoon 😎

24 February 2019

Day 32 Alachua Fl. Sunny day Left early, 9ish, 365 mile run south, rained part of the time. We split the driving. Stopped at another great rest stop. They are huge and nice n clean. Calif has a lot to learn... The 75s is a nice highway, even with all the rain. Polite truckers- stupid drivers. Arrived around 4pm at the Traveler RV campground. Check in took a while cause she had to show me where all the mini donkeys, pigs and goats hung out. We had another Allegro Red pull in next to us, the clerk was so excited, and 2 other Red’s right after that. We had a mini Red Rally right here at the campground, we were all parked by each other. Nice Tiffin folks and and we got some great upgrade tips. Vicki made another killer batch of her sketty, yea buddy. Gonna kick back and watch the Emmys (who cares) This is a nice park, we’re going to hang for a few days... And then SURPRISE!

23 February 2019

Day 31 travel day- still raining 🌧... Waited till 10 to leave, the rain lightened up a bit. Did 240 miles, and relized we were in a new time zone (EST) so it was later then we thought. Stopped in Cartersville Ga. for the night. Cold but dry! Lots of COE highly rated parks- but they don’t open till 3/1.

22 February 2019

Day 30 Nashville. Still raining.... Met up at the hotel. Had a nice tour guide Michael, we to the Marathon district, where they built Marathon cars for a number of years. Then to the “Pickers” store, lots of cool stuff they have come across on there TV show. But big bucks for anything in the store. It was fun looking... Next up was a Moonshine distillery for a tasting session, at 10:30 in the morning! Lots of great flavors. Vicki bought a bottle of Bananas Foster flavored moonshine. Way killer good! More touring around town and a good BarBQ lunch at the Peg Leg. Got dropped off at the RV, walked the pups, rested, and met up with M,M &M at Dierks Bentley’s Bar. Way fun with Killer music. Had some bar food for dinner which was pretty good The place was packed! We had seats, but if you got up to pee- someone had to guard your seat! I’m sure I suffered from some hearing loss.. Rained all the way home.

21 February 2019

Day 29 Nashville. RAINING! Sunny this morning. We went to the Country Music Museum. Very interesting tour. Very well done. We walked a few blocks to a restaurant Becky recommended Puckett’s Grocery Restaurant. Had a killer burger! Went home to feed and walk the pups. Lyfted back downtown to Meet up with Matt & Monica. Went to Broadway st. and had a few drinks in as many bars. Huge bars, 3&4 stories high with music on every floor! Lyfted back home, walked the pups and went to bed. Our city tour starts tomorrow at 9am sharp. Very noisy in the rig, pouring still....

20 February 2019

Day 28 Nashville rainy n cold Took the pups to get groomed at 8am, had a chicken liver breakfast at Cracker Barrel (Yumo). Found a place to get our toes done, a quick trip to the store, found a locksmith and got copies of all the keys we lost when Vicki’s purse got stolen. Took the pups home. Still pouring down rain so we stayed home and did laundry. I made Sloppy the Joes for supper. Tomorrow’s supposed to be sunny and nice...

19 February 2019

Day 27 Memphis to Nashville cold, 36 RAIN! We left around 9am, trying to beat the weather. Vicki drove most of the way- stoped & filled the rig off the 40 at Pilot. One quick rest stop, and back at it. Nashville is a big city with lots of freeways, found our way here to the Nashville KOA around 1:30. Checked in, drove to our muddy site- and went right back to the office and got us a better,dryer site. Hunkered down for the storm. Got the pups booked for a haircut tomorrow morning. It’s 7 miles away, but was told it will take 30 min to get there... so we’ll be up early tomorrow. It’s raining ☔️ SUPER hard- flood warnings all around.

18 February 2019

Day 26 Memphis Sunny & cold! Slept in till 8am! It was 31 when I walked the pups, they don’t like the cold, takes them forever to do there thing, and I freeze! Vic made a frittata with Robins leftover shrimp and scallop pasta. OMG one of her best! Walked over to tour Graceland, it’s much bigger then it was last time we were here. He was quite the man, changed music like the Beatles did. Too bad drugs got to him... Robins friends recommended Gus’s world famous fried chicken. Again had to wait a while just to get in, but it was really,really good chicken. That’s all they offer. Do one thing and do it well. We dropped Robin at the airport, weather is all around us but she did get out- hopefully It will quit snowing in Boston so she can get home. It’s quite without her, glad we got to share our lifestyle with her. Did a quick Wal Mart run, a little maintenance & cleaning. Bad weather is coming so we’re going straight to Nashville to drop the hook for 4 nights.

17 February 2019

Day 25 Memphis Rainy/cold 31 Left 9:30. 250 mile run here. Vicki drove most of the way in the rain. We stopped at Love’s for fuel- Robins first truck stop! Got to Graceland RV park at 2, set up quick & went to the Civil Rights museum, Very well done, very moving experience, but again not enough time. We were starved and Yelp said Central BBQ was great. We looked around & it’s a block away. Had to wait outside in a cold 40 degrees with a bunch of other freezing folks. Kind of a dump but great food! Came home to a very cold coach and 2 hungry pups. Going to Graceland in the morning then dropping Robin off. Weather is coming and she has to go home and do that life saving thing (work). ☹️. But it sure has been fun sharing our adventure with her... Making more memories.

16 February 2019

Day 24 Vicksburg Ms. Very cold today. Busy tourist day. Lots of museums, lots of history. Lower Mississippi River Museum, Coca Cola museum, USS Cario Museum & the Vicksburg National Park. Lots of history that I had forgotten. Very good experience. We had a nice lunch at Rusty’s, nice view of the river & super good food- fried green tomatoes, a first for us, very tasty. Got back to the rig around 5, fed the dogs and getting ready to go to Memphis.

15 February 2019

Day 23 Vicksburg Ms. Today was a travel day up to Vicksburg MS. pretty easy run, Robins first experience... good hiways. Stopped at blank a “hospitality center” a very nice rest stop. It was manned with 2 very knowledgeable employees, they gave us some great tips on our future travels north. Vic made ham sandwiches for lunch & off we went. Arrived at the Ameristar RV park, it will work. Had a great dinner, seared tuna from Mexico! Robin walked the pups with me and then we went to the Casino to donate- and we did... Fun easy day.

14 February 2019

Day 22 New Orleans Partly cloudy morning. We left 9:30ish, stopped at NOPD so Vic could get a police report on her purse rip off. The cops were really fun & nice after that We walked to Cafe du Monde (open 24/7) to grab a couple of beignets & hot coco. Yumo! Sugar! Then onto the hoho tour around the city, way fun again. Got off to tour the Mardi Gras world, real cool tour of who/how/where they build the floats for all 30 parades that happen over a 2 week period. I’ll never look at a parade the same way. Time well spent. Then we were starving, Robins friend recommended Drago’s Seafood here in town, our Lyft driver was excited for us-she says best place for charbroiled Oysters! They were, and it was fun watching them Charbroil them. Off to Vicksburg tomorrow.

13 February 2019

Day 21 New Orleans , ☀️ Ran a couple errands in the morning, then walked over to the HOHO Tour bus, did 2 stops before it smelled so good, we grabbed a couple of po boys! More yummo. Took the bus ( a different bus) to the WW2 museum, a must do if your in the area. What War we fought ! 5 different halls & 3 theaters, we needed more time. Back on the bus for a very cold tour of the city. We saw where the Mardi Gras floats are made. Got home around 5, fed the pups and now we’re waiting for Robin (my sister) to fly in. We’re going to show her the town for 24 hours, then off to Vicksburg.

12 February 2019

Day 20 New Orleans Here is a view of where we are staying. Slept good, woke up to a major rain storm! Gully drops! No hop on hop off tour for us today. So we did our laundry & caught up on a couple projects. Rain wouldn’t stop,and Vic didn’t want to play in the rain ☔️, so I door dashed “Krystal” kinda like Castle Burgers... chicken & beef sliders and a funky drink. It was good- we stayed dry. Vicki made her own version of hamburger helper for dinner, it was good and the rain finally 🌧 stopped. Red night, a sailors delight. Tomorrow we are tourists! Supposed to be sunny ☀️

11 February 2019

Day 19. New Orleans I made the 90 mile run today. Much better road conditions. Was nerve racking driving here in the city, but we pulled in around noon. Took a quick Lyft to the ACME Oyster House for some great eats. We came here 20 years ago and it’s still a fun experience. They have them “charbroiled” now, not as good as mine, but very tasty. Wondered around town, found a bar with live music, ordered a drink and within minutes a bitch stole Vicki’s purse. Pissed 😡 off! Got to the rig, locksmith couldn’t get it open, Vic’s trying to shut off the CCs, Crying, terrible! A couple ladies tried to get in to no avail, Found a skinny little kid in the park & he wiggled his way into Vicki’s window! Half the campground was trying to help us. What a night! Big time Buzz kill...

10 February 2019

Day 18 Morgan City La. Had a great breakfast & left around 10. We thought we were going to Cajun Palms off the 10, half way there I told Vicki I wanted to get off the 10 and take the 90 south, it seemed much more fun, scenic then the interstate. We stopped at a Petro truck stop so I could figure out where we we going. The truck stop had a Casino, so Vicki was all excited! They also had a nice dog park, so the pups were excited too. Vic took the conn so I could look and navigate. The hi way (90S) has to be one of the worst roads we’ve EVER been on! It felt like Calif 680 only worse and for miles. It was only 95 miles, but we were wasted by the time we got here Great driving Ms Vic! So we arrived at a park I found along the way- Lakes End Park in Morgan City La. Nice Park!Very pretty, water all around. We pulled in, they gave us a map of the open sites in the park, she tells us to go find one we like and after your setup, come on back and pay... We’re not on California anymore.

9 February 2019

Day 17 Beaumont Tx Way fun 290 mile run to Beaumont Tx. Started with a great ferry ride to the mainland. It’s free! Part of the state highway system I was worried about the rig, but they said, Sir, there might be an 18 wheeler behind you... A school bus did get on before us, the ferries are very efficient and run 24/7. Vic and I split the easy drive. Took on fuel, $2.59/gal! Gulf Coast RV park was perfect. Easy on/off, not much noise, long pull through sites. In the morning they have a great breakfast that’s included in the $22.50 FHU rate! I’ve never seen a waffle maker in the shape of a state. So after almost a week, tomorrow we finally get out of Texas! It’s a big ass state! We will be back.

8 February 2019

Day 16 still Port Aransas Still super cold, we both slept really well, all night long. Went to Padre National shore line today, our Lifetime Sr. Pass works again! The beach is almost 70 miles long, and it’s part of the State highway system! If your car or cart is street legal, you can drive almost anywhere along the beach till you get stuck... Our GPS took us to an old restaurant (Snoopys) right on the water in a weird kinda way, but we made it and it was a great lunch/snack. Then we went to a HEB+ store. Kinda like Wal Mart but much nicer & cleaner. No one was wearing slippers or PJs! Check out the Texas Tatos! Every thing is huge in Texas. Cold day, Vicki’s got Turkey soup on the stove- our coach smells great!

7 February 2019

Day 14 & 15 Port Aransas Tx 343 mile run here. Super windy . last night sucked, for what ever reason, the pups were sick all night. I had to get up twice so they could crap. Luckily it wasn’t too cold. We split the drive down here- rained big time. Corpus Christi is a HUGE city. Goes on and on, we will take the ferry when we leave, it will be a lot quicker. . A pretty nice RV park with a very funky entry. Vicki did a great job. I did the dogs laundry from last night & we drove to a beach. Lots of traffic & wind. Had sausage for supper & shook in the wind.

6 February 2019

Day 13 still Waco A very mellow day, grey and drizzling out, but it was 68 when we woke up. Every thing in Texas is big! Check out these RV sites, they are huge! Did I mention it’s $13.00 a night with our Sr pass? Off to Tony DeMaria’s BarBQ by 10:30, they are open 9-2 and often sell out. Every Wednesday is all the ribs you can eat for $10.00! Was told the have the best brisket it Texas- it was real good, comes with killer “thumb gravy”, the cup is so full the waitress always gets her thumb in the gravy! We drove around different neighborhoods, Chip & Joanna have ALOT of potential projects in the area... Stoped by the Magnolia “warehouse”. Again very nice employees, and again, very well done. C&J are brilliant!But nothing but a bunch of cute crap they are trying to unload. Vicki did get a deal on a cute ornament, $1.70 with my Veteran discount! Fun quite day, long run south tomorrow.

5 February 2019

Day 12 Waco TX Very quiet park, we both slept well. Off to Magnolia Table by 9am, all the reviews said plan on at least an hour... They entered us in their iPad and said less then 15 min, 5 min later Vic gets a text- our table was ready. Nice place, very good service, they were happy to open the door for us. Vic had the eggs Benedict with Joanna’s killer biscuits & I had the Roast beef sandwich. We split our meals and got a side of their homemade Tatar tots. We left full and headed over to the Silios. Chip & Joanna are marketing wizards, they have done a great job and ladies from around the country drag their husbands here to be apart of it. I liked it, lots of cuteness going on. If that wasn’t enough for the day we made our way over to the Dr. Pepper Museum, heart be still- no really it was very interesting. It’s the oldest major soft drink in America. The weather and park are so nice we’re going to spend $13.00 for another night. Tomorrow BarBQ?

4 February 2019

Day 11 Waco TX 3 nights Left Austin at 10:15, Vic drove the 115 miles, It was crazy! Texas is doing road construction EVERYWHERE. (Glad she had this leg😊) We got to Midway park on lake Waco around noon, it’s a coe park that is sweet! Large sites right on the lake. And half price for Lifetime Sr. Pass holders! Pays to be old sometimes, We had to do a quick WalMart run, but more important- we had to wash the car, it was filthy! I should have taken a picture of it. We were trying to see the sights- but we couldn’t see out the windows. Now we can! Across from the car wash was a “Whataburger” , I love burgers- it was good, no just OK. but we’ll take a Habit Burger anytime. Came back to the rig and enjoyed each other & the great smells and view. kind of a bummer, they have big fire rings and firewood, but it’s too warm for a campfire. Tomorrow we visit Chip & Joanna and the Dr Pepper Museum! Heart be still!

3 February 2019

Day 10 Austin TX 1 night Easy run to Austin Tx, stopped for fuel half way, saw some truck porn at the truck stop (Vic loved it) Got here at the Lonestar RV Park at noon. Had a quick lunch and we were off to the LBJ Library, He was a great president that never got credit for all he did. Died young, 64 years. The Ronald Reagan library was better. Lots of traffic threw downtown. Home by 4, now hanging in the rig watching the Super Bowl. What a crummy game, but at least we could get it here at the park as they have no cable. Off to Waco in the morning...
Day 9 San Antonio More tourist stuff, Lyft to Tower of America, killer foundu & drinks at the top. Very foggy day. Our lift driver missed us, but another Lyft drove drove us over to him for free! I took a Segway tour that was super cool, Vick took hoho bus to the market. I scootered back to the Alamo and met up with Vic. Ubered back to the rig & showed our driver how we lived. He loved it! We had campground pizza delivery. Yumo. Off to Austin in the morning.

31 January 2019

Day 8 San Antonio 3 nights Arrived at San Antonio KOA at 3:30, Lyft to Margaritaville. Called Buzz but he was busy... did get our dinners comped! Next morning we had the windshield repaired &Took the riverboat cruise- fun! Had a little Mexican food (Casa Rio) at the oldest restaurant on the river. Fun times.

29 January 2019

Day 6 & 7 Fort Stockton 2 nights 300 mile run to Ft Stockton, I was on the radio with Buzz. We arrived at 4:30 after another time change. We ate at the Roadrunner cafe for dinner, best Chicken fried steak around. Shared the table with a very boaring couple with a Airstream trailer. You were welcome to bring in your own beer or wine! Next day we made ham n eggs for breakfast. Ran to Wal Mart & Ace to get a new heater & hair dryer after the bathroom sink leaked... also hit a bump at the park & the fridge door flew often! Busted up one of the drawers. Did laundry & fixed the sink in the afternoon then had a nice steak dinner in the coach. This park empty’s and fills every night, the lady told me no less the 35 a night, and as many as 50! Every night! Googled top 10 things to do in Ft Stockton- it only came up with 6😎. Off to San Antonio in the morning.

28 January 2019

Day 6. Las Cruces, 1 night We left early for the 400 mile run to Las Cruces NM. Stopped half way to have a ham sandwich and switch drivers. Arrived right at 3pm. Nice KOA, we got a view site, very nice view

27 January 2019

still day 5 Fun visit with Dean & Kelly. Very nice place.
Day 5 Left Quartzsite this morning at 10. I drove to Wickenberg Az (100mi )to visit Dean & Kelly. Big time cowboy country. Way fun, toured the area- looked at the house they are having built. Way super nice. Had lunch at there club- then drove down to Gila Bend KOA (90mi) for the night right around 5pm. Snacked for dinner. Real nice park,very friendly. Huge sites!

26 January 2019

Still Day 4 Vicki found her soft socks! Smelling great onions. Then we found Beer Belly’s and had a great time , & couple beers with some people we met.
Day 4 Pancake breakfast at the park $3.00 each, yumo. Then walked Tyson Wells till we couldn’t anymore. We did get killer parking. Vic made hot dogs for dinner- like Casper dogs😎. Quiet night- lots of folks left today. We will tomorrow.

25 January 2019

Day 3 Left Needles at 8:15 for a easy 110 mile run to Quartzsite. Took on fuel 75gal@ $3.07 a gal. Stoped at Wal Mart for a few things $42.50 . Realized we had a time change and arrived at Shady Lane RV park. Quick lunch and the off to the show to buy stuff we don’t need. A few hours later we were already walked out, Ran back to the rig to feed the dogs & then we met up with Vicki’s old friend Amy & her boyfriend Louis. Fun dinner at the Yacht club $47.00, they had Never been before. Fun day.

24 January 2019

Day 2 265 to go today. left Bakersfield RV at 10:15. I drove past Barstow, pulled into a crowded rest stop for Vics killer meatloaf Sammy’s. 3:45 we arrived at Needles Marina RV park. Staying at a new place to us. Got a passport America discount $26.00! Kinda windy, but warm. Vic made meatballs.

23 January 2019

Day 1 We left at 11am, the odometer reads 9663miles. Drove 260 miles to Bakersfield RV resort. Normal boaring run down the 5. Shitty roads! $51.00 plus $38.50 for a great happy hour dinner. Walking the pups & going to bed. Needles tomorrow, 265 miles.
Day 1 from home to LosBanos

22 January 2019

We just about packed. Ready for the big trip.