India · 8 Days · 6 Moments · April 2017

Gopalganj Diaries, Bihar

16 April 2017

Sunday worship in Gopalganj, Bihar. #thankYouLord #burnforHim

15 April 2017

The Seminar day. It was truly a great time to teach, preach and exhort from the word of God. A moment that I will always remember. Azhar, Joyson and I. #thankYouLord #burnforHim

13 April 2017

Conducting a film-based evangelism. Screening Dayasagar, an old Indian version of the life of Jesus. It was a blessed experience. Learned a lot of things. Certainly there exists a room for improvement. #thankYouLord #burnforHim

12 April 2017

Chucking into the local village street food with Azhar and Joyson. So much fun.
Today I taught English to the local village children here in Jalalpur. A poem called 'Little Scholar'. So satisfying and rejuvenating. Humbled and filled with a passion to open a chain of schools in the villages throughout India. #thankYouLord #burnforHim

9 April 2017

At Saharanpur Railway station. All set for our mission trip. Azhar, Joyson and I. #thankYouLord #burnforHim