Australia · 20 Days · 145 Moments · October 2014

Abby&Rhys's trip - Southwest Australia

24 October 2014

Dolphin discovery wild dolphin swimming!!! They surrounded us in the water .... Amazing!!

23 October 2014

Spot of cards
Cider, sun, picnic, ball post gallery :)
Regional art gallery - Bunbury
Bunbury regional art gallery continued

22 October 2014

Sunset campers dinner :)
Dolphin discovery centre - Bunbury

21 October 2014

Another free camping spot! - Harvey - Bunbury
Whale watching tour - Busselton- this time on a smaller boat and closer to the whales! Awesome.
Banana choc chip & Irish coffee for Abby - banana choc chip & munchy crunchy for Rhys @ Busselton

20 October 2014

Underwater jetty centre - diving in the dry, 8m
Final dry diving lot :)
And more...
More snorkelling in the dry...
Train up Busselton Jetty!
Yallingup Galleries - incredible works inside... (No photography)
Beasty breakfast!
Lighthouse @ cape naturaliste @ sunrise
Sunrise @ cape naturaliste
Whale watching @ sunrise this time... Such keen beans

19 October 2014

Bit of glam rock in Yallingup
Whale watching @ sunset @ cape naturaliste - brilliant
Mmmm... Fish 'n' chips post a spot of whale watching :)
Whale watching tour - Dunsborough
Spot of lunch @ wyadup road
Aboriginal learning continued...
Warden Aboriginal Museum - Tool Making! Using grass tree resin and wood, fire, charcoal, kangaroo poo (dried) & shell or sharpened stone...

18 October 2014

Enjoying today's purchases!Port, cheese, chocolate coffee liqueur and dark chocolate :)
Bootleg Brewery
Flying Fish Cove.. Finally found a vineyard within our budget...and bought port!
Expensive vineyards... Few hundred dollars a bottle :s
Chocolate and chocolate liqueur factories/vineyards! Coffee chocolate liqueur and dark chic buttons to enjoy :)
Cheese factory - picked up some smoked cheddar and chive & onion farmhouse cheese :) mmmmm...
Lake cave part 3
Inside lake cave part 2
Inside Lake cave
Lake cave entrance - Margaret River
Breakfast time

17 October 2014

Mmm peppered steak, lamb & rosemary sausages and a river view
We can't go through it... We'll have to camp here.
Pitonk! (Can't spell it) no maze afternoon would be complete with out it!
Stepping stone maze.. White, red, black.. A lil tricky but also completed!
Next maze complete!
Australia's biggest hedge maze... Completed! Was quite a challenge.
Lunch on Hamelin Bay
Wild orchids ... So many growing in the forest... Stunning!
Jewel cave part 6
Jewel cave part 5
Jewel cave part 4
Jewel cave part 3
Jewel cave part 2
Jewel cave!

16 October 2014

Mmm fire :)
Cape Leewin continued - atmospheric
Cape Leeuwin - clouds mask sunset - gates close off where two oceans meet
Washing day
Picnic lunch by the river after a team building canoe trip
Ducks - canoe trip - Blackwood River
We're going to have to over it... Canoe trip continued! Arrrgh there goes your paddle...
Canoe trip! Blackwood River
Emu mum went crazy as babies fitted through a fence that she could not, despite trying ... Really hard.
Breakfast is served

15 October 2014

Camping spot by Blackwood River.. Beer.. Books.. And loads of winged insects :s Took refuge in the van with a wall of candles, tea and biscuits!
Emu and babies :)
On the road to Nannup
Understory - part 2 of 2
Understory - southern forest sculpture trail... Avec pretentious commentary
Natural Window - d'entrecasteaux national park - absolutely stunning.
Cathedral Rock
Windy harbour - trek to cathedral rock
Morning selfie

14 October 2014

Rhys is working with boiling water and delicate chicken, do not distract ;)
Fernhook Falls - Walpole - hmmmm.. Nice patterns in the pool though!
Arts loop - Walpole
Ancient Empire Walk Part 2
Ancient Empire Walk... Tingle trees are prehistoric!
Rest of tree top walk :)
Tree Top Walk - Walpole WA - found out what the wild creature was...
Misty Sunrise at Parry Beach this morning... (Rhys still in bed)

13 October 2014

Another scrummy BBQ and fire with mead... Still yet to spot or learn any of the other star formations bar Scorpio despite another beautifully clear night :)
Afternoon at elephant rocks after a Picnic lunch at green pools beach - Denmark - what a useful lunchbox...
Madfish Bay, fish are supposed to jump out of the sea here... Two beaches in one...
First octopus sighting in a rock pool at elephants rock
Elephant Rocks continued...
Elephant Rocks
Eagle eating a kangaroo on the roadside...
Sunrise at Parry Beach - Denmark WA

12 October 2014

Fire-pit, mulled honey wine/mead and a blanket of stars :)
Cider factory!
Honey place! Tasted lots of honeys as well as honey liqueur, spiced honey wine, and honey wine. Mmmmm..
Camel @ the alpaca farm
Llamas, kangaroos, alpacas and emus @ the alpaca farm
Koalas @ the alpaca farm
Bird fight @ the alpaca farm
Chocolate factory! Awesome hot chocolate.
Bacon for breakfast!

11 October 2014

Steak night! Parry beach
beach.. great wave action :)
Sunrise at cosy corner

10 October 2014

Wildlife sighting
Anvil Beach...a little choppy for snorkelling
Boston brewery.
Best pies ever... We tried, steak & mushroom, lamb & rosemary and morrocan lamb plus a beesting.
Bit of art and nice flowers at Denmark visitors centre.. Great wood turning place next door too who offered Rhys some hard wood...

9 October 2014

Evening mocha. Cosy corner
The blow holes that did not blow :(
Trek along the peninsula towards bald head last few!
Trek along the peninsula towards bald head continued more...
Trek along the peninsula towards bald head continued...
Trek along the peninsula towards bald head
Lunchtime! Frenchman bay
Mutton Bird Beach
Mutton Bird Beach lookout
On the rocks by Shelley beach
Shelley Beach
Shelley Beach lookout
Waking up at cosy corner - between Albany and Denmark

8 October 2014

Gourmet Camping food - mmmm lamb.
Posing near the Natural bridge & the gap - Albany
The natural bridge - Albany
The gap - Albany
Dog Rock - Albany
Torbay Inlet... Fun in the sun!

7 October 2014

Noodle for dinner - Torbay inlet - free camping
Torbay inlet... Not a bad find... Delightful evening stroll :)
Mount bluff knoll! In the Stirling ranges... Back down we go :)
Mount bluff knoll
At the top of bluff knoll
Lunch on the way up bluff knoll
Climbing mount bluff knoll! Stirling ranges
On way to mount bluff knoll from mount trio campsite
Not a bad camping spot - mount trio

6 October 2014

Nature walk - found a plant found the bush tucker book!
Nature walk - from mount trio campsite
On the road to the Stirling ranges...

5 October 2014

Camping spot by the frank land river
Lunch at the look our
On the road again! Balingup through rocky gully to the Stirling ranges...
Golden valley park - like a little England! Trees from around the world :)

4 October 2014

Spring picnic balingup... Live music, huge bonfire... Brilliant!
Road trip! Starting in Perth.. First stop balingup....