Poland, Czech Republic · 824 Days · 3 Moments · March 2015

Krakow & Zacopane

23 June 2017

Poland has got some great food options - incredible 5star restaurants and for an Australian the prices are very cheap. Service lacks a little however that is just part of the Eastern Europe culture - you learn to accept it. We ate at Szara Ges ... twice hehe. Second time we were joined by the rock band The Scorpions.. well they were eating at the restaurant .. we watched them leave with their entourage of security in their sexy black SUV's. The interior decor of Szara Ges was so beautiful - it had so much character and felt so warm and inviting. Great food, great prices and I want to go back.

22 June 2017

Zacpane - park We hired a car with two guys we met from the Hostel and drove about 2.5 hours from Krakow. The drive was so beautiful. We were heading to a small village town which is a ski village in winter. The Slovakian mountains in the background were so breathtaking - small bits of snow covered the mountain tops. We explored the town, ate traditional polish food and then kept driving. We ended up stopping on the Slovakian border and took some border photos as well as eat some polish cakes and desserts - naughty but it was all part of the experience. Not a touristy destination - a lot of polish people head there to have a holiday / getaway

22 March 2015

This is my 2nd time in Poland. It is such a beautiful city, the main square has plenty of places to eat and relax. Our first day here we sat and looked over the square and ate traditional polish food. Today was our second day and we did a tour of Auchwitz - it was my second time doing this tour. It is such a tragedy what happened there. These innocent prisoners thought they had a chance to rebuild their lives and settle but instead German Nazi's had other plans - walking them to their grave. Hearing about the survival stories makes you realize some people's determination to live and find freedom for their life. This is inspiring to always be grateful for what you have - especially when you have a roof over your head and dinner on the table every night. If people can survive a horrific place like this then we can survive the everyday struggles of life.