Japan · 82 Days · 8 Moments · June 2017

Aa&Kxx tour through Japan

27 August 2017

Tokyo is the summer

24 June 2017

Osaka, Kyoto and hotel view, very nice

18 June 2017

Kyoto, how about that for a vending machine. Did they know we were coming, they had the pies ready :)

16 June 2017

View from room in Odawara, peaceful place if a little too close to the god squad :), joke btw, it's a chapel for weddings at the hotel xxxx

10 June 2017

Mmmm food, Kay said you'd like the cake Evie.

7 June 2017

Kay's curry heaven, plus Shinjuku Tokyo, with a bit of window art :) xx

6 June 2017

Not a bad view from the hotel window