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Adventures in Colorado

28 July 2017

Well so much for that trip. Car broke down. Had to pack up the gear, tow it and then hiked up the road to a KOA. Great views of Princeton and Antero. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

31 December 2016

Skating on a Lake on New Years Eve.

29 October 2016

30 June 2016

However helpful ideas may be, they are vitally empowered by intimate connections with other people.

28 June 2016

Silverton, Colorado. One of the most isolated places in the country. It's like visiting the 19th century.
Stuck in Durango because your car is broken? No problem! Let's go rafting!

27 June 2016

The first snag our trip. The car lost all power near Purgatory. We coasted back down to this gas station and waited for a tow truck for a few hours. My brother hitched a ride back with the driver while the rest of us hitched a ride back to town with two wonderful ladies. Thanks Jeri and Karen for stopping! Thanks Cory for towing our ride!

26 June 2016

He view from our Mesa Verde campsite.
The surrounding area near Mesa Verde is breathing!
It's amazing how these people lived. I couldn't stop my imagination from taking me back to their time. Imagining kids running around these dwellings, and people talking and living. It was magical.
Mesa Verde visitors center. It's one of the prettiest centers I've seen.

25 June 2016

Zapata Falls. The water is freezing cold! But what a unique little oasis.
Our first night in Durango, Colorado. It's such a pretty little place.
I've always wanted to visit the place. The Colorado gator farm. It's one of the most surreal and unique places in the area for sure.
The Great Sand Dunes! It was so perfect. The weather was great and the Milky Way was beautiful the night before. What a perfect first night.

24 June 2016

A beautiful sunset in the San Luis Valley.
One of my favorite scenic spots near Buena Vista. The large mountain in the middle is Mt. Princeton.
Our journey to SW CO begins.

21 July 2015

There was one thing that I've felt was missing this entire time ... Cara. I look at my wallpaper on my phone to her smiling face and wish that she was here with me to experience this ethereal place. I am saddened by her absence, and cannot wait to see her tomorrow. I am definitely not looking forward to the 6.5 hour drive back home, but I do believe it was worth it ... But sadly less so without those who matter most.
All day I've looked around the huge walls surrounding us and wonder what it was like to see them in their infancy. I wonder how many people have been in the place where I now rest and write this, in the glowing light under my sleeping bag.
Ice Lake ... I was tearful eyed walking up the outlet to see it. This was a journey three years in the making. And I was awestruck by its beauty. I think the weight of such a long sought after goal, meeting its end, really got to me.
It's dark outside. Tonight is clear and calm, but still cold. I am under my sleeping bag and tucked tight into its liner. Across the small creek our new neighbors, two young men and a young women, have turned in. We spoke to them earlier when they walked through camp to the Ice Lake trail.

19 July 2015

I am sitting here, listening to the waterfalls echoing through the basin. The wind is gentle and cold. The sky is cloudy and mist hangs high in the cliffs above. In the distance, a white trail of jagged water, falls from the lakes above.

18 July 2015

3 July 2015

I went mountain biking with my brothers today, it was really fun, and even more tiring.

27 June 2015

Fun times with friends and family and Granby and Grand Lake.

21 June 2015

20 June 2015

First trip of the summer. Not bad.