Canada · 16 Days · 16 Moments · February 2017

Life lessons on Vancouver Island

16 February 2017

Nice and warm today- or warmer than it has been anyways. Raked leaves and dead grass off the path we had used for the fallen trees. All the wile this little devil was "herding" me and the wheelbarrow, running circles with kindling in his mouth. After I finished Fin took me to see his goats. Apparently he loves to sit and watch or run up and down the fence chasing them. Must be the Collie in him.

12 February 2017

Was taught about cutting a large tree down this afternoon. Besides figuring out that we should have sharpened the chainsaw before we started everything went rather smoothly. A good thing to because if the tree had fallen the wrong way it would have been right into the power lines and transformer. We just got the power back a few days ago and we plan on keeping it.. I took a nice video of the falling tree- however it seems as though I can't upload videos to this app.

11 February 2017

Finished my book and did a little doodling. Still not much to do outside in terms of work yet. Snows slowly melting but it should be a couple days before we can get started with anything serious.

10 February 2017

The clouds and fog nestle in the valley so nicely in the mornings.

9 February 2017

Night two without power. Brought in some snow to melt for water and picking up take-out for dinner. Hurray for Chinese food!
Well, powers still out up here- looks like it's just us and the one neighbour down the driveway. We're almost positive we could flip the breaker ourselves but in grandpas words, "sticking a big pole up into a power line transformer might not be the best idea". The house is much warmer than we thought it would be this morning but with no running water and such we are very much looking forward to getting the power back on. I was shown how to stoke the wood fire heater downstairs this afternoon. Even without the fans pushing the air into the house the heat will still rise a little bit and hopefully keep us relatively warm. Still finding it hard to believe that there is this much snow up here. A very odd thing to happen. However the snow stoped falling last night and it's been foggy and raining since.

8 February 2017

Powers out here on the island- so much snow.. Found that the breaker on the transformer up on the hill blew. Heard bang even from inside, sounded like a gun shot really. Thankfully dinner was already made and hopefully they get up here tomorrow morning to fix it. Until then we're going to light some candles and try to remember how to play cribbage.

7 February 2017

Up early this morning to drop Grandma off at her class and take me to my physiotherapy appointment. My backs been giving me some trouble but hopefully the woman my grandparents spoke to can help me out. My grandmother is taking an English course at the University of Victorias' Cowichan campus. "Need to keep my mind sharp" she says- an amazing woman.

6 February 2017

Grandpa brought me down to Maple Bay Marina to check in on the sail boat. Besides the grey skies and snowy weather is was very calm by the docks. The boat was covered in snow but the tarps stayed hitched so far and hopefully it won't be long until it warms up enough to get to work. Can't wait to be out on the water.

4 February 2017

Movie night with the gang up here at the house- Fin won't let anyone forget he's still here and more than inclined to let you pet him. He thinks he's doing you a favour by it actually..
This little fellow wouldn't leave me alone to cut firewood. Cut him a stick and tossed it for him for a while. Having a dog around again is very comforting. Good boy Fin.

3 February 2017

Ok- so that whole relaxing time was short lived.. Don't know how, almost went off the road a couple times, but I did finally get up to Grandpa and Grandmas' property. Well the pictures speak for them self but the 1K drive way took about 45 minutes to get up and that's with a tractor helping. I was told it was going to be spring..I was lied to.
Well I have to admit today was one of the most stressful days I've had in my car for a long time.. Woke up to about 2" of snow in Vancouver but with my "Winterpeg" attitude stuck in my head I thought nothing of it. What's a little bit of snow here compared to what I'm used to back home. Thing is, we don't have the same snow as they do here and we also don't have these things they call hills? The snow is so wet here that getting traction from a dead stop half way up a hill is near impossible. After getting stuck on a hill, then very carefully navigating through downtown trying to avoid the numerous amounts of accidents happening all around me- I finally managed to make it to the ferry terminal with no less than 5 minutes to spare. Time to relax a bit and man I'm hungry..

2 February 2017

Noah and I managed to meet up with our cousin Taka this evening! After a very round about way through Vancouver picking up beer and such, we walked down to the docks. Taka is currently living and working on a Tuna boat that he fishes out of during the summer months. I haven't seen him since I was very little but his parents were the family my friend and I stayed with while in Nagasaki Japan. We had a great time catching up and drinking more than our share of beer on a cool little boat. My only regret was that I didn't think of taking any photos.
A quick little selfie to send out to the family. You would think by now I would be able to smile for a quick photo but somehow I find myself making the "surprised stare" for almost everyone..I'll grow out of that eventually- I hope. We're headed off now to get some dinner and grab a beer. This will be a short visit but now that I'll be living closer I'm sure it won't be nearly as long until we do it again.

1 February 2017

Into beautiful British Columbia- next stop Vancouver to meet up with my brother for a night before heading to the island. Very excited to be seeing green rather than the dull grey white. Spring time here I come!