United Kingdom, Italy · 7 Days · 17 Moments · July 2017

Honeymoon in Umbria

5 August 2017

Lunch at a remote trattoria on way to the airport. The place was empty when we turned up, but produced the best antipasti of the trip and tasty (huge) portions of pasta. Hari finished the meal off by constructing the worlds tiniest gelato cone.

4 August 2017

Our last Umbrian al fresco dinner at Locanda Palazzone, the best so far and a great way to finish the honeymoon.
No knives, no forks, no plates - no problem

3 August 2017

A short stroll up into the vineyards behind Locanda Palazzone. Didn't get that far as it was baking hot.
An afternoon spent reading by the pool.

2 August 2017

Exploring Montalcino in 38 degree heat. Thankfully there are plenty of cafe-bars with shade and cold drinks
Giardino Della Rose at San Quirico D'Orcia - clearly setting up for a sculpture exhibition of some sort

1 August 2017

A day of wandering and wine tasting the local whites from the Palazzone vineyards. Their Orvieto Classico Superiore blend was very good once you let it warm up a little. Dinner was a small trattoria where we ran into the Palazzone family having their own dinner. Always the sign of a good restaurant!

31 July 2017

The Duomo in Orvieto, truly one of the most spectacular churches I have ever seen. Spent an hour sketching the outside facade.
Our first stroll around Orvieto, not much of the ancient Etruscan city left, but there was a stupendous cathedral and many winding medieval and renaissance streets to explore. And gelato.
Relaxing by the pool before we go out to explore Orvieto

30 July 2017

Dinner at the Locanda, it was a wonderful five course Italian dinner, that is to say it was well balanced and not over much to eat. And with the most magnificent view.
Breakfast with a view
Our first morning in Locanda Palazzone, a small hotel in a 12th century country pile attached to a Lin Umbrian vineyard. It's surrounded by lavender, rosemary, olive trees and grape vines, all of which scent the air with a wonderful bouquet.

29 July 2017

Stopped off for Spaghetti alla Vongole in what seems to be the Italian version of many restaurants Aaron and I experienced (separately) as children holidaying in France in the 1980s. Great food, huge kid's play area filled with children running around, plastic tables covered with cheap table cloths, wine by the carafe, full of locals. And NO English menu - which always makes me happy.
Starting the journey to our wee hotel outside Orvieto!