United States of America · 5 Days · 14 Moments · December 2014

Charlotte Glaze

A week in Vegas with a toddler

8 December 2014

Checking out the turtle in the Las Vegas airport. Lily loved it.
We visited Ethel M's Chocolates factory and cactus garden. The factory didn't really have much going on, but the garden was decorated for Christmas. Santa wasn't there at the time, but Lily sat on his chair. She loved the inflatable penguins that would hide in their igloo and then pop out again.
The Mirage, where we stayed.

7 December 2014

We had lunch at Guy Fieri's in the Linq with my Aunt Sebra. It was fun, and the food was tasty. Lily had a couple spicy fries though and had a little panic. It was funny. Lots of water helped.
The Sigfreid and Roy Secret Garden at the Mirage. We saw the dolphins and lions and tigers and leopards. The Dolphins were a huge hit with Lily (and us). We also saw either Sigfreid or Roy walking around and talking with visitors. It was a fun afternoon.
We went to the Venezia and rode on a gondola. It was fun, although pricy. Less pricy than going on a gondola in Venice. The mall and lobby were quite beautiful as well.

6 December 2014

Our visit to the Hoover Dam. We went on the power plant tour. It was very impressive. The dam is big. And beautiful for a dam.

5 December 2014

Bellagio Fountains. We missed them the first time we walked by, it was too early. We saw them this time though. And it was Friday night, so we saw drunks, puking, dolled up folks, and people yelling while gambling. The whole Vegas experience, all before 6:30 p.m.
Spent the morning at the Discovery Children's Museum. It was awesome. Lily had so much fun, but she finally ran out of steam and it was time to go.

4 December 2014

We were tired after walking around the area. We went to the Fashion Square mall, but never found a way up to the food court. We were going to to give up and order room service when I saw a sign that our hotel's buffet had a to-go deal. We got that and went back to the room.
The Colosseum at Caesar's Palace.
The Eiffel Tower on the Strip.
Walking through Rome at Caesars Palace. I love the themes at the hotels. I was surprised by how authentic some things were.

3 December 2014

Arrived in Las Vegas, and we are staying at the Mirage. We were tired out from traveling and decided to have dinner at the restaurant right beside the guest elevators, Pantry. Breakfast for dinner. Yum.