Germany · 2 Days · 10 Moments · June 2016

A moment in Munich

28 June 2016

Germany is large and we spent all day driving through it. I even drove. True story. This is the only photo of today. I thought she was popular! Tonight we're just over the border in Luxembourg. Mainly laying about being tired and boring. Almost there!

27 June 2016

We might suck at football and politics but we can always laugh at the German language. We had a good night despite everything... Promise!
To add insult to injury the tv flicked to German news. I don't speak German but it was quite obvious what the headline news story was bout. German words German words BREXIT German words German words David Cameron German words German words Boris Johnson .... The image to show Britain made me smile mind.
A great setting for watching the match. Well apart from the fact it was full of Germans supporting Iceland. Oh and the fact we lost. For the second time in a week we are ashamed of our nationality. 😕
We then found a brewery that was showing the football and sold Litre beers for 5 euros. Winning!
Wandered about some more. Very German.
We did the sensible thing and got a large beer.
It's all rather German in Munich
We arrived after another slog on the autobahn in Munich. We made our way to the municipal campground. Next door people were surfing on the weir. Quite bizarre.
We didn't get the earliest of starts today as we decided to do a work out. By mid morning we were driving through Austria and it looked like this. It's genuinely 20degrees cooler than Split. Ugh!