Germany, Austria · 3 Days · 6 Moments · April 2016

A long drive through Deutschland

29 April 2016

A little hangover from the India days (we were there this month still...) Ganesh is seeing us through the trip.
When one enters the country of your destination it is usually appropriate to take a selfie and send it to all family members and random friends. This was the excitement at arriving in Austria, kick starting our 5 days partying in Vienna...

28 April 2016

On the basis this was the only photo taken on day 2 of the road trip you can imagine the theme. A bit boring until a German town name resembles a comical English word. In case you've never been acquainted with Australian culture, a bogan is essentially an Aussie chav. Not usually a term of endearment. We arrived at a town an hour from Austrian (not Australian. Obviously) border for the night relishing in how Germany is a rather large country . The campsite owner was much friendlier this time and we had much larks speaking to each other in a weird English-German mix. For some reason we always think they'll understand us if we speak English in a German accent and shout Yar Yar everytime we agree with something... Why do we do that?!

27 April 2016

We arrived at our first camp with our confident faces. Sprechen zie englisch! I chirped happily to the grumpy German. Nien. Damn I was hoping for a Yar! He shook his head gravely and sucked his teeth as he peered out to his deserted campsite (the season has just started). Unsure if he could fit us in he shuffled papers and looked under books until he decided to gesture us in the direction of 10 empty spaces. Nobody else turned up.
There is nothing less entertaining to read than a lengthy account of the autobahn down to a small town outside Bonn. The drive was long, the tunes were pumping, we used the motorway loos for 50 cents and were pleasantly surprised by the diesel prices over here. Jb, still a weirdy beardy did a sterling job driving us down to Bonn - an exhausting drive that ended with a stressful half hour where I was crap at map reading etc. Standard. I should also point out its 6 degrees outside. Pardon. The. F!!! (Ptf). Ps Jon did drive sat in the drivers seat, we haven't got the kitchen drive mode down yet.
It's probably a bit overkill to have a Journi blog just for our drive through Germany but hey... Gotta start somewhere! And as I'm now retro writing this almost two weeks later it was really rather over due a write up. To be honest I was considering canning the Journi blog due to some poor feedback. However it seems to have been counteracted by some "disappointed followers" who I'm grateful for their support and enthusiasm! So here it goes, don't get too bored. So the second leg (as it were) of our epic adventure kicked off at the break of sparrows fart on 27th April. Today we drove Jonah, our 18 year old motorhome, onto the continent for a 4 month adventure. Nope we've never driven or used a motorhome before... But we're sure it'll be fine ... Right?!