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The Mehnert Animal Kingdom

15 December 2018

20 November 2018

My sweet babies‼️

3 November 2018

A nice relaxing night by the fire ❤️

27 September 2018

16 September 2018

I miss Angus so much😭 we put him down my freshman year because he was old and was starting to go crazy. I love him so much. He we gave me comfort when my mom died and when I felt alone and he was always with me. He’d been with my family since before I was born. He died at 17 years old and will live on in my heart forever. ❤️

15 September 2018

Shelter kittens! I love them so much.

7 September 2018

This is Gabby. She’s at the animal shelter and she looks so scared. She’s a sweet girl though.

6 September 2018

Vinny is such a cutie I love him!
We can’t forget pictures from my first volunteering experience 🐱 Names: Rabbit, Winnie, Baguette, Focaccia, snickerdoodle, Nala, Mona, Mae, Rambo, Miss Purssee

5 September 2018

I can’t remember this gorgeous girl’s name but she can’t be left out either. She was Lovey right away and seemed to warm up to people really quick. She’s a younger cat and appears to be a pretty mellow little girl. Update: her name is Rosemary
I volunteer at an animal shelter. So here we have Ophelia (black), Dolly (White with brown stripes), and Lady (Tabby). Ophelia was there the last time I was at the shelter and she opened up right away. She is so loving and I love how her eyes are shaped a little differently. Dolly was a sweet girl too. She’s small and she has short hair but there is a strip of dark brown fur going for her back that is about 3 times as long as the rest of her fur, which I thought was pretty interesting. I’ve never seen a cat with two different fur types before. Last but not least is Lady. She laid in her litter box and got litter everywhere so I had to clean it up and the entire time I was doing that she kept coming back for pets, so I was cleaning and petting her the whole time and she was all over it. I’ve also never met a cat that loves to be held as much as she does. I picked her up right away and held her and she s snuggled her head right into my neck and never tried to get down. I love them all. ❤
Next we have the 4 kittens of this week. First we have Winston (light orange), then Winifred (black and orange,) and Phantom (black and white) and finally little William (black). Winston was absolutely adorable. His favorite toy was the red disk that had the ball in it that went around in a circle that he could play with. He loved all the toys but he always went back to that one. Winifred loved to attack my shoes. I often found her down at my feet playing my with my laces. One time she climbed the window screen to the top and I had to get her down, but she’s a sweetheart. She looks exactly like Wendy. Phantom is the smallest of the 4 but he’s a ball of energy. When he attacks he gives everything he’s got. He seemed like he started to get a little tuckered our at one point but he got right back up and farted to play again. He looks exactly like a younger version of Peaches (an adult cat). Finally, there’s William. He was playful too and kind of shy but he was such a sweet little boy.
Next we have Wendy (orange and black), Autumn (Tabby), Simba (orange), and Lovey (Gray). Wendy was extremely sweet and loving and when I let her out of her cage she walked around and gave all of the kittens baths, she even gave Simba one too. She reminded me of a mama cat. Next was Autumn who is very sweet and she likes to pick out her pieces of food from her bowl one by one and eat them. Simba was a very mellow cat. He loved to watch over everything and sniff everyone’s butt. He is also very sweet and accepts pets. Finally, Lovey, who I like to call Lovely because she’s such a sweet girl (and I like Lovely more than Lovey). Immediately when I put my hand in her cage for the first time she mugged it with her head to pet her. She liked to go up to the top part of her cage, look at me through the hole, and then come down for me to pet her again. 10/10 would recommend all of them for adoption.

25 August 2018

Here’s a couple pictures of my own sleeping babies too. ❤️

20 August 2018

Rummy passed away about 2 weeks ago. I’m not sure what caused it but I came home from camp the day after my dad had seen him swimming around and he had passed. RIP Rummy ❤️
Astrid cuddled with me while I did my homework yesterday ❤️

2 August 2018

Astrid will never get to be outside enough. 💕

23 July 2018

10 July 2018

She could’ve sit anywhere on my bed but she chose to say on the one thing on there.
This is Uncle Remus. The name was my dads idea but I call him Rummy for short because I think he looks like a Rummy. He’s a two tail half-moon betta.

7 July 2018

The cats got to spend some time outside today. Astrid loved it. She hated when I had to bring her in for the night.

6 July 2018

5 July 2018

Party in my room every morning while they both wait for me to get out of bed and feed them.

3 July 2018

Jax thinks his rightful place is right in the middle of my bed.

2 July 2018

What cuties ❤️

30 June 2018

Got the cats knocked out with catnip
What a sweetheart ❤️

28 June 2018

Astrid hung out in my room this morning and eventually I couldn’t find her and I found her passed out under my bed. What a goob.
Marlin’s burial was very sad. I apparently buried him where my brother had buried 7 of his fish but I never saw one. I put a stone bunny over where I buried him to try to prevent animals from digging him up, and also as a grave marker. It’s sad looking at how dull his eyes were. They used to be a gorgeous bright red and orange color. It looked like fire.
It’s a cat party in my room I guess.
Marlin died about 20 minutes ago. I watched as he sank down to the bottom of his tank and kept swimming to the top but then every time he got back up there he sank again. Eventually he landed on a fake plant and fell down that and he managed to swim his way over on his side just enough to be in plain sight of me. Then he died. He twitched and loved his fin a couple times. But then he died. He just died. He’s my first fish. I love him. I’m really bad with deaths. I’ve just had too many of them in my life.

27 June 2018

I think there’s a 90% chance that Marlin is dying. I can see that he’s trying to swim but he’s just staying in the same position with his head at the top and he doesn’t go anywhere. He gets caught up by the water moving around at the top from the filter and gets pushed into the side of the tank. It’s not a hard push but it might be for him. I don’t know. Anyway I prayed to God that he would live and that if he wasn’t going to that he would die quickly because I believe now he is suffering because he can’t move and won’t eat. I can see that he’s trying to hard but it’s not working so I just want him to be out of his misery. I really tried to take care of him and this all started after I changed the water and put in a couple clean shells and a beta leaf hammock. I wonder if this is my fault. He’s my first fish which is why this is a big deal.
Marlin might or might not be sick so let’s tray that he pulls through and that there’s nothing wrong with them. He was staying at the top of the tank and it really eating so we changed the water to get him better oxygen and now he went down to the bottom so let’s hope he’s okay.

25 June 2018

I got a brand new catnip toy. This is Jax’s reaction.
I was going to get a female beta fish to go with Marlin, my male beta fish until the cashier told me that females will kill the males right away. I was disappointed but I got to see a bunch of other really cool betas. I wish they didn’t each need their own tank or I’d have so many.
This is Marlin. He’s my beautiful beta fish and I got him a little over a month ago. I made sure to give him a nice tank with plenty of room for him and today I even get him a leaf hammock for him to sleep on. He has blue scales that reflect under certain light and his fins continue to get redder and redder. He like to get his food in his mouth and spit it out and go after it again and he also likes to go to the top and get air in his mouth and then come back under and spit it out in a bubble. There were several times I thought he was dead because he was laying at the bottom and not moving and his eyes were wide open but then I read that betas experience something like sleep where they lay at the bottom of their tank and they can’t close their eyes because they don’t have eyelids.
It would seem that Astrid does not like walks. (We didn’t drag her). She’s not allowed outside because the vet says she can’t fend for herself and since she’s a purebred rag doll she’s at a high risk of getting taken.
Here’s a couple pictures of my guinea pigs. I wish I had some more of cookie (the brown one) but he died before I got my phone. I do have several of snoopy (the white and gray one). They were amazing and I loved them so much. I miss them dearly. I used to get out my littlest pet shop stuff and make a “carnival” for them when I was younger and I’d sit them on a baby doll potty and get them to pee and poop in it. They were great cuddles and loved being outside. They were best friends, like brothers. When Cookie died Snoopy became noticeably depressed and I felt so bad for him but I didn’t know what to do. My babies have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Cookie died on New Years Eve in 2013 and Snoopy dudes the following October. Cookie ingested something that ruined his insides and Snoopy had a respiratory infection. I had such a great time with them and I would give anything to see them again.

24 June 2018

Cuddle time 😊
I got to see my babies again! They both slept in my room last night and didn’t fight which is a good thing. I missed them so much. I also caught Astrid mid-yawn in one of these.

23 June 2018

I had to post this little pup that my boyfriend got. He came home to a new puppy. Her name is Hope and she’s 7 weeks old. You can hold her in your hand she’s so tiny. She has puppy energy and her bites hurt a little bit but she tired out quick. She also loves this squeaky elephant toy which is adorable. She’s half Pug, half Jack Russell Terroir

22 June 2018

A few of Jax’s kitten pictures
Astrid is an absolutely gorgeous cat. I love her fur so much.
Just a few of the times my baby has cuddled with me in bed and anywhere else in the house

21 June 2018

I miss my babies so much. My friend who’s pet sitting just sent me these pictures and I still have 2 more days of vacation so I’ll see them Saturday night.
This is my pretty girl. Her name is Astrid and she’s a little shy but she’s very sweet and loving. She’s a rag doll cat but she had minx in her tail and she’s an indoor cat because the vet told us we shouldn’t let her outside because it’d be dangerous for her. However, she loves to lay by the door and soak up the sun and let people pet her when they walk by.
My baby’s favorite spot besides my bed is pressed up against our upstairs closet. This is Jax. I got him about 3 years ago and he loves to go outside and hunt and he brings us back birds and other things he’s caught which at first concerned me but then I learned that it’s his way of showing that he loves us and is trying to teach us to hunt so I’m glad he’s such a loyal and loving cat. He loves to sleep on my bed with me at night and he’s a big eater.