United Kingdom · 70 Days · 28 Moments · January 2018

A four-legged diary

20 March 2018

Miley’s longest walk at 7miles. Exploring the first signs of spring on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal

18 March 2018

Exploring Quarrybank Mill in the snow
Just waking up

17 March 2018

Exploring Astbury Mere with the dogs

13 March 2018

After a 5mile walk

11 March 2018

Walking in the Wirral. Exploring Brimstage

10 March 2018

When the puppy destroys the pillow and the other is good

6 March 2018

Canal walk

4 March 2018

Exploring Lindow Common and Newgate Nature Reserve with Brynn and Miley

2 March 2018

Miley’s and Brynn’s walk around Arrowe Park and a photo of their medal for there sponsored walk and there February challenge Race At Your Own Pace

27 February 2018

Miley’s first time in the snow

25 February 2018

A few photos of Brynn and Mileys walk around the River Weaver

22 February 2018

Mileys first sponsored walk and first hill and trig point.

20 February 2018

Mileys first trip to Wales (Llyn Crafnant)

19 February 2018

Try to get recognised in the cw dogs section

18 February 2018

Mileys first hill over in the Wirral (Caldy Hill)

16 February 2018

Mileys first forest walk at Macclesfield

14 February 2018

A few photos of the 2 beasts and some photos of the destruction of carpet and plants!!

6 February 2018

A few more pictures of Brynn and Miley

5 February 2018

Mileys night walk along the Prom

3 February 2018

Miley first walking adventure at Risley Moss

31 January 2018

Toilet training

29 January 2018

After playing chase the cat

28 January 2018

27 January 2018

Brynn and Miley playing

24 January 2018

11 January 2018

Love my animals. Here’s a few pictures of Miley and Brynn

10 January 2018

First pictures of Miley and Brynn when we brought her home and Brynn was getting use to her.