Philippines · 1 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

A Day In Mactan, Cebu

29 April 2017

Last Stop: Rico's👅❤️ Of course we wouldn't end our day without having a good meal! One of the filipinos' favorite food, Lechon, is sold here & is at a good price. We ate half a kilo of Lechon for 350php, we also ordered Trio Seaweed, Pancit Guisado & Chicken Skin. Let me tell you one thing, we definitely left that restaurant with happy tummies!👊🏼
Fourth Stop: Sto. Niño Basilica & Magellan's Cross It is said that if it's your first time to visit Sto. Niño Basilica, you should make a wish.😊This place is really big and beautiful. Although it's a bit crowded outside, it's a great place to just pause for a while and talk to God. The Magellan's Cross is also located here and it's one of Cebu's tourist favorites because of the beautiful design on the ceiling above the cross.
Third Stop: La Vie Parisienne Now this is definitely the perfect place to lounge all day! This place is peaceful and the best time for you to go here is either morning or at night. Once inside, the smell of freshly baked pastries will fill your noses and the classic beauty of its place. They also have a winery & the design of the place is French inspired. The wine and the food is at a good price too so you wouldn't have to worry about spending too much on wine or beer. (Click on the pictures to view it more properly)
Second Stop: Taoist Temple This is a Sacred Place and it is a must to observe silence to respect its sanctity. Going there, you'll climb a lot and I mean a L O T of stairs which might be tiring for some but the scenery is worth the sweat.😆
First Stop: Mactan Shrine, Lapu-Lapu Monument They have stalls there where you can buy souvenirs, sandals and cute hats. Before entering the place, they will give you umbrellas incase you want to use one (costs 20php). The place looks just like a park and feels very calm and a nice place to take a stroll and take pictures. It's better if you guys get a city tour package so it wouldn't be too hard to look for tourist spots. We got a package worth 3k and consists of 8hrs.

28 April 2017

A MUST TRY. This lively place is called, "Larsian", and the food is very affordable. The sellers here are really kind and entertaining. The food is really good too and is well-known around town. We spent 1,000php with a lot of meals and a ton of rice. I'd say it's really worth a shot😉 (Second photo is the rice sealed using palm leaves)
This is where we stayed & it's very affordable. One standard room has two single beds and although it's a small room, the place is really comfortable. Price of rooms start at 980php and they also give free breakfasts😊