Spain · 10 Days · 23 Moments · October 2016

Spain (Valencia, Madrid, Bilbao)

8 November 2016

After days of relentless rain and cold in Spain, we decided to escape to France for a few days :) we took and overnight bus from Bilbao to Barcelona and are currently waiting for our bus from Barcelona to Montpellier.

7 November 2016

Had a tiny break from the rain today so we made our way to the neighbouring port town Getxo. Unfortunately it started raining again once we got there but we got to ride on the hanging bridge and had some great hot chocolate before heading back to Bilbao!

6 November 2016

Went to the Guggenheim museum! Very cool building.
Sights of Bilbao! It has poured rain every day we have been so it's been a little tough to motivate ourselves to go see things. We are doing our best though. Rain is so tiring!

4 November 2016

Took a day to work on applications today. It was pouring outside! Felt good to get some things done.
Garrett's name today 😂

3 November 2016

Roaming the city
Treated ourselves to wine on the rooftop of a fancy hotel tonight. Wow it was beautiful 😊
Went to Matadores Madrid today which is an old city slaughterhouse that they have converted into art spaces. It was very cool but most of the exhibits were closed.

2 November 2016

St. Mary's Cathedral and Madrid Palace
After making dinner at the hostel we went to the market to have dessert and wine. It was such a cool way to end the night! Very busy but had such a cool atmosphere.
Arrived in Madrid after a very early train ride. We walked around until we where able to check into our hostel and saw some pretty cool places! Can't wait to continue exploring.

1 November 2016

Pella 👌🏼
Churros and chocolate 😍
Beach day!
Beautiful sights in Valencia

31 October 2016

City of arts and sciences in Valencia
Realised I have been putting "where" instead of "were" in all my posts... Face palm, sorry mom 😂.

30 October 2016

Spent Halloween at the Circo de los Horrores Cabaret show. It was so cool! We couldn't understand everything they were saying but it was still a great night!
Biked all over Valencia! They had lots of bike lanes that made it very manageable and fun!
I wasn't able to take as many pictures of Valencia as I would have liked to since I was focusing on biking most of the day. We absolutely loved Valencia and would highly recommend it for great food and a lovely vacation.
Arrived in Spain late last night and took a very early train from Barcelona to Valencia. We checked into our hostel and were pleasantly surprised. It's a great privet room with a bathroom and isn't far from the city center. The price wasn't bad either. We walked into town on a hunt for food and bikes to rent and I spotted a Taco Bell! Oh how I have missed that place. We didn't stop for lunch but it is definitely on the list. This city is beautiful and I'm looking forward to exploring on bikes!
First walk in Valencia! I feel like I'm on vacation again 😊 75 degrees and sunny. Are you jealous there in Minnesota?