Turkey · 2 Days · 8 Moments · September 2014

#8backpackers - Turkey

16 September 2014

We visited the famous Grand Bazaar! #OOTD of Elaine! She looks good! 😜 Different color and shapes for ceiling sculpture, and we saw one with a lots of country flags! Unfortunately, we couldn't found our country in them...
Later on, we paid a visit to Blue Mosque!! Stunning architecture design, full of historical and religious essence!! Visitor must wearing propel attire and female must cover their hair with a piece of scarf. The inner mosque is a really calm environment and everyone must lower their volume.

15 September 2014

Day 2, start our daytime journey! Snap few architecture and interesting view, some stunning view plus me! Hehe...
Lunch time! I got a çeyrek size of mix kebab for 3 liras, that wouldn't fit my stomach size... So, I got local snack, rice oyster with just 0.5 lira each! Tasty!!!

14 September 2014

Yay! Nightlife in Istanbul!! There are still crowd for the night of Istanbul, lots of local selling souvenirs. They are really friendly and they like my hair color. I love those traditional lamp they have, really mystic and attractive. Lately, I got a selfie with elaine wearing the local hat! *they have my size😂
After an hours of walking, taking tram, hostel check in, we had our very first dinner in Saray Kebab, Istanbul! We have free flow bread appetizer, 4 portion of salad and 6 portion of Mix Kebab for 8 of us!!! Can't resist the amazing tasty kebab we had although we pay much more expensive than usual price. We paid around 250 tila for dinner which also included beverage. Our hostel owner told us that 250 tila can provide kebab of an army! *Jkjk
Then, we took ferry from the Asia side of Istanbul to the Europe side! Feels really good while enjoying the beautiful scenery pass along our ride!!
14th sep, we reached Istanbul, Turkey! Such wonderful destination, every people here seems so friendly and kind!