Poland · 6 Days · 16 Moments · August 2013

Karin Kitz

7 days in POLAND with my family

17 August 2013

Way back home We returned home on sunday early in the morning. It was an amazing trip and I’m already planning the next one to Poland. Before I went there I had no expectations but now I'm completely overwhelmed by its beauty and the kindness of the Polish people! Don’t miss going there!

16 August 2013

Travel to Mareks hometown Lubliniec This was the final destination of our journey with a quite intimate background. Mareks Parents are buried there and so we “visited” them on the cemetery. Then we had lunch in our hotel and a last drink ;)
Jasna Góra We visited the very famous Pauline monastery of Jansa Góra which is known for the Black Madonna painting, a shrine to the Virgin Mary.

15 August 2013

Boat Trip To see more of the beautiful landscapes and especial the sea area, we made a tour by boat from 14.00 to 17.30. For those of you who don’t want to spend the whole afternoon on boat, you can also check for shorter tours.
European Bison Breeding Station In the morning we went to a farm with Bisons. This was special, especially for Theresa’s grandpa ;) Its important to check very carefully how to get there, because it’s in the middle of nowhere ;)) aaaand the more you come to the countryside the people speak less and less English.

14 August 2013

Travel to Gizycko/ The Massures At 12pm we went to the city of Gizycko where we arrived at 16.30. Gizycko is a nice place for people who like doing watersports, running and cycling. This area is also called Massures
Warsaw Uprising Museum We got up early and went straight to the museum of the Warsaw Rebellion. The museum is new and therefore modern. You really get to know the details of the history!!!!

13 August 2013

The traffic in the city Warsaw has 1,800 000 habitants and so the traffic is horrible. So be careful!!!
Polonia Palace Hotel Throughout the whole week this was my favourite hotel! :-) The interior of the rooms is beautiful and modern. The breakfast is soooo delicious!
Royal Castle On Wednesday we went to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The city which was mainly destroyed in the Second World War is modern and a popular destination for cosmopolites. It took us seven hours to get there and we had to leave on the next day. It was a pity because I wanted to see more of this stunning place. After the check-in we visited the Royal Castle and took a walk. Again: Check out the free walking tours offered!

12 August 2013

Lunch at a Polish-Gregorian restaurant Yummy! The people in Poland know how to cook ;) We enjoyed delicious meals. Very traditional are the little pasta bags filled with vegetables or meat, called zurek.
Old town Krakow The city with its old buildings, nice markets and restaurants is awesome. Try to find your way to the town hall and discover the narrow alleys and enjoy the flair. If you don't have a super guide like we had with Marek but still want to get some guidance and insider information first hand: There is a free walking tour offered in the bigger towns in Poland. Check out the link.
Wawel Cathedral After breakfast we took a taxi, offered by the hotel, to the centre of Krakow. We went through the city, took some pictures and continued to the famous Wawel Cathedral. Actually we wanted to buy tickets for a tour but we met a nice polish guy who offers private tours. That was quite interesting.
Wieliczka Salt Mine After lunch, we went to Wilam, one of the most famous salt mines in whole Europe. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the size of the mine. My personal highlight in the mine, was the palace where even today two or three marriages are taking place. I went in and I felt like being in a movie scene. The exhibition took three hours. Afterwards, we went straight to our hotel and to bed ;)
Hotel Novotel This hotel was really nice and the staff was very friendly, so if you are in this area I can recommend it.
From Austria to Krakow We started at 6 am in the morning (Upper Austria) and arrived at 2 pm in Krakow. It’s not that difficult to find a way but the traffic in Poland is quite stressing and so we had to make several breaks.