Canada · 7 Days · 13 Moments · May 2017

7 days in Montreal with 'The Fam Four'

23 May 2017

Last day. Travel day. And some random pics from the week along with some edited repeats. Bus ride at noon to the airport. All went smooth. Ally left first and if off to her internship job this summer in Springfield MO. And we spent the rest of our Canadian bills for Starbucks and lunch in the airport. Even customs doubted us when we said we didn't buy anything to bring home. I guess we just bought memories. See ya canada! 🇨🇦 it's been great and I look forward coming back. The end Unless the rest of our travel home becomes more eventful than it should be. Had to add the pics over New York City ! We circled it both landing and taking off again. Gotta go there someday. I like the first photo where the city reflects off the plane wing. And then seeing how big Central Park is because it's dark! Cool.
1976 Olympic stadium. Random wall art. Misc. our morning view of construction.

22 May 2017

It's Darin's 50th birthday!!!! And it's a national holiday so the construction next door was absent this morning and we sleep in. Breakfast at 11 was big and delish. Then off to the rest of the birthday fun. Rage Academy where we practiced axe throwing. More cappuccino. And dinner tonight was especially interesting- 'O Noi'r is a swanky restaurant where you eat in pitch black dark! We selected our choices for a 3 course meal beforehand and each course had one option that was totally a surprise. We all chose surprise appetizer, connor and amy chose surprise everything, and darin added surprise dessert. Then, our waiter (who was blind) led us to our table choo choo train style with arms on each other's shoulders. We settled in to the blackness and really enjoyed it. It was relaxing! The food was really quality as well. It was fun to guess what we were eating. Lots of texture interest and mixing of flavors. And no spills! We sang happy bday to darin and everyone clapped. :)

21 May 2017

Connor and Amy waiting for the joint stroll of the two giant puppets down the street. Long walk home thru China town, the street celebrating 'diversity' was ablaze with rainbow 🌈 decor above. We had a great latte at Cafe Lolo. Tried to catch a bus but I guess the puppets disrupted the schedules. Oh well. Got a nice long walk in. Then an afternoon latte with Ally around the corner at Kitsune. There's coffee bars everywhere! We are all taking today to relax and rest. It's been nice. Darin made us all lunch which was delish. Ps: yes connor knows he needs a haircut. It will be soon.

20 May 2017

This was our spot for afternoon coffee. In the winter this is their ice skating lake and warming house. It's on the top of the 'mountain' that is next to the downtown.
Allo Velo: bike shop and cafe. Love it! Amy wanted to look at bike helmets so she stopped at all the bike shops. Bagel shop for lunch ... pesto cream cheese on everything bagel ('All Dressed') so yum. Visited the Plateau Mont Royal area. Lovely place to live. Main Street with lots to see and eat. We are thinking we will have to come back someday! Rode then up to the Mont Royal. Lots of pretty views of Montreal. Locals out for a Saturday picnic at the park on top. Oh and a trash panda snacking at the overlook.

19 May 2017

The rest of the afternoon on Friday: We took the metro (very nice, clean and fast) and have passes for the rest of the week. We walked through an old outdoor market, enjoyed peeking in the local coffee shops, and checked out the cool helmets at the bike shop. And then we made onto the 6 o'clock news in Montreal! (Talking about the giant puppets) No biggie. 😄 Connor made his epic quote .. something about a 'microcosm of humanity' and amy said something about it being 'whimsical'. The news channel story was 'the arrival of the giants' -- kinda looks like we are the giants on the screenshot. :).
It's Friday! Enjoyed a family breakfast in the condo. Everyone had some time to do their own thing for a bit and get ready for the day. Connor is working on writing another movie script ... it will be epic. We have construction notice in the background which isn't too bad actually ... kinda like white city noise. 5 story Puppets walking the steeets this weekend. Their first time in North America. It's apparently a big deal. Such a big deal that the kids and amy were interviewed for the 6pm news! We found both puppets sleeping and will track their walking later. Loved visiting old town Montreal. Nice area. A little touristy in spots but very nice. Yum👅. Speculoos latte and cappuccino chocolate. Love all the chocolate here!

18 May 2017

Oh breakfast. How I love thee. And Coco Loco sells a 'bowl' of latte. Really just a big cup but I love the idea of ordering a bowl of latte. And French toast in Montreal ... of course. Walked through town. Over 90 degrees today! So we explored the underground. Wow. Practically a town itself. Tons of shopping and food. And air conditioning. Found the lovely windows of the convention center. More street singers who are actually pretty good. We did a lot of walking the last two days and are taking it easy this evening. Went to the rooftop at sunset. The clouds covered the horizon but it was so nice up there anyway. Windy! Fun to look down on other rooftops and see pools, golf, gardens, patios, etc. afterwards we hit the grocery store. I love groceries in new countries. I was actually surprised at how different it is here in Canada. Maybe bc it's Montreal? Don't know. Will post pics next time I go shopping. Loved the variety.

17 May 2017

What happens when moms asks her kids to smile ....
Today is the 375th birthday of Montreal. We walked downtown and it's is such a nice downtown. Lots of folks around... is that a normal evening or are people out for the city's bday? After dinner we walked to the river with ALL of the rest of Montreal to view the birthday celebrations ... the bridge lit up in all sorts of colors and patterns and fireworks. (Note: heard later it cost 35 million to light the bridge. This was the first time it was used. I hope they don't save it for only birthdays!). Apparently there was an orchestra too but we were too far away to hear that. It was such a nice night. Weather was perfect. People were sooo Canadian! Seriously, I have never been in such a large group of a city gathering with such subdued and pleasant people.
We made it to the air bnb and it's lovely inside! The view is construction so that's not great but there's a rooftop terrace above the 21st floor so that's cool. We needed some lunch and a rest since none of us slept much. And the kids reconnected over sharing memes and laughing. Nice.
Landed in Montreal! We are a family of four with two kids in University. This is our first family vacation with kids who have been away at school. We are building new traditions and styles of travel with this new season of life. This trip we are staying in downtown in an airbnb and have zero plans so far! No car.. just public transport, uber and our feet. Open to ideas and suggestions please! Pic1: our flight circled downtown for us like it was a tourist event. Lovely. Heard Montreal has had terrible flooding last week. Hope they are getting things out back together. Pic2: Napping in the airport waiting for sister's flight. 4am wake up alarm this morning was rough! Pic3: Don't need this for the bus today! It's Montreal's birthday and the buses are free all day! What a great day to show up. Whatever we do today, it will be via the buses!! Pic4: FINALLY have the 4th and final Fam Four. She was waiting at baggage claim with no wifi and we were at the exit. Aaacckkk