North America, South America · 2 Days · 5 Moments · January 2019

6 Weeks of Travel - Peru, Bolivia, and Chile!

9 January 2019

Johnny and I arrived in Peru last night. We took a taxi that our hostel order for us to get there. However, we accidentally ordered a hostel in the hood. So we had to cancel our reservations and find somewhere to stay in Miraflores. Then, we went a long journey on the bus. First of all, the bus was a 20 minute walk away in the hood. One thing I found interesting was that there were a ton of dead chickens hanging in the market. Also, there was a place that sold American paint. Anyway, we finally got to the mall where the bus station should have been. But it took us at least a half an hour to find it. Then, we finally Found the bus. But we got on the bus going the wrong way. We probably spent 40 minutes on the bus before we found Miraflores. It was so packed on there I couldn’t move, and my backpack was aching my shoulders. We finally got to Miraflores and then we spent another half an hour looking for a hostel. It was such a trek.

8 January 2019

Johnny and I are in Fort Lauderdale! We are about halfway there to Lima and are real excited to see what makes this country unique. I want to eat lots of food when I get there if I don’t pass out from exhaustion! Johnny is sleeping on the bench next to me. He looks like a true backpacker.

7 January 2019

I’m going to Peru tomorrow. I am really excited and I am not sure what to expect. My brother is coming with me. I was talking to him earlier, and I commented on how I felt nervous. But it wasn’t a bad nervous. It was a more of the feeling you get the night before Christmas when you are a little kid and can not sleep. I hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow and that I will discover a little bit of myself in this journey. I wonder if I will come back much more different than I am now.