Czech Republic · 5 Days · 8 Moments · September 2016

Prague, Czech Republic

2 October 2016

We had enough of the 36 bed dorm room we were staying in and checked out a day early to go to a hotel. We were getting about 4 hours of sleep a night which made for tough days in Prague! People were loud all night and one mad snored louder than I have ever heard anyone snore (even louder than my dad 😜). Our last day here was very rainy and cold which was fine because all we wanted to do was watch tv and nap in the hotel. I was quite successful and slept for half the day. Our train leaves for Vienna at 6:45 tomorrow morning!

1 October 2016

Yesterday, despite being completely exhausted thanks to our snoring dorm mates, we went out of town to Karlstejn where they have a cute town and beautiful castle. We hiked to the top and went on a tour of the castle which is very much still intact. We had a glass of nasty wine/beer and got on the train back to Prague.

30 September 2016

Today we went to Prague castle and for a couple beers in a park looking over old town Prague. The cathedral was amazing and worth the uphill climb to the castle complex.

29 September 2016

I have hit a bit of a wall here and have been absolutely exhausted for the last couple of days. We took it very slow today so I'm hoping I'll feel more refreshed tomorrow. I suppose it's expected with all the walking, sightseeing and hostel life. We are currently in a 36 bed dorm room and it's far from relaxing. The majority of our very loud roommates are 18 year old Australian boys and they are leaving tomorrow morning! Yayyy!!!
Tonight we went on a little date to escape the rowdy hostel we are staying in. The food was amazing and the night has been beautiful! Tired but so thankful for this amazing experience. I have to admit we are missing simple apartment life a bit tonight but the breathtaking buildings here in Old Prague Square have helped with that :)

28 September 2016

Prague is absolutely stunning! Everything is very well priced here too!
On my way to Prague with this cool guy