Turkey · 4 Days · 36 Moments · October 2013

4 awesome days in Istanbul

25 October 2013

No mail boxes

24 October 2013

Smoke it!
Biggest mosque
View from theb ridge
Public trnasport
Cafe Sultan
Modern Art Museum
Streets empty on sunday
Snacks on the street everywhere Can't recommend maroni

23 October 2013

Kebab as low as 8 lira
istiklal street - snack store
Oszut Cafe Karaorman muz 8 lira
istiklal street - Shopping districts, electronic, musical instruments, souvenirs, police encounter
Taksim Square
Funny building on way to Taksim square
Red kiemen means fresh fish Hemailoglu Market
By ferry to Asia For just 3 lira (1 EUR)
Museum of History of Science & Technology in Islam This pointy instrument was used for cauterization - a way to deal with epilepsy. Apart from medicine, other sections in the museum included chemistry, physics and astronomy. Overall, the collection was not very impressive, compared to other technology museums.
Rich are the fish at the "Sunken Cistern" Of the several hundred cisterns in Istanbul, Basicila Cistern is the largest one. After the basilica was destroyed around the year 500, the cistern was used as a water filtration system. The water in the Basilica Cistern is full of coins from travelers and other visitors. The brochures point out that James Bond and other movies have used the location for filming.
Rug Stores - How carpets are being made

22 October 2013

Amazing view at the Galata Tower From the 70 meters high Galata Tower you get a nice overview of the city. There's an elevator and also a restaurant at the top, and you can walk around the edge of the tower. There is very little space, so it's not recommended if you're afraid of heights ;-) At EUR 6 just for entrance and elevator, it's a bit pricy though.
Looking for a toilet? Visit the Bank Museum (Türkiye İş Bankası) This is a great place if you're looking for a clean toilet. You get free entrance in the museum, and if you ask the guards nicely you may use the bathroom. Otherwise, the museum is just about self-praise of the achievements of Turkey's first public bank. Not particularly interesting - not even for economists.
New Mosque near spice bazar Late comers running to the prayer ceremony at the mosque. Note the energy saving light bulbs.
Spice Bazar Spices near bridge
Great Bazar Didn't we just pass that intersection?
Mosaic cake at the Café Dünyasi
Blue Mosque Guy with iPhone taking photos
Mosaics in Hagia Sophia Mosaics need to be reconstructed. No flashes
Hagia Sophia This kids love hagia sophia. Christian church + Muslim mosque. "smells like horse"
Zeynep Sultan Café Mix meze and kebab and drinks 54
Sultans Palace Only ornaments, no depictions
Sultans Palace - Harem The sultan unterstood Darwin.
Can Restaurant Locals seem to like this place. Not fancy but cheap and good buffet.
Want to avoid the queue at the airport? Get your Visa online Depending on your citizenship you may need a Visa for traveling to Turkey. Once you arrive at the airport in Istanbul, you'll have to queue up in order to get the visa. It didn't take long for us, but you may want to skip the queue by buying the visa online beforehand. Check out the link below in order to get the visa online - it's about EUR 15 or USD 20.