France · 2 Days · 17 Moments · May 2013

3 Days in the South of France

10 May 2013

La Bouilabaisse! We save the best for last: BOUILLABAISSE! It's a traditional Provençal fish stew originating from the port city of Marseille. What makes a bouillabaisse different from other fish soups is the selection of Provençal herbs and spices in the broth; the use of bony local Mediterranean fish; the way the fish are added one at a time, in a certain order, and brought to a boil the whole day long; and the method of serving. In Marseille, bouillabaisse is rarely made for fewer than ten people; the more people who share the meal, and the more different fish that are included, the better the bouillabaisse.
Our Tradition A tradition of ours involves the sea and rosé. Together =) We take a few glasses from the hotel, go to the beach and jump in =) We don't really care how cold it is. We mostly go over easter, so it can be pretty cold. No going to the côte without going for a swim! =)
A visit to Club 55 A real bijoux on the côte! For a drink, dining or playing on the beach! The restaurant offers extremely fresh foods, simply and perfectly prepared. A large catch of the day, served for an entire table with fried potato chips, is a favourite. Starters are a good selection of fresh seasonal vegetables, such as artichokes,and other classics such as Prochiutto and Melon and Salad Nicoise. The house Rose wine is light and almost mandatory with your lunch.
St. Tropez St. Tropez is pretty, but if you've seen it once you're probably done with the massive crowd and 20euro beers at the Senequier. The town is cute, so take your time to walk from the harbor to the church and then to the place des lices. ! a very good wine served everywhere is the «Minuty» ! Don't forget to try a melon ice cream. it's just the BEST!
A picnic on the way to St. Tropez After a breakfast at «Le Pinède» (mentioned on Day one) and some chilling at the Beach we went shopping at the Marché provencal in Lavandou, got ourselves baguettes, cheese, olives, meat, a bottle of wine and drove to St. Tropez by the back way there (over «La Môle», not by the sea). The road is beautful to drive (it takes about an hour to St. Tropez). It's quite tricky as the roads are very adventurous, but it's a rallymans dream! As soon as we got hungry around «Cogolin» we just drove deep and up onto a street leading to wine-fields. On a hill in the middle of nowhere we spread our towels and had the best picnic EVER!

9 May 2013

A very special Restaurant in Bormes My favourite restaurant in the whole of france! «Lou Portaou» is situated under the pavilions of the old church! They're 3 courses to choose from, very special cuisine, quite lyonaise. Very delicious. Beautifully decorated. a MUST!
A walk through «Bormes» Go and take a walk through the adorable village! it's mazes are fantastic...up and down and through little streets. The little soap and decoration shops are amazing! There's a beautiful provencal market (go check the website when it is in which part of the year) with yummy cheese and antipasti!
«Bormes les Mimosas» breathtaking view! Overlooking the magnificant village of Bormes les Mimosas, this is a photospot that you'll never forget! + the photo here doesn't show it all! You'll have to go and take a peek yourself!
A trip to Hyères Cute to see is Hyères, a 20min drive from Le Lavandou. A fabulous view is waiting for you on the village hill. It's takes time and it goes up up up but the view is spectacular!
Lunchtime Moules on the beach After the wine tasting a lunch is much needed. After a 10min car-ride down a beautiful street you will reach the «Estagnol Beach». it costs 8euros to enter. There are two restaurants under the trees near the beach. «Chez Richards» has a beautiful garden where the best moules are served in the french classic à la meunière with onions, crème and white wine!
WINE TASTING: FAVOURITE 2 Also Fantastic! Just down the road from «Maravenne» The entrence is just next to the «jardin des oiseaux tropicaux», not as marked on the address!
Wine Tasting: Favourite 1 La Londe is a famous place for Wine Tasting and offers delicous white, rosé and cassis flavoured red wines. Very friendly! ! is closed between 12.00 – 14:00
Dinner at the «Au Vieux Port» Family run «Au Vieux Port» belongs to a friend of mine. From the outside it wouldn't look fantastic, it's typically french clichée =) But the Food! The best Menu's, they're absolutely delicious. Very famous for it's plateaux of oysters and lobsters, but also has a wonderful choice for meat-lovers! For a price of 35 euros you can pick 3 courses of the whole menu! TIPP: The fois gras ravioli are amazing!
A walk in Le Lavandou Go into town, about 5 minutes away from the Beach «Saint Clair» is the town of Le Lavandou. Walk around, have a quick café at the «Le Centre» and go and reserve the Restaurant you would like to dine in that evening.
Lunch at «La Pinède» THE most cute and delicious, inexpensive beach-bar on the whole côte d'azur! The salads are simply amazing and you have the sea right next to you. Reserve ahead in the summertime, it can get very busy.
Wonderful Bar at the sea «Les Flots Bleus» Arriving at the «Flots Bleus» must be celebrated with a bottle of rosé wine. Don't think ehhh rosé can't be a good're wrong. In the provence and the côte d'azur it is the best thing to drink. With it's lovely interior and exterior design, les Flots Bleus is a fantastic place to have a croissant in the morning, a apéro before meals or a goodnight drink!
The Hotel at the Beach A very french hotel 100m away from the sea, the «Flots Bleus» and the «Pinède» is our favorite the Tamaris. Run by a family that also has the Restaurant next to the hotel which serves the BEST bouillabaisse there is. The Hotel is very clean, has an amazing view, and has the french feeling you wish for. Perfectly comfortable, even though you'll be so occupied you'll only sleep there =)