United States of America · 1 Days · 5 Moments · January 2017

Bethel- New property

12 January 2017

Prayed and Released irish blessing In the gift of hospitality, Saw table and people fessting around it and from that the power of god would flow easily Declared theres no space between heaven and earth Reminded of the scripture with bethel and there being a latter from heaven to earth and angels ascending and descending from it Saw a river- life and abundance Fruitful place Soil on ground- spiritualy has been plowed and ready to go- the harvest is ripe Also as we were walking around the land it symbolized this place being marked Place of restoration Saw wood pile- place of worship like when abe built an altar to worship We declared that people would know God is present here and that even the atmosphere would be so filled with him that people would drive by and get healed And other "impossible" things be made possible Also with the property being on twin tower dr. The twin towers were known world wide and is a monument. This place will be monumental and will be known by the move of God
Twin tower dr.
Saw this small church on the way out and got the word unity
The pile of wood