United States of America · 16 Days · 71 Moments · March 2019

2019 Prior Family Spring Break

6 April 2019

We finally made it home. It was a fun two weeks. Everyone had a few things that the really enjoyed and hopefully will remember forever. We got home in time to sleep I our own beds, except for the fact that we forgot to get the garage door opener from Rachel’s friend Anna. I guess we are spending one more night in the RV!
We never like to just drive straight home. I found one more adventure by looking at the atlas. We pulled off the highway and found a trailhead for the Appalachian Trail. We walked about two miles of trail. Part of it was along an access road and part was a very steep and narrow one person wide trail along the side of a mountain. We saw two big time hikers on the trail.

5 April 2019

When you have a long drive during the night ahead. You don’t need crappy gas station coffee. You need the real stuff from Starbucks. Even if the RV does not fit in the drive thru you find a way to make it work.
After visiting the fort we walked around St Augustine. Very cool historical old town. So much to do and see if we would have had more time. Had a great dinner at Mojo’s BBQ.
Zander loves the old forts and visiting all the rooms. Finally Scott has someone to enjoy them with.
Stopped in really cool St Augustine and visited Castillo de San Marcos fort.
The sandy beach was perfect for writing our names.
Practicing our Karate Kid moves and meditation.
Skim boarding and surfing. Boys had SO MUCH fun. Zander was king of the waves and was calling upon them to give us large ones.
Took highway A1A and found a great beach in Marineland to pull off and visit. It was a great beach for climbing rocks, walking the beach, skim boarding, body surfing. We now have touched the waters on all sides of Florida.

4 April 2019

Finally got enough time to add all the stickers of the states we have visited on our US map. In between Zander was practicing his yoga.
Sat around the camper tonight and told stories about Key West while I enjoyed some Original Key Lime Pie. They were so excited to tell me about beaches, golf cart rides, roosters, giant lizards, parrots, Margaritaville, cheeseburgers, pirates, old forts and President Zachary Taylor. I had no good stories about insurance brokers but I shared all my insurance trinkets.
Our first Harvest Host of the trip. Bedner’s Farm Market in Boca Rotan Florida. Got some fresh grown groceries before they closed for the night.

3 April 2019

Had a good time with Steve and Sarah at the Benefits Expo in Miami. Learned some great things from some of the best brokers in America. We had a great view at night and in the morning from our AirBnB. We enjoyed some great pizza and beer one night and some rooftop drinks another night. I brought home just a few gifts for the the kids and the office.
We went in town for dinner and sunset. Dinner was great and we sat right on the water. The restaurant has turtle races every night. My turtle won but I did not pick the key to open the treasure chest with $400 in it. We saw a beautiful sunset and then went on a mission to find a key lime pie for Scott. We bought pie from the original Key Lime Pie bakery. The ladies were so nice and showed us that they make everything in house. Eric got key lime cheesecake to try and Rachel had coconut cream pie. Ryan and Zander decided to try the rolled ice cream across the street. When driving home we realized the golf cart headlights were not working so Eric held up 2 cell phones for lights and Rachel read me directions from the back seat. I am not sure how we did not get pulled over but we made it back to Boyd’s and breathed a huge sigh of relief.
After we finished at the beach we stopped to explore Fort Taylor. Zander was most excited about this because he loves learning about history and he has been reading about the US presidents. He recognized Zachary Taylor right away on the sign as being from his President book. The fort was originally used during the Civil War but was the longest active used fort as it was used through WWII.
We rented a golf cart today to enjoy more sightseeing. We loaded up all of our beach gear and headed to Fort Taylor state park. It was a beautiful beach with perfect clear water. Eric and Ryan played more football. Zander played in the sand. Rachel, Eric and I enjoyed floating in the water on another very hot day.
I got up with the roosters to watch the sunrise. The kids were all sleeping but it was a great way to start my day.
After day 1 there are several things about Key West that surprised me. The roosters that woke us up, dog-sized iguanas, wood carved penis for sale, chickens crossing the road just to get to the other side, THICK sea grass in the water, houses (shacks) that are floating on water.

2 April 2019

Woke up in paradise today but I didn’t expect to be woken up by rooster! There are roosters and chickens all over this island. The kids and I rode our bikes from Boyd’s campground at mile 5 to mile 0 and explored the sites of Key West. It was extremely hot and we were all exhausted when we got home. We enjoyed a great swim back at the campground.
We had lunch at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville today. This was on Rachel’s bucket list. The food and atmosphere did not disappoint but Jimmy did not show up to sing for her. Zander loved all the pirate stuff. I enjoyed a “perfect margarita” and Rachel, Eric and I all had cheeseburgers in paradise.

1 April 2019

The kids dropped me off in Miami and headed to Key West for three days. The timing was perfect. Crossing all the causeways while at Sunset.
Kelly was nervous about driving the RV into Miami. She did great. The RV blended right in.
The little boys are so sad they are leaving this great vacation house. They had to get one more 9am swim in the books. See you later Ft Myers.
The boys really missed there mom after five days away on the opposite side of the continent.

31 March 2019

All good things come to an end. Our last coffee on patio, last Mimosa for breakfast, last free Dos Equis. The view will never be forgotten. Maybe found our next family vacation.

30 March 2019

Last full day in Cabo was spent with no plans just sun and drinks. Taking full advantage of not having a schedule.
Today was a pool day! Who knew you could wrestle in a pool. Captain Tom visited and then we went to pinchers for dinner..... kids eat free! Eric had a full rack of ribs... Rachel fish and chips , Papa had the shrimp pasta and I had the pinchers.

29 March 2019

After our sailing adventure we had to come back and chill in the calm waters with some drinks at the swim up bar.
Luxury Sailing excursion today. Was great until the end challenged us all. We had to hold on to dear life when the sails went up and tipped the boat almost on its side. Captain Miguel and first mate Angel kept us safe. I guess I’m just to “vanilla”.
Nana, Papa, Rachel, Ryan and Zander went to Zoomers. Played mini golf and rode rides. Ryan was rocking his ride upside down and flipping forward and back.
Started our day with Mimosas then a walk on the beach. The waves were so loud and got us wet a few times.

28 March 2019

Could not miss Cabo Wabo again. 10 years later I finally got here. Of course had to have a shot of Cabo Wabo Tequila. Walking downtown Cabo was fun and surprising felt safe. Kelly took charge and lead the way through town.
Final set of sunset cruise photos. So hard to pick so few because it was breath taking.
More sunset cruise photos.
Sunset cruise was absolutely amazing. So many gorgeous pictures.
The kids with Nana and Papa visited Cyprus Beach today. Looks like everyone was getting the tan on.
We were definitely lounge lizards today.
GOOD MORNING Cabo San Lucas. View from our room is tough to beat.

27 March 2019

Fort Myers Castle Golf. Somebody got a hole-in-one!
A long day started with zero sleep at 2:45am in the airport. We were there before the airport workers. Get our sleep back on the flights. Got all of our flights on time. It was well worth it to get to our resort in Cabo San Lucas.
Day one at Nana and Papa’s. Report was five hours of pool time. Beginning at 8:45am. They love the pool.

26 March 2019

Fun evening on Captiva. Drinks and sunset at the Mucky Duck. Dinner and desert at the Bubble Room. Zander said he “is definitely a party god”. We tried to lock him up in BoBo’s cage but he kept escaping.
Tonight’s sunset is courtesy of Captiva Island.
First ever spring training game for Scott, Eric and Papa. Minnesota Twins vs Colorado Rockies. Beautiful ballpark. Very hot at first until the shade came rolling in.

25 March 2019

Sanibel sunsets are amazing.
Sanibel causeway tree climbing. Boys were in heaven climbing all over the place.
Some more beach time on the Sanibel causeway. Relaxing, grilling dinner and the kids enjoying the ocean.
Got out of the sun to visit the Ding Darling Visitor Center. Came out with two Junior Refuge Rangers.
Started the day with a ten mile bike ride through Ding Darling National Wildlife refuge. Saw some great wildlife today.

24 March 2019

Our boys can’t get enough of the beach. Zander got his first taste of the ocean. Eric and Ryan enjoyed each other long enough to play some catch.
Decided to pull over on the causeway for the sunset. Absolutely beautiful!
Found a coconut. We think the milk was spoiled. The smell was terrible.
Finally made it to the beach! Zander and Ryan could pick up shells ALL DAY!
Visited Kelly’s Grandparents church. Remembering their legacy. The fountain was in honor of her Grampy and the garden on the opposite side is in honor of her Mammy. The sermon today was “What will your legacy be?” Absolutely perfect way to start our day!
What were we thinking? I am sure the kids will let us sleep in. Actually we are just as excited as them for tomorrow.

23 March 2019

Don’t get to eat outside at this time of year back home. Today we did in Georgia. Zander loves his blood orange lemonade!
See you later Walmart. Thanks for the quick overnight in Scott County Kentucky.

22 March 2019

Getting the homework out of the way. Sharing Science stories.
And it begins. Even with snow flying we were determined to leave Ohio. Finally pulling out 7:30.