United States of America · 2 Days · 11 Moments · April 2019

2019 Falcon Camping

21 April 2019

A little more Geocaching with the Priorcrew. Found three and did not find two. Found a new thing to trade that fits our crew.
Adrian, Isaiah, Ryan and Zander had so much fun playing this morning and all weekend we good buds.
Guess what? The Easter Bunny found us at the campground. Everyone had a basket hidden in the woods.

20 April 2019

Another great night around the campfire and sharing dinner. First time using Kelly’s new Dutch oven. Awesome potatoes to go with hamburger and brats. Ava was dirty from head to toe.
Easter egg hunting at our campsite.
Awesome hike on the Wild Black Cherry trail. Fun climbing trees and trekking through the mud.
Found six Geocaches today at West Branch. The first time ever for the Trace boys. Found some cool things to trade. Glow in the dark rings and stretchy dolls.
Well this weekend is in the books. Trace, Gumm and Prior’s got it started. Our family stayed all day Sunday packed it all away on Monday morning. Great memories and good ideas about future trips.
It’s good to have friends to help carry the load for your heavy logs. They were going to make a teepee.
Easter Bunny pancakes this morning. With rain again this morning we crashed all inside our camper.

19 April 2019

First camping of the season. West Branch State Park. Prior, Trace and Gumm Family on Easter weekend. Started with rain but that did not stop us from having fun. Taco dinner in Traces camper, campfire in between drizzle and some good old fashioned 52 pickup.