North America · 75 Days · 457 Moments · January 2019

2019 Atlantic to Pacific Winter Roadtrip

26 March 2019

The McDonald’s, across the Coralville, Iowa Walmart where we spent the night.

25 March 2019

Noticed a slow leak in the drivers side inner dually tire. Took the truck into a TA Truck Stop in Oakley, Kansas where they found a nail in the tread. After a half hour and $35, we on the road. Except, they had a Truck Wash there, so we gave the truck and camper a much needed bath.
Our home for the night at Walmart in Colby, Kansas.

24 March 2019

From our Junior Yearbook photos taken in September of 1969. Donna Okray Parman at the top, Bruce Parman on the bottom left and me, Ken Pastorius at the bottom right. Of a class of over 800 kids, our pictures were coincidently grouped together. I was friends with both, but Donna and Bruce didn’t even knowing each other back then.
The four of us at Bruce and Donna’s Rocky Mountain home

23 March 2019

At the Pioneer Inn Restaurant for dinner. An over 100 year old saloon.
The wall of “Somewhere Else” at the Carousel of Happiness in Nederland, CO.
Bruce and Donna driving us around.
Us at Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

22 March 2019

Game night with Carol and Woody
Roaming around Black Hawk
Donna O and me at the Black Hawk Community Center
Donna, Donna and Sassy

21 March 2019

At the Casino in Black Hawk, CO
Arrived at Bruce and Donna’s home
Our home in the Evergreen,Colorado Home Depot.

20 March 2019

View from a Colorado Rest Stop
A plaque about Butch Cassity at a Colorado Visitor Center
At Arches National Park Visitor Center.
Morning dining room view while camping on BLM land near Moab.

19 March 2019

The hike back down from Delicate Arch.
Delicate Arch and views around the arch.
Me at Delicate Arch
The 200 yard narrow ledge with steep drop offs to the side.
My hike up to Delicate Arch
Petroglyphs near the base of the Delicate Arch trail. Dated between 1650 and 1850.
The original Wolfe’s Ranch
At Fiery Furnace Viewpoint
Me at Landscape Arch
Story and views of Landscape Arch.
Views from our hike in the Devils Garden trail.
Our morning dining room view in Arches National Park

18 March 2019

Views from around Devils Garden Campground
Our campsite #40 at Devils Garden Campground
Looking up at North Window Arch. Notice the long crack about to break off.
Views from underneath the North Window Arch.
Me, standing below the North Window Arch.
Climbing up to the North Window Arch.
Views of the South Window Arch.
Views at the North Window Arch.
Us in Arches National Park.
Rock climbers.
Views of Balancing Rock.
Us inside Arches National Park.
Inside Arches National Park
Views of 191 and the Arches National Park Visitor Center from the start of the scenic drive going into the park.
Several views while at Wilson’s Arch.
View of our camper from up st Wilson’s Arch.
Me, standing below Wilson’s Arch
Various views of Wilson’s Arch while climbing up it in the morning.
From the pullout on 191, where we spent the night, this is our morning dining room view of Wilson’s Arch. Named after Joe Wilson, who was an early pioneer to the area and had a cabin close by.

17 March 2019

At the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook

16 March 2019

Glen Canyon Dam
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Zion National Park
At Zion National Park
Many photos from Bryce Canyon National Park

15 March 2019

Entering Bryce Canyon National Park
Our campsite in Bryce Canyon National Park.
This mornings dining room view at the Walmart in Cedar City, Utah.

14 March 2019

Leaving Zion National Park
The Narrows hike
Weeping Rock hike.
Lower Emerald Pool hike
Lower Emerald Pool hike.
Morning dining room view

13 March 2019

At Big Bend in Zion National Park. Sunset over Angels Landing.
At Big Bend
At the Grotto
At Court of the Patriarchs
At Canyon Junction
Zion National Park Museum and views of West Temple, Sundial and Alter of Sacrifice

12 March 2019

Entering Zion National Park
Made a quick stop at Sol Food Market to say “Hi” to Looknok in Springdale, UT.
Began the morning with breakfast at Cracker Barrel’s in St. George, UT.

11 March 2019

Hiking Mouse’s Tank trail. All petroglyphs in Valley of Fire are considered to be approximately 4000 years old
Hiking Mouse’s Tank Trail. Us, standing in front of Petroglyphs.
Hiking the White Dome Trail in Valley of Fire.
Hiking the Fire Wave trail in Valley of Fire.
Hiking the Rainbow Vista Trail at Valley of Fire.
This mornings dining room view at Arch Rock Campground

10 March 2019

Views from around our campground.
Where a part of a rock sheared off and fell
Me, climbing up on a trail.
The stairs we had to clime to see 4000 year old petroglyphs. There is a protective barrier to prevent vandalism, yet there were a couple examples of where disgusting individuals had to leave their mark.
In Valley of Fire State Park.
In Valley of Fire State Park.
Donna and I at Valley of Fire State Park.
Scenic views on our drive to Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

9 March 2019

Donna and I on the Memorial Bridge.
Hoover Dam from the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge
Hoover Dam from the overlook.
You can actually see our camper from these pictures.
Donna and I on the Hoover Dam with the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge behind us.
Looking over the Hoover Dam to the Memorial Bridge.
A Panoramic view of Hoover Dams outer wall, into the canyon and up to the Memorial Bridge (111)
Lake Mead
Hoover Dam and its Intake Towers

8 March 2019

Views in Red Rock Canyon
Views in Red Rock Canyon
A cold front coming in over Res Rock Canyon

7 March 2019

Dinner at Cafe Rio, near Las Vegas with Tim Jackson
Views in Red Rock Canyon
Views in Red Rock Canyon

6 March 2019

Leaving Death Valley
At Dantes View in Death Valley.
At Zabriskie Point in Death Valley

5 March 2019

Dust storm coming in.
Hiking Golden Canyon
Hiking Golden Canyon
Hiking Golden Canyon
Hiking Golden Canyon
Hiking Golden Canyon
Visiting Ubehebe Crater
This mornings dining room view

4 March 2019

Our hike up to Artists Palette.
At the very center of the first picture is a sign the reads, “Sea Level”. The second photo is zoomed in at the same sign.
View from the Salt Flats.
Out on the Salt Flats in Badwater Basin.
Donna and I at the lowest elevation in North America. The Badwater Basin in Death Valley.
Old Borax products.
The remains of the Borax Refinery.
The original 20 mule team Borax wagons
The old Borax logo
Several views of the desert by the Old Borax refinery.
Driving further into Death Valley.
Stovepipe Wells General Store. We stayed the night in their parking lot.
This mornings dining room view

3 March 2019

A few more views, just before sunset.
Several views of the desert while driving
Google Maps misled us in the desert and realized we’re probably lost.
This mornings dining room view at the Selma, CA Walmart.

2 March 2019

Our truck and camper below El Capitan
Bridalveil Falls
The Yosemite Valley Overlook was predominantly Japanese tourist
Yosemite Valley
Us with Yosemite Valley in the background.
This mornings dining room view

1 March 2019

A reminder of the Ferguson Fire in the fall of 2018
The clearance sign that caught my attention. The tunnel in question
Several views in Yosemite
Us in Sequoia
Views of our campsite this morning
This mornings dining room view

28 February 2019

Our dining room view
Our campsite at Azalea Campground
A view on the eastern side.
An overlook we could actually see. The snow banks were often too tall.
Donna in front of another stump
Standing in front of the General Grant Tree
In front of a fallen stump
Donna and I next to a giant Sequoia
These Sequoias are so huge and yet without someone standing next to one, it’s hard to capture the perspective of their size.
Inside the makeshift building that protects the visitor center entrance.
Donna at the entrance to the visitor center.
Me, standing next to the snow covered visitor center
Parked at the Kings Canyon Visitor Center.
View while climbing up to Kings Canyon National Park.
Morning dining room views at the Dinuba, CA Walmart.

27 February 2019

Tunnel Rock. It actually was a rock traffic could drive underneath, but was eventually blocked off.
This morning at our Potwisha campsite in Sequoia National Park.
A few more views of Sequoia before moving on.

26 February 2019

Scenic views of Sequoia National Park
Roadlover Roamer
Scenic views at Sequoia National Park
Donna and I at Sequoia National Park
Scenic views at Sequoia National Park

25 February 2019

Scenic views of Santa Margarita Lake
Frisbee golf
More views of the KOA property
Several RV sites.
The inflated trampoline
Ryan and Gunner showing me more off the property
View of Santa Margarita Lake from the highest point in the property.
More views of the KOA property
Donna and I with LynnAnn and Ryan

24 February 2019

Out for Mexican dinner with Ryan and LynnAnn
Site 91 at Santa Margarita KOA
Ryan and Gunner
Donna with a new friend
At Santa Margarita KOA. Kevin the Emu

23 February 2019

With Cousin Trisha and Her husband Dick
Meeting my first cousin Trisha and her husband Dick for the first time. They have a beautiful horse ranch in Paso Robles.
Our Pacific Ocean photo.
The 69 year old iconic, (or eyesore) power plant with its three 450’ smokestacks.
Morro Rock.
Several portrait shots while at Morro Bay State Park.
This mornings dining room view.

22 February 2019

With Mike and Anne Smith.
Morro Rock in Morro Bay, CA
Lunch with Mike and Anne Smith At The Great American Fish Company in Morro Bay. I met Mike and Anne while working for the Petoskey KOA. They visit for a couple of months during the summer.
Sea Otters in Morro Bay.
Morning dining room view at the Santa Maria Walmart.

21 February 2019

At a rest stop along 101
Beautiful views along 101
Heavy rains, heavy wet snow then hail made us pull over off 101 this afternoon.
Our drive along I-10, headed towards Los Angeles.
This morning at the Palm Desert Walmart

20 February 2019

Visiting Mary and Gary at their campsite in Thousand Trails Palm Springs Resort
A field of wildflowers in Joshua Tree National Park
At Cholla Gardens
A family of four from Germany touring North and South America
Our campsite at Belle campgrounds.
This mornings kitchen window view.
This mornings dining room view.

19 February 2019

Our Campsite
This evenings setting sun from the dining room window.
These is a little snow on the ground.
Hiking among the Jumbo Rocks.
Hiking among the Jumbo Rocks.
Up at Key View. In the distance behind me is the San Andreas Fault and Coachella Valley
The truck and camper in the distance.
Hiking among the Jumbo Rocks.
Hiking among the Jumbo Rocks.
Hiking among the Jumbo Rocks.
Hiking among the Jumbo Rocks.
Hiking among the Jumbo Rocks.
Our Cottonwood campsite
This mornings dining room view.

18 February 2019

Some views of the desert.
There’s a little remaining snow in the desert.
Truck and camper at our site
View out the dining room window from our campsite in Joshua Tree National Park.
Our morning dining room view.
Between the third week of January through the middle of February Quartzsite attracts 150,000 RV’ers.

17 February 2019

Home for the night out in the Quartzsite BLM desert.
The flea market area of Quartzsite
This mornings dining room view at a roadside rest area along I-10, 85 miles west of Phoenix.

16 February 2019

This afternoon with Donna’s Uncle Cliff and Aunt Maryann
RV’ers love Cracker Barrel
My Birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel

15 February 2019

Home for the evening at Cracker Barrel
We met these people while doing laundry at a laundromat in Tucson. They’re from Switzerland on a two road trip through North America.
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park
Saguaro National Park

14 February 2019

Campsite on BLM land near Saguaro
Saguaro National Park
In Saguaro National Park

13 February 2019

Morning dining room view
Enjoying BLM land camping
Morning dining room and kitchen views

12 February 2019

Evening sunset from our BLM land campsite.
Views from the sunset tour.
Water found only two feet below the Sands surface.
Views from the sunset tour.
View of the camper while on a dune.
Views of White Sands
At the White Sands National Monument Visitor Center.

11 February 2019

Visiting the McDonald Observatory.
A couple other telescopes on the mountain.
View of the Frank N Bash Visitor Center from the mountain.
The Harland J Smith telescope
In the Hobby-Eberly Telescope Observatory. Donna and I in front of the telescope. Martinique, our energetic and animated tour guide. Martinique letting take control of moving the telescope. That was fun!
Our morning views at the picnic area on 118.

10 February 2019

Our home for the evening, three miles west of Fort Davis on 118.