Greece · 9 Days · 31 Moments · May 2018

2018 Early season exploring the Cyclades.

9 May 2018

Last dinner in Lavrion. We found a beautiful little place with perfect service and wonderful prepared food.

8 May 2018

Kithnos, Loutra
Fillips moment just after dropping anchor and mooring in Kithnos, Lavrion marina. Two wel prepared fishes out of the oven. Thanks you Fillip!
Siros, Ermopolis has so many nice placeto eat, make sure you have a good stroll around town before you make a decision.

7 May 2018

Siros, Ermopolis

6 May 2018

Anti-Paros has a nice fibe and is worth a visit, even if there's no place on the dock to moore the boat. If you try to find a space inside the port, make sure you have enough water under your keel :-) it's sand, but it's never nice to get stuck when the wind changes.
Anchored in one of the many bays of Rhinia. For the first week of may I was expecting less boats, but there is enough space for everyone.

5 May 2018

We did not catch them ourselves but they were very well prepared by Vassilis, our cook for this week :-)
If you want to visit only one archeological site in Greece, make it Delos. This place is really wonderful but make sure to bring enough water and suntan cream because it can be hot!
Shopping for fresh vegetables in Tinos, and don't forget the fish. Expensive (the fish) but very fresh and tasty.

4 May 2018


3 May 2018

Andros is worth a visit and if you're schedule has room for it try one of the many hiking/footpaths that this island has opened up.
It's not only sailing from port to port. Aspecially if you take it slow. Exploring one or two island by car or scooter can be very rewarding.

2 May 2018

Andros, Bafi
Andros is not a place to visit during the Meltemi as it can be extremely windy. If you do choose to visit when it's windy just stay on anchor instead of med mooring in the port.
Kea is a good place for a stopover. There are many options including anchoring in front of the town in case you are late and don't find a place on the dock. Remember to drop most of your anchor as it's deep and it can be windy.

1 May 2018

Between Lavrion and Kea it's always busy with cargo boats. It's nice to see them close, but of course not to close :-) remember, the are faster then you think.
10 days early season cabin charter, exploring the northern Cyclades. Athens Alimos Marina, Kea, Andros, Tinos, Delos-Rhinia, Anti-Paros, Siros, Kythnos and ending in Lavrion Port Marina.