North America, Europe · 31 Days · 53 Moments · July 2018

6 August 2018

Last day in Vienna. Many fond memories, including a great concert last eve. Heading home to Sedona soon.

5 August 2018

On the building at our final day vegan brunch restaurant.

4 August 2018

Winding down at the end of our trip.
The Lovely Schonbrunn Palace grounds West of Vienna. Ah, to live in such style - but in a way we do, back amongst the colorful red rocks of Sedona!

3 August 2018

Scenes from around Vienna... Wonder about the Fries connection with Beethoven!

2 August 2018

The birthday dinner after we returned home and dried out!
A very pleasant hike through the vineyards in the “Vienna Woods”. Then a swim in the Danube to cool down, assisted by torrential rains at the end!
We went swimming in the Danube on this very warm day. And then the thunderstorm hit and we had to put our clothes back on in the pouring rain and then ride the subway back to town, leaving puddles everywhere we stood 😮.
A walk through the outskirts of Vienna in honor of Don's 70th birthday.

31 July 2018

Our final morning in the mountains before heading to Vienna

29 July 2018

A cruise on the lake; And Yes, it is possible to dine on great plant-based (no oil) entrees anywhere!
Hallstadt is pretty cool. The funicular rail took us 1,200 feet above town for some great views. The four of us took our own small electric boat out on the lake this afternoon.

28 July 2018

Arrived at Hallstadt Lake today. Beautiful mountains all around. Much exploring set for tomorrow ...

25 July 2018

On the Dachstein Circuit. Lots of snow at the top - and many rocks to negotiate! More later...

23 July 2018

Some scenes from our (just a bit steep) hike to Hofpurhgl Hut - yikes!

22 July 2018

Gosau - At the threshold of the Dachstein Circuit...

21 July 2018

Scenes Around Salzburg July 21 - - Great weather for Austria for this time of year. Our 8-day trek in the Dachstein Circuit begins on July 23, and the forecast is a mixed bag of rain and sun. Our rain gear is at the ready! Just arrived in the little mountain village of Gosau. Quite beautiful. Will be “off-grid” periodically over the next week as we stay in mountain huts, some without WiFi, etc.

19 July 2018

Bouncing around Today, including Hohensalzburg Castle. Also, a replica of a photo taken of my Dad in the exact same spot above the Salzach River 63 years ago. He served here in Salzburg as a German translator as the Americans set up post-war city administrations.

18 July 2018

Ah, the beauty of violin music through the back ways of Salzburg...
Just arrived in Salzburg. Had a great meal at a totally plant-based (no oil) restaurant. What a fabulous welcome. Off to the castles, churches, the Danube, concerts, etc tomorrow...

17 July 2018

After another uphill morning, a downhill run following the path of this lovely stream.
A hike way up above Longiaru underneath the magnificent Mone Putia peak. Surrounding views of peaks of the Puez-Odle National Park and the massif of Fanes where we hiked two days ago. Ran into this wooden Marmot along the way, amongst many other creations by a local “outdoor museum” artist.
A wall of whimsy - a creative man’s private outdoor gallery.

15 July 2018

More Images from the Piz de Sant Antone Pass - well above timberline. “Die luft var frisch und klar!” (The air was fresh and clear) Don
Challenging hike over the pass to Fanes Hut to say the least! 4000 ft up over an 8100 ft pass, then down 1500 ft. Today, back up to Pider over a different route!
This is the pass we climbed up and over 2 days ago. So proud of us that we made it - 8 miles and 4,000 ft. up! Tricky steep places going both up and down, and a huge cow meadow on the other side with its own set of obstacles.

14 July 2018

Today's hike - 9+ miles across boulder fields, mud, and many fields of wildflowers. Every view is a postcard. Meeting hikers from around the world, but mostly from Italy. Tired legs! Tomorrow is the most challenging yet - 4,000 ft. up to a mountain Lodge where we'll sleep.
On the way over the pass.

13 July 2018

In the Tyrol, they don't say goodbye to their dead. They make them into a garden and lovingly tend to them.

12 July 2018

Hiking in the Tyrolian Alps (the Dolomites of Northern Italy)

11 July 2018

After two trains, a wild bus ride and a taxi, we're at our hotel in La Valle, ready to start going tomorrow. Breathtaking!

9 July 2018

8 July 2018

7 July 2018

6 July 2018