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2017 - One big holiday!

11 December 2017

😭😭😭 and that’s it!! The last day of the most incredible trip! Ten absolutely amazing countries, each with their own unique life time experiences I’ll never forget! So much variety, different culture and so much different yummy food along the way. All made better by the awesome people we met to share it with! I am also very excited to get Home to all my family and friends I’ve missed loads and to not live out of a bag! Also to wear all the new clothes I bought in America which I definitely couldn’t afford...check us out with our brand new trainers πŸ˜‚ see you at home! πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜˜

10 December 2017

Left San Diego and made our way back to LA on our final road trip! 😲 stopped off at an outlet and bought a few more things we can’t afford and ended up back in Hollywood, where they were setting up for the Jumanji premiere! Raging we missed it! Had a walk round and treated ourselves to one last meal out at Hard Rock Cafe and some yummy food πŸ˜‹ then went to the famous Chinese Theatre were the film was introduced by a live presenter πŸ˜‚ and Justice League was awesome 😁

9 December 2017

Went for a drive along the sunset cliffs and to Point Loma for a walk! Ended the day with a famous Hodads burger 🀀

8 December 2017

Had a nice chill day around the Ocean Beach area checking out dog beach and watching the sun go down! 😍

7 December 2017

2/2 then we went for a drive to Coronado, with some great views along the way and a glowing red sunset when we got there! Of course it was the perfect setting to pose with the car 😎
1/2 Busy day sight seeing! Started with the USS Midway museum (aircraft carrier) pretty cool seeing around it and how they managed to accommodate so many people! Great view of the city from it as well. After that we had a walk round Balboa Park, pretty fancy park!

6 December 2017

Day out at San Diego zoo! Lots of lazy bears about, highlight being the most chilled out panda ever 🐼 also the baby koala 🐨😁 and a huge hippo! So much walking! Place is massive, supposed to be the best zoo in the world but still think Singapore and Australia zoos beat it! Spent the evening chilling in an outdoor hot tub and got a great view of the city at night at the 38th floor apt!

5 December 2017

Arrived in San Diego and explored the La Jolla area, checking out the sea lions! Then headed to Mission beach for a walk around ☺️

4 December 2017

2/2 next up was Jurassic Park and another class water ride! Of course got absolutely soaked πŸ˜“ pretty realistic T Rex coming at you as you plummet down the last hill! 😲 transformers was another spectacular 3d show, with a few real life water and hot air bits thrown in. Optimus Prime was walking about too πŸ™„ definitely did not want to do the Walking Dead walk through, there is a reason I don’t watch the show 😣😣 so creepy, both of us screaming at times πŸ˜‚ minions ride was brilliant, seemed to be the most popular! Also went to the studio tour to see sets of films etc and the stunt show, showing a few cool tricks.. ended with the waterworld show, awesome again! Like seeing a live film.. finished the day off with the Harry Potter light show! Amazing! 😍
1/2 Great day out at universal studios! Bert convinced me that it wasn’t really a big rides place and more just shows so I thought it would be safe to go πŸ™„ headed straight for Harry Potter world, walked through hogsmead, passed the hogwarts express and to hogwarts itself! Walked through the castle, so cool with the talking pictures etc, went on our first ride, absolutely class but also nearly threw up πŸ˜‚ followed the gang on broomsticks on a 3D screen and under the womping willow! Pretty creepy dementors about too! Next up was Springfield 😁 even got ourselves a krusty burger 😎 pretty funny virtual ride there too! Went to the Mummy ride for some scariness and 45mph speeds! 😡

3 December 2017

Staying in Newport Beach, we had a drive to Huntington Beach. Super nice wee town and very busy! People out playing volley ball even! Enjoyed a wee cocktail and a feed by the beach and had a walk along the pier and through the town...asked three different people to take a photo and they were all rubbish 😐 no wonder people have selfie sticks! πŸ˜’ headed the other direction to Laguna beach for sunset and ice cream 🍦😁 saw a few dolphins too!🐬

2 December 2017

SHOPPING 😁 spent the day at Camarillo Premium Outlets. If I wasn’t running out of money before today, I certainly am now πŸ˜† well when everything is nearly half price or would be rude not to ☺️

30 November 2017

Headed up the coast to Santa Barbara with a couple of stops along the way! Firstly, Malibu with a walk along the pier, then Zuma beach to find some guy with a metal detector πŸ™„ watched the sunset in Santa Barbara from the pier 😍 and then went onto the Main Street for some seafood, and I had a delicious salmon πŸ˜‹

29 November 2017

After the show we headed back to the car through the most decorated shopping area I’ve ever seen! Christmas has well and truly hit California! Super fancy!
WE WERE ON TV!!! Ha, managed to get tickets to be in the audience of the late late show with James Corden! Ended up on the flipping front row! Was not prepared for that..don’t even have any straighteners! After queuing for a couple of hours went in and got seated and probably spent another hour getting hyped up, cheering etc πŸ™„ show was pretty quick in the end! Watched the carpool karaoke with Kelly Clarkson, hard not to sing along πŸ˜‚ then interviewed Juno Temple and Armie Hammer. Recognise her but don’t really know much about her! Of course I know Armie from the Man from Uncle πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ he was good craic also. Raging though our singer guest was prerecorded so we just had to pretend cheer then got a high 5 off James! Fun day, would def try and do more shows again!
Spent the morning walking around Santa Monica and had some Mexican food at the end of the pier! Some iffy street performers along the way...

28 November 2017

2/2 headed over to Hollywood Walk of fame for a dander, plenty going on there! Some terrible costumes also πŸ˜‚ had a look round the Chinese Theatre and went to hooters for lunch, hilarious when we were served by a man πŸ˜‚ did a bit of shopping too. One year ago today a dropped Bertie and Dave at the airport! 😲
1/2 Started the day with breakfast from Eggslut..πŸ™„ got a nice wee jar of potato and egg to dip the bread into! Much healthier than usual πŸ˜‚ had a walk down to the beach, pretty cool but I’ve see nicer ☺️ quite a lot of homeless about and the street feels a little dodgey ☹️ not too busy but still a few huge guys at muscle beach πŸ˜‚ then headed in towards LA to the Griffiths observatory for a view of the Hollywood sign! The observatory itself was pretty cool...

27 November 2017

After one last recommendation from Trev, Chick-fil-A at the airport we had a 3 hour flight back to LA! And there we picked up our Mustangs 😎 then headed off to Venice beach! Had a walk round the Venice area at night and got some pizza and wings, and Dave picked up his mates from home in the second mustang πŸ˜‚

26 November 2017

Out for lunch at one last bbq place before we left Trev to the airport! Most complicated place to drive around 😐 on the way we stopped off at the Dallas Cowboys football stadium. Can’t believe the 2 weeks in Texas is over! Been truly spoiled by Trev and his family, great tour guide!

25 November 2017

Trev took us around his old campus at TCU, pretty nice! Played a bit more pitch n putt. Bit nicer than the last one AND we got golf carts 😎 played terribly again. Headed out for dinner to another bbq place! Served by a Chris Pratt before he was skinny lookalike πŸ˜‚

24 November 2017

TCU v Baylors college football game! Very typical American over the top πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ met at half7 in the morning for the β€˜tailgate’ before the game at 11. Excellent setup, smoker, tv and everything! Music going and a bean bag game too lol. Didn’t really have much notion of what has happening in the game but was cool to see! It was also super hot so had to hide at the back for a while 😳 but they won. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»

23 November 2017

Happy thanksgiving y’all! Had a nice lazy morning with great smells coming from the kitchen! So excited for today 😁 the food was all absolutely delicious 🀀 have never felt so full! Was great to get the full family experience and of course everyone said what they were thankful for! Though they put a little twist on it so make it more fun πŸ‘πŸ» and we had to guess what the category was we were particularly referring to. Lovely family, we were certainly very thankful they had us! Back on the road again later to head to Fortworth beside Dallas!

22 November 2017

Nice chill day thankfully, well sort of.. went for a drive round Houston, got some lunch at Buffalo Grille where o got the biggest baked potato I’ve ever see 😲 two of them that is! Got stuck in thanksgiving traffic round the city for an hour and tried to stay out of the way of prep for tomorrow πŸ™„ headed out later on for some tex mex in an old movie theatre, again way too much food 🀒 then went on to our first basketball game! πŸ€ Houston Rockets v Denver Nuggets. So cool to see and a great match! Of course the rockets won 😁 plenty going on during the breaks including a mascot bear who chased 3 giant turkeys πŸ¦ƒ and later eating one πŸ˜‚

21 November 2017

Played some pitch n putt in the morning, not overly fussed on my performance ☹️ Chillantro for lunch, a Korean place, got some food with actual vegetables in it for once! Headed to see the capital building before setting off to Houston again. Bertie wanted to buy himself the new iPhone (much cheaper btw) so obvs took the opportunity to pop into A&F and make use of the 40% off 😎 Met up with Trev’s step dad, Buddy, at a fancy Japanese steakhouse. So fancy I was too embarrassed to take photos πŸ˜‚ amazing food though, crab puffs, edamame, jalapeΓ±o poppers and hibachi steak πŸ˜‹ didn’t think we could top the amount of food we’ve had to eat but we definitely did tonight! Buddy had some great stories, he has his own tank for example! Back to Kimi’s house to be greeted by thanksgiving prep 🀀

20 November 2017

Drove out of Austin a couple hours to see the Enchanted Rock. Supposed to take 45 to the top but took like 15 πŸ™„ decided to walk around a bit more to make the drive worth it, though it is pretty cool! Steep walk up but easy to grip. Had to try and avoid the cacti 🌡 still think the roads in America are ridiculous, bridge over bridge! Went to 24 Diner for dinner, more of a posh diner, and got some fried chicken n mash πŸ˜‹

18 November 2017

Driving to Austin today, and yet more food places on the itinerary πŸ˜‚ lunch stop was Torchys, another Mexican place with yummy tacos! Along the drive we went to Buc-ees, a massive gas station with its own homemade everything nearly, tried some fudge.. so sweet! Never seen so many pumps in a garage either. Chilled out at our Airbnb for a bit and headed out to Huts Diner for a burger! Probably the most American thing we’ve been to yet πŸ˜‚ tried out some shuffle board as well, instead of pool as Bert wins too much apparently lol.

17 November 2017

Stopped at a Waffle House for breakfast on the way back to Houston. Ridiculous amount of food and excessive amounts of cheese πŸ˜‚ spent about 10 hours in the car in the end! Trev made us some grilled cheese sandwiches before heading out πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» went to see his favourite band, Deer Tick. Pretty good! Would say they are similar to Mumford and sons at times, or like country indie.. had a nice night hanging out with his Texan friends!

16 November 2017

A little bit more exploring around New Orleans today. Breakfast at another market was crawfish poutine.. Went to another park with a sculpture park in it. Later found out that we could have been there at the same time Serena Williams was getting married! Didn’t even realise, totally would have been all over that and done some stalking ☹️ then went for some awesome fried chicken at Willie Maes, served by Candy. Drove around more of the residential areas, love all the houses with the porches! Took it easy tonight and had an hilarious night just playing uno&cards πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

15 November 2017

Full New Orleans experience today with some food sampling and taking in the liveliness of the city mid week during the day! Started with a walk down to the French quarter, with some interesting characters just round the corner from where we were fave was a guy with dreadlocks helping me call after Dave πŸ˜‚ generally getting greeted by β€˜how y’all doin today?’ just makes the day itself πŸ˜„ went for a beighnet (β€˜binyay’) in the market cafe, basically a square donut covered in sugar! Had a walk round the square and checked out the Mississippi River. Got lunch in the market, a Poboy, pretty much a massive sandwich 😳 walked down to a park area by the river walking past some real nice streets of houses and some not so nice areas! Got an uber to dinner later, with the best uber driver ever πŸ˜‚ she was da bamb! So American, was great mmmHMM. Went to a Mexican restaurant for some authentic tacos, chef even chatted to/at us and gave us some free. Prob bad I preferred Taco Bell πŸ˜‚

14 November 2017

Started off the morning with some Texan kolaches, basically soft baps with sausage and cheese inside! Nom πŸ˜‹ then is was a 6 hour drive to New Orleans! On the way we stopped for a drive through daiquiris πŸ˜‚ amazing. Don’t worry I did not drink and drive πŸ™„ arrived at our Airbnb and our host had a book of exactly what to do for food and places to see, super handy! Went to Coops place for dinner for some Friieed chicken! Tried some jambalaya too πŸ‘πŸ» headed out about the French quarter to see the streets buzzing and every bar having great bands playing! Lovin the jazz! 🎼🎹🎀

13 November 2017

Another 12 hours on the road today, after we had some Texas shaped waffles for breakfast! Stopped at an outlet store in Dallas and for my first Taco Bell! πŸ˜‹ finally made it to Houston to meet Trev the American who I’ve heard so much about! Staying in his aunt’s amazing house, and got a great welcome from the family. Then headed out to play some pool!

12 November 2017

Headed west after the Grand Canyon and stopped off at the Horseshoe bend. Took me back to gcse geography! Then we drove through monument valley on the β€˜way to Amarillo’ πŸšΆπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸšΆπŸ½πŸšΆπŸΌA LOT of driving today, 880 miles to be exact and I didn’t drive a single one πŸ™„ the boys very kindly let me hide in the back and feel sorry for myself with possibly the worst cold I’ve ever had. AND I ran out of actifed 😩
Up nice and early for sunrise at the Grand Canyon! Amazing to see!

11 November 2017

Went to Heart Attack Grill for lunch! Themed like a hospital and encourage bad eating, you are told of you don’t finish your burger you’ll get a spanking with a paddle board πŸ˜‚ drinks are served in syringes and iv tubes and you have to wear a hospital gown! Burger was amazing but I had to force myself to eat every last bite 😣 Dave didn’t finish his and was hit pretty hard! After that we set off to the Grand Canyon! Caught the sunset behind us on the way 😍

10 November 2017

2/2 inside the Venetian is ridiculously fancy, with gondolas going along a canal that runs through the shops! It also has a painted ceiling of the sky so feels like you’re outside.. after a very much needed nap, we went up to the 64th floor of our hotel for some free champers and a great view of the strip!

9 November 2017

And so begins the longest Thursday of all time. 45 hours to be exact! Went out to wait ok the 3 o’clock bus, came at half3, 2 and a half hours and 2 ridiculous movies later we arrive 3 hours early to the airport.. 10 hour flight to LA, left Fiji Thursday evening at 10 and arrived in LA at 11 on Thursday morning! Started Thursday all over again with a very slow immigration process at the airport and even slower process of getting our rental car sorted. FINALLY setting off at 3 and spent 3 hours sitting in LA traffic and another 4 to get to Vegas 😣 brutal days travelling!! Also super weird driving on the wrong side of the road ☹️ thankfully when we got the the hotel was flipping insane 😎

8 November 2017

Definitely getting used to the whole doing nothing thing! Last full day in Fiji so just getting the tan topped up (and I can actually say that now 😎)

7 November 2017

Very easy day for me at the Beachouse 😁 the boys were away diving with sharks so I had a wee nosy round the place and lay on the beach 😎 well, until the wind picked up and I got covered in sand 😐 saving a bit of money by skipping lunch and enjoying their afternoon tea with scones β˜•οΈ finished the day off watching the sunset on a hammock! ☺️

6 November 2017

Leaving Coral View today, and got serenaded with the β€˜bye bye song’ 😌 was great but it went on for about 10 mins, we were sat directly in front of them and only one of them could sing πŸ˜‚ the one in the back middle def didn’t wanna be there! Having ordered food at 12 and it arriving during the song, that’s what it did look like before it was shoved into a box to take with me on the boat πŸ™„ a boat which we were on for 5 hours 😴 we did get free mangoes though 😁 arrived in port Denerau in the pouring rain and got the bus for a dollar to Nadi and then a 2 hour bus to Beachouse. Entertained on the way by the titanic film randomly!

5 November 2017

Weather wasn’t great this morning after some scary rain during the night but decided to do a bit of kayaking anyway, just went along the island and round the corner to a nice beach in time for the sun to come out! Went for a walk and saw some sea snakes in the water! Did some sunbathing and after a while realised the weather was getting worse! Attempted to kayak back but it was not going my way! The current was much to strong so ended up getting out and walking the kayak back πŸ˜‚ water was just about knee deep but there was loads of seaweed along the seabed πŸ˜• we had to go out around a rocky bit but before I was about to give up a guy from another resort had told us that he’d ring our resort to come get us πŸ™„ obv watching us struggle!! I was pretty glad to see the boat anyway πŸ˜‚ the weather did not improve either so just headed to the restaurant area and hung out with our German friend Nina and another English couple 😁

4 November 2017

Went on a 3 Reef snorkelling safari this morning! Pretty good trip, saw loads of fish and some new ones.. one reef had part that looked like a giant cabbage! Saw some nemos too πŸ‘πŸ» my first go using the GoPro myself in the water, visibility wasn’t great but you need to look closely for the fish as they are camouflaged against the coral! Was interesting getting back in the wee boat, there were no steps and I did not have the strength to pull myself in πŸ˜‚ glad I had 3 men with me! Outside our resort was another large coral area and a giant clam that seemed to be dead a while. That evening after dinner we enjoyed some traditional singing and the kava ceremony and had a wee go at the ukulele!

3 November 2017

Said goodbye to octopus resort and got a lovely farewell from the staff! Did not want to leave! Though there’s no way we could afford to stay there any longer πŸ˜‚ going a good bit further today so back on the big boat and headed north, passing so many more paradise like resorts! Then we arrived at ours...hmmm not so much paradise this time πŸ˜• decent facilities etc but not really any beach to lie on! Much cheaper though and includes a few trips which we’ll definitely make use of πŸ‘πŸ» explored the area a bit and walked through a foresty area to a beach on the other side of the island..not any better so headed back and found a spot to do some sunbathing at the front of the resort and a bit of reading on a hammock then just chatted to the other 6 guests here...πŸ™„

2 November 2017

Another chilled morning reading under the sun β˜€οΈ the rain came on in the afternoon! Ragin. Thankfully it cleared up for a beautiful sunset! Another 5 course meal tonight again πŸ˜‹ had all of the beef tonight 😁 afterward we had international crab racing! We all picked a hermit crab 🐚 and marked it with tipex and cheered on our crab to win πŸ˜‚ although they did attack us when we were holding them 😣 Bert managed to come 3rd and get a free cocktail 🍸

1 November 2017

Buffet breakfast this morning πŸ₯ž followed by a bit more sunbathing, plenty for of sun for one day! Made ourselves some shell jewellery 🐚 after lunch and hid in the shade most of the rest of the day! Two of the English girls left and we were joined by another German girl. Great craic and turns out 3 out of 4 of us girls are accountants πŸ™„ queue awesome conversation topics πŸ˜‚ got ourselves a coconut each, the water was kinda strange! Got it chopped up after though for some fresh coconut 🌴 Dinner tonight was a 5 course meal! Feel like we’re in a hotel! After dinner they put on a movie, Hitman’s Bodyguard, and gave us free popcorn 🍿 and ice cream 🍦 pretty good day! 😎

30 October 2017

Spent two days on island no.2 Beachcomber 😍 beautiful little island! Just the one resort on it so not a lot of places to go! The first day it was actually raining as we left Mana and waited on the boat an hour for the people on the fancy resorts to join πŸ™„ it stayed pretty cloudy and mizzley so we were glad of a day out of the sun! The resort was supposed to be quite a lively one but for being able to hold 280 people there were only 20 of us there the whole time! Had a whole 16 bed dorm to myself πŸ˜‚ Day 2 was scorching once again, got a little redder than I had intended 😟 and headed out on a wee snorkelling trip offshore. Pretty cool, they feed the fish bread so there were loads about, wee coloury ones and some pretty massive ones! Met a nice group of people from England, oz and Columbia! Food decent once again, buffets for each meal and plenty of meat! πŸ˜‹

28 October 2017

Wee trip this morning to Cloud 9, a floating bar! A very friendly Fijian from the other resort took us out on his boat with no seats to arrive at the bar at 9.30 opening time apparently..(Afternoon was booked out) when we arrived we were told we’d to wait 10 mins it’s not ready, then they said 10 o’clock. So.. we floated around in the boat in the blazing sun for half an hour... hopped on at 10 only to be told we can’t get on until the first boat with posh people arrive, supposedly it should have arrived at 10 also. Not getting anywhere with them we just decided to have a wee look around and a few pics then we got off again, and left passing several other poor boats of poor people not allowed on yet πŸ™„ no sign of any boat so we could have been waiting around another half hour, so no thanks!! Was pretty cool though! Just chilled out the rest of the day and was very excited to get mashed potato for dinner 😁

27 October 2017

Getting used to this sunbathing thing! πŸ– l looked up and saw another phenomenal sight... a rainbow circling the sun!! πŸŒˆβ˜€οΈ 😲 bizarre! The pic doesn’t really show it up that well but gives an idea! Had a dander down to the other resort and saw an amazing sunset πŸŒ… and a stunning red sky. Followed by chilli chicken for dinner πŸ˜‹

26 October 2017

One of the afternoons, who knows which, we took a trip to the island from Castaway! Quite the adventure it was too. Sea was rather choppy on the way over so we were all pretty soaked 😐 got there and started off on our hike led by one of the guides. The track wasn’t great, especially in flip flops ☹️ we got so far then the guide thought we’d gone the wrong way and we had to go back and find the other guide. We stood lost on castaway island whilst we waited for them to come back! Saw a fancy looking lizard though πŸ‘πŸ» eventually struggled to the top but the view was certainly worth it! Coming down was just annoying. My feet were wet and just kept sliding out of my flip flops! Could barely take a step on flat ground and they wouldn’t hold me! Finally footered my way down and went to see Tom’s β€˜Help Me’ sign he left made of coconuts! 10 mins into the trip back the engine on our boat died and we truly were feeling the full castaway experience! Eventually a boat came to get us an hour later

24 October 2017

Got a speedboat out to Mana island this morning with some spectacular views along the way! Islands that look like this 🏝 in real life! A bit of a bumpy ride and and hour later we arrived at our little resort, right on the beach πŸ– the boat just parked up on the beach and we jumped off into the water 😁 got some lunch, all food included to glad to see decent food and portions! Today’s was a chicken salad πŸ‘πŸ» Once settles in the room we were straight to the beach πŸ– The photos are our views from our sunbathing spot! After a cold shower we headed for dinner under a pretty cool sky and had a yummy chicken curry πŸ˜‹

23 October 2017

Early morning flight to Fiji this morning! Very excited about moving on I don’t think I can climb another hill! The heat hit us as we landed πŸ›¬ great feeling! Negotiated ourselves a cheap taxi πŸš• to our β€˜host’, a girl from Ballymena who married a Fijian guy! Hilarious to hear the accent, which she still has after 16 years, so she does. Super helpful and got us all organised for the next couple of weeks 😁 says she’s never had Northern Irish staying with her! Had a dander around Nadi Town centre, got our sim and our first Fijian meal. Fish in lovo with cassava πŸ˜‹ delicious! Happy to be having Asian type food again! Although the cassava is pretty heavy so maybe not have it all the time..

22 October 2017

Last day in NZ!! Took it easy today with a rare chance of a lie in 😁 Sunday dinner was kfc and had a wee dander round the town before heading back to get the bag all sorted for Fiji! Goodbye hat and gloves πŸ‘‹πŸ» somehow managed to get the 20 bags I now have been chucking in the car into my big bag (and one extra..) Absolutely amazing month in NZ! Incredible country 😍

21 October 2017

Got the ferry to Waiheke island for a wine tour today! 🍷 got picked up by our old lady bus driver and she took us all around the island and visited 3 vineyards and an olive oil tasting. Could have just left that out really! Some beautiful views from the last place, Mudbrook. Used as a wedding venue too! Afterwards had a nice wee evening in the town 😊

20 October 2017

Up at 5.30 to begin a very long day of driving ☹️ nearly 3 hours to the very northern tip of the island for another walk! Ended up we couldn’t do it all due to the tide but we saw the main sight anyway! Then it was another 6 hours down to Auckland, with a nice wee stop on the way for some fish n chips πŸ˜‹ arrived to another very terrible hostel, with hairy sheets passed to you through the barred up reception and a pillow that has about 3 feathers in it. This going on a top bunk with no ladder so looking forward to pole vaulting into bed every night 😐

19 October 2017

Left Whitianga this morning and headed west via Coromandel for yet more scenic drives! Made our way to Tapeka point and back across the peninsula via ferry to Paihia. Our hostel here was called the Mousetrap and we could see why as it was a bit of a maze! Finished Game of Thrones! 😲 πŸ‰

18 October 2017

Nice wee day today! The walk we intended doing was closed, darn πŸ™„ instead went to Hot Water beach to dig our own spa! Or steal someone else’s already dug hot tub 😁 Water was so hot in places you couldn’t even stand in it! Chilled out there for a few hours then went into town to get a wee haircut, boys can rock up no problem however I had to settle for the old lady salon πŸ‘΅πŸ» as everywhere was booked up 😣 nz and oz hairdressers are so weird, apparently it’s normal to get a wash and cut and leave with wet hair!! What the flip! Was in and out in 20 mins with half dry hair (I was going to pay extra for dry hair but she had somewhere to be) totally bizarre 😐 at least I didn’t come out with a blue rinse πŸ˜‚ back to the hostel to finish it myself... rest of the day we just chilled out on the sofas trying to block out the noise of the annoying American girl πŸ˜’

17 October 2017

Still not quite recovered but what better than 6 hours in the car to keep you going 😐 drove up to cathedral cove to do an hour or so walk checking out a few bays as we went. Beautiful walk! The cove itself is a tunnel between two beaches 😍 then back to our hostel in Whitianga

16 October 2017

Left Turangi and headed to New Plymouth. Planned to do very little! Stopped on the way to see Elephant Rock🐘 a little more exercise than we’d have liked walking across the sand when the tide was out! Had a drive around the city, nice enough but nothing stood out particularly!

15 October 2017

3/3 thinking we were half way we realised we’d only done 8km and still had 12 to go 😫 we walked along a slushy β€˜path’ and started to walk up some steep snow but thankfully the wind had died down a good bit! Walked through snowy rock terrain for a while longer until the area became much more dry, sunny and more like a path! The views on that side of the lakes and clouds 😍 made it to a wee hut so we knew we were near the end, had another sandwich and began walking down the very nicely laid out path with no snow 😁 so happy πŸ˜‚ except when I thought we only had 3km to go I forgot that still could take an hour πŸ˜” it definitely seemed much longer! Especially as the last bit was through a muddy forest track so I had a bit of thinking to do when my brain had already switched off for the day 😐 completed it in 6hr45min which is actually the recommended time anyway! Very happy to get back to the hostel just in time for free pasta πŸ˜‹
2/3 whereas we were in trackies, trainers and H&M gloves! πŸ˜‚ absolute eejits. Didn’t think the weather could get any worse but it certainly did! As we got further up the wind picked up, apparently up to 80kph 😣 the hail just hitting me in the side of the face, pretty painful! Had a break slightly behind a rock while we hoped for the weather to calm before going any further, had a sandwich and I struggled to get another layer back on. One guy in hiking gear came back down saying people were turning back 😲 but we eventually saw a break in the weather an went for it, extremely slowly πŸ˜‚ trainers were not a good idea! Finally made it to the top to reveal the breathtaking views we were waiting for an clear skies ahead! Still while trying not to get blown over 😟 the red crater, emerald lakes and blue lake all pretty amazing. Making our way down the other side was so slippy between the dusty rocks and the snow/ice and finally made it down to flatter ground 😰 ...
1/3 Big hike today! Off to do the 20km Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Weather in the morning wasn’t too bad but as soon as we started walking it started to snow and hail on us! The first 4km of the walk was pretty level ground with some of it a platform through it. Then we came to a valley area with snow where the wind and hail picked up even more! We could see some blue sky in the distance behind us so kept hoping it would catch up πŸ™„ we were aiming for the first stop along the way being the south crater but the visibility was so bad we had no idea where it was! Our hands were so cold I didn’t want to take my phone out to check! After doing the first bit in such good time we were definitely losing pace now! At the end of the valley it was then onto the ascent up the snowy mountain. At this stage we were looking at each other thinking we had no idea this was what the β€˜walk’ was like and could see everyone else around us were much more equipped with proper hiking gear 😣 (armour n all)...

14 October 2017

Attempt no 2 at the Pinnacles walk! This time a much better day, sun was shining all day 😁 some great views on the road along the way too πŸ‘πŸ» started off on our walk alongside a stream and came to a split in the path, ridge track or stream bed track?? I’d read about the stream bed but going by the mucky tracks lately we though we’d try night ground... got 10 mins up the track then nope! Didn’t want to lose my shoes so we turned back and went the other way πŸ˜‚ much better! Stoney track with a few skips across the stream needed.. still some mud but not as bad! Generally grand but a steep bit at the end just to tire us out 😳 great view at the end! Took less than 2 hours 😁 then it was off to Turangi, another long drive of 5 and a half hours 😐 glad to get to our hostel and heat us up some fajitas πŸ˜‹

13 October 2017

Left Picton, South Island, on the ferry at 8 this morning for a 3 and a half hour journey to Wellington, North Island! Can’t believe we are on the last bit of NZ! Beautiful boat trip through the Marlborough Sounds 😍 when we arrived in Wellington the weather had deteriorated once more so we set off driving in hope it got better.. it didn’t.. so back we came and went back to the Te Papa museum. We had seen around most of it last time but missed a floor and went back to it! Learnt a little about the Maori culture and history. And I mean very little as my brain certainly wasn’t prepared for a museum after the boat trip and a windy drive in the rain 😣 in the evening we went to the Cinema for my first time since I’ve been away! Popcorn n everything 😁 complete disappointment. Do not go and see Blade Runner. Even Ryan Gosling can’t make it interesting 😐

12 October 2017

Bit of a rubbish morning so decided to drive a bit further away to Blenheim, a massive wine region! Ended up going to Brancott Estate for some wine tasting 🍷 great views of the surrounding vineyards! Afterwards we headed back and had a second attempt at driving the Queen Charlotte Drive! And it was well worth it. Just can’t believe the views keep coming! The road was so ridiculous as you can see from the map 😳 as we were coming into Picton we got a great view of the timber yard, pretty impressive looking! Once in Picton again we had another very mucky walk out the snout peninsula, gave up going to the very end πŸ˜‚ everyone else walking seemed to have proper waterproof hiking boots πŸ™„ back to the hostel and cooked up some chicken for fajitas the next few nights.. there was a parade on for NZ winning a sailing comp so went and had a nosy at that!

11 October 2017

Left Nelson this morning and made the drive over to the north west corner of the South Island, Wharariki Beach, with a view surprise viewpoints on the way! Turns out it’s the windiest place I’ve been! Struggled to walk straight going through the walk through the field of sheep and got sand blasted at us when we got there. Pretty cool place, something creepy about it! Maybe as no one else was there.. going back was much quicker with the wind behind us πŸ˜‚ drove back through Nelson and walked up to the centre of New Zealand, a little steeper than I’d hoped πŸ™„ after that we headed along the super windy coastal route, Queen Charlotte Drive, but the weather turned on us again so couldn’t see the views we were told about! Arrived in Picton anyway and were greeted by our crazy host πŸ˜‚

10 October 2017

2/2 Got another chance to see seals swimming about, apparently a huge colony as there are no predators, and no fishing is allowed so there is plenty of food for them. Got left off on the beach at Bark Bay to start our 12k walk. We were surrounded by trees most of the way so glad we got he boat trip! When they cleared though we still got some good pics 😍 path wasn’t too steep but it was definitely pretty muddy! Gave up trying not to step in it eventually πŸ˜‚ stopped at Torrent bay beach for a bit of lunch half way. Had a detour to see cleopatras pools before making our way to the final point via the high tide route, Anchorage bay, and soaked my feet trying to cross a river πŸ™„ got picked up from the beach and made our way back to Marahau which now looked completely different with the tide in! Then it was back to Nelson where I spent about 4 hours trying to do the washing πŸ˜’
1/2 drove to Marahau this morning to get a water taxi to the Abel Tasman National Park, a massive park along the coast which isn’t accessible by road in most places! The boat was attached to a tractor and we were driven along the road before being reversed into the water πŸ˜‚ then we stopped at a few different bays to pick people up and drop people off, and had a 2 and a half hour trip around the coast! Absolutely stunning coastline with some really golden beaches. I was definitely reminded of Thailand! Had a really good guide who took us all about and told us about the different areas. He said that the low and high tides have a big effect on the landscape, bringing in and taking sand back out as it changes, and so can change the waterways drastically! He also said that with the heavy rainfall the last few days the water is not as clear as usual. And when it’s settled in a couple of days the water is so crystal clear! Pity we missed it but we were lucky to not have another washout πŸ˜‚

9 October 2017

Left a miserable Kaikoura early this morning to take the long way round to Nelson, via Mount Robert, in the hope that 5 hours away the weather would be better! Several windy roads later we arrived to some sun! 😁 not a lot but much better! Set off with pretty immediate great views of lake Rotoiti and the surrounding mountains and fields 😍 and so the view continued to the top, when the clouds came down and could see nothing but the path a few metres in front! Thankfully the path was well sign posted with orange triangles so there was no getting lost πŸ˜‚ rained on the way down but was mostly covered by foresty are so not too bad. Did the whole thing in 2 and a half hours, even though it was supposed to be 5! Not sure the guidance was accurate πŸ˜• not too bad a track, tough enough going up as always but not as bad as the others! Made it to Nelson and was very happy to collapse in bed! 😴

8 October 2017

One final brunch in Christchurch and some grocery shopping before heading up the coast to Kaikoura.. weather had not improved πŸ˜’ hid in the hostel a while before deciding to go for a drive anyways! Drove out the peninsula, with some signs of good views and arrived at the seal colony. Plenty of seals about and one just chilling at the edge of the car park! They just seem like water dogs πŸ˜‚ that does not look comfortable! Decided to be adventurous with dinner and made a large pot of Thai green curry.. turned out pretty good! πŸ˜‹

7 October 2017

Today was a bit a washout so it mainly consisted of eating πŸ™„ went out for brunch again and Aidy took us a drive anyway but we couldn’t see much! We could tell how nice it should have been though!! Oh well! Then treated ourselves to a yummy burger and enjoyed ourselves a wee movie night!

6 October 2017

Had ourselves a wee day out around Christchurch, walked around the town and the container shops - shops set up after the earthquake. Then walked over the bridge of remembrance. Treated ourselves to a wee brunch, and went for a drive out to Taylor’s mistake and the summit road, a road with no barriers and a big drop πŸ˜‚

5 October 2017

3/3 after our flight we took a drive up the coast to the Hokitika Gorge and the Pancake rocks and Blowholes, with some great driving views along the way! So many big rocks sticking out of the sea just off the coast. We then made he scenic drive along Arthur’s Pass, which takes you under a waterfall, and headed for Christchurch. I am still completely wrecked after those hikes!! Can’t keep my eyes open! 😴
2/3 probably should have narrowed the photos down a bit but couldn’t choose πŸ™„ great experience!!! Check out the video on fb!
1/3 Finally we got an early morning flight! Had 40 mins flying around the Franz Josef Glacier, the Fox Glacier and Mount cook with a stop on the glacier for a walk round! Photos speak for themselves even though they don’t really do it justice! Amazing seeing the snow topped mountains peak through the clouds. The flight was so smooth too, much moreso than the wee sea plane we got on fraser πŸ™„ didn’t remotely feel sick though I was slightly worried when he was flying sideways to turn πŸ˜‚ ...

4 October 2017

Had two attempts at the helicopter today but it was absolutely miserable! Didn’t stop raining at all. Queue sitting in bed watching shows all day!

3 October 2017

A much easier day today, didn’t have to get up as early and not much walking to do! We had a 4 hour drive with a few stops along the way. Drove along side lake Hawea, yet another stunning lake! Went to see the blue pools and skimmed a few stones, creating some rainbows! Stopped at the Fantail waterfall and thunder creek waterfall. The trend of stacking stones seemed to be happening there, of course we knocked them over 😁 had lunch at Ship creek beach and stopped for a few photos as we drove along. Arrived in Franz Joseph, we had booked a helicopter flight around the glaciers but was cancelled due to the weather! Rebooked for tomorrow so here’s hoping.. this meant going back to the hostel to laze about πŸ‘πŸ» got some free soup and popcorn so can’t complain!

2 October 2017

Not content with yesterday’s two hikes, we thought we’d do a couple more today! Drove to the start of Roy’s peak track to find the car park closed and the track closed for 3 months for lambing season 😐 after a bit of wondering what to do we decided to climb a few fences and sneak up the track πŸ™„ seemed to be grand..had read on trip advisor that people just do it anyway! Don’t think we disturbed any animals 😁 track itself was pretty tough, long and constantly up! Not quite as bad as thousands of steps but at 8k one way it was much longer! Made it to the top just about after 2 and a half hours, much quicker than the recommended time! The views the whole way up we’re amazing but the top was something else! Just looked like a postcard! Well worth the trespassing and dead legs! Got down in a much quicker time and very happy to get my lunch πŸ˜‹ drove towards our next walk to find it was 30k of dirt road to drive there so unfort had to not do that one πŸ™„ queue collapsing on bed πŸ˜“

1 October 2017

Set off early this morning to do a bit of hiking around the hooker valley area and to see views of Mount Cook! Headed along the hooker valley track, nothing to strenuous, a gravel path that stayed relatively level with a few suspension bridges to go over. At the end of it was a spectacular view of mount Cook reflecting in the river in front of us, with remnants of the glacier floating about. Headed back and after a short break we went on our second trek! This one consisting of 2,200 steps 😳 pretty brutal!! Just kept telling myself one step at a time πŸ˜‚ near the top the path was partially covered by snow so obviously I was worried I would slide on the snow and roll down the mountain πŸ™„ I didn’t 😁 the end of the steps finally came and so did a lot more snow! Followed the previous footsteps very carefully and made it to the top! And well worth it, more breathtaking views from New Zealand! Made it down much quicker, very happy to see the ground!

30 September 2017

Had a few more things to see in Dunedin before leaving this morning, the railway station, the worlds steepest street (we drove up, def didn’t walk) and the memorial lookout over the city! Drove on up the coast and stopped at Katiki point lighthouse and the Moeraki boulders, nothing too exciting on a grey day.. made our way to Fairlie, stopping at a viewpoint overlooking the area. Amazing viewpoints seem to be pretty frequent over here! We trek spent the rest of the day around Lake Tekapo, absolutely stunning views there 😍 drove around to see sunset and later found a spot to do some star gazing..and there we waited...and waited.. πŸ™„ eventually decided to go back for a couple of hours sleep and come back after midnight! Stars were out for sure but not the Milky Way scenes we were hoping for! Supposed to be one of 9 places in the world to see it! Think the moon was too bright so maybe another night!

29 September 2017

Left Te Anau and drove straight to Dunedin, just under 4 hours drive. Went to see tunnel beach, which had in unexpected very steep walk to it, fine going down..πŸ™„ not so much on the way back up! Especially when it had just started raining and threatened to pour on us! We then went for a drive along the peninsula on a ridiculous road that is right on the water’s edge. Nice drive! The end of it had an albatross centre which you could pay $55 into πŸ™„ nope! The car park was also covered in seagulls πŸ˜’ with the usual tourists feeding them...why?! Got to walk down to see the lighthouse anyway. Rain really came on then so we gave up and went grocery shopping, chatted to an old man who’s Mum was from Coleraine 😲

28 September 2017

2/2 once we finished the trip we made the same drive back again, this time with some time to stop at a few view points! Went back through the tunnel and stopped at the divide to do the Key Summit track. A very interesting trek up! Walking through a foresty area there were many fallen trees we had to walk over or clamber under, Bert was definitely amused watching me navigate a couple of them πŸ™„ lots of creeks to jump over and a pretty steep climb! Made it to the top, pretty soaked by this point but to be expected in a rainforest I guess! Views were class nonetheless 😁 made it down in record time so did the whole thing in less than 2 hours instead of the 3 it suggested 😎
1/2 Up early this morning for a long drive to Milford Sounds. Class scenery along the way but no time to stop! Found these Kea birds in a few places, obvs at the cars looking fed.. boat trip round the area was class, not just because there was complimentary tea, coffee and biccys πŸ™„ saw some seals and penguins along the way and the captain took the boat right underneath a couple of the waterfalls and soaked everyone πŸ˜‚ area was a little eery with the mist, like King Kong was about to appear! ...

27 September 2017

Left Queenstown this morning and as it was a gorgeous day we decided to drive to Glenorchy again! Absolutely stunning, just an incredible drive! Headed back (no pies this time) and went to Te Anau for a trip to see the glow worm caves...this included a beautiful boat trip around the fjordlands. Got to the cave area, had a bit of a talk and then into the caves! Had about a 200m walk in pretty dim light, water rushing below is and a few waterfalls crashing beside us! Had to watch our steps..and our heads πŸ˜•We then had a 50m boat ride in pitch darkness 😲 the guide pulled us along by a chain and we could see the cave being lit up by these tiny green lights! We weren’t able to take photos but stole this one of the net which is a pretty good example of some of the clusters of them we saw! Pretty incredible, was like star gazing! Then creepily we heard a baby crying..who would bring a baby on that?! Got the boat back as the sun was setting and to the hostel to cook up some mie goreng πŸ˜‹

26 September 2017

Another road trip today! Went through the little mining town of Arrowtown, definitely could be a movie setting..and made our way along the Cardrona valley road to Wanaka. Beautiful drive! Randomly passed a 'Bra fence' πŸ™„ not sure how that originated but it's even called Bradrona! Once at Wanaka we had a dander down to the lake and to the 'most instagrammed tree' not sure why, maybe if there's a sunset behind it!! Then we decided to do a short hike up Mount Iron for some 360 views of the area.. I wasn't exactly dressed for climbing hills but sure, I managed! Drove back through Cromwell and treated ourselves to another burger πŸ˜‹ and a nice night in! 😴 PS 6 months away today!! 😲

25 September 2017

Started the morning by doing our first grocery shop in a long while! Definitely looking forward to cooking food again πŸ‘πŸ» made 17 sandwiches for the next 3/4 days πŸ˜‚ made our way up the tiki trail on the Ben Lomand mountain, about an hour hike, not the worst but made worse from the storm last night! Certainly didn't help to get a nose bleed half way up 😳 Made it to the top just on time to see this spectacular view, with rainbow included! 😍 couldn't believe my eyes! Had a spot of lunch and made our way back down, much quicker of course. Then we had a drive along Lake Wakatipu to Glenorchy. Absolutely stunning drive, and the sun was barely even out! Stopped at a few viewpoints along the windy road and arrived at Glenorchy Wharf when it was pretty misty! Stopped for a wee coffee in hope the sun would come out but when we left we were offered half price pies so duh obvs we were getting those πŸ˜‹ headed back and got an evening shot of the lake from Queenstown. Off to free dinner, curry!

24 September 2017

Boys had their bungy jump this morning! Actually felt sick at the thought of it 🀒 I had a nice wee lie in and a dander round the town whilst trying not to freak out that I hadn't heard from them πŸ˜‚ got back and celebrated with a famous fergburger πŸ˜‹ went to a cool wee bar to chill for a bit, with the coolest looking dj I've seen 😎 couldn't get a photo without being creepy πŸ˜‚ watched a table tennis tournament for a while and headed back to the hostel to relax 😁

23 September 2017

Goodbye Australia, hello (again) New Zealand! And what a view as we stepped off the plane in Queenstown 😍 the feeling of depression of leaving such an amazing place quickly went away! After walking round in circles for a while we finally found our hire car πŸš™ this time not quite as cool as the green machine ☹️ headed to Nomads in the centre just to be wowed even more at the setting of the city! Reminds me of a wee ski town in Europe. Decided to chill out for the rest of the afternoon with my feet up by the fire 😎 turns out we have two hilarious Aussie guys in our dorm who definitely keep us entertained!! πŸ˜‚ went for free dinner, didn't expect much and was right not too πŸ™„ Thai veg noodles...

22 September 2017

Last day in Australia!! 😭 had a last morning fry for breaky and of course it wouldn't be complete without an update to the wardrobe 😁 headed to the old faithful H&M to get a few warmer clothes for NZ ❄️ fanciest one I've been in! Headed back to do bit of packing and organising before our last meal in yet another Irish pub πŸ˜‚ amazing food though, shepherds pie was beaut. And huge! Think I ate 3 of the chips!

21 September 2017

2/2 After the beach we went to st Kilda pier for an awesome sunset and to await the penguins coming in 🐧 had to wait for the sun to go down and you could see them swimming in and jumping on the rocks! Some of them had to cross the path to get to their nest so the girl lit the path with red light so we could see them wobbling across πŸ™Š people were getting told off for flashing their own lights at them but they didn't seem too phased by us!
1/2 Started the day with a wee dander round Queen Victoria market and some Indian for lunch πŸ˜‹ then walked through the shopping area and the royal and Burke arcades for a nosy. Made our way to the royal botanic gardens for a nice walk and to see the very impressive Shrine of Remembrance! Later on we headed to Middle Brighton beach for a look at the week beach huts 😍...

20 September 2017

Went for a walk in the Dandenong ranges, did the 1000 steps and had a walk through the forestry area. Spotted ourselves a wee kookaburra! Made our way back and stopped in a fancy hot chocolate place, MΓΆrk. Later went out for dinner at the Wine and Steak Co and got an awesome fillet steak πŸ˜‹ then went to a pub where Scott won the killer pool and Alan won the put the most pegs on your face competition πŸ˜‚

19 September 2017

After the Art museum we walked through the city to the Eureka Tower Skydeck, class views! Had a wee nosy at the Rod Laver arena and the surrounding tennis courts.. would love to be here in Jan for it! Had a wee walk through Chinatown on the way back πŸ‘πŸ»
Spent the morning in the 3D Art museum, good craic!

18 September 2017

Went to the Melbourne museum and spent a couple of hours there in the afternoon and walked around the grounds. Met up with Aaron and Tess for a fancy dinner in Trunk, great evening!

15 September 2017

Left Torquay this morning and headed to Melbourne! Was cool to see the city as we drove in. Made our way to Scott's place for an emotional reunion πŸ™„ and went to leave off the jucy πŸ˜” sad to leave it! After organising ourselves we met Pat and Kieran for dinner at PJ O'Brians, of course the local Irish bar πŸ˜‚ enjoyed a rather large portion of steak and Guinness pie! Sydney to Melbourne => 10,000km 😎

14 September 2017

Tried our best to do some sight seeing in the worsening weather! Went up a crazy steep road to Marriners lookout for a view over Apollo bay. Impressive even in the grey! Stopped off at Teddys lookout at Lorne just in time for the sun to come out and create a sea rainbow! 🌈 don't think I've ever heard of that before! Then we went to see Erskine falls near Lorne, at least waterfalls are better in the rain πŸ˜‚ a lot of windy roads later we arrived in Torquay, our last stop before Melbourne! Arrived at our hostel which has a big black lab that just danders around πŸ˜‚

13 September 2017

Another grim morning.. we braved the rain and headed to Port Fairy, Griffiths Island, for a bit of a walk. Waited for a break in the rain, but once we got to the light house it started again! I ended up soaked! Sideways rain, I thought I was going to get blown off the pier! After drying off then we hit the Great Ocean Road! First stop was the Bay of Islands, and I could immediately see why this road is worth driving! Also stopped at the Grotto lookout, London Bridge, Arch lookout, Loch Ard Gordge and finally the Twelve Apostles. All great to see! And thankfully the sun came out for most stops. Although the wind was still ridiculous 😣 one last stop at the Gibson's steps before heading to Cape Ottway to stay in a little cabin in the national park. Attempted a walk but gave up trying to beat the rain and headed to the nearest town for dinner. Treated ourselves to a 3 course meal, soup, roast dinner and apple strudel dessert! πŸ˜‹

12 September 2017

This morning was pretty miserable weather wise so we hid out in maccas for a while before we went to see the Blue lake at Mount Gambier and the Valley lake, pretty cool seeing all the reflections. Then it was on to Bridgewater bay for a 5k walk to see some seals! Amusing watching them clobber around πŸ˜‚ great views of the area on the walk also! Weather stayed decent for the walk but turned on us after that! So we gave up trying to do anything else and headed to our apartment in Warrnambool. Mount Gambier to Warnnambool => 189km

11 September 2017

Left Adelaide, making our way to Mount Gambier. Stopped off at Port Elliot for a walk around Granite island. Horse drawn tram goes back and forward on the bridge over! Supposed to have penguins there but couldn't see any πŸ˜’ super windy so the walk was pretty brisk lol. Saw some unusual birds and some big lizards eating dandelions.. then headed across for a view of horse shoe bay. We were also lucky enough to see an unexpected giant lobster passing through one of the towns, Kingston πŸ™„ Adelaide to Mount Gambier => 530km

10 September 2017

Not too much happening in Adelaide, nice city though. Went for a walk around Glenelg and treated ourselves to some fancy ice cream πŸ˜‹

9 September 2017

Left Port Augusta and headed to the wine region of Barossa! We have left the red roads of the out back to a very green region and a lot of yellow fields! Thought we might try a bit of wine tasting 😌 not that we have much clue but was interesting learning a bit about the different ones! Whole thing cost us 2.50 each so well chuffed with that! Then we headed onto Adelaide! Hostel people super friendly. Bert ended up playing pool against the supposedly best player and beat him in fantastic fashion! Went out in the town and came across these pigs πŸ™„ Port Augusta to Adelaide => 303km

8 September 2017

Another long drive today. Stopped off at Lake Heart, a completely dried up salt lake! Pretty cool! Also went to a lookout over the Flinders ranges and the water tower lookout in Port Augusta. Getting pretty cold now! ☹️ hibernated in the motel the rest of the day πŸ‘πŸ» Coober Pedy to Port Augusta => 544 km

7 September 2017

Made our way on red tarmac trough areas that are more barren than we've seen yet, to Coober Pedy, a mining town that's like going back in time! Coming in we could see Opal mines for miles. They have a lot of houses built underground and the place we stayed was carved out of the ground also! Actually the nicest place we've stayed in a while πŸ˜‚ not much else in the town, went to see an underground church but the roads were dirt tracks so the jucy said no! They do have a space ship though.. πŸ™„ from a Riddick film, Pitch Black πŸ‘½ Ayers Rock to Coober Pedy => 734km
Up at half 5 for sunrise at Uluru! Pretty magnificent! Pics speak for themselves 😍 has been an amazing experience being able to see it! Back for breaky and to get the car packed up to head to Coober Pedy...

6 September 2017

2/2 Went to see another big red rock called the Olgas or Kata Tjuta. Pretty class also! You can also see Uluru in the distance from the viewing point πŸ‘€ headed back to Uluru to the sunset viewing spot! Then began the wait... basically the sun behind us shows the rock up slightly different as it goes down, and particularly looked cool when it goes bright red! Have a few photos in for comparison! The sky behind it was beautiful and as we drove away the full moon appeared! Great timing! The sky behind us was amazing also, you can just see the Olgas on the horizon! Alice Springs to Ayers Rock => 447 km (No, they are not beside each other πŸ™„)
1/2 Left Alice Springs this morning to go to Uluru/Ayers Rock! So excited 😁 thought we had seen it way in the distance then realised that we had come across Mount Connor first! Stopped at a lookout beside a massive salt lake, so cool. The sand is so red now! Then headed on to see the real thing, and she did not disappoint! Looks super impressive, pics can't do it justice! Drove round to the base of it and the boys decided they wanted to climb it.. looking at the people struggling to pull themselves up by the chain, I decided against it πŸ˜‚ instead I watched them sprint 3/4 way up the first bit and collapse before going again and disappearing. Apparently it just got worse also! Anyways I enjoyed a more cultural experience walking around the base where there are Aboriginal caves where they used to teach, prepare food etc and learnt a bit about that! Cool to see up close too and where there used to be waterfalls. Met the boys and headed to check in the nearby town Yulara...

5 September 2017

Early start to drive 150k to Mount Sonder! Part of the Larapinta trail, a 16k hike! Started off and immediately got lost as the first part of the walk wasn't very well sign posted and started walking down a dried up river πŸ™„ got back on track and the rest of the way was much more clear πŸ˜‚ tough at times but kept going and made it to the top in less than 2 and a half hours 😎 the top had a visitors book sitting so of course signed that with various Aussie sayings 😁 after some lunch headed down, and near walked on a snake! 🐍 about 2metres long! Scared the life outa me 😳 saw another tiny one as well. Made it's down in a much quicker time and for some reason decided to do another 3k walk down the dried up river to see the Red Gordge. Feeling pretty accomplished we treated ourselves to a steak dinner at the local saloon! 🀠 if every door in Texas is not like this I will be v disappointed!

4 September 2017

2/2 climbed up a nearby hill for a little sunset view! Wasn't actually a path for it so a tad tricky at times, coming across some stabby bushes and jumping over rocks! Had a few roos keeping us company, didn't let us get to close though before hopping away 😊 Tennant Creek to Alice Springs => 509km
1/2 Arrived at Alice Springs today! Roads are getting redder and redder! Had one stop just passed Tennant Creek at the Devil's Marbles. Massive area of big red boulders, sacred area of the aboriginals. We also stopped at a random petrol station which turns out calls itself UFO centre of Australia πŸ™„ didn't see any aliens though πŸ‘½ made it to Alice springs and drove up Anzac Hill for some 360 views of the town! Got ourselves checked in and cooked up some pasta for dinner...

3 September 2017

Second part of our trip to Alice Springs, this time stopping at Tennant Creek. Similar sort of drive but the birds are getting bigger! Some much more barren looking areas though and also saw loads of like dust tornados! You can kind of see it in the 6th pic! Also areas of hundreds of the wee red mounds..must be like termites nests not sure! Some of them do have tshirts on them tho πŸ™„Stopped for lunch n thought we'd sit at a picnic table instead of the car like yday, opted for the car when we were getting attacked by flies 😐 Not quite as long a drive, left around 9 and arrived shortly after 3. Then sat in the room wondering what to do πŸ™„ pretty small town! Quite a lot of aboriginals too! Didn't wanna sit outside too long πŸ˜‚ Opted for a Red Rooster dinner, sooo disappointing πŸ˜” back to the room to watch some Game of Thrones! I'll get caught up rightly, only 5 and a half seasons to go... Mount Isa to Tennant Creek => 661km

2 September 2017

Biggest drive of the trip! 1,200km, taking us 13 hours! Started at 5 in the morning from Cairns and arrived at Mount Isa at 6 in the evening. So glad there's for of us to share driving! Drive was pretty cool though, even though it was mostly long straight roads, we could see the area getting more and more like the outback! Saw a couple of kangaroos jumping along the side of the road, but mainly saw eagles feasting on the road kill πŸ˜” stops along the way were basically petrol stations to fill up and go to the loo..v exciting! Not even time to eat our sandwiches at a picnic table πŸ˜‚ mount isa was bigger than expected also, ended up in maccas to use the wifi! Cairns to Mount Isa => 1,167km

1 September 2017

1/2 Very excited to be going to Tjapukai Aboriginal cultural centre this morning! One of, if not, the main thing I want to see in oz! Near had a heart attack when our guide said 'them white fellas' 😁 not sure how accurate the film Australia is but so cool to see the real deal 😎 first up we had a bit of boomerang throwing! A load of old people in the group kinda just threw it 3 metres in front of them πŸ˜‚ my go and I was the only one to actually get it to return! πŸ€™πŸ»See if you can spot it lol. The guide had to step in front and catch it! Obv not used to it coming back πŸ˜‚ although the next goes didn't go too well πŸ™„ then we had a go at spear throwing, the boys were def better at that! We got shown an underground oven and got to taste the beef later, so good! They performed their creation story to do with wet and dry land, apparently one of many stories! Tjapukai are a tribe in the rainforest. Then they put on a traditional dance performance too which was based on the Aussie animals..
2/2 .. they were imitating the Cassowary, a flying water bird and a kangaroo, and also the hunting of a kangaroo. Meanwhile the most chill man was playing the didgeridoo 😎 pretty impressive!! The music comes from that and things like slapping two boomerangs together. Then they taught us a song and got us to join in πŸ˜‚ I'm gonna say it's called Bara Bara bura bureng, at least that's what it sounds like! About the flying water bird! We then had a talk on all the weapons they use, the different types of boomerangs and spears! After that we had a didgeridoo show and he showed us different things you can do, how they're made and made us look stupid trying the motion πŸ˜‚ and somehow he breathes in while making his mouth vibrate! He then told us about the bush foods they eat. Like nuts that are toxic and how they get rid of the toxins and use them for flour! And the fruit they use for an energy boost, the green ants nests they boil for lemon drinks and more! Of course I bought a boomerang 😁

31 August 2017

2/2 walked down to a nearby beach after lunch for a walk and some coconut hunting 🌴 Bert successfully found one! Drove to a few more beaches all the time looking out for Cassowarys! Stopped on a quiet road to drive over the coconut to crack it, turned out to be decent! Wee wash and it was yum! Tasted kinda like hazelnut.. then went to a wee creek area where a few peeps climbed up and jumped, about 6 metres high. Stopped on Port Douglas on the way back for a great view of four mile beach and some macadamia and ant tasting! Then went to Alexandra lookout for an incredible view over the area! One last stop on the way back so see hundreds of wallabies in a field 😍 just watched them a while 😁 couple of them fighting πŸ˜‚ last ones on the bus getting left off and the American girl asked if she could film our driver retell a story he told that morning 😐 cringe!
1/2 Day trip to Port Douglas, the Daintree Rainforest (oldest rainforest in the world!) and Cape Tribulation! Got picked up after 7 by yet another typically crazy Aussie and headed north from Cairns to do some crocodile hunting on the Daintree river! (After being treated to tea n buns πŸ˜‹) went out in a wee tin boat guided by an Aussie that grew up in the rainforest (or so it seemed πŸ˜‚) spotted everything! Immediately saw scarface, a 4.5-5 metre croc! See if you can see the baby croc! Spied a few cool snakes and birds also! Loads of trees have "tree snorkels" showing how high the river usually goes. After that we headed for lunch at cape tribulation...

30 August 2017

So happy to get a lie in for once! Went grocery shopping for supplies for the next few days and our big drive to the outback coming up! Made ourselves some lunch and went for a walk down the esplanade in Cairns. Some cool birds about! An Australian pelican, huge! Chilled in the hippy van in our hostel for a bit and had an Aussie barbie that night! πŸ˜‹ had some kangaroo too πŸ‘πŸ»

29 August 2017

Day two of the reef! Beautiful sunrise! Bit of a rocky night as of course we picked the one day in the month the boat goes in to refuel 😐 think it affected our experience too as we didn't seem to move to many different reefs and ended up at the same place on the last day for all 4 snorkels... little disappointed as we paid for overnight to see more! Still got to see loads though and saw more cool stuff as well as a turtle! Also saw a massive hump headed maure Massey, well over a metre long! Followed him about for a bit. Think the diving was a bit better today though! I did enjoy just floating above the coral searching for cool things and watching the fish going about! Headed back to shore after lunch and saw a whale so close to the boat! Got back and the hostel was doing a wildlife night so got to hold a 4 yr old croc! It actually swiped it's tail at Georgie πŸ˜‚ but it's mouth was sellotaped closed at least!

28 August 2017

Got picked up this morning for our Great Barrier Reef tour! Had a 4 hour trip out to get to the main boat, the Kangaroo Explorer. My first snorkel was guided and was amazing! Great she was able to point out so much. The coral was so vast and so close to the surface! So many fish, saw giant clams and bright blue starfish 😲 some big parrot fish, bat fish and loads of wee clownfish in their anenamies. Later on we went to another site and saw a few more of the same and some clams opening and closing and some sea cucumbers. Not many snorkelling so ended up on my own at times! Nice wee cabins on the boat! The boys had the GoPro for diving so not many photos. Turns out snorkelling was better than diving at that site too!

27 August 2017

Early start as we have a very scheduled drive today! Ferry back from Maggie to drive on up to Mission beach on time for the McGregor fight! Some v excited lads in the car πŸ˜‚ met up with the other Irish couple to watch it. Didn't hang around after as we had to make it to Cairns that evening! The hostel gave us a food voucher so treated ourselves to a wee steak dinner πŸ˜‹ still wrecked so not much else done! 😴 Townsville to Cairns => 347km

26 August 2017

3/3 lastly we drove to West Point for sunset! Chilled out there for a bit and headed back to the hostel for dinner. Got ourselves a yummy pepperoni pizza and some nachos πŸ˜‹ Dave and alan ordered and somehow managed to get some free wedges #winning
2/3 ... had my first go on a jet ski! The boys went out first at horse shoe bay for half an hour then I went out with Bert for the 2nd half hour! I knew I wouldn't be going fast enough for them πŸ˜‚ was cool zooming round! After that we headed to Radical bay, down the worst road I've ever seen, constant potholes! I'm assuming they don't fix it so tourists have to buy the 4x4s πŸ™„ got down to the beach for a sandwich and found a piano just off the beach! A lot of the keys didn't work unfortunately! Then headed back to see the wallabies as apparently more are out during the day. Fed a couple! So cute! Especially when they hop about 😁 ...
1/3 Busy day on Maggie island today! Picked up our little 4x4 in the morning, almost falling apart πŸ˜‚ headed to Geoffrey bay to see the rock wallabies but forgot to stop for food for them! Then went on to Bungalow bay Koala sanctuary for an up close and personal tour 😁 pretty much got to hold everything we were shown! Got to hold a turtle and pet a massive fat wombat πŸ˜‚ of course the highlight was holding Claudia the koala! Aww she was lovely 😍 also got to pet hagrid another big koala eating nearby. Got to hold a few lizards and a python!! Great wee tour πŸ‘πŸ» next it was onto the jet skis...

25 August 2017

Got the ferry to Magnetic island today! Got the bus to our hostel and we're very impressed at the on the beach set up! Got the bus to the Fort walk for some great views and some wild koalas! Went to some old war lookouts as well. Headed to horseshoe bay to see about getting jet skis but it was apparently too windy so booked for tomorrow! Bus wasn't for another hour n a half so lazed out ok the beach while we waited. Back to the hostel to meet the rest of the east coast squad!

24 August 2017

Last morning on the boat, got a nice lie in until 7 πŸ™„ I spent the rest of the trip sunbathing and whale watching! The boys did a bit of paddle boarding and going down the massive inflatable slide (not feeling it myself tbh) beautiful place to have stopped! Hot dogs for lunch 🌭 Back on dry land shortly after and straight to the car to drive to Townsville! Drives are getting nicer as well! Airlie Beach to Townsville => 277km

23 August 2017

2/2 ... stopped for a bit of snorkelling in the afternoon! Got on our stinger suits and onto little boats to take us to the snorkelling area.. visibility wasn't the greatest but we were surrounded by lots of fish, as the crew had some food they were all biting at the surface for! The best bit was really throwing the food at people's heads and watching them freak out πŸ˜‚ back on the boat for a wee go at the didgeridoo! Not sure any sort of nice noise came out of it! Also spotted a few whales whilst going from place to place! Played a bit of heads up, which got pretty loud, good craic as always, and had a bit of a presentation on the Whitsundays! Dinner tonight was spag Bol and cheesy garlic bread πŸ˜‹
1/2 Highlight of the trip came in the form of Whitehaven beach this morning! Most beautiful beach I've seen, absolutely stunning 😍 spent a few hours there, sunbathing, playing football (not me obvs) and walking round to see the stingrays! Back on the boat for another nice meal for lunch and off to our snorkelling spot! ...

21 August 2017

Boys did their skydive today! Went to collect them and the vids were hilarious πŸ˜‚ Had a lazy one by the pool the rest of the day! So lazy I fell asleep of course πŸ˜‚ loads of cockatoos just flying about the pool area, making plenty of noise..

20 August 2017

Another long enough drive today, nothing much in Rockhampton and nothing much along the way! One straight road to Airlee Beach! Very nice drive though and getting more and more of a feeling of being in oz with the endless amount of grassland and unique looking trees, also the wee windmills! Only stops were small servos and they weren't too often! Arrived in Airlee and got ourselves a dominoes for dinner πŸ™„ Rockhampton to Airlee beach => 479km

19 August 2017

Not much in Agnes Water but stopped off at 1770 lookout for some whale watching! A little more in the distance and kept missing them jumping! Nice walk anyways! Then it was on to Rockhampton for another stop over. So cold! The temperature seemed to just drop! Agnes Water to Rockhampton => 227km

18 August 2017

Left the lovely town of Noosa to continue up the coast, making a stop at Hervey Bay and staying at Agnes Water. Amazing driving sunset scenes! Stayed at Cool Bananas hostel, which was great apart from the loud guy shouting at everyone going by and in the kitchen, telling people how to cook and clean! He complained about the music so I turned it up ☺️ turns out he was the guy Alan was talking to about surfing lessons so they got cancelled immediately πŸ˜‚ Noosa to Agnes Water => 378km

17 August 2017

2/2 After the flight it was then time to leave the island! Stopped for a few group photos first before heading back on the ferry back to rainbow beach! We then stopped on down a bit for lunch at rainbow and a couple of last hours sunbathing 😎 made our way back to the hostel in Noosa and got ourselves all freshened up! Def felt good! Treated ourselves to a Betty's burger in town, nom nom πŸ˜‹
1/2 Day 3, even earlier start today, at the cars for 7.15 and drove up to lake Wabby. Had a bit of a walk to do to get there, about 45 mins through a sandy path, don't think anyone was ready for that! Chilled out by the lake for a while and the guys ran down the dunes diving into the water! After a long walk back again we headed down to get our flight around the island! ✈️ it was super windy and we had seen a plane try to land looking a little wobbly! Flight was incredible though! The views were just spectacular! I was a little sick by the end of it, especially when he made a few sharp turns to give us a good view of the lakes 😷 it was a bit wobbly taking off and landing but it was well worth it!

16 August 2017

3/3 lastly we then 'floated' down a creek and played volleyball for a while. We had to wait for the tide so got a little bored an ended up making a few pyramids πŸ™„ and on the way back spotted another dingo casually walking in front of the car! Headed back for some spag bol for dinner πŸ˜‹
2/3 next stop was at Indian Head, amazing lookout spot, where we saw dolphins, whales, manta rays and sharks! Then we went to see the Maheno ship wreck, the sister ship of the titanic 😲
1/3 Day 2 was pretty packed! Got a wake up call from Paul at 7 for breakfast and in the jeeps at 8. Maxi drove in the morning for a bit on the beach, got stuck at one point, think the guys made it look easy! Wasn't feeling so confident myself now... saw our first wild dingo! I took over half way up the 75 mile beach for my first go at driving! Definitely had to concentrate πŸ‘€ generally kept up but the captain liked a wee hard break every now n then so didn't like getting too close! Managed to get though the soft sand without getting stuck 😎 first stop was the champagne pools 😍 stunning view coming over the walkway as they came into sight. A few ones were diving in, had a bit of a swim and did a bit of sunbathing, and then it was off to the next stop...

15 August 2017

And so starts our amazing 3 day trip to Fraser Island! Up early to be on the bus for 7 and a 2 hour journey to rainbow beach, stopping on the way at a place with a random massive cactus πŸ™„ got organised into the four cars and got ourselves car 2 with a great group of peeps! Got a wee ferry from rainbow beach over to Fraser for our first taste of driving the 4WD on the soft sand! The 3 boys did the driving on the first day, which I wasn't complaining about as it was pretty tricky at times! First stop on the island was at our accommodation Eurong resort for lunch for sandwiches. Stopped off to see an 1000 year old tree in the Pile forest! Last stop was at the beautiful lake Mackenzie for some sunbathing and swimming. A pitched lake with crystal clear water and super fine sand that you can apparently clean your teeth with 😬 heading back down the super bumpy track our guide Captain Paul got his car stuck!! Amazing πŸ˜‚ tried for ages to get out but had to give up and leave car 1 behind!

13 August 2017

2/2 ... watched a very impressive show of lots of birds, tricks and showing off big Al the crocodile! Of course the place of the crocodile hunter has lots of them! Later got to see how the Sumatra tiger is trained, was class to see him climb the pole too! Just before we left we came across the massive crocodile which was so still we weren't sure it was real πŸ˜‚ arrived at our little chalet near maloolooba for a bit of cooking! Brisbane to Maloolooba => 126km
1/2 Left Brisbane early to go to Australia zoo! We had a stop off on the way at Shorncliffe pier which was well worth it. Zoo was so good, sad yet great to see Steve Irwin's face everywhere! Brought back memories of watching his shows 😁 got to pet a koala, amazing 😍 and a great area for the main koala bit, one even posed for the camera for me πŸ˜‚ walked through a park where the kangaroos were just chillin out, got to go up to them and feed them! ...

12 August 2017

Walking around the city today, through the city centre, Kangaroo point park via the ferry, then walked round to streets beach with some great views πŸ‘€ on the way. Enjoyed some entertainment from an Australian version of Ed Sheeran 🎢 walked back to the hostel by night to see the city skyline lit up 😍

11 August 2017

I got the privilege of driving the jucymobile this morning again, straight to Brisbane.. once we got there it was pretty confusing to drive in!! Stopped off to get our car looked at as the AC wasn't working, and with the heat getting stronger we definitely need some! Ended up with a new and improved version and a lot of free petrol 😎 not so bad! Headed up to Mount Coot-Tha for our first views of the city, then headed to the botanical gardens for a dander! Surfers paradise to Brisbane => 74km

10 August 2017

Another wee beach morning at surfers paradise.. ☺️ then went up to view the city and beaches from the SkyPoint tower. Chill evening in the hostel, watched Kong: skull island and reminisced on Ha Long Bay!

9 August 2017

Spent the morning sunbathing on the beach at Surfers Paradise 😎 perfect temperature for lying out! Sea was a little to cold though! Lunch was some make shift ham and cheese toasties πŸ˜‹ after that we headed to our pool for a bit more sunbathing and relaxing in the jacuzzi ☺️ hard day indeed!

8 August 2017

Shorter drive today but it just get more unbelievable as we get further up the coast! Stopped off at Coolangatta for our first glimpse of the Gold Coast from the snapper rocks. And some incredible sights of whales just off the shore! There seemed to be a couple of pairs jumping out of the water 😲 next we stopped off at Burleigh beach for a spot of sunbathing 😎 on up the coast then to Surfers Paradise at Gold Coast for our next stop. Hostel is massive! Had a walk about the town, very nice place, so many places to eat that we probably won't eat in πŸ˜” made ourselves some spag bol 😁 had a well deserved chill night, well as much as you can with 2 girls from north Dublin yakin all night 😳 Byron bay to Surfers paradise => 94km Give me a like, let me know you're reading! 😘

7 August 2017

Beach day at Byron! Enjoyed a few hours on the beach in the morning 😍 some very cheeky seagulls poking around when people left their food out..then headed to get a few groceries and cooked ourselves some Mie Goreng πŸ‘πŸ» great sitting eating out on the balcony, much warmer now we're further up the coast! We then went along to the Lighthouse walk organised by the hostel, a little more strenuous than I expected πŸ˜‚ so nice though! We got to see our first glimpse of whales just off the coast! Our guide was a crazy Ozzie who was basically just ridiculous e.g. doing handstands and telling us about his nights out πŸ˜‚ couldn't believe the colour of the sky at sunset then turning around and seeing a bright moon against a purple sky! The pics do not do it justice!

6 August 2017

Left Port Stephens early as we had a lot to pack in! Stopped at Anna bay sand dunes and had a bit of a photoshoot by the green machine πŸ˜‚ headed on up the coast and made a stop in the lovely town of Port Macquarie. I got my first taste of driving the jucy 8 seata on the way up to Coffs Harbour! Bit strange at first, never driven automatic or anything bigger than an Astra πŸ™„ all went well apart from being stopped for a 'random' breathalyser test 😳 nothing to do with the bright green car I'm sure. Thankfully passes the test πŸ‘πŸ» another nice area, noticed they seem to like colouring in random rocks πŸ€” we then made our way to Sealy lookout for an amazing view! Lastly we made it to Byron bay and opted for a subway dinner 😐 very impressed with Nomads hostel! Though a tad fed up with always getting the top bunk πŸ˜’ chilled out in the common area and played some table tennis! Port Stephens to Byron Bay => 650km

5 August 2017

Day one of our big Australian road trip! And what a great start it was 😁 collected the Jucy mobile in the morning, we definitely won't be missed! It is a great job though, plenty of room! First stop, Palm beach, with a walk along station beach, up to a lookout onto the two beaches and back along palm beach. It's where Home and Away is filmed but no one about unfortunately! We then made our way up the coast taking a detour through Cessnock to see some vineyards, obvs not the season for them but impressive scenery nonetheless! Finally we made it to Port Stephens, and just in time for sunset 😍 headed up Tomaree point for a great view. Checked into our motel where we were greeted with our first 'G'day!' It was super exciting πŸ€“πŸ˜ Sydney to Port Stephens => 350km

4 August 2017

Back into the city for a bit more sight seeing on our last day in Sydney! Saw a kangaroo jump over the harbour bridge, a giant cruise ship and another sunset with the light show at the opera house!

2 August 2017

Had to leave our lovely apartment today! Made worse by the fact our hostel was just terrible πŸ˜’ only good thing was the bed and the lockers, the place certainly doesn't believe in space!! Seem to be people staying to work so hoping the rest of our hostels are cleaner anyway!

1 August 2017

Boys were out playing golf today so I took myself into town for a bit of shopping! Top up the wardrobe.. walked through Hyde park again, filled with these weird birds! Ibis apparently!

30 July 2017

Day trip to Terrigal beach!

29 July 2017

Got the ferry over to Cremorne point for some more views of the city and a nice walk! Then went to the opera house for a nosy round and stopped for a drink with a view of the harbour. Headed round to mrs macquaries chair point to see the sun set behind the opera house! 😍 walked back only to find the gate closed to the park so had to take a detour through Hyde park passed st Mary's cathedral and the Anzac memorial.

28 July 2017

Quick trip into the city today to get some tours organised! Also had an impromptu game of table tennis πŸ“ 😎 booked for Fraser Island and the Whitsundays! Can't wait 😍 also continued my money saving scheme of not taking part in things like skydives πŸ™„

26 July 2017

Got picked up by our tour guide Nathan nice and early and headed to the Blue mountains! Traffics was terrible so took a little longer than expected! Plenty of time to see round though, went to Echo point to see the Three Sisters, Katoomba cascade and a couple of viewpoints, Evans lookout and Govetts leap lookout. Then went to see Katoomba falls and Wentworth falls - don't think there's been too much rain the last while!

25 July 2017

Headed out to Coogee beach to do the coastal walk between there and Bondi beach! Some amazing scenery and plenty of people out surfing! Particularly at Bronte beach. Had a bit of a detour through an absolutely massive graveyard due to the part of the coastal walk being closed off from last years storms. Great wee walk!

22 July 2017

Went to an AFL game tonight! Sydney Swans v Saint Kilda. Funny going to see a sport that none of us have a clue about πŸ˜‚ spent most of the time trying to work out what the rules were, thinking we'd figured it out and then something else happened to counter that idea! Also wondering why there was so many people on the pitch πŸ™„ lasted well over 2 hours and the swans won pretty easily, so we left a bit early to beat the crowd and ended up going round the free coke stands collecting about 20 bottles 😁

21 July 2017

Had a day out to Manly, saw the beach and went for a walk to North head for some great views of the city!

18 July 2017

So we decided to venture into the city today! Super excited to see the Opera house 😍 got in on the train with our opal cards and walked round the city, saw the harbour bridge and walked through the botanic gardens to see the opera house up close.. did not know it was not one building! πŸ˜‚

17 July 2017

The last few days have all merged into one...πŸ™„ sleep, cook, eat, gym, US office and repeat 😁 not so bad! Jim and Dwight are definitely the highlight πŸ˜‚ gym classes are pretty good, not sure if it'll do much in three weeks but sure, better than nothing! Tried my first yoga class, quite an experience!

12 July 2017

Up at 3 for a 7 o'clock flight to Sydney πŸ˜’ pretty long day but not too stressful! Got picked up by a girl from Afghanistan in our uber, she was pretty crazy πŸ˜‚ apartment we are staying it is pretty nice so happy about that! Great to actually unpack and not live out of my bag for a while! 😁 had a well needed nap and went out to get signed up to the gym and get groceries! Unfortunately we all bought a little too much for what we should be able to carry so the walk home was pretty painful 😫

11 July 2017

Berts friend from Canada very kindly offered to drive us around a bit of Auckland so had a nice walk along mission bay and Waitakere ranges. Then it was back to the house to get packed to head back to Sydney tomo!

10 July 2017

Got Uber's around the city to do our 3 peak challenge as we called it πŸ™„ One tree hill, mount Eden and mount victoria not far from our house. They were just about hills I guess but great views from the top! The view of the city centre is from the ferry at devenport. It was a pretty mixed day in terms of weather, hence there seemed to be a lot of rainbows about! 🌈 😍 back to the house early enough and resumed our Brooklyn 99 marathon 😎

9 July 2017

We'd already decided to do nothing today, and that we did. 3 of us sat on the couch and watched Brooklyn 99 all day and changed it up later watching the final lord of the rings movie. Definitely the longest movie ever!

8 July 2017

Third and final match day! Devenport means another ferry trip over to the city centre, where we met a couple of Dave's mates before the match. Atmosphere was immediately amazing. Great match especially when the lions equalised! Bit weird at the end when it was a draw, no one really knew what to do! The whole tour has been class though, so glad we stayed on! πŸ‰

7 July 2017

Having to leave Whitianga without really seeing anything (we should be back hopefully!) we headed off to Auckland, a long enough drive and pretty twisty! Stopped along the way for my first proper bun of the trip πŸ˜‚ nice wee caramel square πŸ˜‹ made it to Auckland where we picked up our tickets for the third test from berts friends house and stopped at the shop for a few supplies! Some proper cooking gonna be going on πŸ‘πŸ» got a very packed uber to our Airbnb in devenport and chilled after filling the fridge with Tupperware boxes of dinner for the next while! Resting up for the big match tomo! πŸ‰

6 July 2017

Left Rotorua and made our way to Whitianga, a town on a peninsula up north of the north island. It was pretty terrible weather the whole way there so no great driving views this time! 😴 we had intended to visit the nearby Coromandel, supposed to be pretty scenic but the weather didn't let up so lord of the rings marathon it was! Well, we made it through 2 of them anyways! Nice little hostel, basically had a mini house to ourselves!

5 July 2017

Had a visit to Hobbiton today! Good tour and amazing area. Spent a couple of hours there and got free drinks in the Green Dragon 😎 after that headed up to Tauranga where I stayed in the car sick with the cold and the boys went up mount maunganui 😴 went back to the hostel and made some spag bol and attempted to watch the first lord of the rings film. But even with 3 DVD players we only got half an hour in and it broke 😐 just gave up and went to bed!

4 July 2017

2/2 ...after that we headed down to Huka falls, the colour of it was amazing! It actually looked artificial. The drive along the way was some sight 😍 we then headed to the The Redwoods for a bit of a walk in the forest, followed by a drive to the green and blue lakes beside each other, and Rotorua lake to finish off! Because we were up so early we still had time to do a grocery shop for the next week in the local pack n save, go back to the hostel and cook some spag bol!
1/2...Up early for a big day of sight seeing around Rotorua. Started off with the geothermal park Wai-o-tapu, full of craters and geysers, loads of wee pools bubbling away. Also went to the nearby geyser where there is a guy who demonstrates it erupting by putting chemicals down it, pretty impressive! Stopped off at an area with a large mud pool, so strange looking! Looked like giant cow pats exploding every so often πŸ˜‚ ...

3 July 2017

Left Wellington this morning in our lovely purple rental car. The rain eventually cleared giving us an extremely scenic drive up to lake Taupo! Stopped at a viewpoint first of all with a bit of a trek and though some very active bee hives! Made it to the town, such a nice place and went to see the lake close up. Super quiet with not much going on, we struggled to get a restaurant that was open! Finally got a place and ordered, then realised in nz we have to check in by a certain time so had to take our food to go! Got to the hostel in Rotorua in good time anyways. Noticed a slight eggy smell from the sulphur, due to all the geysers in the area!

2 July 2017

Spent a lot of the day reorganising ourselves due to the last minute ticket buying and needing to be in Auckland on Saturday! One last look at the sunset from our window! For our last night in wellington we went into eastborne agai