Australia · 582 Days · 21 Moments · February 2016

julianna mccarthy

2016 Berowra Garden

5 days ago

The big tree on the driveway is in full flower and the bees are all at full throttle

9 September 2017

9 September 2017 and all these have been flowering for about a month

13 May 2017

Autumn in the garden with so many leaves everywhere and already tadpoles in the tub

5 May 2017

Friday evening just at that time before sunset when the light so luminous and it only lasts a few minutes. My photos have not really caught how gorgeous it isp

11 March 2017

10am Saturday morning and what is flowering in the garden protea, cacti and a new cutting but have not identified

19 November 2016

Sat 19th Nov. Feed all pots in the garden & some with seasol,bloom booster & powerfeed. Orchids feed with liquid orchid food

4 November 2016

Ran out to check the babies around 1.30 because mum was calling the alarm. A fat cockaburra was sitting up in the trees and the nest was empty! Not sure if he ate them or they flew earlier. I just hope so. Checked all round on the ground and no signs anywhere

22 October 2016

22 Oct planted basil seeds

24 September 2016

Wisteria in full bloom along with little orchids, cliveas and azalea
Around 10 am out in the garden. The wisteria is just coming into bloom. The big Elm tree is full of the little pendular flowers and there is a heavy hum with all the bees having a feast. It is very exciting to hear so many bees. In the big pine tree there was also a family of black cockatoos making a big racket. A gorgeous sunny warm spring morning here in Berowra.

20 September 2016

Progress of my two baby wattle birds. Mum & dad have made a nest in the hanging basket of chocolate orchids. The last photo was taken 29 Oct 2016

24 June 2016

Orchids & Zygotes in flower

3 June 2016

Gardenias looking rather yellow in the leaf. Fed a little epsom salts. Will see if that helps

29 May 2016

Lots of colour in the garden. Zygotes are all coming into flower bouganvillea is looking great, cerise & the whites in pots are all blooming.
Sunday sunny but cold. Have given all the pots around the garden seasol. Flowering pots also added powerfeed.

25 March 2016

James has made a new arrangement to sit outside the door on the back deck. I just added the chairs for a bit of colour and also the new fronds coming on the tree fern

12 March 2016

Feed all flowering shrubs plants with Bloom Booster 12 Mar 2016

16 February 2016

The spots where the naked ladies are flowering in garden above the driveway

12 February 2016

6 Feb Feed all orchids with Strike Back